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The Oath of Life - Dealing with Bureaucrats

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The Oath of Life - Dealing with Bureaucrats Empty Wed Jun 05, 2024 7:02 am


The Oath of Life -

Dealing with Bureaucrats

Disgusted with their body having trekked from Fiore to Sin, the first command above all after going through the pleasantries with the delegates of Sin was to enjoy the hot springs of Hirota’s youth. An experience that Kon would also be able to feel with Hirota becoming more and more comfortable around the man who had been trapped in his mind for so many months. A partnership between the two was beginning to foster even if she still held utter control of his body, now they would communicate beyond when she slept. A task is done with the uttermost discretion as her words were spoken while his voice resonated within their mind of minds. Discretion that Hirota had been all too willing to toss away, something of an impossibility given the number of spies that had been assigned around them ever since they got to Sin. As for why they were there beyond sightseeing, was beyond Kon and Hirota remained steady fasting in not telling him, whether she even knew was beyond him. For now, though, she had begun to soak in the sinese culture under the guise of an enthusiastic tourist, replacing a majority of his Fiorian and Boscoi clothing with entirely Sinese silks.



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Amusing to the locals but gave a new life to the otherwise dead Hirota whose joy was spread upon Kon’s face wherever they went. Eating the familiar food, they remarked openly how things had changed both for the better and the worse, cultural shifts had been incredibly between the two eras with women possessing far more free will relative to Hirota’s period. Something that brought tears to his machine eyes when she spotted a young couple who were together out of love rather than being forced into an unwanted marriage as was the norm in their culture generations ago. Hoping to break away from the invisible leash that prevented them from moving around without Qin Yong, they ventured into the busier sections of the capital where they transformed into Hirota popping a purple smoke cloud at the same time as a festival sparkler hit a container of dye powder. Free from their eyes, Hirota squeezed and pushed through the thousands of people that pilled around before having their hand grabbed by a man who’s face whose wrinkles had wrinkles, unmistakably centuries old, they introduced themselves as Wen Wei laughing with intrigue. “Well, aren’t you an interesting thing?, not from around here are you?, at least not anymore, eh?, hahaha,” He said knowingly hand locked in place with them scanning Hirota’s true form.



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Sniffing out of curiosity, Wen Wei tugged at them once more before releasing his iron grip allowing them to escape but not before thrusting a series of trinkets and baubles in their face. “Take the amulet” He said, once, twice, three times, each time with more urgency and loud enough to garner the attention of those around the two. Still hoping to enjoy the short peace before they’d need to appear again as Kon, she took the box containing the only amulet in the collection with haste before swiping it away into a pocket dimension they had kept all sorts of things, throughout the ages similar to Kon’s own, perhaps one day that would be a shared dimension, who could say. “When the time comes don’t forget to use it.” the wiry old man muttered before disappearing into the crowd and becoming nothing more than a shadow. Before she could enjoy her skin in her homeland, the start of an unnamed festival began around them, revealing awful truths about things to come.



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Beginning with powerful brass instruments and drums, the summons of a powerful beast could be heard and echoed by many festival-goers' lips. Similar sparklers were lit while fireworks coloured the sky, even Hirota seemed confused about all of this decoration and its purpose. This confusion only deepened Kon’s concerns as the festival seemed to hold great hostility for outsiders while encouraging the rebirth or return of something otherworldly, never a good sign with his track record. Scanning the crowd, an increasing number of golden-helmed individuals grew from the corners shouting out Kon’s name. Hirota was playing with fire and feeling worry that was building up within Kon, she reverted into his machine body and moved into an obvious area for the royal guards to find them immediately. To simmer tensions b between the country and a representative of the Rune Knights and by extension the Magic Council, rather than apprehending him, Qin Yong approached them with open arms and led the supposed general away from the religious ceremony that he was never meant to see, leaving just as the name Qing Long was shouted out and scribbled atop a poster, much to the annoyance of Qin Yong and Kon’s benefit.



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“Who is Qing Long?” Kon muttered within his mind of mind, while Hirota was forced to remain quiet being surrounded by Sinese guards and Qin Yong. This silence held an answer to its own when they froze when asked, revealing they both knew and were scared of the truth. This hesitation was troubling, to say the least, as what could frighten Hirota? they had already proven themselves to be a powerful warrior slaughtering those bandits with the finesse of a professional butcher who had honed their skills over generations. Kon knew little about Sinese current standings or their history, but hazarding a guess with other cultures worshipping other beings with the same fervour, it could easily be something as fearsome as their country's god or one of them. He would have to challenge Hirota for further information once the tour had concluded with Qin Yong. The tour itself was carefully orchestrated revealing only the bear essentials that separated the two cultures, concluding with a lengthy play revealing portions of the truth about Qing Long, but nothing concrete.



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Concerned about losing track of Kon once more, the Sinese diplomat reminded him, that they would be keeping an eye on them and requested they only leave the embassy building when was scheduled by the diplomats. Hands tied behind their back, bowing in agreement, Hirota finished the night by returning to their assigned quarters, a small little room at the far quarter of the embassy, finally explaining the truth of what had occurred at least that which she could explain and was willing to divulge. Furious in the purities of sense, Hirota is finally at ease within their quarters and could sit and enter their shared mind of minds, the true black abyss within them, still encircling the bound Kon, whose relationship had simmered into a shared distrust while resentment had remained the prominent feeling towards Hirota. Despite this, knowing that this consensual pact was all, but permanent Hirota conceded and revealed what she knew.



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The festival had been for none other than to celebrate a God-like entity known as Qing Long to the Sinese, during her time they were thought to be nothing but a myth. Their powers were said to have been the means for the Sinese Emperor to sweep across the east and destroy their enemies. Nothing worried Kon worse than the idea of one being who was more powerful than him being afraid of another. What compounded this feeling was the tone and language of the fanatics, with Hirota going on to describe how they were excited for their second coming and rebirth of the great and powerful Qing Long. While he wasn’t able to see much within his Mind of Mind, Hirota went on to explain that they were going to be using someone to become the host, unmistakably whose name was shouted out frequently with Qing Long’s name, Miharu, last name being absent.



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