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Ittindi Vs Knuckles

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#1Knuckles Shi 

Ittindi Vs Knuckles Empty Sun Jun 02, 2024 5:55 pm

Knuckles Shi

Finally, at long last Knuckles would finally get to personally fight against his closest friend Ittindi, the man who had been on his side since they were kids. He had fought alongside Ittindi a few times in large global events but had yet to see how the Mage would face off against him in a one-on-one. Knuckles was overcome with joy and excited to see just what this Oni had given Ittindi to defend himself. He was also excited to face off against this gun Ittindi was always going on about and possibly even this spear.

Unlike his fights before tough Knuckle would be wearing his old armor to start things off as well as wearing a mask over his face instead of his Clown armor and Helm. This was to start off though, if Ittindi would show that he could break this armor then he would be worthy of facing Knuckles at his full power. Of course, without the blessings of his Clown armor, he knew his chances of winning would be slim to none.

The ground, covered with a mixture of sand and pebbles, provides a gritty texture underfoot and improves traction for the fighters.Twelve great stone pillars, each 20 meters high, are sprinkled all over the arena. They have been strategically placed for the combatants to take advantage of the obstructions and opportunities. They are far enough apart to allow smooth passage between them but near enough to afford cover or tactical advantage for the fighters.

The pillars themselves are ancient and weathered, adding even more history and gravity to the setting. Their surfaces are rough and worn, marked with the scars of countless previous battles. Some have ivy and moss crawling up their sides, suggesting that the arena is either outdoors or partially exposed, perhaps being located within the ruins of an old coliseum or temple. A high stone wall surrounds the combat area at the perimeter of the arena, about 5 meters tall, to keep fighters contained and the spectators safe. The wall is adorned with banners and insignias, indicative of the arena's importance and the prestige of the duels held within.

Above, the sky is open to let natural light shine through the battlefield. The changing light with time can affect visibility and tactics and is thus a crucial aspect of the fight. The air is filled with the sounds of the crowd, cheering and booing, echoing around the arena, creating an electrifying atmosphere. The combatants could feel the energy of the audience, which heightens their focus and determination.

Knuckles waited at his gate as the announcer introduced the pair. The crowd was already familiar with Knuckles from his fight with Yuurei, they expected big things from him. When the Gate opened Knuckles saw the field was different from the last time he had fought

WC 475

"There shall never be peace as long as there are Gods in a Man's world"

Ittindi Vs Knuckles Empty Mon Jun 03, 2024 2:37 pm

Ittindi couldn’t believe he was here in Seven, outside the grand coliseum that was world renowned. Even worse his Young M aster had challenged him to a fight inside, Ittindi knew it was for training. He still didn’t look forward to it, the fastest way for him to practice with his gun was combat, but combat without his magic. Ittindi still hadn’t taken the time to fully explain all the changes with the void’s gift, so he had yet to tell his Young Master his magic was out of commission. He was sure to get questions about only using his gun once the fight began. Walking through the arena, Ittindi was absorbed by the beautiful architecture. The pillars were grand, but the real showstopper was the height of the ceiling. Ittindi couldn’t imagine how one got up there to clean besides wings and that wasn’t something affordable to cleaning staff.

Ittindi was wearing his top hat and tuxedo, as it was his most durable armor, his gun would be holstered, but once he was walking out of the doors to the arena he’d have it in his right hand.  There was an attendant as Ittindi walked into the building, they either recognized him from his pictures or the Rune Knight tattoo on his tongue. Either way he was escorted to the entrance of the arena. He knew somewhere on the other side there would be his Young Master. Ittindi had a feeling that his Young Master saw this as a vacation, he preferred drinks on a Joyan beach or a lake outing in Pergrande.

After a couple minutes of small talk with the attendant, he would signal to Ittindi that it was time for the fight to start. As the huge double doors in front of him creaked open, the sound of a raucous crowd filled the chamber. Ittindi would start walking through the door the light blinding as he drew his gun taking his first step into Seven’s Arena. The stage they had set today was an aquatic themed one. There were large stone pads painted green to be lily pads each 5 meters in diameter and spaced 5 meters away from each other lily pad column, and above them there were cherry blossoms. Or at least they appeared to be, as one landed on Ittindi’s shoulder he could see that it was some kind of artificial colored snow shaped to look like blossoms. Ittindi would hop from his gate to the lily pad column closest to him. He could see things stirring in the water as well, his gun held steady he’d wait to see his Young Master appear in the arena. He’d be ready to shoot once the announcer gave them the go ahead.

Their gates had opened about the same time, so Ittindi expected to see him at any moment. Whenever Knuckles appeared, the announcer would give both their names then tell them to start.

WC: 489

#3Knuckles Shi 

Ittindi Vs Knuckles Empty Mon Jun 03, 2024 5:24 pm

Knuckles Shi

Knuckles looked at the changed environment and was astounded by what to do. Looking over the battlefield Knuckles was left feeling like he would have to use more magic from his hammers than he had ever done before. This would be a ranged fight unless he used the pillars and lily pads to cross over the water to reach Ittindi, though could one pad hold them both? Unsure, Knuckles just walked around a pillar and scanned to see what ittindi was doing, and shockingly he was gun drawn and on a Lilly pad. Knuckles chuckled from behind the pillar he was behind.

Well, it had given him an idea at least, thus Knuckles swung the hammers both into the pillar he was hiding behind and cracked it then gave it a nice push kick to send it careening into the waters. The Warrior would be exposed now, but hell, now he had a way to get somewhat across as the pillar slammed into the water splashing water up into the air as it went under and then back up to the surface.

"Hands up don't shoot!" Knuckles yelled lifting both arms up which also lifted his hammers to the sky. Of course, this was a hoax, and if Ittindi did not fire at him, Knuckles would feed mana into both hammers. The sky would darken as two bolts of lighting would be called down, one aimed at the Hat on Ittindi's head and the other at his suit. Knuckles was trying to test the durability of the things his friend called Armor, which was an insult to even the pitiful armor he currently had equipped.

The bolts would strike true as they always did, they had never hailed him unless of course ittindi had some kind of ace up his sleeve. Knuckles would take this opportunity to attempt to jump onto the pillar so he could start crossing the waterway that blocked him from hitting Ittindi with a melee blow.

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"There shall never be peace as long as there are Gods in a Man's world"

Ittindi Vs Knuckles Empty Mon Jun 03, 2024 8:25 pm

He’d see his best friend pop out from behind the gates, quickly ducking behind one of the lily pads with cover behind a pillar.  Before Ittindi had managed to get a good sight picture on him, but he didn’t have to worry about that because his Young Master was doing what he did best. Managing the environment to his own expectation, Ittindi wouldn’t let him do that for free, as soon as he became visible he’d fire off shots. The first would be his strongest, followed by his second strongest. They were around 20 meters of distance only a couple lily pads away. Getting off two shots while his Young Master told him to not shoot. Normally Ittindi would take it easier on a sparring partner, but in this case he knew that the Young Master was more then capable of taking him out whenever he felt like. Why he had decided they had to fight in an arena still perplexed him, did he think Ittindi camera shy they had fought a gods and more together so that seemed unlikely.

He didn’t have too much time to think because straight from the sky lightning came down zapping him before he had time to respond. Luckily his armor seemed to hold out against the damage, though the singed marks were something he hadn’t seen before. That meant that it was actually reaching its limit, all in one move from the Young Master. Ittindi would be ready for the next one, in the meantime the Young Master was closing in on him. Ittindi wanted to create as much distance as possible, he’d take a deep breath firing off one more shot before running to jump to the next lily pad. He’d be cursing himself wishing that he could use his magic, a speed debuff would pay dividends here.

Did a duel truly matter that much to him, or was it the idea of losing in front of people? Ittindi wondered if that what his Young Master was trying to prove that Ittindi cared to much about others opinion. He of course did, how else would one become the worlds greatest butler? Or was he thinking about that wrong too, sometimes the Young Master intentions confused him. Ittindi knew he could ask, but preferred to try and figure it out, so far it hadn’t failed them in their decade plus relationship.

As he hit the next lily pad he’d roll before getting back to his feet gun once again pointed at Knuckles unless he had disappeared in the small time between his jump and turn. Ittindi could feel his training turning on, the hours he had spent drilling with his gun and movement. It was fluid, but his heart his breathing it all felt different more on edge. Even knowing that they wouldn’t kill each other Ittindi couldn’t shake the sense of bloodlust in his friends action. Part of his dream meant conquering that fear and finding a way past it. Did the Young Master know that too is that why he was ok with them fighting this way? Or was it just his base desire to clash with power to understand one another?

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#5Knuckles Shi 

Ittindi Vs Knuckles Empty Thu Jun 06, 2024 5:44 pm

Knuckles Shi

Before his hands even made it up two rapid shots found him BAM BAM slamming into his chest armor.  The sheer impact of the two attacks made the golden armor crack. Knuckles was impressed but now he was going to make Ittindi pay for that.  As he made it across Ittindi did the smart thing and kept distance between them. Knuckles was halfway across the pound and oddly enough in the open as another shot met his armor. Grinning Knuckles was silently applauded his friend for using his head and not allowing fear to control his actions.  It was time to fight fire with fire or in this case bullets with hammers.  Knuckles fed mana into his hammer as he aimed right for Ittindi's chest.  Knuckles slung Mjolnir with all his might, as the homing hammer attack searched for its target.  As it did Knuckles moved leaping onto the closest Lilly pad so that he may find his way towards ittindi. While yes he could fly where was the fun and training in that?

It was not until he landed on the pad that he felt the bounce of it, it was not stiff as the pillar had been and it was a bit of an off-putting feeling feeling an unsecured footing under him. Knuckles fought to gather his balance and finally got it.  By the time he did Knuckles did not have time to do anything else but extend his hand out to recall the hammer to his hand. Once he caught it his balance was thrown off again. While the heaviness of his armor did not affect him it did seem to be affecting the Lilly pad. Ittindi's bird-like build was benefiting him, perhaps it was the suit's lightweight and his massless muscles. "I see that this terrain does not benefit me much at all, the Gods have shined upon you my friend, and have given me the chance to better myself in this unforeseen terrain.

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"There shall never be peace as long as there are Gods in a Man's world"

Ittindi Vs Knuckles Empty Fri Jun 07, 2024 2:56 pm

While Ittindi hadn’t expected his master’s lightning attacks that had touched him in more spots than any massage therapist. He did see the hammer throw coming; however, he had made a fatal flaw. He was so accustomed to his magic that his reaction was to start the spell for summoning his shield, stopping himself. Ittindi was met with the full impact of the hammer sending him flying into the water between the lily pads.  

Ittindi’s face was on fire, both from his eyes and the pressure differential on his nose and sinuses. The water had been unexpected, but with quick reassurance from himself and the fact that his gun was still in his right hand. Ittindi would start to swim to the surface finding himself 1 lily pad away.  His suit was wet and looked deflated, it seemed that the magic had been worn out. He’d have to go get it reenchanted at a later day, that meant that he was defenseless now. Ittindi wondered if his Young Master would be able to tell the difference. Ittindi’s physical training was paying off as he had little trouble lifting himself onto a lily pad, he’d start to run not even turning towards his Young Master.

Ittindi couldn’t be sure how long it would take his Young Master to react to him getting back on land, worse then that there were creatures in that lake. Many had been waiting more towards the middle of the large water environment. Ittindi’s fall had stirred them he was sure he wouldn’t be as lucky the second fall into it. How awkward would it be to explain one of his benefits to being an avatar of death in an arena. Better to keep his “revival” abilities as secretive as possible, he hadn’t even disclosed it to the Rune Knights.

The wind would rush through Ittindi’s hair as he cleared a Lily pad, he’d attempt to clear 3 lily pads focused on his running. Before he’d even attempt to turn to face his Young Master, it was the riskiest move of their whole fight. Ittindi hadn’t formulated a plan on how to get past his lack of magic, instead opting to see how bad it would turn out on the request of Naki. The live in the moment change had done wonders for his employment and social live, but Ittindi feared his battle strategy hadn’t compensated for the switch from planned to instinctual.

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#7Knuckles Shi 

Ittindi Vs Knuckles Empty Sun Jun 09, 2024 5:37 am

Knuckles Shi

Knuckles watched as Ittindi struggled to regain his footing after being launched into the water. He admired the resilience and quick thinking of his opponent, who was now desperately trying to recover and reposition himself. Knuckles couldn't help but feel a sense of pride mixed with the thrill of battle. His eyes followed Ittindi’s movements closely, noting the deflation of his magical suit and the determination in his eyes. Holding out his hand he recalled the hammer catching it with ease.  He spun it around once can caught the hilt once more.

"Impressive recovery, Ittindi," Knuckles called out, his voice carrying across the arena. "But you won't find any mercy from me just because your suit's enchantments have worn off. This is where we separate the warriors from the weak."

Knuckles began to move with purpose, his hammers crackling with residual energy from his previous lightning attacks. He knew he had the upper hand, but he also knew that underestimating Ittindi would be a mistake. The man's resourcefulness and adaptability had always been his strengths. Seeing Ittindi make a break for the lily pads, Knuckles decided to close the distance quickly. He pushed his muscles, summoning a surge of strength and speed. His feet pounded against the ground as he sprinted towards the edge of the water, eyes locked on his opponent. As Knuckles approached the water’s edge, he didn’t hesitate. With a powerful leap, he cleared the distance, landing on a lily pad with a splash. The pads wobbled under his weight, but he maintained his balance, his focus unbroken. He could see Ittindi’s plan to use the lily pads to his advantage and perhaps draw Knuckles into a more precarious position. "You think you can outrun me on these lily pads?" Knuckles shouted, a grin spreading across his face. "I’ve faced dragons and gods, Ittindi. This is nothing!"

He still had one pad to go to catch up to Ittindi, while yea he was faster than him stopping to catch up was the issue, and also the monsters in the water were playing around under him now. Large shadows would pop up from time to time, Knuckles was betting that if he would move forward to the next pad, he would snatched out of the air by one of these fish, or monsters. Whichever remained underneath.  His mind quickly was thinking of a way off this lily pad that did not result in him being eaten alive. Perhaps he should have saved his lighting to strike at the water.

Knuckles would have snapped his fingers if he had a free hand. " Well if it is a timed game you wish to play then let us see how well you fair in my Void Storm." Knuckles held Shattered Mjolnir above his head calling not only a story of thunder, but the area around Knuckles started to become Terraformed, showing the roots of its realm.

WC 486
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"There shall never be peace as long as there are Gods in a Man's world"

Ittindi Vs Knuckles Empty Sun Jun 09, 2024 7:36 pm

It seemed his Young Master knew immediately that his suit had lost its protection. As he screamed it to the heavens, while spinning his hammer intimidatingly. Ittindi wouldn’t be phased by such moves, he knew that his Young Master was incapable of killing him at the moment. Only because he didn’t know how many times Ittindi needed to die now to truly stay that way. Ittindi was drenched, and as his Young Master summoned another storm this one seeming to empower and drain him at the same time. He felt his gun, even his magic’s power potentiated, but at the same time a leeching of his very soul’s energy was moving towards the sky. He could see the mana leaving individuals in the stadium too, a disgusting spell to be attached to an artifact. He’d have to ask for this spell if it ever came to a last resort like moment, the power he felt was addictive to say the least.

Ittindi hoped to be able to see what else the storm could do, perhaps unleash the mana in some kind of lightning bolt? Either way he had a feeling his Young Master wouldn’t show all his cards in a spar either. Ittindi would fire two shots off at his Young Master as he landed hoping the balancing act would prove enough distraction to land the shots. He’d then turn around lunging across 2 lily pads in one movement. Narrowly avoiding a large sea creature’s attempt at biting, him out of midair. The crowd was roaring from the close call, Ittindi had seen the teacher’s teeth smelt the death a couple inches to his left as the snapping sound echoed in his head.

”Hmm, remind me to put water stages on restriction in the future Young Master. I do thing I will be wanting a fish fry after this is all said an done.”

Ittindi would shout out quicky to his Young Master, trying to make light of the situation. He'd have to be more careful about traversing through the lily pads, he wanted to move more, but he’d have to do so tactically. He’d have his gun trained on his Young Master, as soon as he jumped or moved across another lily pad Ittindi would do two things. The first would be to fire off a couple more shots, his hit and run tactic was all he had left against his Young Master. He could see now that trying to get close to him was a bigger death sentence than he initially thought.

The second would be to sprint in the opposite direction, with his new potential unlocked, it seemed that they were about equal speed now. Something that Ittindi would have thought impossible just a short few months ago, the effects of his training and traveling finally taking shape. He just needed more time, and that was the one thing his Young Master was denying him. Still in teaching mode even in the middle of the arena, he wondered if anyone else noticed. Ittindi knew his shots were only going to get worse as the match went on, the cold from the water mixed with the adrenaline of the match causing him to shake already.  With both of them moving Ittindi hoped to get lucky, the chances of one of the monsters staying in the water decreased with every jeer from the audience.

WC: 565/1,991

Combat Log:

#9Knuckles Shi 

Ittindi Vs Knuckles Empty Wed Jun 12, 2024 3:20 pm

Knuckles Shi

"You've been very good, Ittindi," Knuckles said, wincing as the bullets hit him around and through his broken armor. "But it's time you saw what my true power's like."

Knuckles bent his knees and jumped up, trying to bridge the gap. Something out of the water leaped up to devour him as he was in the air. When Knuckles kicked this thing, even in mid-air, with great force, it simply flew backward, proving the enormous force behind the blow. His mask was reflected bright white in a glint, a reminder of the power he could harness if he so chose, but ultimately freaking his hand back down to his side.

Instead of that, he turned the eyes to his Shattered Mjolnir and filled it with mana. Cracks of energy surrounded the hammer as it prepared itself for its augmented rage. Knuckles threw it very accurately. It simply locked on Ittindi, refusing to give up the pursuit. Knuckles' chest ached from the projectiles Ittindi fired into him, but he was undeterred since true victory lay in overcoming limitations.

"You think you can outrun your fate, Ittindi?" Knuckles bellowed, the sound reverberating through the field. "Confront me straight-up and prove to me what you're made of!?"

Fixated on where his hammer was flying at Ittindi, Knuckles saw his opponent firing shots and leaping across the lily pads for his life to dodge another sea creature.  The crowd screamed with thrills and, as the battle raged on, the electrifying nature seemed to whet new and maximum excitement in the arena.

Knuckles couldn't help but admire Ittindi's wits, and his resourcefulness. "You're clever, I'll give you that," he muttered. "But that won't be enough."

Knuckles shifted his position, gearing himself up for a change in the tide of the tussle as per Ittindi's next move. He wanted to make Ittindi realize that, at times, one has to be obstinate and bite the bullet. While the storm outside, rages with the sound of thunders and lightning, Knuckles geared himself up for the second round in the tussle and every muscle was stretched taut, ready before action.

"This is where you prove your worth, Ittindi!" he yelled.

Knuckles watched closely as his hammer drew closer and closer to its target, highly interested in watching how Ittindi would react to this attack. This battle was going to be a test not only of raw power but also of resolve and determination. Knuckles was more than ready to push himself and his foe to their utmost limits. For Knuckles, it was a euphoric feeling to see Ittindi with his fluid movements and wise decisions. The sight of his oldest friend with whom he has to fight in all kinds of battles and then share a moment of joyous laughter, fighting so elegantly and abundantly in that arena only showed how they have evolved to their equals and how close they had grown over the years.

Everything Ittindi did whether it was a precision shot from his gun or an athletics-inspired jump from one lily pad to the next Knuckles could feel filling him with a sense of growing admiration. He could see how, in the way Ittindi moved, there was finally a return for all these years of training and experience: for all the ferocity of their combat, the sense of brotherhood and respect that underlay it invested this battle with a depth it wouldn't otherwise have had.

As Ittindi avoided the sea monster, charging forward again, Knuckles let a smile spread beneath his mask as pride swelled within him. This was what he was longing to see from his friend-the resilience and the cleverness. At that moment, the area was not an arena alone but a place where their history and their personal development played themselves out magnificently in front of them.

He recalled their earlier years when they learned and trained at a young age and shared great ambitions. A lot had happened to them along the way, but as Knuckles watched Ittindi now, he was more aware of how far they had both come. The joy Knuckles felt for this battle, for the journey they'd undertaken together because Ittendi thrived in this pressured space created a strong remembrance of what they fought for and represented.

Knuckles' eyes were wide and intense as he watched his hammer, now charged with mana and wrapped in that same energy of the storm that he had called forth only to cast through the air, fly at its target. That thrum of power vibrated through his bones as the weapon flew towards its destination. He was thinking that Ittindi would counter, dodge, or even summon some last-minute shield by which to deflect the coming blow. Turned out, this was Ittendi after all his oldest friend, a quite competent warrior in his own right.

But then the hammer hit slamming into Ittindi, but Knuckles' heart missed a beat, the sound was like a crash of thunder. Ittindi hurtled backward, body thumping to the ground with a sound like thunder. For an instant, time stopped or seemed to. Knuckles' face changed from intense concentration to utter incredulity. His mouth is a little open, and he could hardly believe his eyes.

"Is this it?" was the thought in his head, mixed with a pang of guilt. He had expected more, not because he was scoffing at his friend's ability, but precisely because he so deeply believed in all that Ittindi was. The way things were going did not match what he'd been expecting to see. Ittindi had always been such a resilient fighter as to take the punishment and come up swinging, with more grit and power than anyone could easily imagine. Had Knuckles misjudged his friend's condition, or had he simply miscalculated the cost of that battle?

Knuckles' eyebrows scrunched. His initial instinct was to rush across and check on whether Ittindi would be all right, but the intensity of that battle kept his feet rooted to the spot for just a beat. This was really how it was to end. He scanned Ittindi's form, looking for any sign of movement, any indication his friend still had some fight left in him. The arena was eerily quiet at that moment, as if everyone held their collective breath, instead of the cheers and roars of the crowd, as usual.

"Ittindi," he murmured, partly shocked and partly confused. His friend shouldn't have been defeated so easily. For Knuckles, Ittindi was his rival, a great warrior who could accomplish so much. He could not believe that he might have misjudged the amount of energy his friend still possessed, which also called his judgment into question.

He was still standing there, his hammer still crackling from the remaining energy, waiting and watching. His eyes darted from Ittindi's prostrate form to the ground of the arena around him, all but anticipating some sort of last-gasp resurrection. This had been more than just a victory. This had been anything but. It was not merely about the prospect of victory but of going to the limits, the journey undertaken and shared, and mutual respect. Seeing Ittindi like this filled Knuckles with the uncomfortable mix of pride at his strength, concern for his friend, and deep, underlying hope that maybe this wasn't the end.

WC: 1214
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"There shall never be peace as long as there are Gods in a Man's world"

Ittindi Vs Knuckles Empty Thu Jun 13, 2024 8:28 pm

With one phrase, Ittindi knew that it was the end of things. His Young Master so calm, right before the storm he really emulated the god he followed one of thunder and calamity.  Ittindi hadn’t told him, but he was so proud of finding a religion faith was a beautiful thing.  Naki would try to tell him the contradiction that if his god was real he’d free him. Ittindi would smile in his mind and say God gave me the tools to handle you why do you think I’m different than any other? The leap the Young Master made, another reminder to Ittindi how more training he still needed. His shattered hammer would be thrown straight at him, Ittindi not one to give up so easily, he would wait until it came close. Then he’d lunge out the way laterally, rolling on another lily pad, barely avoiding another animal. He was panting so hard, his body ached in exhaustion the lactic acid built up changing the taste of his own spit. To his worse fear the hammer made a sharp turn and was still hurling straight at Ittindi.  He could see the mana charged in it, Ittindi decided he’d practice for a real life or death situation. It was odd knowing that in this fight it would spell his defeat, but in any situation where he wasn’t training his gun. This would only be the start, Ittindi’s magic would ensure that, so he’d shoot his last shots at the Young Master.

The audience was in an uproar, they had been entertained by hammer versus gun. Ittindi hadn’t bothered to notice their cheering, but as time seemed to slow while the hammer moved towards him the sound of the audience seemed to unmute. Ittindi did feel a small amount of pride from that, he hadn’t won the fight, but the audience enjoyed the spectacle. The gap was visible, Ittindi needed just reach out for it and grab it. Using all his powers maybe, he wasn’t ready for that conversation with anyone just yet. He had already revealed more than he had intended to his Young Master. To tell him outright about his ability to cheat death, the pain of telling him how he was losing his ability to die at all. Ittindi feared, he was slowly losing his humanity, but instead of a demon he was becoming something different. He still felt human, but not fully, another fear he’d have to see the Young Master soon at his new base to reassure him he was fine.  

Panting right when he was about to break into a sprint, the hammer would connect striking him straight in the chest. Ittindi fell hard, luckily on the lily pad and not the water, it was an odd feeling as Naki showed him his surroundings. He had a dream hazy like interpretation of the events around him. The fear and uncertainty in his Young Master’s eyes, how Ittindi longed to show him his other abilities. He’d gasped as the whisper of his name floated across his halcyon landscape, the very air around him shimmering and bending a mirage in the desert.  Naki’s voice was soothing, and Ittindi had been in a similar situation more than he’d like to admit. The audience had fell quiet.

Yet, the shame it was too much, how to explain to someone you were a freak that didn’t fit anywhere. In centuries of magic had there ever been another like Ittindi, he feared not and that truly scared him.
The announcer would come in after what felt like hours for Ittindi in his in between state, that Knuckles Shi was the victor. The quiet that had pierced the audience after the crack of Ittindi going down, was replaced with a rancor of cheers. Ittindi would still wait, bridges would appear connecting all lily pads and columns. While it appeared some dye or drug was introduced to the water as healers came to carry Ittindi away on a stretcher.


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