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Hateshiginai, Yumi | The Witch of Carnage

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Name: Yumi Hateshiginai

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Age: 78 - November 21st 709X

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual

Ethnicity, Father: Joyan

Ethnicity, Mother:Sinese

Class: Spellsword

Profession: High Priestess (Int)

Race: Daemon

Rank: A-rank

Guild: Guildless

Mode: Normal

Tattoo: Black upper right thigh

Face: Rory Mercury | Gate: Jieitai Kanochii nite, Kakuu Tatekaeri


Height: 4'8" | 4'10" in heels.

Weight: 100 Pounds

Hair: Raven Black

Eyes: Blood Red

Overall: Yumi has a youthful appearance and can be considered a seductive beauty despite her physical age of appearance. She possesses soft milky white skin the same as snow, long slender legs, heart-shaped face, buttoned nose and long raven black hair that reaches her ankles. Her soft supple lips are often fixed into a coy smile showing off her rose-red or pink lipstick, giving off a seductive look.

Yumi's crimson hues give off a hint of mischief with a lustful twinkle but deep beneath a hint of bloodlust can be seen. She adorns herself in a gothic lolita style of dress. Her gothic attire consists of mainly red and black containing a hint of white and is adorned with many ribbons. Atop her head, she wears a headband in the shape of twin ears decorated in red fills around the edge and to top it all a large red bow in the middle. The skirt of the dress is cut low to add flare. The low skirt shows of her black garter belt and stockings that rest above the knee exposing a three-inch area between the skirt and stockings. Her garters are put on full display around her thighs. To complete her look she wears two-inch high red heel like boots.

Extra:  Tattoo'd on Yumi's back is the bloody symbol of Malum.



Personality: In her youth Yumi could once be described as a religious zealot who followed the teachings of the Chaos God Malum, whose name translates at 'The Evil One'. While she is still a Zealot she has mellowed over the years and has become more relaxed. In her youth, she was firmly fixated in the teaching of the Blood God. The code of Malum was and still is deeply engraved into her soul; blood for more blood, with her Lord's temple being the battlefield. To her in her youth and old age, everyone is a heathen and should convert to the ways of her God, if they refuse then they only deserve death. It does not matter to her who is friend or foe, any who do not believe in Malum should perish. This of course often caused great conflict with those she interacted with, even amongst her own guildmates due to her religious ways.

Despite these flaws as a Malum worshipper, those who earn Yumi's respect, often those with greater power as Malum smiles upon the strong she will get along with and act in a friendly and courteous manner to them as long as they respect her religious views, if not she will not hesitate to try and kill them, regardless of the difference in strength.

As a devotee of Malum Yumi allows her anger to flow into her being on the body-field to become an honorable champion in Malum's eye as a blood-crazed slaughterer. As a blood-crazed slaughter on the battlefield, often Yumi's blood-lust overtakes her in the moment and she sees neither friend or foe and will kill mercilessly, as Malum does not care where the blood comes from as long as the battlefield flows with blood. In her youth this use to have the nasty side effect of sexually arousing her as people die at her hands or the hands of others, but as she grew older Yumi it faded away.

Yumi has quite the complex about her age, wishing she was still as youthful as she once was, as getting older soon means she will pass on from this world and no longer be able to act in the name of Malum. Because of this Yumi has become obsessed with finding ways to regain her youth, so that she may continue to act in Malum's name.

With her descent into seniority, Yumi's tolerance for idiocy has been decreasing rapidly with every passing year. If there is once thing Yumi cannot stand it is complete and utter imbeciles, while she can maintain her calm briefly when interacting with imbeciles, should they continue to hang on her, Yumi is likely to lose her cool and blow her lid, becoming enraged by them and going into a berserk-like state.

Due to the twisting of her soul being inflamed by Malum's own twisted desire, Yumi has changed. No longer will she hide her true nature, putting it out on display. She wishes to burn the world down, engulfing it in flames and summon about a new age, The Age of Malum, summoning him from the depths of the Abyss to rule over the world. Anywho stand in her way shall be eliminated! No mercy will be shown!


  • Bloodshed: As an Apostle and Worshipper of Malum, Yumi enjoys causing bloodshed everywhere she goes. She just can't resist the feeling of crushing someone under her fist and spilling their blood all over the ground. She reveals in it, going to the point of often even coating herself in the blood of her enemies just to enjoy the feel of blood on her skin.
  • Sweets:  In her youth Yumi adored sweets and even in her old age, this has not changed. Yumi loves all kinds of sweet foods, just adores them. She can often be seen eating sweets at any time of the day, morning or night it doesn't matter to her. She doesn't like others to touch or take her sweets, as she can be pretty protective over what is hers, try and take one of her sweets and she is likely to try and bite you, the mildest of things she could do, the worst take your head. When it comes to her sweets she won't share.


  • Spicy Foods: Yumi while highly addictive to sweets, she hates spicy foods. She has never been a fan of spicy foods as they have never agreed with her. Her tongue is incredibly sensitive when it comes to spices, even the mildest of spice often results in her tongue and mouth burning up from a single bite. She has managed to curb this so she can consume foods with a tiny amount of spice, but anything more and it gets too much for her.
  • Malum: As a highly religious member of Malum, Yumi has a strong dislike for heathens, anyone who dares not worship the great Chaos God Malum is a heathen in her eyes and their lives must either be ended if she cannot convert them to her lord's ways.


  • High Priestess of Malum: Yumi is a High Priestess of the Chaos God, Malum and the great faith she has in her Lord keeps her going every day. By causing bloodshed in the name of the Blood God, Yumi believes she becomes one step closer to her Lord's domain. She once sought to spread the name of Malum and recruit loyal followers to the faith, now she seeks Destruction and Chaos! Using Malum's name her desire to engulf the world in flames and bring the Apocolypse.
  • Throne of Skulls: As Malum sits atop a throne made of skulls, so does Yumi dream to one day sit upon a throne made of the skulls of those she has fallen, surrounded by an ocean of blood.
  • Summoning Malum: Yumi under new orders has one mission, to free Malum from the Abyss and allow him to roam free upon the land bringing Chaos, Destruction and War in his wake.


  • Loss of Power: As a Priestess of Malum, Yumi requires power to spread chaos and destruction to spread her Lord's name through bloodshed. As such she has the fear of losing her power causing her lord to know longer smile down upon her, as Malum smiles upon feats of strength and blood-drenched warriors.
  • Pnigophobia: the Fear of being Choked. Yumi suffers from a deep fear of having the life choked out of her, the feeling of helplessness that overcomes one as air is unable to enter their lungs, limbs becoming weak as the darkness engulfs them. This, however, does not restrict her from wearing tight or constricting clothing or accessories around her neck, as long as their just not to tight.



Magic Name: Lightning Magic

Magic Element: Lightning

Magic Description: One of the many basic elemental magics, Lightning Magic is designed to harness the raw and destructive power of Lightning. Lightning is brought under the caster's command and used as they will it for a variety of spells. The user can manipulate lightning to strike foes, use it to boost their own abilities, attack the physical strengths of another, blind, defean or call forth magic for a variety of other abilities. The use of Lightning Magic is affected only by the limits of the user's imagination.


History: Yumi was born almost 80 years ago abandoned in the middle of the woods only in a basket with a pink blanket around her tiny frame, with her name on a wrist band. She had been left out in the cold to perish, but she was found by a dying Apostle of Malum. The Apostle of Malum took the baby in, to raise her as another Apostle of Malum so she may spread bloodshed in the name of the Chaos God. The moment Yumi could walk and talk her adoptive father, who's name she was never told, instructed the raven youth in the ways of Malum. Blood for blood, no matter whose it is friend or foe. That Malumites take no artful approach to killing, seeking only to slay rather than to inflict pain because while the blood of their victims strengthens Malum, their suffering actually empowers his nemesis Slaanesh. All the while learning the battle cry of the Malumites 'Blood for the Blood God! Skulls for the Skull Throne!

That is how the first few years of Yumi's life began. Every day was the same, awake and pray to Malum, train to become a champion of Malum, learning the art of bloodshed. Unlike other Malumites who fought with weapons, she taught by her 'father', was instructed in the ways of hand to hand combat, the teachings of the Mokushiken passed onto her. Every night before bed her father would bring a sacrifice home, whose blood she would spill in the name off Malum to become accustomed to blood. By the age of Eleven she had become so desensitized to killing, she began to enjoy it. On her twelfth birthday, her father took her aside to perform the Ritual of Malum. Placed inside a ritual array, twelve virgins were sacrificed under the light of the blood-red full moon. The blood from those virgins flowed around her and into her body connecting Yumi to her God allowing a bond to form

On her twentieth birthday, Yumi underwent a right of passage to become a true member of Malum. The right of passage was to kill her own instructor/father and bathe in his blood allowing it to wash over her skin. Many would-be conflicted by this ordeal, but for Yumi, she did so without batting an eyelash and bathed in the blood of her teacher for seven days and seven nights reciting the prayers of Malum. In those moments Yumi became completely devoted to Malum, the Lord of Skulls would fill her everything thoughts. She would travel out into the world in order to pass on the teachings of Malum, she was met with much scorn for her ways and all who scorned her bled in the name of Malum from Oak to Galuna, no heathen was spared.

Her life would be the same every day moving from town to town, village to village all the while sacrificing someone to Malum, as a worshipper of Malum would only earn disdain from their God if not to sacrifice in his name daily. Her name spread often being called a mad witch, her appearance never changing as she grew older and older. As the years passed, the Apostle experienced much in her life. Her wealth of knowledge grew exponentially as she saw the rise and fall of tyrants, kings and mages alike. Her wealth of knowledge growing along with her body. Throughout her life she would experience much even touch of flesh with both man and woman alike, but never having a lover.

Eventually, enough time would pass, and in her late forties, Yumi would find herself joining up with a Guild known as Grimoire Heart, taking the symbol upon her right thigh. While she may disagree with many of the regulations, she respects the Master, as is the way of Malum, power is to be respected above all. To this day even as she grows older she continues to be a part of Grimoire Heart, all the while seeking for a way to become young once more and regain her looks.

Through the passing of time and questing nonstop for a cure, Yumi would eventually regain her looks by transforming into a creature of another world, a Daemon. Her only desire to bring chaos to the world in the name of her God Malum, through any dark means necessary. Only by giving up her mortal body and soul, sacrificing herself did she transcend her confines and regain the strength she once passed surpassing boundaries and returning to a glorious youth.

Only through sacrifice and blood shall one be granted rewards, that is the way of Malum.

With renewed vigor and stamina, Yumi would continue to spread the name of Malum and her own, the Witch of Carnage making a name for herself once more as part of Grimoire Heart. But time is not kind to all. Eventually, Grimoire Heart would disband and its followers spread across the globe.

Yumi would leave for the Worth Woodsea's retreating to become a hermit. Praying day in and day out for Malum to claim her soul and drag her to the abyss so she may serve him for eternity. For she no longer sought to remain in the mortal realm. Her prayers were answered and she found her body being dragged to the Abyss claimed by Malum to serve by his side and torture the souls of those offered to him.

Confronted by many of the past, Yumi mercilessly tortured their souls wiping clean any personality eliminating all sense of self leaving an empty husk behind. For two long years, Yumi served without question. Every soul she tortured effected her own, twisting in, filling it with evil. Darkness spread through Yumi like a cancerous infection, infecting her with its evil as Malum's influence spread. Yumi was becoming one with the Dark Chaos God, her personality becoming viler.

Yumi's service was rewarded as a new mission was granted. No longer did Malum wish to remain in the Abyss but break free and enter the real world, to bring Chaos! Malum tasked Yumi with the order to summon him, gather enough sacrifices, terrorize the land, spread evil and cause enough Chaos to summon him! Summoned back to the world of the Mortals Yumi carries but one goal, bring the Apocolypse, burn the world, usher in Chaos and summon forth Malum to rule over all!

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Hateshiginai, Yumi | The Witch of Carnage FIXCi2K
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Refunds & Reclaims

  • Magic: Reclaim
  • Weapon: Refund
  • Off-Hand:NA
  • Head: NA
  • Body: Refund
  • Relic: NA
  • Race: Reclaim
  • Companion: Refund

Attribute Reallocation

Total Points: 246

  • Strength: 68
  • Speed: 33
  • Endurance: 41
  • Constitution: 41
  • Intelligence: 63

Other Changes

Mention any other changes that you may need for S2, such as Auras, Guild Levels, Titles, Epithets, etc.

Ephitet: The Witch of Carnage - Keeping

S1 Character sheet

Hateshiginai, Yumi | The Witch of Carnage FIXCi2K
Character Profile | Character Sheet | Speech colour #ff0099

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