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The Final Piece [SL]

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The Final Piece [SL] Empty Fri Jun 16, 2023 9:01 pm


She ran forward towards the Samurais, who were a little bit stronger than the grunts. She didn't know how many there were, but she didn't know they were a lot, just not as much as they were grunts. The reasons why she calls them grunts had not just summaries in general is because of the fact that they were people that were dug up from the bottom of the barrel of the people of the country. How other people could call them is that they were just pretty much ground meat or the cattle. She didn't like seeing people as cattle, but that is how Ayame saw people. She enjoyed playing and manipulating people like they were just puppets and that's it. Shouldn't really understand why she was like that to begin with. Wasn't really her fault. She couldn't remember that far away as it was thousands. Or was it a hundreds of years ago?



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Her eyes looked around as she saw everything started to phase out from her eyes. Everyone's aura we're starting to fissure into double s and triples was it because she was starting to get tired. She tried to make sure she wasn't going to hit anyone. That was obviously an ally at least. The clouds were getting even more cloudier and darker. The sky was thundering and and now starting to cry. What? Why? Started to flutter as she looked around to see everybody fighting for their lives. It reminded her of when she was going against the people in the war, when she was a human. And all of this she did wonder where her two friends were. Where was Akuko and Ragnar? Where were Yuurei, Kaito, Alisa and the others? She has yet to see them in all of this? Her mind started to split open as she was constantly thinking. What if a repeat happens where her friends die?



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She didn't want to think about what would happen if all of her friends should die. What should be all alone in this empty world? Want to be alone? Shoes thinking about it as she just stood there. Suddenly she felt a warm touch against her shoulder, and instantly out of reaction she slung back, but her weapon was stopped by her companion. Behind her was her companion with his arm on her shoulder. He gave a light smile while his golden eyes struck into her own. "It'll be OK and they'll be OK. Trust me, I wouldn't waste our efforts in trying to protect them. She has gotten stronger since then, no?", He asked. It was as if he knew exactly what happened all those years ago when her and her friend were in the war and where she died. She didn't want to go through that over again.



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She snapped out of it because of his guidance and now she went forward towards where she was going to meet up with the stronger enemies. Everyone was a grunt so far, so she was wondering where they Simari were, or how many of these grunts were really around. She could see some of her allies trying to make a path for her, but sometimes it was getting a little more difficult, as if the Shogun gave them more abilities and powers. It wasn't actual powers that she was giving, it was more just mana and treating them like puppets so they battle better. The shogun was known to be a master puppeteer and manipulator. She started to swing her weapon left and right if she saw an enemy and then would kill anyone who got in her way that was an enemy. Her conscience wasn't really taking this well as she saw the people who were dying just look at her.



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There are so many people. Her heart was pounding with excitement, yet also with tiredness. Looked at her as if he then started to stop her from swinging her weapon. He was able to stop her, even if his strength was very little. It is only because she would stop immediately if he touched the weapon. They started to leave as they were going to go and go another way. She sat down and rested against a tree as he started to bring out a water for her. She needed her energy because of the fact that she hasn't slept in months to almost a year, if not even longer than that. They both lost time when it all started. Who could really count time and pay attention to it when they were constantly fighting for their lives? More like when she was fighting for her life. He was just there to pretty much help and protect her as much as he could. If only if he was his full potential of the nine tailed fox.



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He hated the fact that he was weaker compared to his normal self, but this will have to do. He will be what she needs until he is able to be even more. He felt her forehead for her to make sure she was fine, and she just looked up at him in a tired state. How could she look at him in such a weak state? It made him want to take care of her more and just take her away from here. Yet they had a job to do and things that needed to be done. "Tsk...", he muttered something under his breath. She slowly tried to get back up and he had to just help her. "We need to finish this. We have much to do..." She started. Slowly, as she started to fumble forward as she was going to go back into the fire of the war once more.



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She knew that he was only thinking about her best interest and her health. Even with that in mind, though, she has been getting prepared for this for years. Even before she remembered who she actually was. When she was in a human life, she wanted nothing more than to change how the country was being ran. So many people are getting tortured and harmed from how she was running the country. After a little bit of more going forward, she finally ran into a large group of samurais. It seemed like she couldn't get too many of the samurais to come since she did have her Guild kill two of her largest Lords, which also became a killing spree of their Samurai too. She started to bring out her hand as she was going to summon a spell, but then she saw her companion lift up his hand and point a gun towards them. When did he get that?



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He just made a nasty smirk as he looked at her and shrugged, pretending to not know about this ability at all. She just sighed and shook her head as she shot a bullet towards a targeted spot. Once you hit the targeted spot, it blew up in a large radius that killed and destroyed anyone who is within it. Thankfully, no one died, since they were probably stronger or strong enough to take a couple hits. She hurried and went forward to knock down the rest of the enemies that did get hit that only needed a few more hits left to die. The one she did not kill, she only knocked out. She didn't want them to cause anymore ruckus and end up dying anyways. After killing some of the samurais, she only had one spot left to go and that was up the stairs to go meet up with the Lords and the more powerful enemies, including her nemesis.




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