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Attention to Detail [Request][Alice/Kon]

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on Mon Jun 19, 2017 9:08 am

Konstantin Sokolov
It had been several days since he left the Rune Knights to join the Holy Knights, he still had is reservations on his decisions, particularly because he was to meet with Alice in Crocus in a few days. It would likely affect their relationship heavily however he hoped through a proper discussion with her he to see things from his point of view. It would be a challenge to say the least as the last time they had been in a church together she past out and had a series of flashbacks associated with the group. In the meantime however he was once again in need of funds and with his gear and companion still missing he would be limited to only using his magic which was still largely now unfamiliar with him.

The reason for his unfamiliarity stemmed from the close member of the holy knights who interacted with him, Midas informing him that he now possessed the redemption magic claiming it was on par with necromancy magic however a holy, light version. He had also hinted at him having other abilities alongside his current spells however he hadn't truly tested it completely but did in fact find that he had new summons at least 2, angelic constructs in fact. Reading up on them he learnt they had an entire lore regarding each of them as well as having names, it seemed they were made to embody the traits of famous crusaders of the holy knights, Cassiel and Adriel, their appearance were a polar opposite to his former summons. Within the lore it also hinted at another summon though he hadn't tried to summon it just yet due to just it's described size, it would be infeasible for him to cast it unless he was in the open, in the air or under great threat, it seemed to have represented their leader, Sepherial.

For now though he seeked to refrain from using his untested magic and rely on his own physical and intellect to complete tasks. He would be able to use both in a request that he had spotted in town submitted from Lady Merlin herself. He had met the mage just the once however there seemed to be an air around her at the time that radiated by power and royalty. As the woman was rumored to be an advisor to the king he wanted to see her point of view on a few topics as well assuming she had the time to answer them after he had completed the task. As Kon was now extremely vulnerable and he knew that Alice wouldn't mind jumping at the chance to complete a request, he would propose completing it as a part of their reunion. He hoped that the mission would be able to give enough distraction whilst giving them enough time to talk it out like adults without having to wait until they had finished the request.

Yes, it was sly of Kon to do something like this but it did kill two birds with one stone. It would be his brother and other members of the Rune Knights that would like have a greater issue with him joining the Holy Knights, perhaps some would see it as a power grab while others a wrapping of his judgement while it was true he had been pushed towards it he had the final choice himself. To be honest though his current appearance didn't exactly help either as it made him look like a devout Illumin follower, something he had never been known for.
For the time being having lost all of his possessed Kon was dressed in rather plain garb, a long white robe over a pair of brown pants and a crimson shirt underneath, a few adornments were worn including an Illumin medallion which hung from around is neck on a thin silver chain as well as a silver ring with a shard of ruby pressed into it as if by force revealing a cracked pattern. The only thing that was worn from his traditional attire was his ever present headband as it allowed him to refrain from cutting his hair whilst removing it from his light of sight.

Looking at himself in the reflection of a nearby pool of water on the corner of the street, he could hardly recognise himself not just because of the clothing he seemed to have bulked up somehow during the process almost as if the ritual had removed a leech that sucking away his energy and he was beginning to use all of it properly, his figure wasn't the only thing to change a slight glow was now ever presennt truly only noticeble in the sunlight or the darkness of the night. It was odd to say the least and definitely turned a few heads here and there.

Recognising that his partner would like be displeased with him being in full Illumin get up he decided to slid the medallion underneath his shirt and twist the plain ring around his finger to conceal the ruby engraved into it. He did so as he continued his walk towards their meet up location. The duo had agreed through letters to see each-other in the capital close to the castle itself and then take things as the come, where it was to go on a date or complete a request in this case. The location itself was completely sprawling with people going in and out only appropriate for the main hub of trade within the large town. Finding a spot he could search the crowd for Alice, he weaved in and out towards it with more and more room being created as he drew closer to his destination. Finally there he stood up above the crowd having moved himself onto the side of a crumbling statue that many had already cling to in order to get a better view of some entertainment behind him.

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on Tue Jun 20, 2017 12:09 pm

Adelaide Sokolov
It might look like she arrived shortly but everything was already rolling into place like she was here for so long. Letters. Things of communcation that made her aware of the days that she was away from it and that she was nervous about the idea of contact, seeing and so on. With quick contact they had decided to meet up in Crocus and even though sghe didn't feel like it was absolutely necessary: she sort of dressed up. Or more like considered to look good. That meant that she would shower for a long time because of the weeks in Sieghart Mountains. It felt like she was washing off the dirt and the nervous of her body and out of her system. It didn't work for a full hundred percent of course but it worked a little. Alice never was a person to think long and hard about her plan of actions but she was sure to repeat a few ways to apologize to him, at least she thought that was the reason he wanted to talk. Good that the page found her, for him that is.

Once she had dried her hair and fixed it in a high ponytail, she went to fight her light blue jeans and a mint coloured crop top that left her shoulders bare. Fine okay, this was going to be fine. She looked at the Clefairy that was sitting on her bed reading a picture book or well Alice guessed she was reading, "Are you ready Ophelia? We should go." she muttered but unfortunately loud enough for the Clefairy. She was annoying herself with dreading this too much.

Finally she decided that after she packed her bag and closed the door to her hotel room behind her, that she was again going to man up and stop finding excuses. She had one and that was the whole important one. Besides being nervous about telling why she sort of ran away and stayed in the mountains for Forever! She also was nervous to see him again, Konstantin that is, with a positive sight. She had missed him for they had been near each other for a long time and suddenly what three weeks not even? Not even in the same city or region. So yeah changes. Being all independent and.. there she went again. She shook her head and tried to ignore it again.

Her eyes scanned the people when she arrived on the plaza near the palace but for as far as she could see through the crowd, she didn't spot Konstantin. However that didn't refrain her to sit down somewhere and stop looking. She kept a close eye on Ophelia while walking through the crowd and tried to spot him but before she could it was Ophelia that tried to get her attention and pointed at the man holding on to a statue to overlook the view. She couldn't help but smile, why didn't she think of that?

She walked towards him, nerves hitting her stomach again but she ignored it, plastered the smile on her face and pretended to herself only to be crazy. Not always far from the truth. "Hello stranger." she said lovingly.

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on Wed Jun 21, 2017 1:39 am

Konstantin Sokolov
A broad smile grew upon Kon’s face as he heard a familiar voice from down below. Moving his attention formerly on a carriage that had crashed into a market stall he spotted Alice immediately out from the crowd of brunettes and the occasional blonde by her red hair that appeared as if on fire from the midday's sun. Having not seen her for many weeks now with them only briefly encountering when they were dealing with Cell, he swiftly left the statue causing his robe to left ever so slightly from the wind and rushed towards Alice. Upon reaching her he reached out with both arms wide open and hugged her with great affection. As hugged the redhead he spoke to her softly and with strong emotion. “I missed you.”

Breathing in deeply a wave of emotions flowed through his mind, many he had missed some that he didn’t enjoy. There were many things that he needed to tell her whilst also having a number of questions to ask her admittedly. Releasing his grasp slightly he looked at Alice before passionately embracing her and speaking to her directly. “So how have you been?, it seems like we haven’t seen each other in so long, I know that we saw each other during the Cell incident, I would have tried to speak with you after it, however, something came up that we can talk about a bit later.”

Pausing for a moment Kon trying to think of the best way to propose how he would explain himself, for the time being, though he could redirect the line of conversation he had created. “Now I was going to complete a request for Lady Merlin, I don’t know whether you’ve met her before but I’d like to take you with me if you’d like?” Assuming she approved he would take her to Lady Merlin where they would discuss the request that he had taken.

Lady Merlin was rather busy when they reached her, she was organising her study with an assortment of items just scattered throughout the room. Wanting to be polite and talk to her at a relatively converse distance he walked through and hopped over the various things that littered the ground. “Lady Merlin, I’ve come to complete the request that you had upon the request board, I understand that you need someone to oversee the delivery, if I’m not mistaken you’ve hired me before in case you’ve forgotten my name is Kon, Konstantin Sokolov, I’d like to offer my services along with Alice’s.”

Lowering a page that she had been reading she looked at the couple. “Hmm, I remember you, looks like you have bulked up a bit since I saw you last.” Placing the paper on the already messy table she rose from her chair and moved even closer to the blonde haired mage. “Yes, I think the two of you will be sufficient.” Narrowing her eyes in his direction looking him up and down. “Hmm, Right as you probably know from the request description, I want you to oversee the delivery of some extremely fragile and valuable items, Go to the gates where the caravan carrying the goods are waiting for you.”

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on Thu Jun 22, 2017 9:33 am

Adelaide Sokolov
Her brown eyes were as if they were glued on Konstantin. She needed to read his every expression the moment she opened her mouth to say hello. Would he immediately recognize her voice? Would he know it was her because they hadn't seen each other for so long.. there she went again, all drama in her head. It was nonsense, she needed to relax but maybe everything together Magnolia, Cell made her so freaked out about everything. How would she show off to be the same 'old' Alice as usual if she was so uptight about everything. Blaming herself for that as well. She should let it go, even if that wasn't as easy as it sounds.

A little of the sensetive nerves went away as soon as she saw the smile, he had recognized her voice. His eyes meeting hers soon and she couldn't help but let the worried crease in her brow stay and the sad eyes but her smile was a happy one, definitely not a lie. She was glad to see him. Before she could even think more dark bad thoughts of herself, Konstantin had rushed towards her and hugged her and she was very glad about that and eased into his arms, holding on to him and making sure it was a daydream about him not being mad at her or disappointed or anything. Apart from the need to hold on to him, she was glad that he spoke. And she blushed because of many other reasons and not even being embarrassed: "I missed you too." and she managed, don't ask her how, to kiss him on the cheek. Make sure that the affection she held for him, was shown too.

Eventually he asked the question how she had been and to her surprise, he hadn't seem to notice that she had been gone. Or well maybe he had but didn't mention it. She was very aware of her feelings of guilt and tried to pretend they weren't there. He had wanted to speak to her after the Cell games but did he just said he didn't have the time? "Oh well eh. I could have been better but it's glad to be back in Crocus. I stayed a while in Sieghart to ehm.. train myself." lie, li-e, lieeee! But who cared as long as the truth didn't come out. Sure she trained, piercing hares and bunnies on her spear to get food, no other reason. She definitely needed a new weapon or let this one be looked at but no one needed to know that yet either. To train myself not longer running away was a part of the truth. "Did you return immediately to here? I mean.. are you okay?" Okay was not the best choice of words that she wanted to pick but well words weren't always her favourite part of the world. The mentioning of Lady Merlin came and she didn't know the person nor the name at the moment, she felt a bit jealous for some unexplained reason but she mentioned something about gladly coming along. She would follow Kon along to this Lady Merlin.

When they arrived, it seemed like a busy woman, with everything spread in the room and she was careful in her step to not bump anything or step on to something and she held Ophelia in her hands to make sure the Clefairy didn't do anything either. She might clench the companion to hard to her liking but Ophelia didn't say anything. Lady Merlin was pretty but slowly by way of speech and the face Alice recognized her and gave a short bow with her head in case it was necessary for someone with such a high status. She didn't plan to say anything, Konstantin said enough.

With Lady Merlin making a note on bulking up, Alice her eyes quickly traveled back to Konstantin, how had she not noticed? What was the last time they saw each other hm? It was nonsense, she didn't even listen to Lady Merlin anymore and simply looked, trying to snap out of it but the way the woman walked and talked did bother her a lot. Pff that Lady knew she was pretty and was using it and here Alice felt like she was still a barbarian even though she showered and was wearing normal clothing.

Finally! The woman looked at her, with the same narrow eyes to look her up and down and Alice tried her best to keep her face neutral. In the end the Lady turned around and went to sit back at the chair where she sat before, "Apparently the company I asked for transport, isn't really looking at delicacy of handeling important and valued items not even if they are fragile. Make sure it arrives here completely." she mentioned before either of them could walk out to the gates as she first had said. She didn't even look at them anymore and Alice felt like she could breathe again.

Carefully she left the room with still Ophelia in her arms. As soon as they left the building completely she let go of her, "Where's Sparky?" she asked as she had not seen him before and she couldn't remember Konstantin without him to be frank. She didn't wait long for the answer as she probably didn't know what to say or ask at that moment. She wasn't sure what she should say to him but it was quite a walk to the gate and she didn't want it to be a quiet one. They arrived before the caravan did and she waited till the point where it came. She wanted to proof her point of being interested in the quest and took a step forward to address the person, for it was obvious who they were, "Greetings. My name is Alice and this is Konstantin. We're guiding you througout the city towards Lady Merlin." she said trying to show some authority. She didn't even like Crocus and it had been quite a while since she came here before. Before she could say even more the man already started to complain, great.

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on Thu Jun 22, 2017 11:28 am

Konstantin Sokolov
And so they mission had begun Alice and Kon met up with the caravan workers with his partner introducing Kon and herself to them before elaborating on how they would be guiding them to through the streets. As there was no need for hostility between the two parties, the three caravanner workers introduced themselves accordingly. “Hullo, I’m Bob.” “Nice to meetcha, my name is William, but you can call me Billy.” With the last one merely saying to the duo while playing with a small wooden horse. “Gub.” Kon smiled and nodded as the first two introduced themselves but concern struck him as the last member came into view, noticing Kon’s problem with the man, Bob spoke up about him as he tapped Gub’s shoulder. “Gub here is a simple man, don’t worry he’s a capable individual and very strong, we use him for lots of heavy lifting.” Causing Gub to respond with. “Gub.”

Shrugging his shoulder he spoke to Alice as he took her aside briefly. “Well this should be interesting, let’s continue but be careful on how things go.” Returning back to the workers however a noticeable level of annoyance was seen in Bob and Billy with them already discussing the difficulty that the delivery has brought them. Wanting to cast their issues away with a distraction and the announcement that they were ready to go. Kon spoke to them one more. “Right lads the day's light is burning let’s begin the last portion of this shipment, whilst the destination seems very straightforward there are numerous areas we will avoid that would otherwise be used normally.” Clearing his throat from a slight tickle that was growing, he continued. “Now this shipment must remain well preserved and this portion of the journey would be the most likely time for it to be damaged.”

The duo walked back into the heart of the town with the caravan workers in toe dealing with the caravan itself. This gave Kon time to elaborate further on his rapid departure from Sieghart to the Holy town of Crocus. “Alice, many things have happened to me in the last couple of days that some of which I don’t truly understand yet, I will tell you now though that I left Sieghart not by my own choice I was knocked unconscious and taken here, this was due to the Holy Knights, do you know what the holy knights are?” waiting but informing her regardless. “They’re an organisation that the church and they apparently had been watching over me to recruit me, this did mean however my magic was also known to them and because of this I am no longer Kon of the Rune Knights, Raiser of the Undead but instead Kon of the Holy Knights, Keeper of Souls, I hope you can forgive me for joining something which you have so strongly disliked.” Looking for the workers to make sure things were clear.

Removing his medallion from under his shirt and twisting his ring back the normal way. “These are but trinkets, a ruse, my heart still remains yours and my new found faith is but a lie though I am following the teachings, I hope that in time you could even see things from my point of view and consider joining them if you are asked.” Looking forward he noticed something about the main road before swearing under his breath. “We need to make a detour the main street is too congested to have a caravan go through it without something being stolen, we’ll take some outer roads within the town.”

Reluctant but understand of his trail of his line of thinking they agreed to the adjustment in directions and continued on with the journey. “As for Sparky unfortunately when I was taken the poor beast fled I don’t know where it is or whether it will come back to me, perhaps in time.” Removing a hip flask that was in his right pocket and taking a sip. “Ahh, I know we said no more alcohol but it’s only the odd swig here and there, Would you like some?"

If Alice took him up on the offer he would hand over the leather wrapped silver flask to the redhead before taking it back after she was done. Had she declined he with a nod and return it to his pocket. More issues arose with their attempted detour as he spotted several construction workers dressed in orange vests who were in the process of fixing several of the roads toiling the ground to remove the concrete, one of the workers claiming to be the manager of the site informed them of the poor state of the roads ahead. Because of this, it meant they could go no further this way. Which solely left the alleyways as a means to get the caravan through to Lady Merlin. “Well, I think the alleyways between the buildings might be our only option what do you think?”

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on Thu Jun 22, 2017 2:20 pm

Adelaide Sokolov
Alice was again quickly distracted as she was making sure Ophelia was with them and keeping her brown eyes on Konstantin and occasionally shifting to the three guys from the caravan. However she nodded every time one said their name. Because she hadn't given Gub much attention she hadn't noticed it at first before the explanation but she simply shrugged and looked if Ophelia could maybe sit on the caravan so she wouldn't have to look for her all the time but could focus on the job. She simply asked Billy before they left and it was fine, maybe even better. She could make sure the package wouldn't shake too much and was thus kept safe.

She was pulled aside and shortly after that Konstantin took the lead, which she didn't mind. She wasn't for the thinking, she was more a hard.. well she always had been more of a hard hitter. But she definitely needed to figure some things out because showing up in a fancy armour didn't work if you ran away. With one last look Ophelia they left towards the City Centre, on their way to Lady Merlin.
Her brown eyes were focusing on the street, still thinking too much for a girl that didn't like that. She liked action instead of thinking. Her attention was brought to Konstantin when he said her name and she looked up to his face. When he said he was knocked out and taken here to Crocus, she was holding her breath shortly and her hand clasped around his wrist but her shock wasn't done yet until he told her the Holy Knights. It took a second to settle in and she also had to walk on to not show something was troubeling her on this job. She let go and stared in front of her. Yes, she nodded, she knew what the Holy Knights were. Vaguely but she knew the name.

She wasn't sure if Konstantin was looking at her, she sure was hoping that he wasn't because a tear trickled down her left eye. She hadn't cried for anything, not the realization of what Lacie had done or what the church told her or what happened in Sieghart, the flashbacks. It hurt so much but she was trying to hold her own right now. It wasn't up to her to decide what he should do, besides apart from that it wasn't really the church's falt about what happened. Okay they could have been nicer and not called her a demon, but it all had been Lacie.

She didn't say anything and it didn't seem right now that he was expecting anything. Her eyes were kept on the street and apart from that one tear nothing happened. She didn't see anything though, she was too focused on what he told her.
She was surprised when he continued and her heart skipped a beat when he said his heart was hers and she didn't know what to say, it made her a bit uncomfortable, not in a bad way but also relating to the fact that the Holy Knights had sought him out. She considered what he said, he wanted her to join him and the rest of the Holy Knights? They would never accept her as she was a demon according to him, the devil itself, they would never invite her. Before she could answer again Kon swore and she had to blink rapidly to see what happened.

She followed the idea and again didn't say anything. Konstantin was right about the street, she wasn't thinking about the rest yet. She didn't want to hurt his feeling but she at least was adult enough to simply be happy for him to make decisions and well he said he only practiced the faith because of the job, so that was a lie. Without any further ado she reset her course to walk through another street, taking twice as long as the main road but it was indeed no option. Konstantin drifted the conversation to her question about Sparky. The idea that she could have bumped into him in Sieghart surprised her, "Are you going back to find him?" or was he not allowed to leave thanks to the Holy Knights? What did it mean? They were still working together now. She had to form thoughts and rather quickly before it became obvious that she was silent. She held up her hand to take the flask and take a sip before she handed it back, "What's life without a little alcohol from time to time." she shrugged. Answers Alice. Now.

She waited for the man to tell them about the streets in front and she cursed this time underneath her breath. She looked at the ground, rethinking what they could do as Kon suggested the alleys, "Is that even possible? All the twisting and turning." she looked over her shoulder at the three guys and they didn't seem very happy about it. Maybe the main street was smarter, she could protect, Kon could lead they were with two after all but she doubt that was enough, if she looked left someone right could steal something. "It's our only option so it doesn't matter what I think." She once more glanced at the guys, right now wasn't the time. "I think it's smart if one of us walks up front and the other at the back to make sure everything goes alright. However before we do part, I want to say that whatever choice you make I'll support you because I well.. I love you." With very, bright red cheeks she quickly adjusted her face and looked at the caravan, "Well eh I will eh guard the back." she quickly looked left and right before she moved that way if Konstantin had agreed, otherwise she would stay and help him guide the caravan through the alleys. Until she heard a voice and made sure everyone stopped, "I know that voice. Let's not meet that person please." Konstantin must know it was one of the Rune Knights, some lieutenant that could act rather difficult and she didn't feel up to that. Instead they would have to move more away from him and further into the alleys before they could go back. Three times she managed to sneak away in time from the Lieutenant.

"That's enough. We have been walking for hours and now we reached Crocus to only walk and stir more on impossible routes. This is ridiculous. This object can't be of that much value to make us go this way." Alice heard as she was dubbing on going into another alley or ahead for she wasn't sure. She turned her face towards Bob, he had started complaining but Billy wasn't close behind to say what he thought about the issue either. "Yeah he is right. We quit. We're done. I'm not going any further." She opened her mouth to say anything but was again lost for words, since she didn't want to swear at man that quite had a point, "Gub." well such an addition to the conversation. Billy lifted off Ophelia who was holding a glass orb and pushed her right in Alice her arms who quickly hold on to the companion as well as the orb as once. She set Ophelia at the ground and took the orb from her, clearly seeing the value as well as the fragile side of it. "But you are paid for this. This is your job." was all she managed. She stared at Konstantin, they couldn't just leave could they? Because that was what it seemed like and they would have to bring the orb just with the two of them. Would it fit in her backpack, it was probably more safe in there. "It's not even that far yet anymore." She pleaded but as the men were leaving, she hunched down to carefully put the orb in her backpack, that she softly slung the other way around over her shoulders. Holding the bag on her stomach, "It seems like it's now a part of our job." She muttered.

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on Fri Jun 23, 2017 1:35 am

Konstantin Sokolov
The question of whether he would look for his companion remained up for debate as he didn't really know whether he would even be able to find him ever again, Fiore was a large place and distance between him and where he had last seen him was vast. Unfortunate for the time being he would not have the time to do so. “Whilst I have been given far less restrictions and duties as a HK, My time remains limited and I can’t afford to spend it on looking for my companion, hopefully it will return to me in time but if it doesn’t I hope that he is somewhere with his own kind.” It appeared however that his last and final option the alleyways came under the hesitation and question by Alice, wanting to ease her mind as well as the men's he spoke out to the rest of the party. “Don’t worry about going through the alleyways I can lead you myself.” Reluctantly it seemed she agreed to his proposal although recommending that one of them go in front the other behind with her choosing be behind with her giving him a surprisingly, I love you. “I...Love you top” He said with slight hesitation from sudden show of affection.

Detouring off course the trek became increasingly more difficult with the path formerly giving them a wide berth on either side becoming narrower and narrower with some portions causing the caravan to scrap against the buildings which the alleyway sat between. Matters would made even worse and put the final nail of the coffin with the workers patience as Kon once more would ask for them to alter cause as Alice revealed that an individual of a particular character was nearby and taking a swift look at who it was he had to agree. The Rune knights still hadn’t come to accept fully that one of their prize members had left their ranks. “Yes we must alter our route once again.”

Audibly frustration were heard as they weaved in and out numerous times in the attempt to avoid the rune knight which they were avoiding. The situation between the men and alice swiftly went out of control as they were all behind him and the caravan. The men argued about the issues related to the delivery and instead decided to hand over the delivery to Alice directly telling them delivery it to her themselves. Kon too was annoyed now about how they were handing off their work as if it were nothing. “You realise you won’t be getting paid if you don’t delivery this shipment.” There was no resistance or complaint however.

As he was on the other side of the caravan he was unable to see what the delivery itself actually was only seeing that Alice had zipped it up in her backpack. “Well, this turned out to be a disaster…” As he watched Alice raise from her position and the caravan worker move away from them. “No matter let’s get this job done.” With the caravan now gone along with the workers the duo would be capable of completing the task far easier as they were capable of moving about anywhere they desired. So in half the time they reached Lady Merlin’s location without incident.

Disappointment was audibly as she spoke, surprised by the fact that the caravan workers had abandoned their duty. “Thank you for your diligence in continue the shipment instead of leaving the job yourself I would like to commend you for your efforts and pay you two both with my initial reward but also the payment I was going to give to the workers for getting this artefact to me.” Surprised by the generosity but not one to complain he thanked the woman as she provide him with two large bundles of bills still bound in their wrap as if taken from a bank. Once more thanking the woman, Kon spoke to Alice before making his leave from the building. “Let’s meet up again soon yeah?, tomorrow at the cafe on the corner in the middle of town.”


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on Fri Jun 23, 2017 1:54 am

Adelaide Sokolov
As she sipped up the little glass orb, she let Konstantin handle it but it didn't work for the rest. She wasn't sure what else they could do but walk to Lady Merlin and hand her the valuable object. She made sure Ophelia was walking in front of her as she joined Konstantin his side again. It was a quicker walk with the two of them only towards Lady Merlin. She wanted to say something again but words didn't come and even though she thought she was perfectly clear towards him and well thank god her feelings were answered.

They arrived with ease at the room of Lady Merlin and she carefully put her bag on the ground and hunched down to get the small glass orb out of it to hand it to the Lady. She seemed disappointed in the caravan but she was glad to see the orb was still complete. At first she hadn't liked the lady but there was no need officially to give them the money of the caravan it made her like the Lady a little more. She put the money in her bag and decided not to count. She thanked the Lady and lifted up Ophelia to get out of the building. Before she left completely Konstantin talked to her about meeting tomorrow and even though she had confessed her love, she felt like they were one step back as they were in Magnolia but she didn't say anything. She only agreed and said she looked forward to it. She watched him go before she left herself.

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