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Bloody Aftermath of an Evening's Antics(Kazimir.)

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Bloody Aftermath of an Evening's Antics(Kazimir.) Empty Fri Aug 18, 2023 7:47 pm

It was interesting to be here, But if Elise ended up somewhere in a new area right away it was a church, It was the most common spots to find her and she would not hide the fact it was pretty common for her to be around these parts.

But she had a reason to be in the west, even if a bit delayed she was suppose to meet some one that would be interested in aiding her. But first she wanted to know who she was working more then just an image and small talk. Then again Elise had gotten a bit stronger with a stroke of luck and seeming came a bit more prepared.

Mind you Elise being one normally raised to have manners and look well maintained, was actually covered in varying splattered marks of blood on her clothing and even some small drops of blood on her face as well.  As well sporting a small sword then what she was use to carrying. But that was a tale for some one else to ask who she might care about explaining it too. But it was just as the sun was about to rise up. So Elise's time to wanting to be out and awake was most likely limited. Only being awake because she had things to achieve.

#2Kazimir Seiryu 

Bloody Aftermath of an Evening's Antics(Kazimir.) Empty Fri Aug 25, 2023 4:26 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz had finished his current set of investigations around the area. He had gained most of the knowledge that he needed to. Things were far easier now that he could be a little more discreet in his actions. He could see that the woman he spoke to before was traveling toward Oak and would arrive shortly. As he finished his tasks he made his way toward the woman.

Blood covered bits of her clothing and her face. She seemed different than before. More practiced than their last encounter. He landed in front of her. Oak was used to dark beings and mages. Kaz could more freely live as a vampire here in the open than in other places. But only to an extent.

"Elise. I see you made it. Looks like the journey was a little dangerous."
He looked at the blood on her.

"I assume you'll have some questions. Walk with me and I'll answer whatever I can," Kaz said as he turned to walk deeper into the darker parts of the town alongside Elise.


Bloody Aftermath of an Evening's Antics(Kazimir.) Empty Sat Aug 26, 2023 4:58 pm

Was it a little dangerous, yes only because in this manner Elise was the danger of the things that she found that evening. It was over all minor things that she dealt with during her travel over, But Elise could not help but let out her normal some what blunt sass."If there was anything dangerous. It just happen to me when I walked into some of the caves on the way over."Elise said, she did not seemed interested in seemingly a bit more presentable, her mother would weep if Elise ever spoke to her again in this state, But that was something for maybe another time, Or hopefully not.

She would let out a sigh, she did not think about question to ask as she was over all just focused into slaughtering whatever's blood she ended up having on her at the time. You know normal for a thing for a nun who kills to have right?"How many targets you have, How much information do you have on them." Elise was entirely build up your information then continue on from there. So she had to start with asking that they where here to do things, unless some one was going to dive into a persons life again

#4Kazimir Seiryu 

Bloody Aftermath of an Evening's Antics(Kazimir.) Empty Sat Sep 09, 2023 4:14 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
He nodded his head at her statement of only finding trouble in the caves. Although he was concerned she was camping all over the countryside. It was the life of a mage and an adventurer. Especially tough for those who are companionless. But she seemed more than capable.

"That's good to hear. You seem stronger than the first time we met?" he had expected some form of questions given she wanted to meet in person and embark on this crazy journey but there was nothing. At least as of yet. That would make things easier.

"Five targets. I know everything we need. Where they are and what we need from them. Simple shake down this time. They are part of the cult of Michael. Mid-tier agents trying to bring the archangel back to our realm and hunting for the angel Gabriel. The last one on our side." He looked back over to her as they walked deeper through the streets and into darker and darker areas. They were not a cult publically known to the people.

"We need to find out where their church headquarters is. Destroy it and salvage whatever info we can about Illumin." He handed her a piece of paper that had information about the five people.


Bloody Aftermath of an Evening's Antics(Kazimir.) Empty Mon Sep 11, 2023 6:14 pm

Even if one brought up these matter to Elise she would most likely never even think about it as problems, She worked and existed in the evening and slept during the day in safe areas, hence why she often was in churches and became a nun to sleep in where ever the church led her, Even if with in the future this may change."Am I? just seem to just continue to work."Elise said about it like she had no thought much else about it. Hard stuck to the point.

Elise over all, did not seem to have much personal question, these things where not about personal questions about anyone's life. She did not care about it until she needed too. It was easier on Elise knowing that everything for the most part has been gathered, Surely for this event it would anger some gods while delighting others. A normal self serving cycle between all of them."On our side?..."Elise questioned it because well she doubted it entirely but maybe one should not blame her for thinking this way."Why would an angel want anyone to do such things? do they know what I intend and agreed to work along with in doing?"Elise might have needed time to settle down and listen to reason but she was on a mission to removes everyone's attachments to gods, demons and other worldly beings. Her reaction would be normal.

But even if she questioned why one wanted it because she always would, It was still a mission. She would go back to normal smoking habit and continue on with it."Do you have any hints towards where it is?"Elise had to ask because if he did not it would not take much effort to start diving into it.

#6Kazimir Seiryu 

Bloody Aftermath of an Evening's Antics(Kazimir.) Empty Mon Sep 18, 2023 12:59 am

Kazimir Seiryu
Kazimir walked at a steady pace as the woman dismissed her new level of power obtained. Or perhaps not fully invested in it. Either way there were other matters to attend to.

"Yes. He is said to have served to protect mankind. Unfortunately, the same power that lets me see into the past also prevents me from sharing those details with others. But I hope that through this investigation the world can see the truth that I have been able to." he answered but knew it was a bit of an odd explanation of a strange power. "Either way. He is an angel that knows others need to be stopped. And I have faced my fair share, and it is finally time to deliver a stronger blow." he left a pause in case she wanted to elaborate on that.

"No. I just know the locations of the people that know about it. I could track them from afar and wait for them to return there, but it would be faster to just interrogate them and take them out if needed." Kaz still stepped forward until the reached a small outdoor balcony that hung over another walkway below them. They could overlook several buildings, including one with an open roof that dropped into a guarded.

"Our first target is in there. But we have plenty of time," Kaz said as he peered downward with his staff in hand. "He is juts sorting some documents in his office," Kaz said as if he could see through the staff what was happening in the land below them.


Bloody Aftermath of an Evening's Antics(Kazimir.) Empty Wed Sep 20, 2023 12:41 pm

Kazimir would to have to deal with more questions even if this was simple. For Elise was still thinking other plans where going on around at this point, in Elise's mind this was a god using other people to for their personal gain. She had to ponder if this one would even if claims wanting to help human would just turn this around on them in the future after nothing else was stopping them. Elise seemingly did not entirely believe Kazimir but this most likely was going to be expected in some way. "Or he is greedy and wants no others around to stop him from his goal after everyone is cleared out."Elise said in return about what this one wished but she also knew it was a means to an end for her current mission and she was willing to go along with it.

Working with Elise, she might have seen like a simple follow orders type but she was in some manner her own wild card."Fine that will be manageable."Elise said almost like she was sorting out a plan quickly. Given what Kazimir knows of Elise and what she is willing to do the question next was most likely going to be very good to ask."Violent or quiet?"Elise said for a good reason. She could get around quietly as a Nun but it would take a longer amount of time.

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