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Island and the misfits. (Kaito)

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Island and the misfits. (Kaito) Empty Wed May 31, 2023 4:58 pm

The woman in her nice purple dress with golden trim to her clothing sways gently in the wind as she looks to make a good first impression as she had been told that there was a man that might be able to help her here on this island away from the main land. Rather the rumors were true is still yet to be seen.

She walked along the paths that seemed quite rough and very much less traveled on, she thinks that she sees wild life in the more forested areas but she was unsure to if they were the kind that would attempt to bulldoze her or if they were the kind that would remain at a distance from her and not come forward as they feared she might be like some of the others that seem to swim out here to fight and harass them.

She was told the man was very unusual so she had better ready herself for the trouble she might have convincing him to help her by giving her funds to get started here in the world and maybe be able to protect herself.


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Kaito had seemed to sense someone else had entered the island as the animals had seemed to have shifted themselves away from that side of the island but he wondered what or who would be coming out here as the night they do the act of courage isn't for a few more days than it was right now. He sighs as he knows that means he is probably going to have to go and find out what it is in case it might hurt the young ones that come here and prove their courage as they need to be protected in case there is a threat to them here and so he walked along staying in the shadows of the trees and he sees there is a woman here and she looked very unusual for this place so he guessed he would walk down and see what he could do for them though he really has nothing to give them as the exceed on his back climbs down and runs toward her as he hears the woman start speaking to him.


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The woman hearing something closing in on her takes a step back and she uses the bravest voice she can muster. "I came to seek monetary aid from you as I was sent in your way as I know you can afford to help me. I am different so to say, so I need help making a start." She sees the masked man that had been coming toward her.

She bows her head to the man and she hopes that he will aid her but she knows that he has no reason to aid her outside of wanting some kind of return or a favor from her as a pay back to him giving her jewels to help her get a decent start, as she has no idea how to quest or the things that she might need to do to make this all work as she has since the day of attack on her village more or less been sheltered from the outside of the protected area her family kept her from those that might seek her and her talents.


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Kaito was a bit confused to why she had been sent to him. He knows that he could help her by giving her some funds to help her get started and he wouldn't even have to probably give her very much and he pulls a paper out of his cloak and he writes out to give her 350,000 jewels but he accidently wrote on the paper 3,500,000 jewels and he hands it to her. "Just take this to the bank of Fiore and you should be able to get the money hope it helps." He really hopes that the jewels will help her as she seemed to have guts to have asked him so directly and he wonders off back deeper into the island and he wonders what she had meant by different but he also knows it wasn't his business to be digging into her business and if he later finds out that is cool as well but for now he will not sweat it.


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The woman looked at the paper and her jaw dropped at the amount the man had written for her to receive, she has no ide how she is ever going to be able to pay the man back for this as this was a lot of jewels she had just been handed.

She is now worried that she is going to be mugged for her jewels as she tries to leave the island and she just tried to act as if she had only gotten a very little amount so no one would even think to follow her if they had see her come here and meet with the man as she had to hurry to a bank but she also in the back of her head had to wonder if maybe the man had made a mistake but she wondered if the the man would even try to come after her for the mistake or if he would just eat the mistake and be more careful next time he offered to give someone jewels she would just have to worry about that later.

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