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Wolfen Brothers Pt. 1 [Epic]

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As saturn approached the ritual site he could see a pair of figures standing in his way. One was a rather gorgeous looking beastial individual that sang of werewolf and demi-god. It’s hardly surprising that this woman was capable of performing such a feat. Several floating golden reliquaries were nearhim and his outfit seemed to even billow slightly in an invisible wind of sorts. Charming no doubt and he would have likely been the force that had been responsible for turning the citizens into people that would comply.

The beast near him however? Was anything but, he could feel the bloodlust of them A mix of demon and werewolf, they were two sides of the same coin. Practically enraged by seeing him the demonic hound gave a warcry and would have charged forward but the first snapped his fingers before stepping forward.

My name is Silver dear traveler. Though I shall call you enemy shortly. None may pass to interrupt the rituals complex machinations. Mother may be gone but the being we summoned is still being fed the souls of the sacrifices. Easy Gunther, he isn’t worth your time. Hardly looks a challenge

...You want him first?

I still have to stop it. You won’t be stopping me.

And your Name? Manners matter my dear.


Both of the wolves flinched visibly from the name and the demonic one took a step back. They both knew of him and knew that he had come from just beating their brother and beating the chimeras. So here was this momental threat. Silver stepped foward, twirling his spear and looking as though he needed to do this. He shook his head a little bit.

The first failure as it were, a shame. I liked how you looked before more than this.

You have you mother to thank for that.

Saturn would remark before drawing his spear out of the void, earning a shocked expression from the both of them before the two ran at one another. Spear met spear and he could tell that this one was more about flair and powerful thrusts than regent. Something he could learn from too, so many different kinds of fighters that came down to using spears. It was fascinating honestly and he’d have to continue fighting them for until he saw an opening. He didn’t want to kill them, didn’t want to hurt them either but he had a job to do that he had assigned himself.

No quest. No board, no commissioner would know what he did here. No person would speak of it save maybe regent and his two companions. He doubted that regent would talk about how they had parted with anyone else. The little reliquiares hummed and after a moment each of them shot out beams of light, looking to puncture saturn’s body. But instead he simply activated his spear’s ability. Blocking the oncoming damage and causing silver to hop back a few times, aiming his spear and then thrusting with impressive strength.

It met sleeping dragon and the two produced a shockwave that sent the other demonic werewolf flapping away out of surprise. Airborne and watching the two go at it like madmen. Silver would find opening after opening a trick from saturn now, he fought like that to draw out opponents but unlike regent or saturn it seened that silver could use his spear with one hand. Twirling it after a moment before thrusting again, spinning around saturn’s counter and then punching him with the open hand.

Quite a fancy and dexterious fighter, but with the way that he fought he gave plenty of tells that saturn was able to pick up on. He used his feet to carry momentum so if saturn was able to disrupt that he’d win. So he’d just make him jump or stumble, that’d cause it. A slash that he turned down at the last second cause the werewolf to hop back, saturn copied regent’s move from earlier, flipping up and then stomping from the ground using his hands and spear into the werewolves stomach. Launching him up and up off of his feet. Saturn didn’t have the leaping strength like regent but the strike caught them offguard. Saturn followed through with throwing sleeping dragon at the falling wolf. Though the demon one interjected by slapping that out of the sky. Snorting to himself saturn would call the spear back to his hand with the void, earning a shocked look once again from the both of them.

That hardly seems fair.

So does two on one.


Silver landed on the ground just as saturn came up again, bringing his spear down in a vicious arc that slammed into the ground next to silver. Causing an impact crater to blow the werewolf back and away, tumbling into the dirt while his reliquaries fired at saturn again…



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The battle continued, every so often the demonic werewolf known as gunther would intervene at openings on his brother’s behalf which was frustrating. His strength was far greater but he was far less dexterous and compared to regent both of them were severely lacking in training as saturn could see. They had openings on openings and really he just was a little irritated he couldn’t get a good shot in from a mix of the reliquaries that were firing little beams here or there or the demonic wolf.

However with one dashing back created an opening he’d slam his spear into their side and send them flying away. The wings didn’t do much to help with the force saturn put into it before springing at the demi-god wolf. His onset of attacks put the other on the defensive, unable to keep his momentum and unable to rely on the reliquaries otherwise he’d get shot too. Saturn was quickly overwhelming him, mimicking regent in such a fashion that it dawned on him that saturn had studied regents attacks.

You fought him and walked away?

You can too.

Were it so easy!

Saturn didn’t even give the other a chance to continue that line as he spun about, dodging one of the thrusts from the other wolf and slamming his spear full brunt onto their skull. Nearly caving it in and causing the demi-god to slam into the ground. He could hear the howl of the other one and the reliquaries stopped their hovering and fell to the ground. He noted that the other was breathing but he had just knocked them out with the strike. He didn’t want to kill them and looked back to the brother. Letting out a soft sigh as he knew that after that he’d likely have to almost kill this one to even come close to the same result.

He’d block blow after blow, getting pushed back by the demonic hound. It was fighting with reckless abandon and he could tell he was getting pushed away from the other wolf. Likely they fought together very often if this was the result of him knocking him out. He’d inspect the being in front of him, having the gumption to do so while under intense attack like this. There weren’t any openings he could exploit with how fast they were swinging, he’d have to either let them tire themselves out or perhaps they could come to some sort of agreement during the fight?

Though he felt like that wasn’t possible due to the chatty one being knocked out and this one was full on raging against the demon that had just mollywhomped his brother out of no where. It was probably infuriating to him to see that and not be able to do anything regarding it. He could understand the frustration but the further he got pushed back the less time he’d have to get to the ritual site.

Saturn would make an effort to interrupt his blows but would only be sent flying by a powerful one that cleanly snapped sleeping dragon in half and punched him clean off of his feet. Launching him like a rocket backwards and through a few trees. Saturn lay on the ground blinking a few times. This werewolf had some punch to it and he wasn’t sure if he could handle too many blows like that. Looking at the parts of sleeping dragon he’d blink a few times and put the two halves together. Watching it grow back into a whole with the spirit in the weapon grumbling to him…

That was rude…

Saturn sighed a little bit and slowly got back up, the demon hound had gone over to it’s brother and he could tell it was worriedly trying to wake him up. But saturn had done a good job and they wouldn’t be waking up anytime soon. It was likely that they relied on regent for healing which meant that unless regent came into the picture again they would be in trouble.

Saturn stepped over the few stumps that he had created with the help of gunther and sighed again. Drawing the attention of the beast who stood up, letting out a howl of rage before charging at him again…


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