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A fairy good time? [Event/Night of Mictlān]

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#1Esperia † 

A fairy good time? [Event/Night of Mictlān] Empty Sat Oct 28, 2023 4:04 pm

Esperia †

"Dia de los muertos~"

Such a peculiar festival. In one way it was a celebration of peace, in another way it was also a memorial service to the fallen. The small humanoid wandered amidst the dressed Stellan citizen, her gaze wandering around the landscape with a mixture of awe and curiosity. How long had it been since she was able to walk among the living without a sea of concerns threatening to consume her? Too long, to the point, that she could no longer remember what the concerns even were. Yet, the pointy ears of the child and the mysterious presence were clear to show she was not an ordinary mortal or an elven child for those who were about to ask what a child was doing away from her parents.

No, she had come here for a purpose, a reason quite important, and one that was given to her by the very planet itself. With a slight shift onto the tip of her toes a pair of colorful insectile wings expanded from her back as she hovered slightly above the crowd that was celebrating the festivities.

She briefly gazed around the crowd, and suddenly an idea popped up in her mind. In a way, this type of festivity was perfect for a fairy like her to blend into, for fairies loved games and trickery, and she was no exception.

"On a night like this, a game is more than welcome~ A game that shall reward thee with Calaveras! To those among you who want to participate, all I demand is a story! A grand story to entertain me! The longer you are able to keep my interest with it, the more rewarding your tale will be~"

It didn't take long for some of the locals to start telling her various tales, some were simple, plain but heart-warming, others decided to regal her with legends and myths from their civilization, but for each story the fairy eagerly seemed to listen to the tale that was being told, and in the aftermath rewarded the person with some of the Calaveras they were promised.

However, deep inside she still longed for more, after all, there was a time this fairy was on a different quest, a different purpose that still lingered deep inside her. Knowledge was something she had always adored and sought for with no end in sight. Even now on this day, there was no difference in that matter, she still longed to learn and discover more.

"I wonder if there is anyone from beyond these lands who could tell me a grand story... After all, surely a festival like this would draw in a lot of foreigners. Well... technically I am one as well~" The fairy giggled softly, swooping down on top of a statue and taking a seat on top of its head as she wondered who would visit her for another story to tell. Would it be a familiar face? Or maybe it would be a total stranger full of surprises!

"But perhaps it will be more entertaining if I make it a bit more challenging~ Let's see... Yes~ I believe this type of game would fit well into these festivities~ For these who want to earn more CalaverasI have a challenge in mind for you! Find me something that will fit the requirements of the thing I ask of you, and in return I will gift you a Calaveras~ For the first round:

"There where fairies are born~ Bring me something from the place I call home~"

Event Details

A Fairy Good Time challenge has begun! Every 3 days the npc will ask to be shown something that fits the requirements of the thing she asks for. People can earn 1 Calaveras for each round they complete successfully. Multiple people can win per round.

Round 1: Something from Caelum.


A fairy good time? [Event/Night of Mictlān] Empty Mon Oct 30, 2023 8:27 am

Another night in Santalicia, Ittindi was very happy he had decided to stay here. After the other night with his new acquaintance Tōga, Ittindi had managed to remove the stains from his suit. So, he cleaned and pressed it, before putting it on for the festivities today. Going to one of the stands, he found the cleanest of the bunch. That was the thing about true cleanliness, people would try to use new to replace the hard labor of maintaining. Ittindi found a stand that fit this description, he could see the years of labor, of real cleaning put into maintain their stand. It wasn’t the same white as a new stand, but it had a vanilla of labor. Ittindi would approach talking to the cute older lady who he’d ask to paint the easiest decoration on his whole face. He’d tip 100% feeling generous with the hospitality of the country, his savings were for things on the horizon, he could still spend here and there. After being dolled up as it was, Ittindi would randomly stroll through the town, he had found the best things that way. He preferred traveling by himself for that reason, it was so easy to go out and get lost in the culture with others their were boundaries that needed to be respected. Ittindi would rather have the experience, but then again he always felt safe with his magic at his side.

It was during his wanderings that he saw the crowd surrounding a magical creature. From far away Ittindi couldn’t be sure, but he was pretty sure it was a fabled fairy. Normally Ittindi wouldn’t be drawn in by such fake special effects, but he had to know if there was anything to the guilds name. Ever since he was a child he had heard passerby’s talk about the guild Fairy Tail, and ever since the first time he wondered…do fairy’s have tails? So Ittindi was working his way through the crowd as people in a variety of languages regaled tales to the fairy. By the time Ittindi had worked his way to the front the fairy was speaking again. Ittindi had no problem understanding, wondering if it was some kind of fairy magic as the whole crowd seemed to understand implicitly. She wanted something from the land of fairies, luckily Ittindi had learned the location while in Era. His mind instantly went to food, a dish he prepared from Caelum it was called cottage pie. He hoped that he could cook a great enough dish for a fairy, and it would only take an hour or so.

Running back through the crowd proved to be much easier than running into, as he made it back to the Rune Knights Council embassy barracks in no time. Once there he’d check the community fridge to see that it was mostly empty, he’d need to go grab some ingredients. Moving from any open grocers through the city, Ittindi managed to acquire all the ingredients he needed for a cottage pie, as well as a pie container to place in the oven. It was a fairly simple dish with the main ingredients being potatoes, carrots, peas, small chunks of celery and beef. All said and done it took him around 2 and a half hours to finish making the cottage pie he’d present to the fairy. Putting a cloth on it folding it over once to place some utensils, Ittindi would move swiftly through the night.

There was still a large crowd around the fairy, but now there was an easier path to present a gift to her. It seemed not many people knew where fairies came from, whether Ittindi’s gift would be acceptable was still yet to be seen. Moving to the front, Ittindi would wait his turn until he was in front of Esperia. Her wings were beautiful, and her childlike demeanor made Ittindi a believer that this was a true fairy. There was no way he’d dare a glance to see if she had a tail. Stammering at first he’d get out his presentation as he showed her his cottage pie.

”Greetings Lady Fairy, I have brought you from your homeland cottage pie. I figured that for me the hardest part of being away from home is the food. I love trying new food, but sometimes a taste of food from home can bring a tear to my eye no matter what country I’m in. Home is home, I hope that I’ve captured some of that in my dish Lady Fairy.”

While Ittindi was no master chef he had cooked quite often in his butlery duties. Cottage pie was a simple enough recipe and one that he had tricked more than one child and adult to a healthier diet with. It was one of the staple meals he made, he had been complimented on it before the trick was creating a flavor like Caelum’s Worchester sauce seasoning. It was a hard flavor to describe, but Ittindi had the real thing enough times to make a decent substitute. The other hard choice was the crust, Ittindi took a risk if the Lady Fairy would enjoy her dish with a crisp pie crust golden brown. Ittindi had learned the trick to this was mixing a decent amount of cheese shredded into the top potato layer that would turn to crust in the oven. Some enjoyed their pie crust lighter or even close too burnt, tastes were weird like that.

WC: 914

#3Knuckles Shi 

A fairy good time? [Event/Night of Mictlān] Empty Fri Nov 03, 2023 6:56 pm

Knuckles Shi

Knuckles noticed a large crowd had formed, moving to see what it was about he swore on Odin's beard as he looked at a fey, one of the creatures of his religion. He knew at once what he must do. Rushing back to his camp he gathered the needed ingredients.

Knuckles Shi, a man of contrasting interests and talents, carefully sets about preparing an ancient Norse ritual. He lays out meticulously procured items on a hand-woven mat: an array of rune stones, an intricately carved drinking horn, and a small statue of Freyja — the Norse goddess associated with love, beauty, and, fittingly, fairies. With a deep breath, he begins to chant, his voice echoing the cadence of Old Norse language. His goal is to create a bridge between our world and the realm of the fairies, using this time-honored ritual as his guide.
The primary purpose of the ritual Knuckles Shi is performing is to establish a channel of communication with the fey creature. In Norse mythology, such ceremonies were believed to open doors to alternate dimensions, allowing interactions with mystical entities. The ritual, rooted in reverence and respect for the goddess Freyja, aims to seek her guidance and protection in this endeavor. Beyond mere communication, it also serves to demonstrate honor and recognition of the fey creature, recognizing its role in the complex web of Norse spiritual beliefs. By connecting with the fey, Knuckles hopes to gain wisdom, insight, and perhaps even a touch of the fey's renowned magic.
Freyja holds a position of prominence within Norse mythology as a goddess of love, beauty, and fertility, but her influence extends far beyond these realms. She is also associated with war, death, and wealth, reflecting the multifaceted nature of her character. Freyja is known to be the leader of the Valkyries, who decide the fate of warriors in battle, and those who die bravely are taken to her heavenly dwelling, known as Folkvangr. This duality of her persona — a symbol of life-giving love and beauty, coupled with association with death — presents her as a complex and highly significant deity. Furthermore, her link with magic and the otherworldly beings like the fey highlights her importance in rituals like the one Knuckles is performing. In this context, invoking Freyja is not only an act of respect but also a strategic move, hoping to leverage her connections with the mystical realm for a successful interaction with the fey.

"There shall never be peace as long as there are Gods in a Man's world"
#4Esperia † 

A fairy good time? [Event/Night of Mictlān] Empty Sat Nov 04, 2023 5:57 am

Esperia †

It seemed two foreigners had arrived to answer the call of her game. The first one seemingly went for a more homely answer to her game, although it seemed to gain the approval of the fairy who happily clapped her hands together.

"You are quite correct~ Whether it is the Fae or any other race, for many it is important to recall one's origins." The Fae nodded her head lightly as she hovered closer to Ittindi and continued her explanation.

"After all, there are plenty of stories and legends about how mortals are able to surpass their limits by thinking back about what started their adventure. So many reasons~ I wonder what yours might be?"

She hummed softly as she darted in the air around Ittindi and finally spun to a halt in front of him. "And food is quite an appropriate tribute for an event like this~ Have to admit I have always been fond of cheese as well."

Taking a slice of the pie she brought it to her mouth and took a small delicate bite from it, chewing it lightly as she savored the taste. "Mhmm~ I am certain whoever will accompany you won't starve on their adventures! Delicious, truly~ If not for the fact I'd likely get in troubles I would have taken you back to Avalon with me as a personal chef~"

A playful wink was followed by the Fae as she suddenly froze for a moment, a visage crossed her mind, one of a man wielding a large mighty hammer and his challenger, a young witch who had dragon-like features. What was their contest again? Ah! right, something involving drinks!

Dismissing the thought for a moment she turned toward Ittindi and made a playful wave, one of the treasured items he had been searching for, the Calavares appearing in his hands. "I'll be back later~"

And then she suddenly disappeared into the crowd, following the chanting as she hovered in the air at the opposite side of the ritual. Some might had argued that the Norse mythology originated from Iceberg and therefore did not belong to Caelum, but there was some clever meaning in the ritual as the fairy's gaze lingered on the items.

"Intriguing, most would have gone for an object of Caelish origin, yet here we are using an ancient Icebergian rite to commune~ Yet you are not wrong, the Fey are found in both Caelish and Icebergian mythology. Therefore one could say that our 'home' is among both~

She brought a hand to her chin as she pondered for a moment. "Yet I can't help but find myself confused. When did I meet Thor again? My earliest memories are of awakening in Avalon after hearing Titania's call, but yet I vividly remember wandering the halls of Valhalla at one point. How peculiar..."

She shook her head, attempting to clear her thoughts and turned her gaze toward the one who had initiated the attempt to commune. She lightly raised a hand, allowing one of the Calavares to be deposit among the rite items as a tribute as she inquired with a hint of interest.

"What made you decide on this approach? It is quite an interesting and thoughtful approach to the matter. Which inspired me for the next round as well~"

She took a hop into the air and announced with a grin.

"The history of Earthland is full of legends and mythology, yet among the realm there are certain signs that suggest that myth might actually be closer to reality~ Tell me one such sign. Now I think about it, lately, there have been far more Demigods walking the realm... Guess they are running out of space over 'there'~"

Event Details

Round 1: Something from Caelum. Knuckles and Ittindi have both earned 1 Calavares

Round 2: A sign that a myth might be 'real'.


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