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West Fiore

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Oak Town is an old castle town. It is situated on a hill, surrounded by forests and mountains, with the river flowing nearby. The city is historic, with numerous turrets and battlements. It is located spherical and completely covered hill on which it is located. In the center, towering above the town, there is a castle which belongs to the nobles.

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    Baska is a small merchant town that is famous for its annual flea market festival. Literally everything is said to be sold in the town's annual flea market festival, including junk, weapons and jewellery; apparently, it once even had a crown from a distant kingdom.

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      Oberon Forest has multiple forest areas in which all sorts of creatures reside. While some places are harmless, there are areas in the forest in which monstrous creatures reside capable of taking down entire armies. It's not clear whether it's a rumor or not but it is said that the Fairy King also lives somewhere in this forest.

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        Sieghart Mountains is a vast mountain area with lots of dangerous passes and valleys. Many adventurers that come unprepared get lost or eaten when they venture too far into the valleys. Somewhere in Sieghart there is a portal leading to another world and a long stairway leading to a legendary smith.

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