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More Experimental Hexes [Yumi & Valentine]

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#1Adelaide Sokolov 

More Experimental Hexes [Yumi & Valentine] Empty on Wed Feb 22, 2017 3:45 pm

Adelaide Sokolov
As Alice was handed the money for the job by Mabuz, he surprisely looked up to see Yu was gone. He even asked Alice where the girl went and she shrugged, not completely understanding why the doctor was surprised as it happened the last two times. That's when the doctor started to explain that there were two more hexes that he wanted to be checked. Alice suggested that she would go look for Yu but she doubted that she would find the girl. She had done most quest together with either Yu or Yami and well it felt a bit weird to do this one solo after Yu her help.

So Alice didn't take long to dart outside and went to look left and right to find Yu. She wasn't that tall and most of the time would disappear into the crowd. Alice hoped she would maybe be able to spot Venom. She had no idea where to send a letter, her guild was a mystery and the red head would rather keep it that way. She liked Yu but was also a bit afraid of her, which would be weird if you considered that the girl seemed to be around thirteen or fourteen but Alice actually had her doubt. But there was no real good reason to doubt it. She was still trying to find Yu and found a group of people going out of their way, someone impressive must walk there and she was used to seeing that happen when Yu came around.

Finally when the woman was able to reach the spot, by pushing and pulling, she could see indeed the girl not too far from her, "Yu wait! There was another job." She had to say it quickly even as she rather would first catch her breath. But the public made it impossible to get close immediately, they didn't part ways as they did for Yu. But Alice got her attention.



More Experimental Hexes [Yumi & Valentine] Empty on Wed Feb 22, 2017 4:10 pm

Yumi was walking peacefully through the streets of oak, hair flowing behind her in an imaginary wind. The crowds parted to make way for the young gothic lolita and her spooky companion. The old woman in a young body had left the magic shop of one Doctor Stephan Mabuz having completed a quest for the old coot, the one previous still did not sit well with Yumi, but she refused to think about the ordeal. She just wished she would not have to deal with it ever again if she did she was liable to snap the doctor's neck out of pure anger for what had been forced upon her due to how she had acted, it had been shameful.

Yumi was brought out of her thoughts when she heard her fake name 'Yu' being called by a familiar voice. The lolita came to a halt and turned to the source to find a panting Alice attempting to break through the growing crowds of Oak. Yumi raised her right hand pointing her index finger to the grounds and flared her demonic aura towards the citizens of oak, allowing fear to overcome them making them depart quickly allowing breathing room for Yu and Alice.

Yumi calmed her aura down and lowered her arm letting it fall to her side. Her familiar Venom floated around her bobbing up and down almost appearing to laugh at the sight of the fleeing citizens showing the creature had a little sadistic side to it, not that Yumi would ever complain, the actions of her companion were amusing beyond compare.

Yumi would draw focus back to the panting older, or so it would appear to the outside world, woman, "Yes? Did you require my assistance?" Enquired the gothic lolita as she kept a safe distance between her and Alice of five meters.

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#3Adelaide Sokolov 

More Experimental Hexes [Yumi & Valentine] Empty on Wed Feb 22, 2017 4:26 pm

Adelaide Sokolov
In a matter of seconds, Alice felt like she wasn't surrounding by a huge amount of people. She had been leaning on her knees and looked up in surprise. Her red hair making it almost impossible to see anything, but the many legs were gone. She stood up straight and immediately braided her hair quickly to make sure it was out of her face. She looked at Yu again, she knew it was her fault or well her doing that the people were gone. There were shivers going down her spine but she didn't let it bother her. Which was weird for she normally would run away from such situations.

She had easily now catch the amount of oxygen she needed to breath properly and Yu had just asked her a question, "The doctor, he actually wanted us to do two more hexes. Or well that's what I asked, I didn't really ask. He wanted me to get you first." She would wait and see if Yu would come along and if she did, the three of them would head back to doctor Mabuz. Once they entered, the doctor looked rather happy that they were together again, "Yes, yes. As I said to miss Alice. I have two more hexes that I need testing. It would maybe be best if you both try them? Especially since I just fixed the one Miss Yu tested before in the meantime. The other one is a bit more complex, I like to see you both try it out." He handed them both a set of papers with two hexes on them. Alice was curious to see the first hex, the one Yu had used before today. She nodded only and didn't see a problem. It was fine to split up again after all, "Well see you later." She said as she left the shop again.



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Yumi nodded her head in acceptance at Alice's words and would follow the red head back to the magic shop in order to take another quest for the doctor. Yumi was not about to complain, money was money and she had already earned well over one hundred thousand jewels by working alongside Alice, so earning more jewels only made the old woman in her youthful form happy. The gothic lolita would follow after Alice, trekking behind her at a standard pace, making sure to keep up as the red head did have a longer stride than Yumi did. Even so the thirteen-year-old, in appearance only, kept up with Alice all the way back to Mabuz's shop where the doctor began to explain the situation to them. Yumi listened as the doctor spoke, it was rather simple, test out two more hexes. They would test out one tag without the other, but the second they both needed to try it out.

Yumi examined the two hexes she was handed, one was decrepify but it seemed the doctor had fixed it. The gothic lolita looked up as Alice was the first to leave, to test her own tags. Yumi followed soon after going in the opposite direction to find her first target to try the tag out on. Yumi fiddled with the pieces of paper in her hands, examining the contents. She remembered doing something similar for the doctor many moons ago, who was she to complain if she was repeating something she had already done, money was money and she would gladly take the doctors as it was one of her only forms of income at this moment.

The old woman in her gothic lolita body moved through the crowds attempting to find her first target to test the first hex on. Luckily she was not searching long before she found an appropriate pawn, another young child, a little girl of ten years happily skipping with her friends. Yumi raised the tag aiming it as the girl jumped above the jump rope. Yumi would mutter the name of the hex under her breath and the hex on the paper would burn away. The girl screamed as her legs stopped working and she collapsed falling to the ground with a thud. The girl would start panicking and so would her friends as they rushed to her aid to see what was happening.

Yumi decided not to stay too long simply watching the scene hidden in the shadows of an alley for a good twenty minutes as various adults came to help. By the thirty minute mark Yumi would flee desiring to text the next tag, by then the girl had been taken awake to the hospital.

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#5Adelaide Sokolov 

More Experimental Hexes [Yumi & Valentine] Empty on Wed Feb 22, 2017 4:56 pm

Adelaide Sokolov
Alice would have gone to the left side as she had just left the doctor his shop with the paper with two new hexes on it. She had put it in her coat pocket, holding it firm in her right hand. She would look as if she was window shopping, looking at some dresses, some jackets and coats and slowly continueing to walk. She reminded herself that she shouldn't take too long to find a person to test the spell on. She didn't want to take hours and wait for someone that was doing something evil or something she didn't agree on. She was in Phantom Lord for now, even if she planned to leave for Selena her sake. She needed to get the money first to support herself. She had no idea how it worked if she wasn't in a guild. These jobs had come and go because people in Oak knew her, because Yami would invite her.

She finally stopped walking and simply let her eyes wander over the people around her and picked an young male, around her age and muttered the first hex. Decrepify. The guy his legs stopped working all together and it was like a blood bath without blood. For he screamed and people came running and ran away, screaming something about Phantom Lord was coming. But she was all alone. She watched the commotion, hearing mutters saying something similiar had happened with a girl a few streets away. With a satisfied smile on her face, Alice would continue. The hex indeed worked better than last time, or well so she thought otherwise the doctor wouldn't need to fix it.

She picked a new victim and muttered the word Magna. A hot feeling was crawling under her own skin and for a few seconds she thought that maybe it would be something like the white liquid but instead of feeling weak, she felt rather satisfied and some sort of strength. The person however that was her victim, didn't look like anything happened to her. With this information she headed back to doctor Mabuz to tell him the information that he wanted to know and to get her money and this time to leave Yu. She could maybe buy some good food.



More Experimental Hexes [Yumi & Valentine] Empty on Wed Feb 22, 2017 5:15 pm

Yumi wondered through the streets attempting to find her next target. As she walked Yumi noticed herself being followed, from her count by three individuals. Yumi walked through the streets, confirming she was being followed and sure enough she was. The gothic lolita led the group following her into a nearby alley making her way to the darkest depths. There she turned around and was confronted by a group of three young men in their early twenties dressed in ragged clothing giving her a lustful gaze. Yumi began to laugh sadistically before they could even begin to speak catching them off guard, "Oh this is too perfect. You really think I would just walk into a dead end?"

Yumi laughed as she removed the hex and aimed it towards one of them, "Manga" She muttered and the paper lit up but instead of the hex hitting her target it engulfed her entire form. Yumi paused, feeling as if the tag had gone horribly wrong and would weaken her, but she did not feel her body weakening instead she found herself growing in strength;

Yumi shot forward closing the distance appearing in front of the middle man, planting her right fist into his gut and twisted. The force of the blow sent the man shooting backwards where he crashed into tin cans tossing garbage all over him. Yumi moved throwing the one one her right into the man on her left knocking them both into a wall.

Yumi dusted her hands off and began making her way back to the Mabuz magic shop, catching Alice walking out with a wad of jewels, seemed her partner had finished up first. Yumi entered the shop approaching Mabuz where she would relay the information of the tags about what had happened. Yumi would then claim her reward sliding the jewels into her pockets and walk out deciding to head back home.

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