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Remove The Drunk [Solo]

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#1Alfyn † 

Remove The Drunk [Solo] Empty Sat Oct 28, 2023 9:45 am

Alfyn †
Alfyn raised his eyes and read the sign, this was without a doubt the bar that sent the request, not to mention he managed to take a look at the other bar across the street and saw Mitya in there, the client of his previous request. He reminisced how nice his mother was to him, the cookies they baked and the little things they did together like crosswords and even knitting. How could he be such a problem child coming from such a lovely mother could be anyone's guess.

Alfyn proceeded to enter Enil's bar, greeting the barman and grabbing a seat next to the counter. After exchanging some pleasantries the man explained that he'd like to give Mitya the benefit of the doubt and that Alfyn was not to make a move until he actually caused a scene. Alfyn agreed he knew himself that this was the better course of action anyway. Mitya finally showed up as Alfyn set his mocktail down after taking a sip, for now he just observed the man.

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#2Alfyn † 

Remove The Drunk [Solo] Empty Sat Oct 28, 2023 9:58 am

Alfyn †
He was always more comfortable being an observer, he just looked at the man and studied his body language, his mannerisms, would he make an attempt at souring the mood for everyone or would he be a good boy tonight, who could tell. Mitya's lips moved, a slight groan, small talk by himself some words could barely be heard but Alfyn could tell that it had to do with the bar, his eyes rolled with a tad bit annoyance, Mitya wasn't going to play nice after all, but if push came to shove neither would Alfyn. And right on que Mitya started becoming more and more rowdy, he raised his voice complaining about the drinks, the service and how the bar across the street had a lot more to offer than this lousy place.

He was pretty much wasted and wouldn't put up much of a fight but he was still being a bother, Alfyn nodded to Enil and when he nodded back Alfyn with a sigh stood up from his seat and approached the drunk man. At first the man didn't pay attention to Alfyn walking towards him and only focused his attention on him when the boy talked to him asking him to leave the establishment as he's causing trouble for the rest of the patrons.

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#3Alfyn † 

Remove The Drunk [Solo] Empty Sat Oct 28, 2023 10:15 am

Alfyn †
Mitya laughed as Alfyn smirked awaiting his response, the man started saying how now he was getting bullied to leave even though he too was a "patron" of this place and complaining for the low standards of this bar. Alfyn was not the fighting type, he barely had any bulk but he was raring to put his newfound powers to use, a little push towards the right direction and he wouldn't even have to touch the man. Alfyn looked towards Mitya, wondering if he could ask a question and as the man met Alfyn's gaze with his the fae's eyes turned to a more violet hue. Alfyn asked the man to leave the place and not come back until he fixed his manners as he was causing trouble for everyone, the man just stood up and went to the door, leaving the establishment. Alfyn's eyes went back to normal and he blinked repeatedly a couple times, strained from the power he just used but something was telling him that he should go out and make sure Mitya wouldn't return, after all his new magic wasn't refined or anything yet.

As the boy closed the door behind him he watched the drank man stop in his tracks as he was leaving, stumble a little, turning around and marching straight towards the bar. Irritating as it was, Alfyn blocked the door and confronted him saying how his mother would be very upset if she knew what he's up to at night, slandering another bar, harassing owner and customers alike, she would think the worst of her son. Alfyn's words came out calm but sharp, he didn't see another way than using the mother card but so be it, Mitya ended up tearing and asking for his mom as he took the road home and Alfyn headed back inside the bar-Enil paying him for a job well done.

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