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The grass was greener [Training | Liana]

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#1Alisa Vollan 

on Fri Dec 01, 2017 2:58 pm


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Turns out doing missions by yourself isn't nearly that interesting... of course, Alisa already knew this, as it explained why she so many lazy periods where she pretty much did nothing but laze about. Yet the attack on Blue Pegasus had changed all of that, reminded the artist of the dangers of her complacency. In this world, there were enemies strong enough to claim the life of even Master Lance... In the face of such menacing foes, her current strength about as irrelevant as the life of a single ant.

Thus she embarked on this quest, not to simply train (as she'd always done, even now), but grow in experience, in maturity... As a person. Somewhere along the line, she went from a woman who simply had people to kill to someone who had more people to protect than targets to cut down.

People like Liana, one of the new recruits of Blue Pegasus. This being a girl to whom she had offered her assistance in learning magic, something she'd never done for anyone else, not to mention how little she knew of the girl's ideal choice of magic... Nature magic. That said, Alisa did learn her own magic with nothing but a single book to help her through it, so if she did the same for her, then she'd defenitely learn faster than she would on her own, right?

"Now, where could she be...?", wondered the sculptress, venturing through the wilderness they'd chosen as a meeting place. Strapped to her right hip laid a katana, while across her shoulder rested a single cloth bag, carrying not one but two books she'd requested from the nearby library. More than she herself had to get started...

Not that the weight bothered her, and they did weight a fair bit, judging from how the thick straps dug into the woman's voluptuous bust, bound under the tight confines of her almost regal, stern work attire. As a gust of wind sent her skirt and ponytail fluttering about, Alisa stood her ground for a moment, resting her weight on one hip, wine red orbits scanning her surroundings attentively. Nothing to see here but the falling, pleasant smelling autumn leaves...

Where could that girl be? She didn't look the type to simply forget... Frowning, the woman brought one hand to that hip, standing idly close to the sword for no real reason, for she didn't really feel threatened, mostly as a display of wariness...

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"Shall we dance?"
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on Fri Dec 01, 2017 3:06 pm

The Nature's Bonder
"You look amazing, Alisa."

The usual soft and kind voice of the young Sylvaine would be heard across the wilderness, more precisely near where the older woman would be. In this case being the meeting place they had both chosen. While many things have happened, like Esperia getting hospitalized and the effects of Autumn starting to become more intense, Liana would normally be seen looking down with sadness. Though, the sight of the one who had invited her into such a comforting guild as well as most likely her future teacher did make her look happier and more lively.

With her, she also brought a katana of sorts, sheathed, wearing an outfit that would most likely surprise the likes of the Eisenberg in a lewd manner. While her bottom didn't show much, her torso revealed her entire belly up to the area below her chest, only to have an open top giving a gap for a little bit of cleavage to be exposed. But then again, the young Sylvaine was someone who appreciated showing skin and allowing the nature around her to caress it in the form of its pleasant breezes.

Wearing a silly, though yet gentle smile, those now emerald orbs of hers fixate on Alisa's figure. Once the latter turned around, she'd notice a big difference in Liana. She didn't appear human anymore. Matter of fact, the immediate and only proof of that would be her much longer and pointy ears. Her blonde hair was also a change as well as her eyes. And if the female Vollan decided to look closely, she'd notice the area around the young Sylvaine's chest would have received a little increasing bump.

After offering a light, almost nervous wave, she asks.

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#3Alisa Vollan 

on Fri Dec 01, 2017 3:07 pm


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Thankfully, the girl didn't keep her waiting: Alisa may be a patient woman, but she still detested being made to wait, and that would have made a terrible first impression for a first student. But even if she had, greeting her with a compliment in that sweet, lovely voice, might have earned her Alisa's forgiveness right away. She turned around on one heel, flashing the girl her brightest, coolest smile, tucking a tiny black lock as her swift turn flicked it against her head:

"Thank you, Lian-...na?", returning the greeting, Alisa's warm, expectant look would fade into one of mellow surprise, incredulity even, as someone who found a different face than the one she'd been expecting. Her voice trailed off and her head tilted slightly, as the statuesque woman clad in white assessed the beautiful blonde she'd never seen before.

Natural elegance, pointed ears, as well as an innate ability to pull off green? Yup, this girl was an elf alright...

But the girl Alisa had come here to meet wasn't an elf at all, or at least, she wasn't when they met. Was she? Alisa scratched her temple... Did she drink too much that night? No, her face looked too similar to be a coincidence, not to mention she had that same green stamp, exactly where Alisa applied it. Without a doubt, this girl was Liana, the one she'd recruited little over a few weeks ago during a Halloween party:

"Indeed I am.", she nodded, warming up to the girl's new appearance and walking up to her, her skirt fluttering left and right with every graceful sway of her hips; enough that a little gust of wind occasionally showed a peek of the white panties she wore underneath, "You look gorgeous."

Truly, Alisa was no stranger to praise. She loved hearing it from others, and had no qualms giving it out when she felt it was worthy, and now as one of those cases. In a way, it felt like the girl had taken the Pegasus ideals of self improvement to heart, changing her appearance far faster than it took Alisa to change hers when she joined. But then, the sculptress didn't change races.

"You looked beautiful before but that look...", she folded one arm under her bosom and brought that hand to her chin, crooking an eyebrow as if looking for the most fitting words; wine red scanning the girl's new form head to toe, "Suits you better somehow...?"

Proportionally, the girl hadn't changed too much. But with an extra bit of height also came an equal bit of bust, which Lia never had any lack of to begin with. It suited her though, her size that remained proportionate to her height without deterring from her cuteness, giving the girl about as much bounce as her adorable charm could handle. Her assessment concluded, she'd look into those emerald eyes and flash her smile once more, indulging her curiosity:

"But, whatever brought it on?", she'd inquire...

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"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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on Fri Dec 01, 2017 3:09 pm

The Nature's Bonder
Liana appeared to be quite amused by the older woman's reaction. Then again, it was expected. Anyone who had never seen her like that, especially after not so many days of seeing her as a human, would be just that much surprised. The girl allows a single light giggle to escape her lips, observing as Alisa took a few steps forward, approaching to seemingly scan closely. She didn't appear to be hiding anything, meaning it probably wasn't a private thing. Her sudden change, that is.

At all of the compliments, especially the first one who sounded much stronger, a curt nod was offered, a faint blush rounding her cheeks.

"Thank you."

And then, the harder question came about. Her smile vanishes for that moment, a glance down offered at the grass she was standing on, a hand moving up to scratch a couple of times at her cheek while she struggled to explain, allowing a puff of breath to escape her parted lips.

"It's... Complicated..." The young Sylvaine grumbles, looking back up at her teacher and forcing a soft smile. "... Not like we are both here for that anyway! But yes, I did get turned into an elf, though I have no qualms about it. Matter of fact, it makes me happy, both that it was for a good cause and that I've always admired elves in general. To become one of them is the greatest honor I have ever had."

The girl adds at the end, now closing the gap even more between herself and Alisa, a more genuine smile ultimately overtaking her features as she aimed to take hold of both of the older woman's hands, tightly gripping them and swaying them up and down happily, though now in an overly excited manner.

"I'm happy to finally be able to learn from you though, Alisa. I am more than ready, whenever you'd like to start."
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#5Alisa Vollan 

on Fri Dec 01, 2017 3:10 pm


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By the looks of it, it appeared Liana drew a somewhat mischievous delight from showing people her new transformation as such. Well, Alisa couldn't really blame her, with such a radical change, she too would have enjoyed teasing both friends and foes alike with it. But from the way her smile faded, she knew the girl's transformation hadn't come at a pleasant time, even she quite obviously desired it. She knew of the girl's fondness for nature from the first time they talked, the way those big innocent eyes shimmered whenever she spoke of it.

Yup, Liana was at her cutest when brimming with hope and joy, enough this sculptress couldn't really fight the instinct to preserve those emotions of hers. At that rate, her own smile would fade softly and her head tilted, hands reaching behind her back:

"Hmm, I'd still want to know the whole story, but you're right. We'll leave it for some other time~", such as when she'd feel more comfortable with Alisa. Thus, she let the subject rest when she went on about how much being an Elf suited her, and indeed it did. But as she looked down from her cute smile to her bare, flat midriff, Alisa, she couldn't help but find it amusing how someone so innocent showed that much skin without flinching, "But, are you sure you're alright in that outfit?", she'd rub her cheek, and then chuckle playfully, "...People will stare at you, you know~?"

Regardless of her reaction, Alisa chuckle became a giggle when the girl dashed over and grabbed her hands in her soft, dainty ones, swaying them up and down. She'd meet no resistance in this, as the woman rather delighted in her girlish, almost childish cheer, and the knowledge she need only keep her promise and teach her:

"Mhm, you're quite motivated.", she'd praise and lean down, expressing her affection with a soft kiss to her sweet smelling blonde hair, then shifting a hand there to ruffle it; not enough to ruin her hairstyle, but enough she'd know Alisa appreciated her. After all, she didn't yet know this but she was about to become her first student, "That's good~ For starters, do you know how to infuse mana?"

As she started, Alisa's free hand would move gracefully through the air, first down towards the ground, then up... As a result, a thick crystal rod would erupt from the ground, widening and flattening at the tip. With this constant movement of her hand, Alisa sculpted this shimmering brightness into a pinkish pedestal, where she'd place the first Nature magic book she borrowed and flip it open from the start.

The sculptress would help Liana with spells and the general theory of magic, but owing to her lack of knowledge on this particular subject, they'd both need this heavy book as study material...

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on Fri Dec 01, 2017 3:13 pm

The Nature's Bonder
Liana looked down herself. It didn't catch her off-guard, of course. After all, she had been the one putting on the dress, knowing it indeed showed a lot of skin. Even so, a faint blush would still be able to creep up across her cheeks, rounding them with a cute-ish glow, more so because it was Alisa speaking and not just some random person.

"W-Well... Not like a lot of people will pass by here."

She responds, bringing a hand to one of her cheeks and scratching it a little. A few seconds forward, the young Sylvaine would already have been gripping the female Vollan's hands, stating just how happy she was to learn from someone a million levels above her. The soft kiss and ruffle would be received with a light lowering of her head, and a sweet smile stretching out from each corner of her lips.

That emerald gaze of hers is ultimately fixated back up on the older woman, most likely having already released both of Alisa's hands at this point, observing her demonstration while responding to her question.

"I haven't really learned anything about mana or magic. This will be a first time for me."

Liana states, noticing she had taken a book of sorts after creating a pedestal made of crystal, where she would place the object on top. Looking closely, the girl would notice it was a Nature magic book. She had no idea why Alisa would be using something like that. Truthfully, the young Sylvaine has not even learned about her affinity yet. Her parents weren't mages, neither did they use magic for other uses. Neither did they know how to. They were a completely normal family and so is her.

But the late teenager said nothing, observing and listening attentively.
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#7Alisa Vollan 

on Fri Dec 01, 2017 3:14 pm


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She was such a cutie~ Truly Alisa enjoyed this side of Liana's, a girlish but graceful little chuckle leaving her lips upon catching a glimpse of that red coloring her cheeks, "Indeed, we have this whole forest just to ourselves~"

Taking off the cloth bag carrying the sole remaining book, Alisa let it rest against its pedestal, then ran her hands up and down her torso, her breasts squishing under her touch as she adjusted the pure, luxurious white fabric of her jacket around them, adjusting her clothing the moment she freed herself from that heavy, binding strap. Truly, simply gazing at the loosened pressure on her chest would suggest just how much both books actually weighted, yet she looked no worse for wear either before or after.

Once she actually opened the first book though, she caught a hint of surprise in Liana's face. Truly, Alisa hadn't heard any mentions of nature magic coming from the now elf's plush lips. However, Liana had professed her love of nature as one of the first few words she'd ever said to Alisa, soon followed by expressing a desire to learn magic. If there had ever been any doubts, they'd fade at the first glimpse of Liana after transforming into an elf, a race notoriously attuned to nature, thus making this selection all the more obvious.

"I see... Very well.", nodded the tall woman, shifting one hand to her chin, rubbing it as she nodded, a pondering look plastered on her face before she smiled right back at Liana and began a proper explanation, "I took the liberty of picking this book up at the library...", stated the sculptress turned teacher, stepped away from beteween Liana and the pedestal, letting her student get a look at the class material, resting a hand on her hip while the other stood atop the crystal, her slender fingers drawing the blonde's eyes towards this or that part of the book as she continued, "You must be wondering why I picked nature magic... That spark in your eyes when you first declared your love of nature, that feeling you had when you spoke those words. That affinity towards a particular element will help you greatly when the times comes to weave mana, and from there, so cast spells."

No doubt Liana might already have seen Alisa sculpt, and seen the passion she had towards it. Once she that memory and this current lesson together, she should start making some sense of why she used Crystal magic, and why she now suggested Liana learn nature magic: They both liked it

"For starters, try to do something like this.", her expression gained a hint of focus as the hand on her hip shifted upwards. Alisa's next action would be deliberately slow, taking a deep, long breath as that hand gained a soft glow around it, before once again producing a small pink crystal, shaped in a near perfect diamond cut, accompanied by a crackling sound, "Not enough mana in this crystal to count as a spell proper, but if I guessed it right, you should be able to pull it off as you are now."

As she issued the first practical exerise for Liana to work on, Alisa started carving the crystal she produced, pointing to one of the first pages in the book that discussed aligning oneself with nature. Looking into Lia's hopeful green eyes, Alisa's theory lesson sought to reassure her the whole way, a confident smile filled with belief her new student could pull this off:

"Magic power is everywhere. Around you, inside you... Take a deep breath and try to imagine its flow. To infuse mana you have to both gather it from both of these sources, and depending on your elemental affinity, you'll find this easier or harder to do depending on your surroundings. And as you might have guessed, this place would be ideal for nature aligned magic."

Of course, she left out the exception that included her own magic, non elemental ones like Crystal, as it wasn't really relevant to her magic. That said, a clever girl like Liana might easily express that curiosity on her own if she was interested...

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on Fri Dec 01, 2017 3:23 pm

The Nature's Bonder
It was harder than she thought. While the possibility of her indeed possessing such an affinity towards magic related to nature might makes things easier for her, this was truly a first time for the elf. Matter of fact, she hasn't seen much magic, most of what she saw from the female Vollan, which wasn't even that much. She has to completely start from scratch and already having to try and infuse mana made her nervous.

Listening carefully and attentively she did, an attempt to memorize each of Alisa's words and put them to practice. Every single time the older woman's finger would caress the book to highlight the information Liana had to read, she wouldn't ignore and would proceed to read all of it. Many of them were words and sentences she had never heard of before, though, at the same time, it made sense for the young Sylvaine.

Yet, it was still complicated.

The first practical exercise was handed out, Liana carefully watching as Alisa produced a small pink crystal this time, shaped almost perfectly. "I... I can pull that off already?" She asked, surprised by the confidence the female Vollan already had in the dumbstruck elf. A light gulp crossed down her throat and whilst some theory was passed, the late teenager prepared herself for the first time at infusing mana.

"Imagine its flow..."

The young Sylvaine mumbled to herself, closing her eyes for a moment and allowing a single arm to raise, hand opening wide in a palm facing upwards and positioned right in front of her chest. There was no way she could create a gem made of wood, could she? Though, maybe something else... Something which wasn't far from the obvious.

Alisa was right. Depending on her affinity, doing what she had to do could end up being easier than she thought or harder than she thought, the latter ending up being a disappointment. If it was true.


Suddenly, she felt something.

A sharp and instant feeling of something crossing through her body like a stream of rejuvenation. It started from the bottom of her feet and went up at the speed of a lightning bolt, ending up at the hand she had raised. Unconsciously, she opened her eyes and on the palm of the hand which was facing the skies began to grow a small stick, through a magical hole created there. Slowly, its evolution continued, even though it wouldn't grow more. Green and shiny leaves appeared, petite and young.

"Wh--... A-Alisa...!"

She called out in a loud whisper, that hand of hers completely frozen from the shock and astonishment. It meant progress, even if it was barely anything to be proud of. But it looked fascinating in her eyes.

Could she really be magically aligned to Nature?
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#9Alisa Vollan 

on Fri Dec 01, 2017 3:26 pm


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"I know you can~", nodded the sculptress, once more reassuring her new student, her look as confident as ever. Her affinity for nature was such that Alisa had little doubt of Liana's ability, not only that but she was also much older than the tall woman's own age when she started learning magic. Age might impeded an attempt to learn a new language or physical ability, but not so much magic which drew primarily on one's knowledge and experience.

Yet beyond this first lesson and motivational words, the sculptress turned teacher stood silent, not another word leaving her lips. She'd given just about every possible hint she couldn't to get started, any further might just yield the opposite effect and distract the cute elf. First, both Alisa and Liana alike had to see how far the latter could take this first lesson on her own. To that end, Alisa kept her eyes glued onto the girl's figure, watching as she read the book for greater clues.

She studied intently, as if memorizing not only the teacher's words but those of the book, which told her how to master nature alignment in a way the crystal mage never could...

Due to this, the sculptress's interest visibly heightened when she saw Liana raise her hand, understanding the elf was about to make her first attempt, repeating those words to herself. Meanwhile, Alisa's hand would start sculpting the crystal she just produced before she even realized it, in a similar kind of idle gesture to someone drawing doodles... Only her keen sense of touch allowed her to do this without taking her eyes from the blonde, otherwise she wouldn't have bothered at all.

Yet since Liana closed her eyes, Alisa would see the result before she did. Once again, she'd avoid saying something, and instead raise an eyebrow, quizzically wondering when would Lia detect it, which she did soon enough, no doubt noticing the plan she'd grown on her hand:

"Congratulations~", spoke Alisa at long last, petting Liana as she succeeded the first task, her smile widening at the sight. Alisa looked just as proud of her student as she no doubt did of herself that at that point, "You're officially a mage now. Remember that feeling just now."

She'd put away her sculpture - now vaguely looking like a tree - setting it at the top of the pedestal as an ornament. Of course, Liana had only began to scratch the surface, and she herself might obviously realize it. The mana she infused was even smaller than what one would use for a spell, and she'd taken that long to summon it:

"Now, see if you can do the same thing faster.", Alisa challenge once more, resting both elbows on the higher side of the pedestal, squeezing her bust ever so slightly as she stood completely across Liana, "Try to produce small plants like you just did, concentrating on the magic power you just used."

Alisa had no idea that her pose might be distracting, but even if she did, she'd have done it anyway. This was a pretty basic use of magic, and thus the prefect exercise for Liana to train the necessary focus to cast spells in any situation. And if her words motivation enough, she'd throw her a playful, cumplicit wink, brushing a lock of hair behind her ear:

"...And once you do, we can get started on spells~"

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on Sat Dec 02, 2017 5:36 pm

The Nature's Bonder
The acknowledgment given to her by her brand new teacher had certainly made the elf even more determined, even more excited about the whole thing that was learning magic. The young Sylvaine felt like she wanted to learn more, so much that she's already growing curious about her limits. About how far she can truly go. If she can be as skilled as Alisa, if not more. Or well, less.

At the offered pet, her smile widens, though she doesn't part her lips, which might have made things much cuter than if otherwise. "Thank you, Alisa. It's a pretty comforting feeling. I didn't think I would be this quick to learn." She pondered in a mumble, purposely loud enough for the female Vollan herself to hear.

The following pose performed by Alisa didn't bother Liana at all. Matter of fact, she didn't even take notice of it, seeing as she was more interested in the training itself, especially after a harder challenge was put on the table. "Faster..." She said to herself, staring down with a thoughtful gaze. Luckily, the idea of learning spells in the same moment did offer the elf some more drive to keep on going.

"Alright, I'll try."

The young Sylvaine states with pure and genuine confidence, this time deciding not to close her eyes. This was because she thought she already had a hang of the kind of feeling which was casted upon her while she was giving the whole exercise her first attempt. Though, she'd later realize it was harder than she thought to spawn more plants and faster at that.

But she still wasn't going to hold back.

That same arm is raised. Her focus is fixated on the whole limb this time, seeing as she didn't think a couple more plants would fit on her entire hand. A deep breath is taken and the pleasant scent of the greenery she admires is the first thing to come. Then, the feeling of her clothed feet touching the grass as well as the melody of the trees' leaves swaying from one side to the other along the caress of the wind.

And then, finally, that same feeling crosses her body like a lightning bolt, Liana able to almost manually conjure mana into her entire arm and allow the second plant to grow near her elbow. Unfortunately, it came with the same pace as before, and growing a third one appeared to be a struggle for the poor late teenager.

"Th-This... Is harder than I thought..."

What could she be doing wrong? Was it really just lack of experience?
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#11Alisa Vollan 

on Mon Dec 04, 2017 10:52 am


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The process here was simple. Once she'd grown used to conjuring and weaving her mana, Liana could finally start thinking about more practical applications. But until she could pull that off with weaker techniques, simple magic that couldn't even classify as a spell, there was no point in getting her to learn them. Fortunately for her, Lia's motivation swelled exponentially the more she indulged in that pleasant flavor of success, and Alisa had no doubt in her ability to sample it with ever growing frequency in the hours to come. With her talent, Alisa knew Liana could easily breeze through the lower levels of magic, courtesy of an already strong affinity to her element heightened by her choice of race.

She had a pretty good idea of what was going on through her mind right now, about the same exciting sense of fulfillment she herself did when she first figured out how to use her magic. Back them, it looked the most beautiful thing Alisa had ever seen, second only to her father's work. That feeling provided her the only possible relief for her grief stricken, hate driven heart, long before Master Lance helped her put her finger on it.

"It'll get harder from now on, but if you believe in yourself and keep trying, I'm sure you'll get there soon enough.", reassured the master to her student. At this rate and with that motivation, Alisa grew ever more certain of her ability to get there

The sculptress for one, hardly shifted her own stance at all, merely shifting her weight to one leg, pushing her hips that way while the opposite arm raised up, her cheek resting on her outstretched palm. At times she's glance down at the book, making an effort to read the words backwards and that way understand what Liana was up to. She was making progress, clearly... Yet with such a great pace, it was bound to slow down sooner or later.

"Take a deep breath, relax, and focus.", Alisa urged, her voice as soothing and honey-like as always, mixing in with the wind's own whispers for a calming melody, "It feels daunting at first... But mana doesn't flow as easily through a strained, wound up body. Remember the feeling of channeling it for the first time, and clear your mind of everything else."

These words might indeed seem somewhat vague, but far more than their content was the laid back look on Alisa's face, sharing some of the confidence she felt toward's Lia's talent. After all, magic was a mental exercise first and a physical one second

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on Wed Dec 06, 2017 2:28 pm

The Nature's Bonder
Believing in oneself wasn't much of a hard task for someone like Liana. If there is someone confident about her own future, it's the young Sylvaine. Having so many ambitions ever since she was just a child only shows that the late teenager was truly grown with a natural sense of determination. In her mind, she hopes she won't have any kind of limits. It's obvious she'd love to learn about how far she can go. Though, the girl also strongly believes 'limits' are nonexistent. They are only obstacles in life.

But now was the harder part. The practical part of learning magic.

Indeed, she hadn't focused as much in her second attempt as she did in her first. She tried a bold approach, which may have made the process of conjuring mana even slower than the first time. "I understand now... I must clear my mind of everything and focus solely on the feeling I received at first." Liana mumbled softly after the female Vollan's words, this time actually clasping her hands, pressing them gently against her chest and ultimately shutting her eyes close.

A deep breath was taken and then it came out in the slowest and most delicate huffs from in-between her barely parted lips. Her head faced down and she begins to bring out the same amount of mana as before, allowing it to course through her body. At the same time, any kind of thoughts of the outside or memories of what recently happened in her life were completely ignored and at that moment, she felt like she was all alone, in a room full of white and nothing else.

Mana eventually channels through her legs, through her torso and then finally through her arms and hands. The feeling she had at first hit once more, though this time with even more intensity. Then, where skin was exposed in those long limbs of hers, two more petite sticks rise, tiny leaves growing on its wooden surface like blooming flowers.

Slowly, her eyes open, and whilst both her arms are still raised up, the elf eyes what she had performed and smiled even wider, giggling a couple of times due to how fascinated she was at such progress.

"That looks better, doesn't it, Alisa? Magic really is great!"
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#13Alisa Vollan 

on Wed Dec 06, 2017 3:54 pm


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It seemed as if Lia didn't really need much in the way of pep talks, short, encouraging words from Alisa spurred and fanned her self confidence, which despite her innocence didn't seem lacking in the slightest. Just like the master, the student too believed in an absence of limits, seeing only plateaus to cross, walls to overcome. From Alisa's spectator seat, it looked like her words had somewhat brought Liana back to her senses, recovered the sense of focus her early, talented success might have distracted her from.

The sculptress didn't even bother answer, instead she merely hummed, then nodded approvingly.She let the girl think for herself, her simply smile speaking for itself as she watching Liana mostly in silence, until she reached a point she could no longer get past absent any help from her teacher. Which might take a decent while anyways, so long as she kept progressing at this rate. Soon, the patient, observative Alisa took to resting her hand on yet another corner of the pedestal, producing a stubby, crystalline rock and proceeding to run her fingers over it, sculpting freely as an expectant look gradually took over her wine red gaze...

As Lia brought her hands together, the sculptress' gaze focused there, barely sparing a cursory glance at the young elf's well bound cleavage, and indeed confirming her curves had widened as visibly as her height. The girl's beauty was one thing though, her magical talent was another. Alisa had no doubt her transformation into an elf would have strengthed her connection to nature and with this the magic she now wore

"Much better indeed~", this time, Alisa would lean over the pedestal slighly, closing the distance and planting a soft, tender kiss on the adorable mage's forehead, visibly pleased she could now well and truly think of Liana as a mage, and not simply one who dabbled in magic. She had reached a level where she could hazard attempts at weak, limited, but potentially useful, life saving spells. She giggled at the reaction she knew the girl would give out even before she gave it, "While you're on a roll, we could try getting started on some more practical uses of magic..."

Yet this would be much harder than what she was doing so far, even if it would feel much easier in a few months once she got used to those spells and possibly stronger ones. Thus, her eyebrow raised as if in challenge:

"...If you feel you're up for it~"

Alisa had a few spells in mind... As she'd come to her for aid, and the sculptress had never taken a student before, she'd make an exception and pass along some of the spells she did posess, and warn her against whatever spells she did posess but never used. At her level, spells should focus on utility first, as any damaging effects wouldn't achieve much on the battlefield. Mobility was paramount, and if she really insisted on offense, her spells should be as focused and condensed as possible, to maximize their neglegible damage...

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