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A choice already made [EPIC]

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A choice already made [EPIC] Empty Wed May 08, 2024 9:25 am

Feeling the vast majority of the souls that now were above him move in a direction as though they were being sucked into a vaccum left saturn at odds with his decision. On one hand there was a chance some of them escaped and on another… now he just fed into whatever had captured them in the first place! Huffing to himself he’d follow the direction they were moving in; having a goal in mind regarding it. Though he wasn’t sure about his actions there was the subtle and soft voice of another reassuring him that he made the right choice. Regardless of that, he had made a choice. To fight for their freedom one way or another.

Regardless of the outcome he had already made it. Before he had even stepped onto the first pane of that glass he had already dedicated himself to them. The steeled voice, the harsh touch, the reassurance. Every instance of it spoke of a different life and a different place. But the darkness that was deep within the both of them made him stand there. Placing a hand on his head as he tried to come to terms with what he had done. That was when the growling started.

The first was a beast that almost made him think of a werewolf if it wasn’t covered in spines and staggering amount of bone, the next was like a drake if it was turned inside out, another like a lion, a bear, there was even a massive beast reminiscent of a goose but with knives as its feathers. It was a strange sight and strange still that they moved towards him. Behind the larger beasts came smaller ones.

Will you free them too?

They suffer. More or less than those under the glass, they’re living with their pain while theirs had already passed.

The sensation of his hand on the spear wasn’t lost on him and his hands adjusted to where it suggested. It’d earn large sweeps, stabs and a way of giving him space against the beasts. Something within him knew that this was a fighting style of another but since he didn’t have any formal training there wasn’t anything he had to go by. But it relied on strength and speed; things he sorely lacked.

The first strike against that wolf glanced off one of its bone protrusions, but the guiding sensation kicked in and turned that missed opportunity to something that decapitated the monster in one fell swing. His eyes cracked open a bit and he felt the deeper pull of his heartstrings.

You haven’t trained your body nearly enough to protect them. If you continue this way you’ll fail beyond failure.

He lacked speed, he lacked strength, his limbs were weak. He was hearty and he had many things going for him. He could be a being of unparalleled freedom and justice in the world yet he sat on his pacifistic throne and held it above others like some sort of trophy. He was gentle but there was a time for that, he was kind but there wasn’t kindness in the suffering here. He was smart but not where it counted. His naivety and his innocence would cost more than just his own.

The spear thrust that had turned into a sweep; that had freed one of the beasts followed suit with another upwards spinning thrust, catching the next kin in an upwards slash that practically cleaved it in half. He was still too weak; still far too weak. If he didn’t grow stronger he’d lose more than just himself. He’d lose the chance to do anything.

You forgot before you even knew what strength was. You never had to claw your way up from the bottom and it shows. You’re weak out of choice and not out of life.

Was it meant to rile him? Was it meant to berate or belittle him? No. It was the true and hard cold facts from this voice in his head. It was something that knew the world far better than he did and it had been gone for nearly a year. It had dfone so much in such a short amount of time and here it was riding backseat to a being that used its strength for nothing. The void had touched both their bodies and souls. There had been a unifying instance and they had come out changed without knowing it.

What will you do if they take Aurora from you?

The cold hard truth slapped him in the face, stunning him for a moment mid swing in which one of the beasts took the moment to slam into him, sending him tumbling backwards. Where he landed on his back, staring up into the sky, spear landing and planting itself near his head cutting his cheek slightly. He sat there for a moment; but there was a crackle, a slight wisp of energy. A powerful surge of magical energy followed suit and cut through the two beasts that closed in. The growling hunger of the dragon fron the spear called out.

You have all the tools you need at your disposal to become more than a god, more than a demon. More than the outsider that saved the both of us and yet you do NOTHING.

Anger rose to his breast, anger rose through his mind, it was anger that drew him, up. A blithering slandering rage that held grip tightly on him. The names of those that he cared and cherished for on his lips as his spear danced in his hands. The rage was cold and precise, the anger was red hot but it wasn’t at the being that told him what was what. It wasn’t at the beasts he slaughtered so casually. Their blows were turned away and even those that landed would find that the crystal closed all wounds. He crashed onto them like a tidal wave of fury.

It was like a slaughterhouse, he ripped, tore and destroyed every living being in front of him. Panting at the end of it, drenched in blood and dripping all sorts of manner of flesh off of him. There were deep wounds on his body and deeper wounds to his pride. The very little that he held. There was a growling, grudge like sensation and a sense of accomplishment as he could feel the voice have a sense of pride that he could actually do something here. The being reached down, firm and true to the hands he held the spear with.

You have the potential to move mountains, Saturn. But you never tried not even once in your whole life to do anything for those beyond your sight.

That stung deep and stung deeper still as he looked back; they were right. He never tried hard enough and he always seemed to passively dismiss proper strength. The demon felt his grip on his spear lessen a bit if not for a moment before setting it next to him, wiping off his face as though peeling something back. The fierce eyes of his released demon state lay smoldering underneath. His golden fur shrugged off and under it was the void touched being that had come into existence hiding from the world it’s venerable strength that could have moved mountains if he had just looked a little deeper.

Now lets go and prove to them your being here wasn’t a mistake.


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