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Over an Open Fire [Social ft. Michael]

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#26Michael Winters 

Over an Open Fire [Social ft. Michael] - Page 2 Empty Mon Oct 16, 2023 5:57 am

Michael Winters
"Im sure you all are nice people" Michael spoke to Toga, which prompted a glance from Samuel when he remembered the relation between Michael and the other Joyan male. He was pretty sure whenever they were put alone in a room, away from the guild and the Guild Master that the two would nearly go and kill eachother or actively would do so. He does remember a scenario where Michael nearly strangled the guy and the guy nearly stabbed him in the throat. It was a tie in that mortal combat. And the exceed knew as much as the two hated eachother and suspected eachother of some nefarious scheming that would harm the guild, it was a clear 'hello pot this is kettle' scenario where none of them were good and each had a selfish goal in their own way. It was just a question of which one is more evil and what do you constitute as evil. The joyan was an enigma to Samuel. But none of the two were saints. One wanted more werewolves and the other who knows what he wanted.

Michael though nodded to Toga as he said he'll go back to the Rune Knights and think about what they talked about. Michael got his clothes and went to clean up after them since they had a meal. He looked at Toga once more and smiled "Yeah, dont worry I wont. Toga right? Gotta make sure I dont forget" in any case, he would make sure all was ready before taking the boat back to Hargeon


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"I can't speak for everyone, but I'd like to think we all have the capacity for hospitality," Tōga replied earnestly. His words radiated a contagious idealism that warmed some hearts, yet struck others as hopelessly naive. He clung to the belief that goodwill dwelled within everyone, though he understood not all would nurture it - for some, the allure of darkness proved too tempting to resist. Still, Tōga nurtured the flickering flame of optimism in his own soul, trusting that even a single candle could illuminate the path for others. His was a gentle light, not a blinding blaze, that invited more to kindle their own spark.

"Michael, Samuel—it was a pleasure working with you both today, and this hog is proof of that!" Tōga proclaimed jovially, sinking his teeth into the tender, roasted meat for one final, satisfying bite. The succulent flesh yielded easily to his sharp canines as he tore into it. The day's collaborative labor had yielded not only glittering jewels, but this mouthwatering feast before them. Grinning at his companions, Tōga felt a swell of camaraderie. The three of them made a great team. He hoped this would be the first of many successful hunts and meals shared between new friends.

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