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Darkness Within [EPIC]

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Darkness Within [EPIC] XTZieQe

The slaughter of the beings beyond him were now a memory, shaped into his mind. He still was bloodied but the blackened scales, the deep grueling flesh. The feeling of a long tail, the snakes that slithered and gyrated from all points of his back. The feeling of many ears and the mask that curved on the side of his head, seemingly inert. He felt the touch of the being from earlier all around and about him. He felt the heavy foot falls of his being on the grass. Before his foot falls were gentle, before they had hardly seemed to disturb things, now his talons dug deep ruts into the earth. Now his posture and body had weight. He moved with a purpose, a steel, a hearty notion of what was right and what was wrong. So much had changed and so quickly. Was it a surface change? Was it born out of rage? Was it born out of necessity? Would he go back?


He found himself practically spitting the word through his fangs, throught he sharpened husks that were meant for one thing and one thing only. The snakes hissed, the drawled, they pondered and put forward his emotions. Snapping, whimpering writhing beings, hissing and snarling at the features beyond. He didn’t even feel the touch of their minds until something else seemed to make itself known. The venom behind the touch was that of a mountain. That of a being that saw all else as servants to her cause. He felt the markings on his body glow and grow. Pulsating with a deep seated rivalry. She wanted to make those serve her; she wanted him to serve her. He could feel the pulsating features of their being far far away. They weren’t anywhere near him but he could tell that her foul touch had been the same to bring him here.

It was goading him, it was winning, it was going ot bring another being and here he was already failing in the freedom of the world beyond him. Before he could even retort he felt the brush of something massive against his mind. Something comparable to the moment he had come here. The sensation of inadequacy reared up; but was brushed aside by something else. Some deep seated need to help the others around him. His snakes writhed and hissed at the air, snapping their jaws while his hands reached out, the spear he wielded floating a few feet away from him in awe.

He felt the attack on his mind start much like the first ones, he felt its claws ripping deep into his body and deeper still yet into his mind. He felt its cruel touch and the beings that it had slaughtered to become one with this world. It had been drawn to earthland through the consistent slaughter of what felt like hundreds if not thousands of beings. By the time it would be done with this world it would be ash. It had every instance of its life figured out from the moment it stepped out of its ritual of summoning; it knew what it could do and what it would tear into if let into the world proper.

Saturn couldn’t have that. His inner voice remained silent as it knew he would make his own decision here and now. He pushed back against the attack; no where near it in strength but beyond it was not his goal. It was just another pawn in a larger game. It recoiled back at hearing this, it wasn’t the prime player it was just some weapon for some being that wanted to rule. It roared in agitation, frustration rage and fear. If it was some tool what did that make him? He was just some pup that recently learned it had fangs.


It recoiled in fear.


Its being shuddered and shivered, it moved back. Saturn’s posture matured, his shoulders squared and his eyes deep rooted in both the darkness and light pushed open. He could see the being for everything that it was. He could see its youth and its rage coming from the same place, it was molded by the people that it had consumed out of fear and anger. It had slaughtered thousands in an effort to just exist yet here it was just an infant in comparison to the beings in this world.

It was nothing compared to his sister, nothing compared to the gods that stood among everything. He wasn’t anywhere near the strongest creature on this earthlands but he was about to lay low a being that was at the height of it’s power. His mind and the beings slammed against one another vying for power over one another, saturn’s will had exploded tenfold. The being within him having a sense of pride as not only did he return the attacks with gusto he returned them with a calculated fury.

His justice was not the kind to idly stand by and let those under him suffer, his justice wasn’t just going to stand off to one side and let the nobles have their way with it. Twisting its nature into whatever they seemed fit. No his was true justice and that scared them. Did the being even know what it was? What did it stand for? What it wanted other than slaughter? What happened if it did win? What would it do next? Who would it even be?

The question stunned the being and saturn set his posture and muscles into stone, he pushed forward, wrestling the being into the dirt and pinning its mind for the moments they remained linked. They shared a gaze; the beast looked hurt. He could tell that it was still formless. He felt a smile dig across his fangs and a smile split among every instance of every serpent that he held within him. There was a growling turning motion that he held and eventually there was just a chuckle.

You may stand for the slaughter of this world. But I stand for the justice within it and I will not have you blemish this realm any longer than you already have. Go back to where you came one without reason and one without a true goal.

The being squirmed underneath his gaze and eventually just faded away; he could feel the rivets left by it in his head but he already felt his mind patching itself together with that self same crystal. Both in and out. His body was something strange now for sure and he’d stand there pondering his sudden understanding of things. There was a falling and shattering of what he had stood for before. His peaceful and plentiful nature now made apparent and bare to him. Perhaps it was this form that he kept that made him understand exactly what he was doing and what he was doing wrong. The entire time that he had been doing this he could feel that inner voice standing behind him. He’d turn his head slightly; gifted by its visage and it’s prowess.

Gifted by the knowledge of who was his inner darkness.

It didn’t look so bad now did it?

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