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Rune Knight for a Day [Kon][Quest]

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Salem the young Magical Scholar Rune Knight, found himself wandering through the docks on this beautiful day. The sun shining nice and bright, while the breeze blew lifting up the smell of the ocean waters all around the town of Hargeon. Something that Salem was coming to like about the port town as it seemed to sooth the people all around, though of all the things that Salem was seeming to like about the town of Hargeon, he just couldn’t find it in himself to get over all the birds that seemed to be slightly more aggressive then the young Rune Knight was honestly use to, being completely nothing like the birds Salem was used to dealing with in the capital of Fiora Crocus, or even his home town of Era. These birds of Hargeon being completely aggressive and non-scared of humans from the looks like to Salem.  

Strolling through the ports, Salem was looking all around trying to see what he could notice in the town, still having had found a magic shop yet Salem figured now was the best time to look. Though he wasn’t honestly sure if the docks of the town was the best location to search for Magic shops, though Salem had seemed to find the best ones in weirder places. Plus the young Rune Knight had come to be quite found of the docks of Hargeon having spent most of his previous day on a quest with Genjiro helping a noble rebuild some buildings. Leaving young Rune Knight Salem with a few extra jewels to spend.

Soon Salem would come to spot a small hot dog stand, that seemed to have a few dock workers gathered around it. Feeling as though this was a good spot to stop, the young Rune Knight would join the semi small line to proceed to grab to hot dogs. Proceeding to wait about five minutes, Salem would be delighted one he actually managed to get to the front of the line and grab his food making sure to put all his preferred condiments on it. Before proceeding to go back on his stroll of the docks, still hoping to find something interesting. Though soon Salem would be forced to face a rather aggressive annoyance, as the young Rune Knight made his way down the street trying to eat his food as he walked. This being due to the rather large flock of birds that were seeming to form around Salem, after his foods in doubt.


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It had been eventful for the Holy Knight in Hargeon town, by no means in a bad way it was just something he wasn’t used to, he had competed in just a whole array of competitions in the span of two days that it made his head spin trying to remember it. Fortunately for the man he would likely not have to remember any of it, with him getting completely out of it half-way through the event due to a drinking game with poorly made alcohol. Wanting to get back on his feet in a more professional manner in particular wanting to ensure that he had done at least one job to have enough money to pay for his rent, Kon would leave his temporary residence, a quaint inn with bravado after of course cleaning himself off with a shower and having some breakfast.

Closing the inn door behind him he looked outward to the public domain, in front of him stood a crowd of people bartering for goods from a merchant who sat out of a caravan, to the left of him stretched the street and the various buildings that clinging to it sides, to the right of him a large wall had been erected to separate that section of the town from the outside. This wall encapsulated a fair point of the town noticeably so, ignoring it however the man turned to his left and began to walk down the street.

His aim was one of the request boards littered throughout the town, the closest being quite some distance unfortunately though for him. While he walked silently his staff was noticeable enough to have revealed his presence as he tapped it against the ground each step he took, the associated robes he wore meanwhile blew with the wind flying about hitting those that weren’t careful. Eventually he reached the request board, there wasn’t much in the way of interesting jobs looking at them he was already supposed. “Babysitting.” “Test the waters.”

They all bored him though needing money with a sigh he closed his eyes and nabbed the first one. Corners ripping with the request being stuck to the board with tacks on each of them, he looked in annoyance at the paper when he realised what he picked. “Rune Knight for a Day.” “What the fuck?, is this just some sweet irony or what?” He thought to himself as he read the request itself before letting out a loud. “arrrrgggghhh.”

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The squawking and annoying sounds of birds would start to be all the young Rune Knight Salem, would  manage to be able to hear as he was completely swarmed by the darn birds as they attempted to grab the young Magic Scholars hot dogs wanting the luscious food for themselves, and that being something that was not up to debate for the young mage, especially after he had just recently spent his hard earned jewels on these hot dogs that he was more than hoping to be delicious as the young Rune Knight needed to put some type of food on his stomach before he proceeded to try and go and find himself a quest for the day, especially considering food was a necessity if the young Knight was to go on an actual quest.

Starting to realize that these birds coming at him were more than relentless, Salem would have no choice but to turn to alternative means in order to handle the birds that were more than starting to get on the nerves of Salem, as he just couldn’t find it in himself to get over the sound that the birds were constantly making as it was driving the young magical scholar nuts, especially with so many birds so close to his ear constantly squawking in unison. The leading to Salem clutching his hot dogs in his left had as he proceeded to point his right palm at the center of the flock of birds. Instantly as soon as Salem’s palm was flat and facing the birds a black magic circle would seem to appear as black blast of arcane magic energy proceeded to hit the birds causing a small explosion amongst the flock of the birds killing and splattering some around Salem as the res proceeded to flock away in fear of the young mage.

With the birds now flocking away Salem would proceed to wipe himself down as he looked around noticing that he had now somewhat made himself a spectacle as he could notice people of the street all starting to look at him and speak of him being a mage, something that was slightly alarming to Salem as he hoped it did not cause to much of a problem with the people around, as the small explosion was easily heard all over the area attraction Salem way much more attention than he wanted, especially one that Salem wasn’t to sure how to attend to as he noticed a young Rune Knight making his way towards him.
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A loud blast drew the Keeper of Souls attention it seemed to have occurred relatively close to him, interested in learning what or more likely who had caused the noise, he rolled up the scroll and slid it into his jacket before leaving the request board and making his way there. The public as he moved closer ever clearly shaken up by whatever had caused it just as were the birds that fluttered in the air squawking far more significantly that they normally would have even if they were seagulls. Many potential actions played out through his mind as he might need to defend himself for a potential opponent or help others in the recovery process, as he drew closer and closer to the source though it would show that he would likely not need to defend himself despite the brutal images now on display. A noticeable group of slain birds lay close to him with the cause being shown through the direction of force that killed them.

The person responsible was someone he had meet before albeit rather briefly, however before he interacted with the man still a respectable distance from him, he whisked his hand over the birds sending energy coursing through their bodies causing limbs to reshuffle into their correct position and organs to draw back into their lifeless corpses. As the resurrection took place he never drew his attention away from the man in question, wanting to understand the thought processes that lead him to attack and murder the birds, he crossed his arms loosely enough so that if need be he could just throw out his right hand outward towards the man defend himself. “Not exactly the most civil thing to be doing particularly in a populated area, now if I remember correctly you were in the Rune Knights when we first meet, whatever happened to your sense of duty?”

His comments were directing towards someone he had known though of course barely, he wanted to understand why he had done it and perhaps gain a gauge of what his former comrade was thinking. This old comrade of his was Salem, an individual he had only meet once before in Crocus in the briefest of encounters, loud footsteps began to encroach upon the two of them from both sides, evidently one of the citizens had called for the town guard. Rolling his eyes as they swiftly became barricaded from each side of the street from the men responsible for looking after the town’s safety, he respond to their appearance both in action and though words. “Not to worry gentlemen the issue has been resolved, my friend and I are Rune Knights go about yourself busy this is official business of the Magic Council.” Showing his colours by removing a badge that he had retained as a keepsake for his days as a Rune Knight.

For all intensive purposes he was still a Rune Knight in the eyes of that organisation yet to submit his resignation due to another invasion of its headquarters and thus would be entitled to represent them at least for now. Grumbling at the missed chance for a fight the guards slowly dispersed though one individual remained standing behind Salem who appeared to be in need of aid rushing towards him in particular rather than the two of them as he seemed to view Kon as the more senior official. “Can you help me?, the lord of Hargeon needs me to patrol the town but I have other duties to attend to I can pay you.” Scratching his chin with his formerly crossed right hand, he replied while taking a glance first at him then at Salem. “I’m not busy anymore I’d be happy to help.”

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Birds and Salem two things that did not go hand and hand at this very moment with the young Rune Knight not exactly being sure how to handle the situation that he had just put himself into having took the measure to the extreme slightly in some’s opinion considering the fact that the Magical Scholar had just slaughtered several birds in the streets with people around. Though his main goal was mainly just to make the godforsaken creatures just move away from him, but he might of slightly went overboard in choosing what spell to use on the birds, and Salem could see that as the other Rune Knight made his way in approaching Salem. One being a man that Salem Slightly recognized from back before he left Crocus, as he slightly resembled a young gentleman he had went to the Arena with who was also a Paige Rune Knight Like him at the time. Though this boy here did seem to have some different features, those being the Neko like ones that Salem was coming to notice.

Upon the time the boy would be approaching Salem scolding him for his actions, the Magical Scholar would come to notice the bright orange sun like fur of his Flareon companion Apollo making his way around the corner making his way towards Salem. He now thinking that only if Apollo had showed up and scared the birds away he wouldn’t be in this situation he was currently in. The first Rune Knight who had approached Salem would seem to be the boy from that day in Crocus, and he didn’t seem too happy of Salem’s actions. Asking the Magical Scholar were was his sense of Duty, something that confused Salem slightly as it was no need to serve or protect in this current moment and had not duty to the people at this current moment.  Though Before Salem would get to speak another Rune Knight would seem to make his way to the scene though the other Rune Knight that Salem would come to remember as Kon would seem to try and stop the situation of the birds from getting any worse.

Or so it would seem, but instead the other Rune Knight came in the search of helping stating that he was needed by the Lord of Hargeon, and he needed someone to patrol for him while he was gone. Kon would seem to agree to the task of helping the young Knight, so Salem figured he himself might as well help out since the boy did offer to pay and he was in search of Jewels at this current moment. “Sure I’ll help you to” Salem would speak up as he moved from the pile of birds and proceed to throw one of the two hotdogs in the tray he had been protecting from the birds the Apollo, before proceeding to start to eat the other one.


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Truth be told he did have matters to attend with, which he just now recalled, he had ordered a ring from a local jewelers and he needed to pick it up before the jewelers closed, fortunately for the concerned public servant, Salem the person responsible for causing the mayhem that alerted the man and the town guard was also free as a result Kon would be able to hand over the request from himself to his former comrade. Wanting to ensure that there was no confusion between all parties he expanded upon his prior comment. “I will have to hand this task over to my friend here, Salem, he will likely be happy to help you out, I have other duties myself that are a more pressing issue for me personally, again you have my apologies on this matter.” Seeking to remove himself from the area, he gave a nod to both of the men before departing towards the jewelers where he would obtain the ring especially crafted to his needs in the hopes to appeal to Alice’s tastes. Knowing that she wasn’t one to adorn herself in fancy jewelry he had a simple silver ring with a single ruby made which he thought would be perfect for her. Once he had aforementioned ring he left the jeweler to go about his daily business as by now Salem would easily have dealt with whatever needed to be done for the man.



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The young Rune Knight who would come to ask Salem for help would soon enough revile himself as a Paige named Colin Simmers. Though moments after he finished introducing himself to the two gentlemen what would be Kon and Salem, Kon would instantly inform the two that he had more important matters to attend to and would not be able to help the young Paige in his request. Salem feeling that this possibly due to the fact that the boy had Introduced himself as a Paige and a lot of higher Knights did not care much for helping the lower especially Paige’s, and Salem had no clue as to what rank the boy Kon had managed to reach now, considering just a few months ago when they met Salem could recall that they were both Paige’s. Though that could of easily have changed in that time span as even Salem himself had managed to raise in the ranks of the Magic Council Rune Knights by moving to the rank of Apprentice Knight, though this wasn’t much of an upping from his rank of being a Paige it was some improvement and did come with a slight bit more of importance and a little more respect.

Though the Magical Scholar Salem was hopping to keep increasing his progress in the ranks by reaching the Seated Knight status soon as it would be none the less a great accomplishment for him as well as putting him much more closer to his goal of magical knowledge. Something that the young Apprentice Rune Knight Salem, had been dreaming and plotting on for a very long time. Upon Kon leaving Salem to help the young Paige Colin, as the young boy would inform Salem that he had been called by the Lord of Hargeon to handle a very important task that he could not inform the Apprentice Knight of. Though Salem was sure none the less it was important enough if it came from the Lord of the port town Hargeon himself. Plus the Magical Scholar also knew what it felt like to be a young Paige having duties to do while also being called away from them to do other things for Lords and Knights that out ranked them. Upon finishing his explanation of everything Collin would thank the young Magical Scholar that was Salem before he proceeded his way to the lord that had so urgently called him.

Upon Collin leaving Salem, would take a glance at his Flareon companion Apollo, as the orange fire like creature looked up at him waiting to see what was next. Waiving to Apollo Salem and the Flareon would proceed to start to patrol the streets of Hargeon that the young Paige Collin had been assigned to. Street patrol being something that Salem find quite rather boring, as it tended to result in nothing with most people being scared to do anything in areas that they knew where highly patrolled by the Rune Knights, as those tended to be the most important and safest areas. But patrolling was a hideous task, and one that the young Magical Scholar had not found himself doing since his times at a Paige when he himself was stationed in the capital of Fiora Crocus. Though lucky for Salem, Oda had managed to pull a few strings for his adoptive son and managed to get him a more suitable job to his skills. This being the reason that Salem was blessed enough to work in the royal library, a job that he took complete pride in as it gave him great access to plenty of knowledge in the form of books that he did not have access to beforehand, though it still did not give the young Magical Scholar every book he so hoped for as many were still only accessible to those of higher rank then himself.

Still patrolling around, Salem and Apollo would soon come to spot two strange men proceeding to handle some business that seemed very shady to the young Magical Scholar. Though Salem knew better than to spook the situation, so he waited and let it play out before he found himself taking action, but soon Salem’s cover would seem to be broken and both of the man would proceed to dart off in opposite directions, with Salem going after one while sending Apollo after the other. Chasing down his man, Salem would seem to pick up the lid of a trash kind and throw it like a Frisbee knocking the man off his feet allowing for him to get to him and begin integrating him. Leading to Salem learning that the name of the other man was Reagan Hullston. Soon Enough Collin would report back with Salem informing him of everything that happened and receiving his reward. Once paid the Apprentice Rune Knight and Apollo would make their way.
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