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Day at the Beach [Alisa]

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on Tue Sep 26, 2017 3:10 am


There was not a cloud that could be seen in the bright blue sky for miles, it was a cloudless summer day. It was midday and the sun was high in the sky. The sound of waves rising and falling echoed in the air followed by the sounds of children's laughter. It was a perfect sunny day for people to visit the Hargeon beach. The sandy beaches of Hargeon were a hustle and bustle as people frolicked in the waves to cool themselves off or lounged under the sun tanning themselves on the sand. Children ran about flying kites or they remained still building sand castles, some even buried their parents laughing as they did. Amongst the crowd of beachgoers were many beautiful young women flaunting the goods as they wore a variety of bikinis to display what they had been born with.

Amongst them was a beauty who could be described to surpass them. Sitting on a wide black towel beneath a large red parasol that shaded the entire beach towel was a young girl, with a small beach bag on her left. Many took a double take as they eyed her before looking away as mother's look at them in disgust. The reason, this young girl appeared only twelve to thirteen years of age. She was four foot ten in height with a heart-shaped face, soft luscious supple pink lips, flowing black hair that glistened in the suns rays ad bright red eyes that shined like a thousand diamonds. The girl had creamy snow white skin flawless to the appearance and smooth to the touch. The girl wore long black stockings with a matching garter belt. The stockings rose half away above the knees and the garters continued on, they were black with red frills reaching up to her curvy waist. She wore a two-piece bikini consisting of a string black top and lower piece. Around her neck was a thin black choker. She had a coy smile on those pink lips as she lay on the towel with her knees raised, leaning to the right with her right hand up near her chin. This girl although young could only be described as a Raven Haired Snow White Beauty. Although young she had a developed figure that suited her small stature, as if she had been crafted by the gods. In some way this was true as the young girl was older than she seemed, being a Demon whose heritage had been granted to her by a Demonic God in the process giving her this youthful frame.

After they did a double take they then noticed the odd object lying beside her on the right. To the girls right was a massive sword two meters in length, the massive sword was almost two foot taller than the snow beauty. The sword was not only long but also wide, so much the girl could hide behind it if she wished. The girl was lying on her own, not another within a six-meter radius of her as everyone seemed to be avoiding the surprisingly beautiful young girl. Many mothers an older woman looked at her in disgust thinking someone so young should not be so shameful. But if they only knew she was older than them they would surely have a heart attack.

#2Alisa Vollan 

on Fri Sep 29, 2017 4:37 am


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What a lovely day to visit the beach. Alisa knew summer days like these would get scarcer and scarcer as the skies shifted into fall, so naturally she had to make the most of what she yet had. Naturally, this meant slipping on her bikini - pure white and tied at the front - and making her way to the beach. Her smooth alabaster skin shimmered under the sun's rays, slick with the visible, oily coating of sunblock and occasional bead of sweat as the stauesque woman fanned herself with every step. If they were still in the peak of summer, she must likely wouldn't have dared to walk under the sun at this hour, for she found it far easier to get burned than tanned... But who knows if the she'd get another day like this anytime soon?

For Hargeon beach though, it was simply another summer day.

The people out and about, mothers leading their children by the hand, couples fawning over each other, and single girls enjoying the perfect excuse to flaunt their bodies. Not particularly crowded either, as the sheer size of this beach meant everyone had enough room that even people like Alisa didn't feel uncomfortable with the space she had to work with. Radiant wine red eyes took in her surroundings, lingering on every person whose visage pleased her, before finally settling on a younger girl who caught her attention for wholly different reason. Not only was she wearing a black bikini that left little to imagination, but she carried a colossal greatknife almost twice as long as she was tall.

Fact of the matter of was, this girl could actually wield something like this, as unrealistic as that may seem. After all, a sword like that doesn't just spurt forth from the sand like a rocky outcrop, somebody had to carry it there, and it all pointed to the tiny young girl lying next to it. She looked rather pretty as well, making the sculptress wondering how she'd look like in a few years as she calmly strode closer:

"Hello there. Aren't you a little young to be wearing something like that?", half greeting and half teasing words left her luscious, faint smiling lips in an announcement of her presence, as Alisa approached the girl who by all accounts looked like a younger version of herself. She rested one hand on her hip while the other tucked a raven lock behind her ear, looking at the girl curiously.

If she could carry a sword like that, the girl was obviously strong enough she could wear whatever she wanted without nobody telling her otherwise. Alisa seldom allowed an unwarmed person to get any closer than her arm's length - closer than the sword's reach for an armed person - and she'd maintain that distance here. After all she had no reason to act overly friendly just because of her age, just like she had no reason to act hostile just because of her weapon.

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on Sat Sep 30, 2017 12:35 am


The little demoness lay on the massive beach towel enjoying the shade of her frilly gothic lolita parasol. She could have moved it aside to allow the suns rays to reflect off her skin in order to obtain a tan, but Yumi was not in the mood to tan her snow white skin nor did she care to. Yumi was someone who was exceedingly confident in her own body and appearance. As an old woman she lost this confidence however, instead perfering baggy kimono's that covered every little part of her body. But with her youth recovered and beautiful looks returned, Yumi was not against showing it off, even in such a youthful form. It didn;t amtter to Yumi here body appeared incredibly young, even though one could describe her body as sinful, she would still show it off as she was older than many could comprehend.

While lazing about, Yumi mulled over about what her next move would be. She was kicking back and relaxing here in Hargeon, but she doubted Icarus would be to happy about her failure in the attack on blue pegasus. Yumi thought about seeking out the rest of her guild to see how they participated but she didn't wish to face the shame of her failure before them. The demoness didn't fear what was to come, she didn't care for Icarus or Crowley, she cared not for the guild either. Yumi was only apart of Grimoire Heart to further herself. If she wanted she could leave anytime, however Yumi had heard rumours that leaving meant a complete wipe of ones memories. That was the last thing the demonic lolita wanted. She would wait biding her time, Icarus wouldn't be the guild master forever, Yumi could wait him out, waiting for that opportune moment that would grant her freedom.

The demoness was brought out of her musing when a voice interupted her. Yumi's long luscious black lackes fluttered as her eyelids parted revealing the glistening red of her eyes. Looking up to find out who disturbed her, Yumi was forced to hide her shock as the person to distrubt her thoughts was someone whose appearance she had claimed weeks ago, however she had only seen them from a distance and knew nothing about them. The sun reflected behind the woman revealing every trace and detail of their alabaster skin and sinful body in a pure white bikini. Yumi pondered if she should play the innocent act, pretending to be younger than she should, but why bother, Yumi wasn't hiding anything nor could anything her pinned on her.

Yumi sat up using her left hand to support her frame as she looked up at the 'older' woman, "Age is simply the perception of what one sees with their own eyes. To you I appear young, but looks can be very deceiving. if I may be so bold to assume you are no older than twenty. If my assumption is right, by a technicallity, I'm old enough to be your older sister." retorted the demonic lolita as her smile turned into one of mischief as she eyed the curvarious young woman before her. The woman was wearing a white bikini that showed off her body, allowing Yumi a view of the Blue pegasus mark on her right hip. Yumi avoided casting her gaze to her right shouder where on the front in black would be the guild mark for Grimoire Heart. However strands of black hair had fallen down over Yumi's right shoulder obscuring the mark. Even if it was seen Grimoire Heart was a secret guild, people may know the name but the chances of knowing the guild mark was like a million to one.

However it was not the mark Yumi particularly cared about, but what was on her back. In blood red ink all over Yumi's back was the symbol of her cult, the symbol of Malum a giant ritual circle that took up every spot on her narrow back. But seeing as Yumi's back was facing away from the woman she wouldn't be able to see it. And like the Guild mark the Symbol of Malum was a knowledge very few possessed, seeking as the cult of worshippers had almost been extinguished years ago.

"While my physical appearance is quite young, if you have it, why not flaunt it. As you yourself are doing." added the lolita as she leaned back placing both hands behind her, in doing so pushed her chest out. Yumi crossed her right leg over the left, raising the left slightly.

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on Sat Sep 30, 2017 5:29 am


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In all honestly, the crystal sculptress didn't really know what to expect when she approached the girl, an expected reaction considering she was dealing with a girl barely in her teens, wearing clothes skimpy enough to make twice her age blush and look away. Now Alisa felt perfectly comfortable with the very notion of reduced clothing, even that overused saying about 'beauty being in the eye of the beholder', implies there must be something to behold in the first place... Yet seeing it on a young girl was a novelty, and she were a modest mother of young children, she might not have reacted too differently from those women.

Alas, this was not the case, just like the illusions of the girl's young age, judging by the rather adult way she answered the Pegasus' playful greeting:

"Ohooo, is that so?", Alisa raised an eyebrow curiously; though she normally avoided taking things at face value, the posture and body language from the small woman all pointed to an honest remark. Besides, if a girl that young could even pull off such a mature tone in the first place, that in itself already suggested one wisdom beyond one's years, "Granted, one should never rely on appearances in a world filled with magic...", she'd answer, smiling cooly as she acknowledged her error.

She couldn't help but think back to all the times Snowflake had changed her form, or the rumours that someone looking like Alisa herself had raided Era while she was busy helping rebuild her guild hall. She had so far failed to see the guild mark on the woman's shoulder, but even if she did, she wouldn't have done anymore than what she planned on doing now: Pulling her shimmering sword off her back and planting it into the sand, she grabbed her towel and prepared to drape it nearby. Not enough to benefit from the girl's shade, but close enough that they could still talk:

"Indeed...", nodded Alisa, crossing her arms under her generous bust, heaving with every breath she took. She tapped her bicep and continued, "After all, beauty shouldn't be hidden under wraps.", her eyes trailed off at the rather lovely looking ocean waves, and then back to the smaller woman with a graceful request, "Would you mind If I joined you? I'm Alisa."

She'd met girls older than her with youthful bodies such as her, and considering the type of clothes she often wore, Alisa was in no place to think any less of her for it... Of course, even after clearly understanding this girl was indeed older than herself, Alisa still couldn't truly admire her like might someone older, sparing little more than a couple casual glances at a time. In her mind, it still felt as if she'd be oggling a minor, despite her rather charming, almost devilish beauty. Even had she spotted the grimoire mark, Alisa hadn't come here to fight and wouldn't really bother raising her weapon unless outright attacked. Just like she did care whether people saw her pegasus mark, or the crystallized brand behind her left shoulder. She'd easily memorize either tattoo on the deceptively youthful adult the moment she caught sight of them, not because either meant anything to her right now, but because it could mean something in the future.

Having come here by herself, she'd much rather chat with someone who caught her eye for whatever reason, and take some time to stop thinking about the mess her guild had been left with, or the power vaccuum the master's passing had created. They'd need to elect a new guildmaster soon, but it was still much too soon for that. At this rate, they'd only do it after the Pegasus Beach Party...

Unless the girl visibly objected to her presence, Alisa would grab her lustruous raven hair and pull it in a bunch over her shoulder, before sitting down on the towel, leaning back and propping herself up on her arms, giving her the best possible view of the ocean.

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on Sat Sep 30, 2017 4:58 pm


Yumi's right foot kicked at the air, even though she was wearing long black stockings one was able to see how small her feet here, adding to her dainty look. Though small every portion of her only seemed to enhance everything about her. The black stocking covered foot kicked at the air as a playful smile formed on the lolita's lips. Seeing as the woman was a member of blue pegasus, if she could get in good with her perhaps it would be a way to infilitrate her way into Blue Pegasus, or she could even use it to her advantage. For now she would play nice and get to know the busty young woman. Of course the smile on her lips would give away anythig the demoness was thinking, to the woman it would just seem like Yumi was smiling in turn of the woman's words.

The woman evidentally seemed to agree with her Yumi's views about not hiding ones beauty. The demon's eyes shimmered as the woman crossed her arms under her generous making them heave with every breath. The alabaster woman was certainly gifted in the bust department. She was tall, far taller than Yumi by nearly a full foot and her busty as well ad curvacious body fit her quite well. The woman was perfectly portioned for her height, but the size of her bust made Yumi wondered how her back felt, carrying all that weight on front certainly wouldn't be good. Yumi could consider her self lucky, her body had always been tiny, and developed enough to flaut what she had without being flat.

The young woman had removed her shimmering sword from her back in order to plant it in the ground. It seemed the woman planned to throw her own towel down next to Yumi from the way she grabbed it. Yumi waved her left hand towards an empty spot on her own towel, "No need to dirty your own towel, I have plenty of room on mine. I don't mind shaking, please partake in my shade" Yumi's towel was massive she barely took up a quarter of it, mainly due to her tiny proportions but also due to the towels size.

Yumi wasn't bothered to share the spot next to her with the woman who had identified herself as Alisa, but instead off up her own towel and shade of the alabaster woman. The snow white beauty turned on her right side, propping her head up with her right elbow, chin resting in her palm, as she used her left hand to pat the spot next to her. After which Yumi would shut her eyes momentarily mulling over thoughts only she would know before allowing those crimson hues to open once more.

"I believe it's only polite I should give my own introduces, as you have already done. I am Yuni. Pleased to meet you, Alisa." spoke the lolita in a soft friendly tone, before her cast would cast to those who walked by. Even if Alisa hadn't chosen to lay down on Yumi's own towel, but her own, with the image of two beautiful young women lying next to each other one the picture of a busty mature beauty and the other a young snow white beauty, it could be described as a dream come true. Many men were tripping over themselves while the women who escorted them could only sneer in disdain.

Yumi chuckled waving her left hand through the air, "Human's they never change even have all these years. How they constantly amuse." Said the lolita giving a gentle laugh that was like a heavenly song.

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on Sat Sep 30, 2017 7:09 pm


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As a member of Blue Pegasus, she naturally tried getting to know people visibly capable of wielding giant swords. Carrying weapons wasn't uncommon at all, but there was such a thing as proportion; unless, someone was strong enough for that proportion to no longer matter... She imagined every possible scenario - best to worst, happiest to saddest - countless ideas bouncing around her head at once, yet this served little purpose than to entertain her, stimulating her interest in this person.

Of course, it helped that this girl looked this pretty, even without resembling a younger version of herself and teasing her narcissistic streak: Pretty close too, as they both had eyes of red and favored a similar hairstyle. But at that age, Alisa wasn't much shorter than she is now, towering a head taller than most boys. And more developed than most her peers too too; The myserious girl's gaze soon fell into into magnetic pull of her plunging cleavage, only for the briefest of moments... Something a girl could easily detect after so many people staring her breasts. She mentally chuckled to herself as to how this might be the first time a girl of Yumi's apparent age lacked any kind of jealously on her face. She clearly had no reason to...

Part of her couldn't help but wonder what kind of ravishing woman this girl would grow into. Assuming she would actually grow older, considering her actual age seemed much greater. She hoped this fighter would be on their side, as knowing her would clearly become a worthwhile investment in many ways... Perhaps her true form was older and she was simply using a transformation spell? Oh, her curiosity was unyielding...

Maybe the feeling was mutual in some way as she not only seemed comfortable with Alisa sitting there, but actually invited her onto her towel, enough to get a slightly surprised look that promptly faded into a laid back, but visibly appreciating smile, "That's very kind of you, but I'm looking to get a little tan~", answered the cool beauty as classily as ever. Instead, she placed her towel right next to the edge of the youthful girl's shade - as close as she could while still getting sunlight - before lying down on the her side, resting on one hip with her long shapely legs halfway crossed over the towel. Lowering her torso, she soon rested at roughly eye level with the girl, who soon introduced herself as Yuni, rather politely at that, "The pleasure is mine, Yuni."

Alisa was, ultimately, a careful and sometimes paranoid woman who wouldn't so easily huddle up with someone she'd just met, even a child her age. Plus, she'd already established the girl she now knew as Yuni to be no child at all. She could count with her fingers the number of people who'd earned that much from her: Though Alisa's instincts said nothing towards this girl being one of the trustworthy few, they were as fickle as their owner - Sometimes they changed, sometimes they didn't. More importantly, her statement was god's honest truth. Now that the summer was coming to an end, the Sun's searing heat got easier to bear, enough that even a lover of summer used to cold weather would dare trying this at noon. That, and having a good sunblock lotion defenitely helped...

She still couldn't help but note how alien it felt to be seduced by a woman who looked like a young girl, flaunting her flawless skin with a masterful sex appeal that can only come from experience. She wasn't even doing anything special, just casually wearing a risqué swimsuit that would be at home in  any glamour photoshoot, projecting that provocative vibe to everyone who looked her way. Not that Alisa's was much different, as a loose white swimsuit like this highlighted her attributes. Indeed, only girls who trained as much as her could have the much needed back strength not to have spine problems with so much weight on her chest. Close inspection gave a hint of the muscle tone underneath her statuesque curves, and a proper posture ultimately made her bust look perkier too... As if she needed the extra favor...

Alisa chuckled elegantly, raising one hand over her mouth at the men oggling and getting punished by their significant others. The more beautiful girls gather, the more male attention they draw. Indeed, men never change... However, Yuni went a little further than that:

"Human?", asked Alisa, raising an eyebrow and pointing out, running a hand through her hair as she turned back from the guys into the girl beside her, "That's an interesting way of saying it...", she paused, giving the lolita time to comment if she desired to do so, "But you're quite right, even if some are always more amusing than others."

Was this a quirk of hers or an acknowledgement that they belonged to a different race? If the latter, then what race was she? Once more, she couldn't really judge people based on the appearance they presented. Even a giant could somehow get magic to shrink themselves down. Her radiant wine red eyes sought Yuni's as she asked that question, not hiding a genuine interest that the youthful beauty could choose to indulge or ignore...

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on Sun Oct 01, 2017 1:09 am


Yumi simply waved her left hand as Alisa rejected her offer, the demon didn't feel scorned or upset about her offer being rejected. It was fair enough the woman could do as she pleased. If she wished to get a tan by lying on her own towel who was Yumi to deny her the chance. Yumi wasn't a big fan of tans, it didn't particularly suit her, the current colour of her skin emphasised her appearance enough and tanning away the snow white colour would only ruin her looks. And being a demon pushed the idea to, sure could go out in the sun, but she felt more at ease in the darkness. It was why at the beach she was lying beneath a giant parasol that blocked any form of sun from Yumi keeping her completely covered so there would be no chance of her skin tanning and losing its beautiful pure white shade.

"Correct human's, they scurry around like ants. Each of them thing they are special in someway. Hunans ty to do what they can to find meaning in their miserable lives with what little time they have with there insignificant lifespans. You try to leave a mark on history, but you are just blips on the line called time." Remarked the demonic lolita with a mischievious smile on those soft features of hers. Yumi raised her left hand using her thumb and index finger drawing them close that only a small gap was between them, she was using this to emphasise her words.

"They don't realise it that even if they are marked by history, in less then a thousand years they will be forgotten. Other's won't even make it to a hundred years. They will be forgotten like a whisper on the wind." Spoke the lolita in hushed tone, she seemed to be staring into thin air as if she could see something that Alisa couldn't.

Yumi raised her left hand to her lips and a cute little giggle, "But even so watching you all scurry about like little lost lambs, never ceases to amuse me, even after all these years. Human's you struggle so hard to survive to pretend as if their on top of the food chain. But you don't even realise the truth, you are far from it. But you've managed to fool your entire species into believe the little white lie. How can I not be amused?"

The little lolita was clearly not normal with the way she spoke. She was either insane for seeing herself as something other than human and should be locked away in some mental institution. Or she didn't belong on this plain of existance and was something that couldn't be comprehended. Though of course Yumi was just playing with the young woman, after all the demon was only seventy-six years old and had been a human just months ago.

#8Alisa Vollan 

on Sun Oct 01, 2017 4:03 am


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The way she spoke about humans, could truly only be described as the way a person would look down on a trail of ants. Anybody who wielded sufficient power could easily fall into such a train of thought, and actively following it implied this girl was either dangerous or just trying to look the part... It might be the only part of her that was well and truly unsightly. That said, Alisa was on vacation, so at this point she wasn't so concerned with how dangerous or comforting Yuni might be in reality, but simply debating her nihilistic views. For one, she never pondered much on the insignificance of a single life. People are born and die for little to no reason, just like any other animal. She went wherever her winds took her, admired beauty such as the one lying next to her, and selfishly avoided thinking beyond whether something would please her at any given moment.

"When you put it from that prespective, even our very world itself is little more than a spec of dust in the grand span of the cosmos, filled with powers nobody  - not humans or otherwise - can ever truly grasp. The conceit you speak of is hardly exclusive to humans at all; especially with all the races whose members started off human.", she'd note, her fingers idly stirring the sand in that little space between her towel and Yuni's, "Either way, the ones who believe themselves on the top of teh food chain never last long.", she noted matter of factly, shifting her gaze up into the sunny sky, raising her hand over her face to shade her eyes, "There's always a bigger fish, someone ready to swoop down from above when they least expect it."

Once again, this really wasn't exclusive to humans either. Once you place yourself at the top of the food chain and stop looking out for predators, your days are numbered. She couldn't really grasp just how old could this girl truly be; Alisa had no doubt she was indeed older than herself, but she also doubted she could truly be as long lived as she implied... It was much easier to lie about that that an actually survive that long: Even among vampires, living for centuries is rare if not unheard of, as all it takes is a random act of violence to end it...

"On the other hand, while a single human might be pitifully weak, humanity as a whole has survived every cataclysm fate could throw at it, growing stronger with each surviving generation. Without that constant cycle of renewal, we wouldn't be anywhere near where we are now.", added Alisa, resting her head on one elbow as she faced the dark girl with that perpetual faint smile, letting a handful of sand slip through her fingers.

So much her gaze only got pulled away from the pretty lolita by a loud cry coming for surprisingly far away.

"Ice creeeeeam, get your ice cream heeeere!!", a vendor shouted out from a good few yards away, making as much noise as he could as some people naturally called him over. With all this heat beating down on her from above, she felt her mouth water at the thought, fanning herself as she raised ber body back upright.

Alisa called the salesman over as well, quickly trading a few jewels for a splitting popsicle once the short man with a mustache came over to their little camp. Like most guys, he spent a good few moments oggling the two girls, sparing little but a wary glance at the weapons behind them. The moment he walked off, Alisa split the popsicle and extended one half to the smaller girl with a smile, "Help yourself~", she offered with a calm and welcoming smile, looking not the slightest bit disturbed by the conversation they were having; a hint that she might not be as pure as her white swimsuit suggested...

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on Sun Oct 01, 2017 4:04 pm


The little lolita allowed a coy, yet seductive and enchanting smile to show itself on her snow-white beauties at the young woman's words. It seemed that this young woman had an extensive and open mind, Yumi liked that in a person. The demons crimson hues shined with mirth as they gazed over the young woman and her sinful body. Yumi's her left hand moved, starting at her soft supple pink lips where the index finger pressed to her lower lip. Yumi's hand moved in a slow yet tantalising manner down her young petite body, over her chest and down her toned white stomach. The hand would be described as mesmerising in the way it moved. Yumi was not afraid of her own body, let alone touching it. She was someone who was freely open with their own sexuality. This was especially clear in not only her mannerisms but her body language and actions. That hand Yumi used would even slide over her left leg, running along her thigh as if to invite the other woman over.

As she did this the lolita would speak in retort to the other woman's words, "You are certainly open-minded, even more so than most. I like that. You are definitely one of the most amusing humans I have laid my eyes open." THe young woman's way of speaking threw across a message that she was not as innocent as she may seem to be. Especially as she seemed to not be one bit disturbed by what had been said. The demoness placed her left index finger to her chin and patted it mulling over in her head a number of thoughts comprising a file on the young woman.

Their conversation was cut short by the loud cry of ice cream. The moment it was said Yumi perked up sitting up on her towel with a loud woosh of wind. She had sat up so fast the lolita was like a blur. Her eyes were immediately drawn to the vendor a few good yards away from their position. The prospect of the deliciously cold treat known as Ice Cream was just too tantalising to the little lolita. Even after all these years she still had a massive sweet tooth, sugar it was her vice. It appeared Yumi wasn't the only one interested by the thought of Ice cream as Alisa called the clerk over as she fanned her body. Like every other man the short stout vendor oggled them fumbling with his words, even drooling a little but he managed to get through the purchase.

The demoness gave a cute blink of her es as Alisa split the popsicle in half and offered it up to Yumi. The demon reached out with her dainty hands and collected the ice cream pop, "Thank you." The demon raised it to be supple lips and extends her tongue taking a long, almost perverse lick of the ice cream treat. As she did as low sensual moan of delight escaped her lips that echoed over the beach air. Even though it sounded low the moan was loud enough to be heard all around them drawing attention from eve beachgoer in the nearby vicinity. The demon didn't seem to noticed as she enjoyed the ice cold treat, continuing to moan.

#10Alisa Vollan 

on Mon Oct 02, 2017 2:10 pm


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Indeed, she'd never get used to watching a girl with a body of a young teenager acting as salacious as a woman in her thirties, running her hand down her body with a sensuality such even Alisa couldn't help but looking a bit longer than she'd have liked... She found herself in a strange position. One one hand, she didn't really find young bodies sexually attractive... But on the other hand, she also acknowledged the pale girl's beauty and understood she wasn't nearly as young as body suggested. In turn she ran a hand up her clavicle and behind her neck, gracefully pulling her long raven hair behind her back, looking off into the ocean as she did so. She wasn't about to seduce a girl who looked this young, but that empathy she always felt towards beautiful people wasn't really something she could shut off either. Alisa obviously had as much confidence with her body as the dark haired girl lying next to her, stretching one leg out under the other in a way that not only highlighted the shapely, slender form, but also the full, feminine countour of her hip:

"Why, thank you~", Not one to argue with her choice of words, Alisa simply took the compliment for what it was, even if she still resisted Yuni's charms in favor of the sun's gleam, returning them with an equally charming smile, "Though you're quite open yourself."

Yet this aura of seduction between the two of them - as unintentional as it may be on Alisa's part - had the side effect of getting the ice cream salesman drooling all over the two of them as he recieved money for the purchase. Yuni accepted her half of the ice cream with visible delight, in fact it appeared she might have bought one herself had Alisa not beat her to it... But under this midday heat, it didn't start long for the statuesque artist's popsicle to start melting. She had some confidence eating it fast enough before that happened, but alas, this wasn't the case:

"Ara...?", she mumbled, looking down as she felt something cold over her breast; and looking down revealed a big blue droplet of ice cream trailing the sensual curve of her right breast, slowly but steadily. There was nothing comfortable about her boobs getting all sticky, especially if she allowed such sugary goodness to vanish in between that plunging valley. So naturally, she caught it with a finger as quickly as she could react, her digit sliding effortlessly in that delectable softness at the slightest pressure. She brought it up to her luscious lips before it had a chance to drip back down, licking it off with a delighted, "Mmm~", a hum that while not as lascivious as the smaller girl's, packed no less sensuality with the way she closed her eyes through it, "Guess this means I'll accept your offer."

As much as she disliked getting close to people she didn't really know; she understood what whatever happened could make or break her suspicions. With a little chuckle, she'd finally accept Yuni's suggestion of her own voilition, getting up from her towel to sit under the loli's comparatively oversized one, relaxing under the shade. This also meant she'd be more careful with drops of popsicle: Ruining someone else's towel would just be rude. Thus, once she once more folded her legs to one side, resting one thigh over the other calf in a single slow movement, smooth and sensual. With one hand under the occasionally dripping popsicle stick, she brought the frozen treat up to her lips and licked along its length. Even under the shade, the air was still hot enough for it to melt...

Meanwhile, despite having noticed how the girl sampled hers in a way that looked oddly erotic, yet nothing came close to the overjoyed moans leaving her lips, enough to draw attention and likely make people stare. Some in disgust, others in visible delight:

"I must say, I don't believe I've ever met anybody who liked Ice cream as much as you do.", Alisa laughed playful and teasingly, thoroughly amused by the girl's display. Even if the whole display looked almost too lewd to be taken for more than a prank, the taller woman did concede on the her having a rather seductive voice, "Keep that up and someone will think you're doing an adult photoshoot."

Strength is also Beauty

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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on Tue Oct 03, 2017 4:50 am


The sinful lolita rolled her pink tongue along the tip of the popsicle, before extending her tongue over the tip and along the side furthest from her. The demon's tongue coiled around the sugary treat in such a manner anywho would look in her direction would blush bright red and begin thinking adult thoughts. It certainly didn't help with the way she was moaning in ecstasy as she licked the deliciously cold sugary treat. The lolita's focus wasn't on anything else but the sugary treat, not even paying attention as Alisa took up her previous offer and slid beneath the massive parasol Yumi had set up, using the shade provided to block out the sun and prevent her own sugary ice cream dessert from melting.

The demon pulled back from her treat, exhaling a cold puff of air, as a thin layer of saliva trailed from the end of her tongue to the tip of the dessert. Her tongue was extended as her chest heaved up and down pushing out her budding chest. The image could only be described as erotic as Yumi reeled her tongue in and licked her lips in a sensual manner. The popsicle in her hand had been devoured down to the point that less than half even remained. During all of this what made eyes bug out, even more, was as the lolita sat there on her, legs bent around her, the little lolita's thighs would begin to rub together as if an agonising heat was beginning to form. A light blush would even begin to form on the little demon's cheeks as a lustful gave appeared in those crimson red hues.

The sun had caused the bottom to melt making it drip onto her fingers. The demon held the end of the stick with her other hand and raised the sticky fingers to her lips and enclosed her lips around the first finger sucking on it in an erotic manner. Unanimous echoes of loud gulps could be heard from around them, all from the men, young and old along with a mix of visibly interested women, from the young lolita's display.

As Yumi parted her lips and began licking the end of she would hear the tall woman's remark as she laughed playfully. The demon finished licking her fingers and looked up at the busty woman showing no hint of shame. "Everyone has their, weakness. I suppose you could say I have an insatiable sweet tooth. You might even say, sugar is the equivalent of an aphrodisiac to me." Breathed out the little demon in a husky voice, the air she exhaled was visible due to the cold from the ice cream she had been eating. The blush on her cheeks and lust induced gaze remained within her eyes. The demon gave a lick of her bottom lip as she returned to her ice cream, licking away the last remains. Her entire body was fidgetting where it sat appearing uncomfortable. it didn't take a genius to figure out what was going on with her, and when it clicked a unanimous amount of beachgoers shot back with nosebleeds.

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on Tue Oct 03, 2017 1:21 pm


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Alisa took suckled and licked away at her popsicle, letting the tip slide past her lips as she kept in her mouth, lapping away at all the sugary delight as it melted under her tongue, stopping only when she'd eaten away at all the half molten outside, leaving only the yet cold and frozen inside... To be enjoyed later, at her leisure, after she was done licking the drippy, half liquid underside just as another droplet started trailing down her fingers.

Many preverse minded individuals found the mere act of eating elongated foods erotic even without one doing anything special, especially if the one doing it was a voluptuous young woman like Alisa... Yet Yuni took this to a whole other level, raising blood pressures of just about any male in her immediate surroundings. Impressive... She was far to classy to act this sleazy but she could respect the effect it had on viewers. A rather visible, glistening trail of saliva bound the panting lolita's mouth to her ice cream even after such a serious sucking session, yet not nearly as hard as the eyes of perverts remained bound to the two of them.

And when she though the shameless loli could go no further, she had another surprise cut out for her, pressing her thighs together until the inevitable lust took over her face. Alisa actually looked away for a brief moment as a hint of red crossed her cheeks: This felt about as awkward as she'd imagine catching a child doing that... Despite that childish body, however, the woman's voice was anything but, and hearing it without a deterring image to go along sent an unpleasantly pleasant tingle where she'd rather not feel one, enough she couldn't help pressing her luscious thighs a bit tighter together.

Of course, this paled in comparison to the real thing...

Getting Alisa well and truly hot and bothered was no easy feat, next to impossible for even the most stunning of people if she was really determined not to - she had the kind of icy shell only a Northern girl could truly boast - and now was one of those cases. She wasn't so dense as to miss how some of that act was directed at her, but it didn't change hpw the girl doing it looked far too young. You'd have to be a lolicon to get turned that display, regardless of how pretty she may be...

Thus, after the initial bewilderment, Alisa acclimated to the sight easily enough as she kept the woman's actual age in her thoughts, that charming faint smile going right back to her plush lips like it had never left in the first place. She met her crimson gaze without flinching, not looking the slighest bit bothered by her lust addled pupils despite easily noticing:

"Aphrodisiac, huh...? At this rate,  your lover will have his work cut out once you get back home. Or hers...", she chuckled and twirled her posicle about as she talked, gracefully sliding an idle left hand over her smooth skin, gliding it across her firm middle... Leave it to a cool beauty to look her most sensual when not really caring or meaning it, as that is exactly what she did, hooking the hand behind her elbow, neatly folding that arm under her generous bosom.

She did know the pushing effect that had on her cleavage, especially when showing this much of it. Merely drawing that arm tighter ever so slighly squeezed her breasts together a respectable deal; this had all but become second nature to her, seeing another person's sex appeal and raising her own the moment she acknowledged it:

"Are you sure this crowd around us has nothing to do with it? It seems to be getting bigger by the second~", teased Alisa once again with a raised eyebrow, bringing the popsicle to her mouth in a way that squished that arm into her bust as well. Despite pushing it out an extra bit, her left hand soon unhooked and reached for her hair instead, releasing her bikini bound breasts with a hefty jiggle, then finally stretching her elegant legs out towards the sea. She still had half a popsicle left to lick, so might as well get comfortable under the shade, resting on one elbow as she looked over Yuni's handiwork...

Strength is also Beauty

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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on Thu Oct 05, 2017 4:11 am


Yumi paid no mind to the onlookers all she cared about the was the deliciously cold sugary icy treat in her hands. She held it almost in a way like it was something precious, that if she let it out of her sights it would just disappear. The way she reacted to sugar and the look of delight in her eyes one could almost say the demonic lolita was an addict. It was almost true. Yumi had a highly overreactive sweet teeth, she didn't know why only that she had it as long as she could remember. The first time she had ever had sweets was after her very first kill. Her father to reward her for the sacrifice she had offered to Malum and gifted her with a bar of chocolate with a layer of fudge and caramel inside. It had tasted so heavenly to the girl of barely ten years that her body quivered with joy. Since then she had craved sugar and it got worse with years. Sugar to Yumi was better than sex, alcohol or even killing and Yumi loved all three. Yumi was far from innocent during her time before becoming old Yumi had been quite active enjoying both male and female partners, sure she killed them but it had been enjoyable. In fact with every kill, Yumi's sweet tooth grew stronger. Perhaps it was some side effect of being a worshipper of Malum, the demon did recall her foster father being addicted to gummy worms.

Yumi drew away from her thoughts as the woman, Alisa made a comment about her lust filled state. The demon shook her head and the lust began to vanish. Gulping down the last of the ice cream the demon took in a deep breath attempting to calm her beating heart before responding. "If I was to have a lover then surely yes her or she would certainly be in for a wild night." Retorted the demon giving a sly wink and mischievous smile revealing that she certainly swung both ways and wasn't afraid to admit it. She had said it loud and clear for all to hear only increasing the wild fantasies of the crowd that had gathered.

With the last of the ice cream gone, Yumi began lying back down on her right side, facing Alise. She would cross her left leg over the right, making sure to show off both her long legs and creamy snow white thighs. The black stockings and frilly garter belt certainly helped to bolster the young woman's sex appeal, the way the clothing clung and highlighted her legs could only be described as tantalising. The Demon rested her right elbow on the towel and rested her head in its palm, the lolita's long black hair draping over her frame, falling around her petite body, almost as if to cover up her body to tease the crowd by hiding her sinful frame.

"It may grow, but they can only look not touch." Spoke the demon as her left hand trailed over the length of her massive sword, throwing the message across the crowd that anyone who got frisky would be in for it. A coy smile spread on her lips as a mischevious gleam formed in those beautiful red hues, "Though if you were to be so bold, I certainly wouldn't object to the idea." Yumi gave a flirty wink of her right eye, fluttering those long delicate black eyelashes.

#14Alisa Vollan 

on Thu Oct 05, 2017 12:22 pm


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Alisa looked positively virginal in the way she finished her popsicle, simply when compared to the loli's obscene display. Though one might easily point out how sensual figure had nearly as much impact as Yuni's lascivous mood, but then again that wasn't exactly her fault now was it? Then again, it appeared the girl simply had a sugar fetish - perhaps with a little exhibitionist streak - but that was little more than a harmless kink as far as Alisa was concerned. She could hardly hazard guesses as to the other not so innocent fetishes she had going for her, but that was beside the point now.

That simple comment sufficed to bring the girl out of her lust dazed state, at least for a moment, yet with such an overactive libido she wouldn't be surprised to see it again soon enough:

"Nobody waiting at home, I see. Well, It doesn't look like you'll have any trouble finding suitors.", she glanced over to the crowd, only for her eyes to narrow into a glare as she noticed just how many had gathered. Unlike Yuni, Alisa didn't have to reach for her sword or even look particularly menacing, she was sufficiently known around these parts for the men to the understand the consequences of crowding around her. That annoyed look in her eyes sent all but the bravest away, and thinned down the amount of people to far more reasonable amount.

Now devoid of an ice cream to eat, she fully laid on her side, resting her bust over one forearm and her head on the other, her hands joined every so slightly. Though she lacked those lingerie like stockings like Yuni did, the pure white simplicity of her bikini heightened her natural beauty, and even the little knots between her breasts and beside her hips highlighted the sinous roundness of her curves without making them look any bigger than they were. She had plentiful confidence in her figure and sexuality to flaunt them, and for her faint smile to widen into a playful smirk:

"My, you flatter me~", she answered, reaching one hand to her chest despite not looking flustered at all, "I wonder what it would even look like... To all of these people watching.", shifting her legs gently but provocatively, Alisa then moved that hand to the towel, idly tracing random shapes as she arched her back ever so slightly, returning an alluring gaze to the seductive lolita. It made it quite clear Alisa enjoyed when others admired her body; understandably so with the amount of work she put in looking this good. She might end up teasing Yuni a bit too much, but fair's fair, right? Unlike her, the girl had been doing it all this time without a care in the world, "...Alas I've mostly abandoned such pursuits a long time ago.", she'd confess at last, a soft sigh leaving her plush lips, while her eyes still followed the girl's motions

Once more, though Alisa spoke the truth, she didn't really mention the whole truth. While she had given up the pursuits, she hadn't really abandoned the passion, but merely buried it under a cool layer of resolve. Beautiful people who caught her eye for whatever reason could in theory make their move and try melt through that layer. Not chasing put all the burden on her potential lovers and took if off her chest, giving her greater clarity to focus on other things. She only made exceptions for the truly shy and inexperienced, meaning, the complete opposite of the girl lying right next to her...

Not to mention her childish body presented a rather strong deterrent, even if one could hardly call it absolute on such a whimsical woman...

Strength is also Beauty

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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on Fri Oct 06, 2017 1:39 am


Yumi allowed a sweet sensual giggle to escape her lips as she raised her right index finger and pressed it to her lower lip, her tongue licked the tip in a seductive manner as her eyes looked deep into Alisa's, with a penetrating gaze. The demon collected her massive sword and laid it behind her opening up the space between Yumi and Alisa. The demon then slid closer to Alisa in a seductive manner, sliding her body over to Alisa until she was just a hairs breath away from the busty young woman. The demon would smile that same mischievous smile she always did, but even so, it was incredibly charming when seen up close matching her tiny frame perfectly.

The demon extended her right hand slowly towards Alisa, slowing making an advance on the physically appearing older woman, but in terms of age Yumi was the eldest. The old woman in a young woman's body reached out looking to touch Alisa's left cheek with her tender fingers. The touch would allow Alisa to pick up on the softness of Yumi's skin, not only was it cool to the touch but soft incredibly so like baby's skin. Not a single mark could be seen on her perfect snow white skin as she would take to gentle caressing Alisa's left cheek in a tender manner, like a lover would.

"It doesn't matter what it looks like to them. All that matters is us. They can be ignored. And while you may have abandoned the pursuit, perhaps I can relight the fire within." The demon licked her lips as she leaned in close allowing Alisa to pick up the sweet scent coming off the young lolita's body, it would be almost like a mix of sugar with cherry blossoms. The demon's fingers would stroke the woman's cheek and move down to her neck before up onto her left shoulder gentling and tenderly stroking the flesh. Yumi'slong purple-painted fingernails would brush across alabaster skin to send a wave of sensation through Alisa's body. The demon's eyes twinkled with mirth as she egged Alisa on to roll with it and take the bait.

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on Fri Oct 06, 2017 4:30 pm


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She naturally eyed the girl when she reached for her sword, wondering if the worst of her suspicions would prove true at that moment. They didn't, as the pale girl simply laid the oversized weapon elsewhere to make room for her tiny body. Alisa watched her approach with interest instead of wariness though: She didn't really feel sexually attracted to young girls, but the woman before her not only just looked like one, but also posessed an exquisite beauty worth admiring every bit of.

"Mmmm~", Alisa hummed delightedly at the ungodly softness brushing her skin, her smile widening for a brief instant. Little did she know that the artist's skin felt just as smooth and silken, irresistably so. Just what would happen when two girls with flawless skin touched each other? It defenitely wouldn't turn the sculptress into an exhibionist like her libidinous partner clearly wanted, "That still won't convince me to strip before a crowd, you know?"

While she clearly accepted revealing outfits, only her lovers got to see her naked, and everyone else would most likely perish in the attempt. That said, she didn't really object to admiring the softness of the girl's skin. Alisa doubted all of that was natural, and wondered what skin products she had to work with as she curiously took the girl's small hand in her own in a soft, experimental caress.

"You're quite soft...", praised the Pegasus as the girl reached closer, curling her lip before propping herself a bit higher on her elbow for a better look at the smaller girl. She inhaled deeply of the loli's scent, an act that made her full, sensuous bust heave visibly, straining against even the reasonably loose confines of her bikini. Alisa in turn smelled like sunscreen, salt, with noticeable traces of lavander, her favorite fragrance for perfumes and hair products alike. Her smile gained a hint of playful curiosity as she strated brushing her nails along the girl's arm, admiring her reaction at every turn. To her surprise, Yuni had the same idea at pretty much the same time, a ticklish caress that earned her a playful chuckle from her lips and a hint of red on her cheeks.

Indeed this practiced, seductive touch of hers helped drive home the point that the girl was indeed much more mature than she appeared, making it significantly easier for Alisa to tease her back, her body language gaining a subtle but sensual hint...

Strength is also Beauty

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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on Sat Oct 07, 2017 3:15 am


The young woman's body was soft under Yumi's touch so that it reminded Yumi of her own. it was not often Yumi stumbled across someone with such perfectly soft skin like that of her own. Yumi had always taken good care of her skin even before her transformation, even then it was smooth at an inhumanly high level, but not it was almost ungodly, the perk of becoming a youthful young demon. The young woman Alisa had hummed in delight from the brushing of her skin, softness on softness, showing she was enjoying the crowds. Alisa's words elicited a soft angelic laugh from Yumi's supple pink lips, "Oh I wouldn't dream too. Such splendor before my eyes why should I desire to share it with the world, only I shall be the one to lay these eyes on such a becoming form of such a young desirable beauty." The young demon's words were filled with mirth as she spoke eying the young woman with a lust filled gaze. Yumi desired the young woman and wasn't afraid to show it.

Yumi elicited a soft seductive moan at the young woman's touch that would fill the woman's ear's like a rhythmic lullaby. Yumi's body squirmed beneath the touch, drawing her in closer to Alisa, just a small gap distancing them. If any of them moved their bodies would be touching one another allowing the heavenly soft skin of both beauties to connect. The demon licked her lips again as she looked deep into Alisa's own red wine eyes, "If you weren't to object, we could always go back to my place to continue our little fun, away from these prying eyes" petitioned the demonic lolita as she leaned into Alisa's ear and whispered with a husky sweet seductive voice. The demon would breathe on Alisa's neck as she retreated allowing her hot breath to be felt.

Yumi was the bold type if she saw something she liked she would jump at it, this included lovers. When Yumi took a physical interest in someone she wouldn't hold back and would do what she could to seduce them and would plainly come out with it, not holding back. The lolita knew what she wanted and portrayed it with not only her actions but also her words.

#18Alisa Vollan 

on Sat Oct 07, 2017 10:42 am


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Like the vain, somewhat narcissistic artist she was, every praise from the sinful loli's words sounded like music to her ears, which she expressed by stroking a bit more firmly as her torso reached closer:

"Oh my... It appears your skin isn't the only thing smooth about you~", she chuckled then smirking teasing, fully aware of the seduction laced in her words and at ease with it, enough to trace aimless lines over her skin. She looked into the woman's eyes without flinching and saw nothing, heard nothing, but pure, unadultured lust, fanning those same flames with the sculptress' body.

The girl really was trying her damndest, doing everything in her power to unleash the desire Alisa reined in for the sake of elegance... She hadn't taken a lover in months, perhaps more, having saved herself for someone who vanished before actually claiming her.

Now here she was, with a deceptively youthful looking beauty propositioning her, getting so close she had no choice but squish her small, warm body against her large breasts: Despite its full, round firmness, Alisa's heavenly softness yielded to Yuni's advance far more pliably than the woman herself ever could, molding to the countours of her tiny form the closer reached. Yet, this tender, irresistable alabaster skin she took so much pride in acted as a double edged sword, sending shuddering tingles all over at the slightest shift from either of them, courtesy of a receptive sense of touch...

And that was before the girl started breathing huskily down her neck: Along with a deepening crimson in her cheeks, a hint of lust appeared in Alisa's eyes for the briefest of moments, yet those moments would slowly grow more frequent. Despite posessing enough obscenity to make even a whore embarassed, Yuni was as gorgeous as Alisa was shallow:

"I have a better idea... And we wouldn't even have to leave this spot.", though she naturally had a deeper voice than most girls, times like this truly made that melodic throatiness shine, returning a breathy, tempting whisper into the other girl's ear. Another of those moments overtook the crystal user right then, making her state her point with a bewitching nibble of her earlobe, "...If you weren't to object~"

An alluring giggle left Alisa's lips as Yuni pulled her head away, her fingers trailing up and down the girl's skin as she looked on curiously at her. Even if the girl was only half as paranoid as the Pegasus herself, she'd probably not allow it. That said, Alisa's wariness didn't extend to her magic, which is why she now considered revealing it.

...But even though Alisa had a myriad of suspicions - some better than others - she had no intention of acting on them. True, the worst of them were also the easiest to prove, while the best of them could only be proved by the absence of the worst ones. Right here, she was an artist through and through, a lover of all things gorgeous.

Strength is also Beauty

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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on Sat Oct 07, 2017 8:22 pm


The demon covered her lips with her left hand and gave a soft enticing laugh, "Thank years of experience for my smooth tongue." Commented the demon in regards to her being smooth as she allowed that sweet seductive smile to grow in size, almost threatening to split her face in half. It seemed as if the woman Alisa was finally starting to warm up to yumi's antics as was on the verge of going along, especially as their bodies connected to one another, skin pressing against skin. Being so close, Yumi felt the weight of Alisa's massive bust pressing against her chest, contorting and yielding around Yumi's tiny body.

The demon was intrigued as Alisa offered a better idea, stating they would not even need to leave this spot if Yumi didn't object to the idea. Now the demon's curiosity peeked and it reflected in her crimson hues as they eyed the young woman attempting to discern her words. From the blue pegasus mark on her tender waist the woman was most likely a mage, perhaps her magic had a way of creating a private space for the two in the area they were currently in. IT would certainly be an improvement, and allow Yumi to continue without having to move. By the time they packed up and moved to Yumi's apartment the flame of lust may have dulled down to a trickle.

A shiver ran down the demon's spine from the nibbling of her earlobe as an alluring giggle left Alisa's lips, her fingers trailing down Yumi's snow-white ivory skin. Yumi almost looked like a life-sized porcelain doll with her big doe innocent eyes, ivory skin and petite frame. "Whom am I to reject? Please go on. " beckoned the demon as her right hand cascaded down from Alisa's slender arm to her waist, allowing her nails to trickle down, but Yumi did not stop them. Yumi's touch continued on down to Alisa's right thigh gently making circles in the flesh with the tip of her nail. Yumi had accepted Alisa's offer to do whatever she needed in order to create a more private area for the two, to continue their little fun.

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on Sun Oct 08, 2017 7:11 am


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Yuni too looked unsurprisingly responsive to praise. Say what you will about her methods, but some part of her charm did rouse Alisa's warmth in oh so many ways: Another woman's heat against her sun kissed, sunblock coated skin brought faint droplets of sweat to her face, more prevalent as time went on. This close and personal, she'd feel how underneath the soft padding of Alisa's voluptuous curves, laid a layer of compact, undoubtedly powerful muscule, all but invisible to the naked eye unless she was working out.

Which she did on a regular basis mind you, constantly honing her body towards a perfection she could never reach, but defenitely come very close to...

It thus came as no surprise to the vain Pegasus that the lascivous lolita couldn't really resist her offer either, gazing curiously into her eyes. A slight, but thoroughly erotic gasp left her lips when the girl tickled her thigh, that leg trembling as it slid and hooked around her soon to be lover, enthralled by every inch of sinful skin contact:

"Well said.", Alisa smirked and bit her lip, opening one palm and conjuring a single spell.


Name: Splitter
Rank: B
Mana Cost: 100
Requirements: Crystal Magic
Type: Defensive
Element: N/A (Crystal)
Range: 15 Meters
Cooldown: 3 Posts
Duration: Sustained
Effect: By opening her palm, Alisa erects a wedge shaped crystal wall up to 4m wide, anywhere within 15m. The smooth crystalline surface works as a one way mirror: The shaded inside of the wedge is transparent, while the outer side is reflective. It can block up to A-rank damage, and if it survives its initial activation, it can be sustained and moved around via gestures.

Reddish purple crystal formations would rise up from the ground, arranged in a wedge shape around Yuni's towel, with the girl's Parasol forming a tight lid with no room for peeping toms. But the real kicker was how light interacted with this crystal. Thanks to the shaded inside of the wedge and the brightly lit outside, it behaved like a one way mirror: Completely obscuring the sight of the two women to everyone outside, while leaving the two illuminated by a dim, crystallized sunlight, "You can see them... But they can't see us~", her eyes narrowed into a sultry, half lidded look, sensually rolling her larger body atop the smaller girl, finally liberating her right hand.

She was a hopeless romantic, and usually pictured her ideal lover making their way to her heart before winning over her body... That said, she was also an adult woman with needs of her own, even if she prefered not indulging more often than not. At that moment when the lights switched off to everyone else, something else switched on within her: A whimsical seductress who smiled salaciously at the prospect of unbridling her passion on the deceptively mature woman so readily offered; heart rate picking up as she savored the treshold, fingers teasing, kneading the girl's form with antecipation, feeling every inch on a slow, tortuous journey back up to her cheek.

As her left hand caressed the girl's doll like face, the idle right hand would seek her partner's, fingers interlocking as she giggled, "Fufufu~ Now, come to nee-san...", before plunging into a hot, passionate kiss without any ounce of restraint...



Strength is also Beauty

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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on Sun Oct 08, 2017 4:08 pm


The demon watched on intrigued by the spell Alisa would cast. With a few choice words the woman would open a palm up and the all around them the spell would be cast covering over four meters in area. Crystal the colour of purple and red began to rise up from the ground in a wedge-like shape around the demon's towel. The crystal walls would rise up forming tall walls to block out peeping toms before enclosing around the parasol creating an instant private getaway for the two young women who would soon give way t their carnal desires. Heat was stirring inside of Yumi, how long had it been since she had actually been with someone. IT would be over twenty years since the demonic woman had actually laid in bed with another partner. Now it was time to settle the urges that had been growing within her tiny body.

Yumi was fascinated by the crystal construction, at least now she knew the woman's magic a crystal type of magic from the look of things, but Yumi wouldn't make many assumptions. The fact that it acted like a one-way mirror allowing her to see out but none to see in excited her, getting the demon hot under the collar. Yumi would lay on her back as the physically older woman would roll on top of her straddling her waist. Yumi licked her lips as her hands would slide up the young woman's thighs rising up to her slender hips where they would come to rest. Yumi squirmed beneath Alisa as her body heated up from the growing flames of passion that were threatening to escape from her body.

Yumi soon felt her right-hand interlock with her partners as a left hand caressed her doll-like features. The demon fluttered eyelashes in an innocent manner faking that she as if she had no idea what the woman was doing as she lay atop of her and begin leaning in for a kiss. Yumi lunged forward to plant her lips in a strong, passionate and inflamed kiss against the busty woman to catch her off guard. That would the start as Yami would throw herself into the sinful body of her partner both sharing each other's passion.


Yumi lye on the beach towel of hers, hair dishevelled, sprawled on her back. A second towel from her bag used to cover her naked form as her black bikini lay beside her having been tossed away in the throws of passion. Yumi's brief was pleasantly exhausted as she propped herself up. A pleased expression on the demon's face as she looked outside. The beach had long since become deserted and night had fallen. While yumi possessed a tiny frame, she had an incredible amount of stamina and would not have given her partner anytime to rest, attempting to wear her down completely. In the long time, they spent together in the throws of passion, the demon would have used every trick she could remember both old and new ones. Alisa may have started as the dominant one, but Yumi would have aimed to finish by teasing the older woman and making her submit beneath her showing the demon had a dominant personality.

While Yumi was covered with a towel she would have been generous as the towel was large enough to allow Alisa to fit beneath as long as the two cuddled up lying together on the beach. Yumi would turn to look at her partner, her crimson hues twinkling. Yumi wouldn't say a word but simply reaching out with a free hand to caress her lover for the days cheek in a tender manner. Yumi was usually one to kill her partners once she was through with them, but she was far from through with Alisa, the demon would see how long she could keep the act up and hide her status.

During their passion the woman may see the Grimoire Heart mark on yumi's body, or even the mark on her back but both were not common knowledge. Unless Alisa was directly aware with knowledge of them she may just think Yumi had some hardcore tattos.

#22Alisa Vollan 

on Mon Oct 09, 2017 2:43 pm


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...It came somewhat as a surprise...

Alisa already knew the girl to be mischievous, she could pick up on that after merely talking to her for a couple of minutes... She didn't expect a hardcore domme in disguise, with the stamina of rabbit in heat. Both fortunately and unfortunately for her, Alisa was a switch in the purest sense, to whom nothing worked her up as well as the transition from one side to the other. To her, the best romantic affairs - and sexual ones by extension - required a healthy balance of both.

...And she was perfectly capable of seizing it, boasting enough endurance to put a marathon runner to shame; after all, Alisa spent most of her time immersed in intense training sessions. She'd keep up with Yuni the whole time, and always find a way to pounce her smaller lover whenever she expected a lesser woman might have been completely exhausted.

But while she may have her lover beat in physical fitness, the older woman had experience on her side, taking her to the stars and beyond, a rapturous roller coaster without an end in sight, ever riding towards a greater summit. Alisa was a fast and eager learner though, picking up more tricks than she ever had with any other lover, and promptly putting them to practice on the equally eager teacher. One domineering and the other indomitable, the two women fueled each other's insatiable desire without stop...

...Until the torrid sapphic marathon finally led them to a mutually satisfying tie, a fulfilling finale before they came down from that ecstatic high in each other's sweaty, silky and supple embrace. Her skin flush, her breath ragged, her body hot, Alisa sighed and wiped the excess sweat off her face for the first time in hours, wearing nothing but a relaxed glow on her face as she met her lover's gaze delightedly.

She'd need clothes once the lolita decided to reclaim her towel, Alisa threw her bikini somewhere and hardly remembered where, but she'd find it when she bothered to look.

For now, she simply hummed at Yuni's warm touch, smile widening as she leaned into her hand, cupped it with her own, then finally gave it an affectionate kiss, a show of appreciation for a day well and thoroughly spent. In the end she'd learned nothing hinting whether or not the girl was actually dangerous or not. Her body art apparently held no meaning to anyone but herself, and Alisa didn't ask about it, content to focus on the girl herself, her beauty under the moonlit sky:

"Lost track of time, did we~?", she'd comment with a playful chuckle, running one hand down Yuni's hair, twirling a tiny lock around her finger. They'd made mess of their surroundings, and each other, in the best possible way.

Hikeys, scratches, bite marks... And a fair dose of delightful aftershocks would remind them of the passion they shared for a good bit longer. Her legs felt numb after all the pleasure she recieved, and she'd given back enough that her lover wouldn't fare much better. Despite all that, both had proved strong enough that they could walk it off when their whims struck them...

Strength is also Beauty

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

credit to nat of adoxography.


on Fri Oct 13, 2017 1:36 am


Yumi smiled softly as the young woman leaned into her touch, cupping her hand with her own before adding an affectionate kiss as what Yumi assumed to be a show of appreciation for their time spent together. The little demon kept her hand to Alisa's cheek stroking it with the tenderness of a lover, allowing the demon to enjoy the soft texture of the crystal mage's skin. Both of them lay their naked as the day they were born simple basking in the glow of the other from the after results of their little wild rumble in the hay. Yumi didn't need to examine her tiny body to know her collarbone was covered in hikey's or bite marks, same for the rest of her body. She didn't even feel the pain from the scratches in her back where Alisa had dug her nails in. Yumi didn't even pay mind to the numb feeling in her legs from the pleasure she had felt from her play time with the blue pegasus mage.

Yumi had been skilled, with experience under her belt but her lover, for the day at least, had a stamina and endurance to rival with Yumi allowing her to last just as long. It had been so long since Yumi had laid with another who possessed a ferocious appetite like she. It was not unknown to the demon that she had a fierce libido that often could drive her crazy when she had gone long enough without, but today she had been thoroughly satisfied, for now at least. The moment Yumi started killing again her libido would gradually increase, the more lives she took the larger it became, creating an almost insatiable lust for the Lolita.

"The losing track of time was well worth it, don't you think" responded the lolita as she sat up, the woman running a hand through Yumi's beautifully long locks of raven hair playing with it. As she sat up the towel would fall exposing her upper torso, but the lolita didn't appear shamed at all of her naked body as she was comfortable in her own skin. "I do hope we will be able to do this again. I would hate for it to be a one-time thing. I may not be interested in a full-time relationship but does not mean we can't be friends, especially with a little benefit for one another. After all, we are both grown women who have an urge every now and then. And I must say this has been quite satisfying, rarely have I ever had a lover who could stand up to me. It has been most enjoyable." Said the demon as she grabbed her back and pulled out a hairbrush.

The demon ran the brush through her combing her long black locks back into place, allowing to fall down her back, and over her shoulders framing her beautiful petite body. The lolita looked around and found her discarded bikini, gathering up she folded the material and placed them into her back, before pulling removing the towel from her body exposing everything. Searching through her back the demon retrieved a black lace bra with matching panties. The demon began to dress herself fixing her exposed upper half first before slipping on the risky panties. Once she had her underwears on she pulled out a black and red gothic lolita dress with an incredibly low skirt. Yumi the dress over her head, before pulling her hair out from the back and letting it fall. The demon raised a numb leg as she slid a garter belt up over it and up to her thigh, doing the same to her other leg. Next followed a pair of matching black stockings she reached over her knees, where she clipped the garter belt to the top of the stockings.

With the majority of her attire on, Yumi began to stand up on shaky legs as she fixed a red and black headpiece atop her dainty head. The piece looked ear shape with a big red bow. The demon bent over, her back facing Arisa showing just how short the skirt of her dress was, to pick up her sword. Yumi hefted the massive weapon up with her right hand and placed it on her back fixing it in place with a black leather strap. Once the sword was in place, Yumi turned her jewel-like hues onto her 'lover', "I don't plan to stay in Hargeon much longer, but I won't say goodbye as I do plan to return. Hopefully, when I do we will run into each other again. If you're not against it, from the guild mark on your body, I can stop by the guild when I do return." petitioned Yumi with a gentle smile on her young features.

#24Alisa Vollan 

on Fri Oct 13, 2017 9:30 pm


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"Indeed it has...", Her eyes followed Yuni as she sat back up, indeed after everything they'd done, seeing each other at their most intimate, neither of them would feel ashamed of something as simple as nudity. It didn't stop her from admiring her handiwork on the girl's form, set at ease by the knowledge of having done nothing that wouldn't fade away with time. As much as she enjoyed leaving passionate marks on a lover's body, no artist worth her salt could bring herself to mar such smooth, porcelain beauty... The unforgettable memories they just made more than sufficed, "I have about as much interest in monogamy as you, but this is defenitely worth a repeat...", nodded the sculptress, caressing down the girl's back, along her spine, getting a last touch of that marvellously soft skin before Yuni covered it up. Her next comment earned her a playful, but understanding laughter, "Most would have passed out after the first hour and left you more frustrated than you started... Right?", guessed Alisa, illustrating how well she could relate to her troubles.

She too was not looking for a relationship, but unlike Yuni she found it hard to guarentee she'd be avaliable the next time they met. Though she didn't really seek monogamy, Alisa could turn rather single minded the moment budding feelings of love sprung forth. She may not seek it and even doubt it would happen, but she wasn't the type to dismiss something as impossible. She didn't even take the girl's future interest for granted, knowing she too may meet someone else and lose interest in her, understandably so.

Alisa too rose up from her position, the loose towel draped over her bust for a brief moment before slowly slipping down along its supple curve. She paid it no mind however, instead turning her head, her eyes scanning the mess that had been left in the wake of their indulgence, eventually happening upon two loose pieces of cloth. Oh, there it is...! Grabbing her bikini, she didn't even bother getting up to put it on, not with her legs feeling like jelly and all but begging her to sit down for a bit longer.

The halter top was tied at the front, so she simply slipped her arms through it before bringing both halves together over her breasts, fitting both deceptively strong cups over her softness and tying the knot. As expected of a woman of her sizes, getting that top to fit both stable and comfortably took longer than getting rid of it, and far longer than Yuni might have needed for either... Inside and outside, above and under, the doughy flesh all but sunk her fingers in as she run them along the luxurious cloth; as many handfuls as she needed before tugging the knot a bit tighter, wrapping the lower edge firmly around her underbust. Satisfied with the result, she arched her hips off the towel and fit the last two triangles around them, tightening the knots on either side as well.

She needed a lot less time on her hair too, simply tilting her head to one side and running her hands down its length, letting her natural straightness come into play and smoothing it out, before repeating the process on the other side.

All the while she couldn't help but admire the petite girl getting dressed, wearing a soft smile on her face. After such whole bodied relief, the thought of much less fun it was compared to taking them off didn't cross her mind for even a second, and once she'd slipped her bikini back on, Alisa finally willed her legs to move, standing back on two feet.

"You're welcome to try, but you're unlikely to find me there. On the other hand, you might very well run into me on your travels...", returning a cool smile, she'd lean into the smaller girl and plant a tender kiss to her lips -
devoid of the ravenous lust they'd shared before - savoring Yuni's plush lips one last time, until they saw each other again, "Keep your eyes peeled, and surely we'll meet again before long."

Yet her words sounded almost like a challenge as much as request, one she'd very much enjoy seeing Yuni fulfil. In the end, Alisa was a lone wanderer who never stayed in one place for too long, and found it genuinely impossible to tell the girl where she might find her. Snapping her fingers, she'd finally smash the wedge shaped barrier apart, releasing the two of them back out into the world, and allowing the sculptress to collect her towel, placing it into her bag and retrieving a blue summerdress she quickly slipped on.

With that, she grabbed her sword and strapped it to her hip, and bid her goodbye, "See you around~", and slowly walked away, though not before turning her head back and throwing her wink, before flipping her hair behind her.


Strength is also Beauty

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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on Sat Oct 14, 2017 7:22 pm

Yumi paid the kiss back and watched as Alisa changed into her attire covering her beautiful body before allowing the crystal barrier to drop. It had been a fun evening but sadly it had come to an end, who knows they may meet again in the feature if fate decided it. The demon said her goodbyes to the mature woman with a sinful body and watched her walk off, Yumi's eyes following the woman's hips as they swayed back and forth, as she engraved the image of the woman's supple behind in her mind. The feel of the woman's body under her and in her hands was an experience Yumi doubt she would not forget anytime soon.

The demon brushed her clothing off and walked across the sandy beach in nothing but her black stockings and made her way back into town. The demon followed the cobblestone streets as she glowed, a low hum escaping from her lips as she walked with a bounce in her steps ignoring the numbing pain in her legs.The demon was in a good mood, but the question is how long that mood would last. For now, her innate desires had been settled and were almost nonexistent but soon they would soon return.


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