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Cavern explorer [Mission | Marina]

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Cavern explorer [Mission | Marina] Empty on Fri Jul 28, 2017 6:43 am


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Finally, they'd do a proper mission! Marina was an adventurer at heart, and the only other person she was close to who she could go on these epic quests with was Finn. But now here they had, a task to put their adventurous spirits to the test. Alisa went without her morning work out this, but she did have a reinforce breakfast all the same: A glass of orange juice, and a bowl of cereal. She packed a few apples for a mid morning snack, though she was quite certain they wouldn't be as tasty as her friend's. However, this would be a big mission so they'd have to conserve their stamina as much as humanly possible; hell they didn't even know exactly what they'd find.

And as it appeared, not knowing what to find was exactly the reason her employer decided to put up this job request...

This time, Alisa stayed away from the flashy and stylish. She needed something practical, something she wouldn't mind it getting torn up at the first couple of tumbles... Something like a tank top and a pair of khaki pants. She also strapped on a pouch where she could carry not only supplies, but her Litwick partner, and finally stepped out of the inn.

Another scorching summer day.

Even with such light clothing Alisa started fanning herself with the first few steps outside, until a comforting,  efreshing breeze graced her cheeks and sent her hair waving about behind her. She took the cue to grab and tie it behind her in a ponytail, while walking through the narrower, more shaded streets and thus avoiding the worst of both the heat and crowds. Fortunately, she didn't run into much of the latter, no doubt most people would be lazing about indoors.

...Or maybe at a nearby swimming pool.

But then she arrived at the forest, and from there reached the base of the mountain where the job request said to meet up. There she met a group of miners, and one of them - clearly the leader - approached her immediately:

"Mornin'", greeted the man with a cheerful grin, "You look like you're ready for an adventure already. Guess I don't need to ask why you're here. Just you though?"

Alisa flashed a soft but elegant smile, "Good morning, and no, it's not just me. There's another girl who will be here soon."

The man rubbed behind his head nonchalantly, casting a cursory glance where Alisa imagined the crux of this little job might be. The entrance to the cave:

"Well, If you can get past those Rune Knights, feel free to have a crack at it.", he answered, shrugging and pointing behind him.

Indeed even this far away Alisa could spot a couple of Knights, and could only hope there wouldn't be many more. Whether they were skilled and caught her or they proved too incompetent to do so... Considering how they're the law enforcement of Fiore, both those options sounded more appaling than appealing.

Spelunking with friends

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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Marina Wulfstan
Another  day in Magnolia means it was another day to do a request. Unlike the request that the desert dweller has done before this one seem a bit more risk and that was a good chance of something going horribly wrong if she messed up, but just like every quest she done so far. The desert dweller wouldn't be alone for this. Once again she would working along side her good friend, Alisa.A strong blue Pegasus mage!. If they did encounter trouble than between the two of them hopefully they could deal with ease. Ugh. Hopefully this quest wouldn't be too much trouble.

Just like most mornings, Marina would be lounging around in her room inside the inn she was staying. The inn  did cost quite a pretty penny to live in, but with the income she was getting from doing quest it was doable,but maybe she should start looking for a place that didn't cost money to stay in or try to find a place of her own.  Marina would put those thoughts in the back of her mind as she roll around on her comfortable bed. Ah,  It was nice not having to share a sleeping space with her older brothers. Sure she did miss them, but it great having space to yourself.

Sadly, Marina could stay in her room. all day. After all while she wasn't thrilled to be doing this mission, she had to put food on the table and she didn't want to keep her friend waiting for too long. Unless some dude try to flirt with her or something. The thought irk Marina as she stare at wall and sigh as she finally roll out of her bed. The sheets covering up her body.

Marina took a glance outside of her window. Another hot day for this town, but coming from the desert this heat was nothing to her. After that she would head into the bathroom to take a shower and to get dress. The quest was suppose to take place in a forest? So a simple outfit would do.  A white shirt,  tan cargo pants and some boots should do the trick.
Hopefully the bugs would mess with her since she lack any bug spary. Once she ready to go. Marina would grab a  pear to snack on and leave the inn. Greetings some of the people that pass her on the streets.

It took a bit of time before Marina would show up at the proper location she actually had to ask for directions. A group of miners and Alisa. Yes this was the correct spot. Marina would rub the back of her head as she examine her surroundings. "Sorry if I kept everyone waiting. I'm still getting use to this town. Such a big place with still many places to explore." Anyhow after explaining on why she wasn't here sooner she would grin at her friend.
"It's great to see you once again. Didn't think you were the outdoors type of person."  

The miner would once again speak with the pair of mages."Don't forget. We just need you to confirm or if the rumors are true or not. Inside the Cavern there supposed to be a metal that has appearance of a sold blue rock with a natural glow. You don't have to bring any of it back. Just report back here if it exist or not. Marina would nod her head to signal that she understood him.


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Marina showed up eventually, and just like the classy artist she'd gone with a similar, outdoorsy choice of wardrobe, perfect for a possibly long adventure like this one. She looked pretty, of course, she always did. Truly Alisa had no doubt she could pull off just about anything.

"Don't worry, don't worry~", reassured Alisa with a soft, comforting voice, waving her hand beside her. Though Marina's words came as a reminder of how the girl had never been in Fiore before, let alone Magnolia. Perhaps Alisa could give her a proper tour one of these days, and even if that didn't happen, at least they now had a couple of topics to chat about once they were exploring the cavern, "I guess there's still a lot you don't know about me.", she chuckled, throwing her friend a little wink, before giving her a greeting proper, "I'm glad to see you too, Marina."

Once the team was finally assembled, the miner spoke up and fully detailed what he needed their help for. Turned out it was far less than what Alisa had antecipated, but the uncertainty defenitely warranted a higher level mission. Nobody wants rookie mages lost in a death maze.

He did give them a little clue as to what exactly they ought to be looking for, but in the end, Alisa's mind came to a single conclusion: Come back only when you find something worthwhile.

"If the Rune Knights went to the trouble of keeping guard, on some level they must suspect they're sitting on something good.", Alisa crossed her arms and rubbed her cheek, thinking out loud. After all If they were just concerned for people's safety, why not cave in the entrance and be done with it? And the miner agreed, nodding at Alisa's conclusion. Every miner seemed to think alike, and soon so did the sculptress. With her curiosity itching for adventure and nothing else to talk about, she turned to Marina with a hint of excitement in her prepetually elegant smile, "Shall we get going? We should take cover and watch those guards. Once we see a chance, we head in."

With these words, Alisa stealthily approached and took her place behind some brushes. Immediately she located each of the three Rune knights, and as she crouched patiently, her eyes followed each of their movements. Memorizing, searching for patterns... They'd have a chance to move in eventually, and when that chance appeared they had to be ready. They also had to be as silent as humanly possible.

Fortunately, they wouldn't have to wait any longer than ten minutes: When one of the Knights was busy eating, the other two  also turned away, casually chatting as they looked off into the distance. The opening they were looking for was here! Yet speaking words would give it all away so with a simple flicking motion of her fingers, she signalled her intention to her friend, and dashed inside...

Spelunking with friends

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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Marina Wulfstan
It was true that there was quite lot about Alisa that Marina doesn't know about, but slowly and surely the desert dweller figure she would find out more about the blue Pegasus mage.  Her curiosity was growing. She didn't think her friend had any major secrets or anything, but she figure everyone has something they rather not mention even those who look like they could do no wrong. For now, Marina would have to wait to cure curious as the two them would begin their mission.  It was interesting that the mission involved the Rune Knight. Are Knights generally consider the good guys?

"Of course they got something good or at the very least they just keeping the place on lockdown until the fine something. Rumors do spread fairy quick especially rumors that could led to fame.  If Marina and Alisa were hired to investigate and verify the rumors then it was most likely that these rune knights were sent to find proof that rumors are ture. It reminder her of some of the gangs back home who control certain areas and you have to sneak past them. Onvr, Alisa began moving Marina would follow close behind her doing her best to not draw any attention to them.

Following suit, Marina would duck as they came across a trip of rune knights patrolling the area. Marina would listen to the knights mingle and talk among each trying to gather any useful information,  but she didn't hear anything that peak her interest. It mainly them talking about their hobbies. Thankfully it wasn't long until there was opening. Seeing the artist give a slient signal,  Marina would once again minic her friend and quickly dash into the caven as the rune knights were busy doing other things.

Once they were inside the caven and away from prying eyes. Marina would sigh as she noticed how little light there was. Why didn't they gave them a flashlight or something to make moving through this place easier. The desert dweller keep close to her friend as look for any signs of that glowing metal the miner was talking about. "I forgot how dark these places can be. Anyway. I guess since your artist. This metal or whatever we trying to find must got you excited? Glowing statue sounds pretty neat to me."  Marina could envision a glow figure of herself.

As they wander carefully through the cavern. It would look like the duo would hit their first roadblock soon. Up ahead it look like there a part of cavern came apart as a pile of rocks would block their path. It would take a quite bit of effort, but it look like the rocks could be move to the side.


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Alisa has no doubt most of the Rune Knights mean well, but in some of them all that power also leads to entitlement. Many dark mages follow that path out of spite over crooked Knights. In the end it gets hard to tell whether these Knights are here for a legitimate reason or just hoping to claim the spoils for themselves under the cover of 'legitimate authority'. Well, it's not like they'd figure that out without asking them, and that wasn't even the point of the mission in the first place. Once they were inside the cave, however, the worries had to change right away, from the knights outside to the darkness inside, keeping them from seeing much at all, and nothing at all beyond the first few meters. And the deeper they got, the less they saw!

"We have someone who can help with that.", a confident smile drew on ALisa's lips, but with how dark it was her friend might very well not even see it, "Lumen, it's your turn now.", she turned down and spoke to her handbag. But when she finally opened her handbad, Marina would finally see how she wasn't actually speaking to her pouch, but rather the tiny candle creature hidden within. It hopped onto the ground with an excited hum, one that quickly turned into a screech as it channeled its power and made the flame brighter and brighter, until it fully illuminated the path before them, "That's it~", praised Alisa, crouching and petting her partner before pressing forth.

Lumen's spell:

Name: The Ferryman's Little Light
Rank: D
Mana Cost: 25
Requirements: Litwick Magic
Type: Supplementary
Element: Light
Range: 5 Meters
Cooldown: 1 Posts
Duration: Sustain
Effect: Litwick flickers its light once by emitting a screeching sound after which the intensity of the light will light up the around him within a 5 meter radius.

Sometimes they had to squeeze through narrower passageways, but nothing halted their advance for more than a couple of seconds at a time.

"Well, I mostly work with crystals, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't like shiny things.", Alisa chuckled as they made their way forward, taking the moment to chat with her friend inbetween looking around the rocky walls, "Don't you?"

They'd have a fair bit of time to chat until they finally faced their first obstacle yet, the only path forward blocked by a pile of rocks. A cave in perhaps? A fresh reminder how some of this stone might not be stable and could collapse if they weren't careful. For the time being, they had to get them out of the way.

"These don't look too heavy...", observed Alisa, stepping over to the rocks, and grabbing one boulder with both hands. Truly, it wasn't too heavy. But it still weighted her down nonetheless, as the martial artists's toned musculature grew more visible with the sheer strain of carrying them aside. Yet other than a pair of sweaty rivulets trailing down her face, her expression betrayed none of that effort, and one by one all the boulders were successfully carried aside until they could move forward, "There...", she huffed, wiping the dust off her hands, "Shall we continue?", smiled the fighter, running one over her forehead and wiping away the sweat.

As they did, they'd soon come across a sunlit room, owing to a large hole going all the way through from the ceiling, and down the ground, as far as their eyes could see. Even Lumen remained frightenedly away from the whole while Alisa couldn't help peering down. But the worst part was getting across. Some of the path was quite narrow, but the sporty mage could keep her hands glued to the jagged wall - like a climber would - and had soon reached the other side, where she'd patiently wait for Marina to follow.

Spelunking with friends

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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Marina Wulfstan
The guildless mage wonder what Alisa meant by someone could help them with the lighting in this place. Marina was sure that it was just the two of them. Did her friend already trip and hurt her head with Marina being completely unaware of it. She was about to voice her concerns were for aught as. as some sort of living candle creature would. hop out of the pouch and start screehing which cause the lights in the cave to be blighter than before. Marina would smile at the cute creature. She never saw anything like that back home.It was adorable sigh seeing another person and their pet bond.

There were some narrow places in the cave. Thankfully. Marina was on shorter and skinner side of hints or there were a been a few times she could have gotten stuck."Oh. Of course. Shiny things tend to worth something and people are willing to trade just to get their hands on them. As they reach their first obstacle, Marina would try and help to move the pile of rocks, but she couldn't match the strength of her artistic friend which cause Marina to frown a bit. These rocks were quite heavy, but her friend made it look so easy that it was a bit scary. What type of work outs her friend do to get so strong. Since Marina wouldn't be of much assistance she would simply keep watch as her friend would clear the path for them.

"Yeah. We should. Marina would stare a friend for a bit before she move to catch up with her. If it weren't for sweat you wouldn't have guess that the blu pegasus mage just move several blouders and she still had energy to spare. Impressive was the first thought that came into the desert dweller mind.

Ugh, first you had rocks blocking their way. Now they have move around on this tiny path to avoid falling in that massive hole. With another sigh,  Marina carefully move across the path hugging the wall as close as she can. Of course she avoided looking down or else she might frightened herself too much. Slowly and surly Marina would soon catch up to Alisa once again.

"Maybe you would like a sip of water? After all that heavy lifting? Take a break if you need it. Also I didn't know that you own such a cute critter." Marina would pull out a bottle of water from her pocket and offer to her Alisa. Shaking the bottle a bit for added temptation. Wether her friend choose to accept the drink or not. Marina would continue to move along farther up the path until began to branch off into three separate directions. One of these paths have to lead to what they were looking for, but path to choose. They matter as well start with path towards the left once they both were ready to go.



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"I guess that holds true everywhere.", said Alisa with a cheerful tone, not for a moment betraying how that same motivation had gotten her mother killed. Alas she didn't consider Marina a bad person even if she was pretty sure she might have had to do unsavory things to get this far. The desert is indeed a harsh envoiroment after all...

Marina didn't look too happy with having to step over that giant pitfall, though to her credit, she did fare better than the Pegasus in navigating all of these tight tunnels. The statuesque woman's tall and toned figure hardly helped her here, and she couldn't squeeze through without her fair share of cuts and scrapes on her arms... Marina, on the other hand, was a bit on the smaller side, who would have thought one of the keys to her cuteness would also make her a better adventurer? Of course, Alisa doubted anybody can ever get used to climbing over giant holes of doom without getting a bit of vertigo.

They both hung in there and were in the clear before long, thankfully... Though once they regrouped, Marina made her an offer she couldn't refuse, pulling out a bottle of water and dangling it right in front of Alisa's thirsty eyes.

"How tempting~ Don't mind if I do.", answered the sculptress, graciously accepting the offer with with an appreciating rub of her friend's shoulder. That said, she herself had little idea of just how thirsty she was until the first drop touched her tongue. She wound up chugging down a good few gulps, and needed a fair bit of self control to leave something for the rest of the journey, "Thank you... I needed that.", she thanked the brunette with a sigh, returning the bottle and wiping her lips before chuckling, "Lumen's a shy one. I haven't even figured out if he's a he or a she. It's not like she makes it easy for me."

With that little relaxing moment, the two girls now felt refreshed and ready for what laid ahead: Three separate paths. Alisa took a moment to reach into her pouch and produced two apples, having packed a mid morning snack in advance, and immediately offered the nature mage one of them with a smile on her face, "Fancy an apple? They might not be as tasty as yours, but at least you can conserve your stamina."

Meanwhile Lumen lead the way through one with a determined but curious look in his big yellow eyes. The girls followed him but alas, they found... Nothing?

"Dead end huh?", she said, in between swallowing a bit of her apple and biting another chunk, "Well, we have two more paths to check out."

And with another smile at her partner, Alisa turned on her heel and made her way back to that huge room with the huge hole, before stepping forth into the second tunnel. Just what would they find there? Hopefully not another dead end, that would just be... Disappointing...

Spelunking with friends

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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Cavern explorer [Mission | Marina] Empty on Mon Jul 31, 2017 9:19 pm

Marina Wulfstan
The fact that the creature was shy only made it cute in Marina eyes. The desert dweller thought about any tips she could offer her friend. After all she was a beast master, but since she never handle anything that was close to Lumen. It was like a living floating candle, but anyways she couldn't offer much in the form of advice. In fact. Marina was even more curious about the creature. Maybe after the quest was done she could spend time with it."Well. At least she or he likes you. Honestly I'm a bit envious.

With a smile, Marina would gladly accept the apple and munch on it as Lumen led the way. Only to find a dead end. Great of course it wouldn't be this easy. The desert dweller would frown back at her friend. Oh the joys of having to back travel. "Thanks for the apple. If the other paths are like this. I'm going to need the stamina. After taking a bit from the apple. The guildless mage would remain slient as they made their way back towards the entrance of this place. The only sounds that could be heard coming from her was her chewing on the apple.

Since the left path led to nowhere. Maybe the path in the center would prove to be more promising or it could be another dead end. Whatever the case might they had to explore the path. As the group walk down the path. It would seem as the second path was slightly more difficult to navigate as the flooring seem to be uneven and there was a slight chill in air . Marina eyes would wander all over the place as she try to see if the metal they were looking was any where in sight, but sadly it wasn't.

"Is it me or does this path seem longer than the other one?"Maybe it was a good sign that they were on the right path! The simple thought cause Marina to walk faster, but as soon as the desert dweller got her hopes up. It would quickly turn into frustration as the path would lead to another dead end which cause Marina to throw her arms up and let out a frustrated sigh.  This can't be real? Marina try to look for a way around, but no it was truly a dead end.

"Well. It looks like we chose the wrong path again.  Time to turn around and choose that final path. Marina would just left the apple core drop into the ground as she turn around and started walking again. Surely the final path wouldn't lead to another dead end?


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Cavern explorer [Mission | Marina] Empty on Tue Aug 01, 2017 10:12 am


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"What's there to be jealous about?", Alisa crossed her arms with a confused but intrigued look in her eyes, "Surely you have your own partners to keep you company, no?"

In her mind, Marina must have worked with all manners of creatures in the past, some of them this Fiorian can't even dream about. They had their food to eat as they walked their way through the first dead end, Alisa nodding at the girl's comment. Fortunately, they didn't have to walk too far to find it, and she could only hope how that would still be the case if the next path turned out useless too. For now, they were able to proceed unimpeded for a good few meters, leaving Alisa wondering how much further the tunnel would stretch:

"It is... Let's see if something good awaits us at the end.", Alisa answered, hiking forth through the road not taken. She didn't know how many hopes Marina had, but after the last dead end the sculptress couldn't keep hers up for long. Curiosity drove her forward more than any glaring though of finding treasure. And it soon appeared her low expectations were confirmed, "Another dead end...", she sighed, but then nodded at the brunette, "Right there's still another path."

And with this, she once more turned around and walked the other way, with Lumen hopping over in front of them to light the way. Fortunately, this they didn't have to choose any of the tunnels: They only had one option.

"This is the last one.", Alisa pointed out, tossing the leftover core of her apple into the giant pit, "If we don't find anything, our work here is done."

The third tunnel was even shorter than the first, and the two girls would have to walk far less than either of the first two before running into another dead end. Only this time, they could actually get past it: Instead of solid bedrock, the way was blocked by collapsed boulders, "These rocks... We can move them. With a bit of luck, the path continues beyond them.", she stated, grabbing the first rock and pulling it aside.

Well, this was good exercise, but the crystal mage would defenitely need a long bath after the work was over. She was covered in dust, and the more she boulders she carried, the tears in her top from last time would get bigger as sweat stains got wider; until it was almost see through...

Spelunking with friends

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- Alisa Vollan

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Cavern explorer [Mission | Marina] Empty on Wed Aug 02, 2017 3:34 pm

Marina Wulfstan
With two of the paths leading to a dead end. Will the final path actually have something worth wild to tell the client or did rumors turn out to be nothing, but rumors. "Sure, but not as cute. I might be the tomboyish side, but I still like typical girly things like cute creatures." For a beast master she was lacking in the beast department, but she didn't felt the need to bring up. After that there slience between the two as they continue down the path until they reach a point where the path was block off by a pile of rocks.

Just like first pile of heavy rocks,.Marina would let her friend do all the heavy lifting since she wasn't as strong as the artistic mage. Also just like before Marina was impressed by the display of strength by her friend, but all this boulder moving did look like it was difficult. The desert dweller notice that her friend top had some tears in it and well. It was clear that Alisa was going to need a new top after this. Marina could have said she felt bad for not helping out, but she didn't. She was enjoying the view just fine or would have if she wasn't annoy by the constant dead ends from earlier.

Once the pile of boulders were out of the way and then path was clear, Marina would pat Alisa on the back and begin to speak."I know you said we could move them, but you look like you were having so much fun that I couldn't get involved." Compare the Pegasus mage, Marina was didn't look as nowhere near as messy."Anyway, let's get moving."

Once they were on the move again. Marina would look around the area to see if there were any sighs of this material that the rumors mentioned. At first Marina thought this was going to turn out to be a fruitiness search, but her assumption proved to be as something in the distance seem to gave off a blue glow. Could this be the material that they were looking for?

As the duo got closer to the source of the glowing. They would find the metal that the miner wanted embedded in the walls of the tunnel. Marina would touch the glowing metal and  laugh as she glance back at her friend. "Well after two dead ends we finally managed to find this darn metal. I'm actually shock that the rumors were true. I honestly thought this was going to be a waste of time." There wasn't much of the metal inside the tunnel, but the metal did existing. All they have to do was report their findings back to their client.


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Marina's statement earned her a soft, amused laughter, in a way she wasn't too surprised that such a beautiful girl had her feminine side, though Alisa was so used to her rough and tough side, she was completely caught off guard, "I guess even you can't resist a cute charm."

Lumen seemed to approve, by the way he/she stared at both girls with a tilted head (or whatever it head for a head) gazing at them both with its adorable yellow eyes. Yet soon both Lumen and Marina would be staring at Alisa as she once again did the heavy lifting, and afterwards wiped her hands once the work was done.

Only to be immediately greeted by her friend's witty comment. Though Alisa would respond in kind, smirking as she folded her arms under her bust.

Oh, she knew exactly what her friend was doing back there. It's not like she was born yesterday... Even though Marina couldn't carry the heavier boulders herself, she could have helped Alisa or carried some of the smaller ones. But clearly, she had something more important on her mind. The sculptress wouldn't hold it against her though:

"That's alright, though you'll be buying drinks next time we go out you little minx~", Alisa would chide and tease all in one, though she couldn't help but reach her hand in a soft touch of her friend's cheek then brush some of her lustrous hair, a gesture that betrayed a bit of her affection for this bold brunette, "Mmm, let's."

They pressed forth through the tunnel, Alisa too keeping her eyes sharp, locked on one side while Marina watched the other, with Lumen easily spotting whatever the two girls missed. With the glow from her candle creature, it took her a while to notice yet another glow, a literal light at the end of the tunnel. Any other time might and Alisa might have though she was on the road to heaven, especially with such a beautiful angel walking beside her. But this time, they were on a mission to find shiny objects, and find them they did:

"So beautiful...", Alisa praised absently, jaw dropped at the radiant mineral. Once more, only having someone even prettier next to her helped the mesmerized Pegasus peel away from the shiny metal, as she looked towards Marina with an almost giddy, overjoyed smile, "Though aren't you glad the rumors were true?", after which she'd wink at her, "We can probably get away with taking a little piece for ourselves~"

Call it a tax, call it whatever, but were it not for them, nobody would have even known it was there. And the chipped off pieces of the metal lying around all but begged to be taken, so Alisa would grab a little rock, as big as she could hide inside her pouch, then head back outside, or at least, head back towards the entrance of the tunnel. Retracing their steps came easily enough, but after that they still had to illude the Rune Knights once more...

Spelunking with friends

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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Cavern explorer [Mission | Marina] Empty on Fri Aug 04, 2017 3:43 pm

Marina Wulfstan
The metal was beautiful, but she didn't felt like getting any of it herself. She wouldn't know what to do with it.  Still it was cute to see Alisa reaction to the metal. Usually she seem more cool. Watching her friend take some of the metal. Marina just turn an blind eye and brush some dust off her clothes. "Yeah. I glad that the rumors were true. Then again I really couldn't complain. I'm getting paid a good amount of jewels and I got to see something impressive." Or rather someone. It was hard not to be too distracted by her elegant friend in her torn attire."Alright. I don't mind buying drink for such a fine friend." Marina wink at her friend as they way back to their client.

It didn't took long for them the entrance of the cave, but of course not too far from their position their was a group of Rune Knights on patrol. With saying a word to her friend, Marina would use a hand gesture to signal Alisa to find some cover to hide in. Marina would duck behind a large bush careful not to make noise that would draw any attention to them. There were a pair of Rune Knights having a conversation about how long they were on patrol duty. Marina shook her head as the Rune Knights countine to talk. It would take around several minutes before the pair of knight would finally moved from their position and check another area.

Finally with a chance to move without being spotted. The pair of mages would move from their positions and finally make their way back to their client who was patienly waiting for them. Once the duo was back the miner would approach them and ask them about their results.

Marina would smile at the client. "The rumors were true after all. Once you get past the massive hole in the cave. Take the path on the right and you should the metal,
but there isn't a whole not."
The miner nodded his head and begin to shout out orders to his men. Then he would paid Alisa and Marina for their hard work. He gaze linger at the taller of the two women. Alisa torn and sweat drenched shirt was drawing plenty if attention from men in the area, but a glare from Marina to look away. After that the two women who head out of the forest and go their separate ways for now.  For now Marina she would just head straight back to her in so she can take a nap and get her something to eat.

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