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Deadliest Catch 16

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#1Go D. Drakkon 

Deadliest Catch 16 Empty Thu Nov 02, 2023 8:31 am

Go D. Drakkon

Drakkon a man that had been feeling with a surge of power as of lately, would see that there was a lot he had to do. The emergence of dragon slayer was beautiful and enough to bring him to ecstasy, but there was something else he was missing or wanting. He thought about it and it was appearance of his father. It was something he was looking forward to, and he would have to find a way to do this. He wasn’t sure, but while he was looking for answers he had to continue to have enough jewels to keep him afloat.

That was why he was taking on quests left and right. He was on the docks again as he had a piece of paper in his hand. He was looking at it as he walked. The young man was absorbing everything that was on this paper, so he knew what he was doing. While doing this he would also scout out for the ship he was looking for.



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#3Go D. Drakkon 

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Go D. Drakkon
Drakkon had come to a stop when he looked over to the ship he was going to and he would have a smirk on his face. This was going to be interesting and he would put his new powers that he earned into effect. He would get on deck and he would see that a number of people would stare at him. He would look at them and he would show the paper that they had put up on the job board.

When they saw that it was legit, the crew would continue working. It would seem like they were going out to sea a bit earlier than they thought they would today. Drakkon could see that they were serious about their job. This was good because he knew that he would have to be serious about his.

“I feel like this is going to be the last time a lot of people will see me around.” He said this to Drakkon.


#4Go D. Drakkon 

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Go D. Drakkon
Drakkon heard his friend’s words and he understood what he meant. For a while the two could feel the energy of Luci fading. The demon knew he would still be around, but it would basically be something only Drakkon would see.

The Dragon Slayer would look into the horizon as he was enjoying the beautiful weather this place had to offer. It wasn’t just that, but the beauty he saw was jaw dropping. He would admire the sea as the sailors were sailing the ship and navigating through the sea to their destination. It would take a while, but soon enough, they would see a huge monster within the sea. It was moving around without a goal, and it looked like they had caught it in the middle of eating. The crew continued sailing as they were going to get closer to the creature, but Drakkon would push off the deck of the ship to gain flight.


#5Go D. Drakkon 

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Go D. Drakkon
Drakkon would be in the air and he would look at the group of people working hard.

“You don’t have to worry about the beast. I will take care of it on my own. Just prepare yourself to secure it, so we can take it back to the island.” He said to them.

They were surprised that he didn’t need their help, but would listen to him. The Demi-God would soar through the sky as he was heading to his destination. When he got closer he would see a ship not too far from the sea creature. It would seem like another crew might have wanted the sea creature that was in front of him. He would shake his head because he wouldn’t allow that. This was his job and he would do whatever it took to complete it.

It would seem like they wouldn’t see him at first, so he would give them a warm welcome.


#6Go D. Drakkon 

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Go D. Drakkon
Drakkon would snap his fingers and it would activate his spell. A raven would appear above the ship that he was targeting. The magic circle was huge enough, but since they were feeding the beast in front of them, they weren’t looking at what was above them. Of course, they would eventually know something was there as the shadow of the raven was big enough to cast on them to take notice. Drakkon would have a good time when he did this. He wasn’t fighting people fairly, but the look of despair and confusion was amazing to him.

The Raven would drop down to the ship and a huge explosion would occur. The crew could be heard screaming in pain from the damage that they had been dealt. This also caught the sea monster’s attention and it would make its way to the ship that had been damage by Drakkon. He saw this and he would nod as he knew that it was a good time to attack the sea creature now as well.


#7Go D. Drakkon 

Deadliest Catch 16 Empty Thu Nov 02, 2023 9:24 am

Go D. Drakkon
Drakkon would move forward with this and he would look at the sea creature. It would attack the ship that he had initially attacked. The people there were too busy to try and mend the situation that they didn’t even notice the sea creature. It was then more yelling would be heard from those who survived Drakkon’s attack.

He just chuckled a bit as this was perfect, but now he was moving on to the main course. This creature would be the reason he got more money into his pocket, so he would deal with it next. Drakkon would wave his hand away and a magic circle would appear, alongside with his scales appearing as well. A Dragon would come out and it would be sent to the torso of the sea creature. When it got to the creature, it would be hit by the attack and it would roar from the pain as it turned to look at Drakkon.


#8Go D. Drakkon 

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Go D. Drakkon
Drakkon would see that he had gotten its attention, but the attention had come a bit too late. When the sea creature tried to rush to Drakkon, it would feel itself moving quite slowly. He would see this and he would shake his head as he figured he would end this now. The sea creature would take more damage due to Toga’s abilities. This time Drakkon would swing his arm and a slash would come out and head straight to the creature. When it was hit it would bring out one final roar before falling to the side.

The Dragon Slayer would see this and he would sigh with sadness that it had ended. He figured more sea creatures would come an attack him, but that wasn’t the case. The Dragon Slayer would shake his head as he would make his way to the ship and landed on the deck. When the crew saw his return they new that the deed was done. They would make their way to the sea creature, and they would see a ship not too far from it sinking from the damage that had been caused by it.

They would shake their heads, but were glad it wasn’t them. They would secure their catch on to the ship and glad this was over. Drakkon would disperse his transformation and deactivate his spells. His eyes focused as they were heading back to Kahu Rock. When they got there, the group would get off the ship and would make sure to bring their catch on to land. Drakkon would be approached and he would be given his reward. Once he got the reward he would make sure it was all there before leaving to see what he should do next.

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