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A Summers Breeze [Yu Ming]

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A Summers Breeze [Yu Ming] Empty Fri Jan 26, 2024 5:54 am

Returning to the island of Luluhawa felt… strange to him now. It had been a bit of time since he had last come here. A lot weaker and a lot more confused. A being learning to live and a being learning to be what it meant to be… well a human in some aspects. He was still young and still learning, but it had eased on a few months since his last visit. He was enjoying the idea of coming here from time to time to feel the peaceful nature of this place wash over him.

He kept to his usual outfit that was fairly freeing and cool to wear. The fabric let him breathe in this summer island weather and it was something he enjoyed just having about for him. He’d lean back on the bench he was sitting on; it creaked and groaned at his weight. Knowing that he’d likely be forced to sit on the ground if he moved too much the behemoth made the conscious choice to do so.

Hands folded on his lap and he’d dreamily stare out over the ocean; taking in the splendor. Enjoying every moment that he had here. It wouldn’t be long till he was called back to the mainland but that was something he’d cross when he got to it. For now? He was just enjoying the view and the weather.

He felt like he should have brought a book or something or maybe invited someone along. Even though he was only a few months into this world he felt like he lacked the amount of friends that he could have earned through naturally living. He’d breathe out through his nose and softly hum; it wasn’t a bad thing being this way he felt. Just lonely if those he did make friends with weren’t around. Like the children that helped teach him how to build sand castles, a certain crow that played with him on the beach or in the barThen there was the other dragon slayers he ran into. Toga chief among them.

His smile didn’t waiver but he had to wonder where they all were at at the moment. Maybe he should get some kind of way to deliver messages to them somehow…

#2Fei Yu 

A Summers Breeze [Yu Ming] Empty Fri Jan 26, 2024 11:24 am

Fei Yu
Step... step... Seeing the tall? No, tall was an understatement the little Fae thought as she stepped closer toward the massive shadow. Perhaps the term giant was more benefiting for one of such stature? No, let's go with the word: Titanic. A Titan of a demihuman stood motionless in the wind, WAIT A moment! he wasn't even standing?! No, he was seated on a bench and even then towered above her. Lifting her gaze upwards as if she was stargazing Yu's gaze was followed by the little Exceed at her side who muttered under his breath. "Mama Mia, das one hell of a mountain. And you know what that means?" The Exceed inquired as he moved closer to the back of the Demihuman and suddenly started to attempt to scale the giant. "Aint no mountain high enough for this pussy." Nyancelot chimed proudly while Yu somberly stepped beside the sitting titan. Her gaze followed the direction the Demihuman was looking at.

The sea? It certainly had a certain tranquil appeal to it at this time of the day. But... Was that all there was to the fact this titan was just gazing longingly at the distance like Nyancelot would look toward a big fat tuna? "Umm... are you bored?"

Yu chimed softly, watching how Nyancelot was still attempting to climb onto Saturn's back and ascend higher to the peak. "... Is that why you are gazing at the distant sky? Are you what mortals call a mass... massa... masochist? Inflicting boredom onto oneself is bad..."

Yu sounded almost scolding in a way as Nyancelot finally tried to stretch onto the head of the Titan. "Wow, this dooood is tall Yu, must have fell into the magic cauldron as a kid and then carried a massive boulder on his back to become that tall."

Yu shook her head firmly in response. "Nu-uh, now get down from there or ask permission first to climb other people. Joyriding is a crime whether it is in Joya or in Caelum, or in this case Luluhawa island."

Holding a small club in her left hand the object's surface seemingly distorted into an agonizing face: "By all that is holy, reminds me never to ask a Fae to do some stand-up comedy ever again..."


A Summers Breeze [Yu Ming] Empty Fri Jan 26, 2024 11:40 am

His attention was somewhat focused forward for a few long moments; not quite hearing the approach of nyancelot and Yu. He was sort of in his own world of sorts; musing over things for the most part. He had a lot on his mind and even less certainty as to what to do about it. But hearing someone speak even in a hushed tone was enough to prompt one of his ears flick. His head slowly turning as he felt someone climbing his back. He was used to children to a degree now and wasn’t against them trying to treat him like a jungle gym but usually it was met with needing to ask permission first. His attention locked onto nyancelot who was climbing his back.

That wasn’t a kid.

He’d slowly tilt his head to one side; a brow raising slowly. Was this some kind of cat.. Wearing armor? That was a first for sure. He’d look to the companion as they inquired if he was bored.

Just thinking; if i was bored I’d find something else to do.

He didn’t seem very bothered by nyancelot trying to climb up to his head. He didn’t seem to understand what the other meant by a masochist. The use of the word prompted him to cock his head to one side; confusion on his face evident.

I don’t know what that is, but don’t worry I’m not making myself bored. And no I’ve just… always been this size.

He’d reach over to pluck nyancelot off of his back and set them down on the sand. While he didn’t mind someone trying to climb him he still would have preferred them to ask permission. The little one with the club seemed to have the right of it.

I think it’s more… manners than a crime?

He looked uncertain but would eventually look between the two and then the third was a… talking club? He had never seen a talking weapon before and his interest was certainly caught by the strange trio. Well. Strange in comparison to all the normal folks he’s run into as of late. He wasn’t even considered normal; he was strange too. So that meant that they’d probably make good friends.

My name’s Saturn. What’s yours?

#4Fei Yu 

A Summers Breeze [Yu Ming] Empty Wed Jan 31, 2024 8:22 am

Fei Yu
The girl looked with a hint of curiosity as Saturn lowered Nyancelot back onto the ground, earning a pout from the feline Exceed while the Fae replied softly. "Yu." A short name, a simple name, but it was more than plenty for her. It was the lone tie to her origins, and as such the name was precious to her. After a moment the girl raised the club lightly as she wagged it in front of her. "And this is Oakley." The club's face distorted into a dizzied look. "A pleasure, truly, but please stop shaking me already." Oakley's words earned a soft chuckle from the child who rested the club lightly on her shoulder while Nyancelot chimed in a greeting. "and I'm Nyancelot, nice to meet ya Saturn!"

The turned her gaze from Saturn toward the sea, pondering for a moment. "I see... I can understand why you were so focused then. When you have a lot to think about it feels like the world fades a little around you, right?"

She inquired with the hint of sorrow in her voice. "I frequently experience something similar when I try to think about stuff. Even if I don't have any memories to think about, I still find myself wondering about a lot of things, and as a result it usually takes the aid of one of the spirits to warn me if something is going on around me."

Yu smiled sheepishly at the last part. "There are many spirits of nature around here, I think that is why I feel comfortable in this place. What about you Saturn? Do you like this place?"

It seemed a question asked with genuine interest while Nyancelot had started to focus on building something from sand. But after a while it seemed he was building a statue of Saturn?! Meanwhile Yu gazed quietly at the sea for a bit longer. "Although I still prefer the wilds of Caelum more, being around the Fae just makes me feel at ease."


A Summers Breeze [Yu Ming] Empty Wed Jan 31, 2024 8:35 am

The introduction of Yu, oakley and Nyancelot wasn’t missed. Saturn pondered their names for a few long instances; his face growing fairly thoughtful. Nyancelot made him think of lancelot as far as knights were concerned and Oakley likely was some kind of pun. What sort of relevance did Yu have in comparison? He wasn’t sure. He’d tilt his head slowly to one side; eyeing the three of them.

A pleasure to meet you three. Can’t say I’ve met a talking… club or cat before. Though I have met a talking bear that spoke in rhymes and puns.

The experience with the bear was something that he didn’t really think about too frequently; just one of those individuals that made the world a somewhat brighter place. The inquiry regarding his thoughts had saturn turning his head back to the ocean…

Sometimes yeah, though I spose there’s times where it helps bring focus to the things I want to think about.

Saturn lifted up a small bit of sand and let it fall from his fingers; humming a soft tune for a moment before one of his ears flicked. Hearing that yu had the same issue when she tried to think about some things. She didn’t have memories? That would be problematic wouldn’t it?

Mmm… I don’t have much in the way of memories myself. So I.. understand what you mean. I’ve got a lil mindrache friend who’s been doing that sort of thing for me too but right now he’s taking a nap… I think back in our inn room. He’s maybe about the same size as you Nyancelot?

Saturn cocked his head to one side as the other spoke about spirits of nature. Especially ones that were around here. He’d look around; he could sense somewhat a deep rooted connection of the music in the world and many individuals here. Some more powerful than the others. He had to figure those were the spirits she was talking about. Comfort was important and his smile grew a little warmer.

I like how peaceful it is and how I keep on meeting people here. There’s something about this island that make it easy for people to interact with one another I think. That and I’ve met a lot of friends here. But I also can say I like the scenery. Makes me feel… relaxed.

The sand in his hand had long since fell out of it and saturn would just inspect it. His smile warming a little more and he’d eventually look back to Yu as they spoke. He could tell that nyancelot was having fun with building a little statue of him and he wasn’t going to stop him. Yu being comfortable in the wilds of caelum made him wonder what kind of country it was. He knew they were high tech; some of his armor came from there which made him wonder how different the wilds and the ‘civilized’ states were.

I’ve never met a Fae before, I imagine that you enjoy their company a lot too?

#6Fei Yu 

A Summers Breeze [Yu Ming] Empty Wed Feb 14, 2024 10:03 pm

Fei Yu
Saturn's confusion was somewhat understandable, it was the same type of reaction most people had when they first met her. Perhaps it was for that reason Yu merely smiled at Saturn's remark. "It is indeed quite rare for a spirit to inhabit a object, even now I am not certain what has driven this one to become one with a piece of wood like this." Although in response to her inquiry Oakley remained suspiciously silent, so instead she turned her attention elsewhere. "Do note that Nyancelot is a Exceed, comparing him to a housecat might be a bit offensive~"

Good thing that Nyancelot was too busy building the Sand Saturn Statue to have overheard their conversation just now. When Saturn spoke about the fact the ocean helped him focus on things he wanted to think about she nodded her head sheepishly. "In my case the tranquility of the forests tends to bestow a similar effect onto me."

The topic about the absence of memories did seem to hit a similar vibe from Saturn who expressed his own absence of memories as well, a curious trait to say the least. She heard amnesia was after all a thing that could happen from time to time, but she didn't expect it to be 'that' frequent. Or perhaps it was a situation like her own? She did understand the absence of her human memories was related to her resurrection as a Fae.

Yu soon nodded her head in agreement, the peaceful nature of this island was endearing to say the least, and it seemed that Saturn agreed on that notion. She gazed at the sea, pondering for a moment. "I guess that is why people tend to travel here often. Although I came here on a whim, I did experience a few interesting encounters so far."

The topic about Caelum and the Fae made Yu nod her head happily in return. "Although the Fae rarely travel beyond the wilds of Albion, they are an interesting folk. I like their playfulness and close ties to nature. It is a lot different compared to the hustle and bustle of the cities forged from steel and mankind's work."

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