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Magnolia town to Orchidia town [Foot Traveling]

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Magnolia town to Orchidia town [Foot Traveling] Empty Sat Dec 10, 2016 8:04 pm


Magnolia had been a nice town for Kon and his blitz companion, Sparky to stay in for the short stay that they spent in there, however it was time for them to move once more. He had received orders to move out to Orchidia town, a destination he had never really looked at going to. Because of his job it gives him opportunities to explore different locations instead of what he’d normally do and just stay in one location. Having completed the tasks he was assigned here as well as getting a few secondary jobs done for some money and a slight boost in his magic abilities he was far happier than he had been when he got into the town.

The snow that had begun to fall just yesterday had pestered to fall down, as a result, Konstantin would wear more appropriate clothing, in particular, a jacket over his vest instead of his haori and wear full covered shoes instead of his regular pair. So still inside his rented room Kon removed his parka from his traveller’s park, took off his haori and put that on his bed then pulled out the boots from another section replaced them with his current shoes, slid those onto his feet wriggling in their woollen insides. Throwing the parka on and placing the haori into his pack he chucked it onto his back did one final scan of the room and left it locking it behind him. Returning the key and paying for the room he made his way outside of the inn with his companion by his side having waited in the foyer for him.

Giving the black and white beast a quick pet with it giving a lick on his hand in return he left the building into the snow covered streets of Magnolia town. With his warm breath misting up in front of him he gave a quick smile, it was just something about the winter time he enjoyed perhaps it was the activities to stay warm; lighting fires with roasted marshmallows or chilling out in a sauna with your friends drinking vodka. It was the little traditions that he had been brought up with that he enjoyed even if they did often involve his brother that led back to worse times.

Choosing to take the best side of his bittersweet upbringing, Konstantin made his way out of the town with a slightly reduced smirk. Occasionally he would spot an attractive woman or he’d take notice of a group of giggling girls that took glances at him, anytime he would blush. He still found it strange how he’d be embarrassed in public were as once he started speaking to a girl one on one he could relax more easily. Fortunately he could take those thoughts out of his head fairly easily as the distraction began to dissipate as he moved further towards the road to Orchidia town which came through a number of the other towns, if he had time he would pass through some of towns and get in contact with some of his comrades, he had wanted to apologise for his behaviour the other day to Lee but never had the chance.

Unfortunately by the time he reached Crocus he found out that the jobs he had been assigned in Orchidia would need to be completed several days before originally proposed, because of this Kon would have to go straight through not even stop to resupply for food. Something he had done before but he had learnt to carry more food just in case this sort of thing had happened now. After walking for many more hours in the snow covered roads, Kon reached the orchidia town without much issues.

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