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A Game of Thrones [Epic Chapter 4]

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The demon remained stationary, as if he considered chasing her beneath him. Honestly, despite the fact that from a tactical perspective she certainly didn't mind being underestimated, her pride as a demon did cause her to feel a bit frustrated at it. She had just moved behind one of the nearby pillars to give herself a moment to channel her magic, but even then Ulquior did nothing to stop her.

"You're going to regret this~" Esperia chimed playfully as she raised her hands sideways, several purple colored orbs of pure mana manifesting at her side when she threw the projectiles into the direction of the Lord of Lust who simply watched the projectiles zoom in toward him. It was eerie how he simply inhaled sharply and then let out a deafening war-cry, which caused the projectiles to be send off-course and crash into the nearby walls.

Such overwhelming power... It was clear why the other demons had followed Ulquior. But she wasn't going to let him continue underestimating her! She did have some other tricks up to her disposal, and she was about to use the first of these. Allowing her obscura to stir violently the demon-like markings started to spread over her face and her eyes changed their color. She had tapped into her demon form!

Suddenly dashing toward the demon she manipulated the sticky threads she could produce, yet even then the demon found herself incapable of fully restraining the Lord of Lust. The Demon merely gazed with disinterest at her trap as if it had been a circus act, a mere trick. And that was how he dealt with it as well. Suddenly she felt her spider webs being strained to the limit as Ulquior shattered them with just a flex of his muscles, yet that was not the end of it either. No, the demon suddenly pulled at the webbing attached to her hand, causing her to be reeled in like a fish that he then brutally kicked backwards, sending her reeling straight through one of the pillars in the throne room! A pained gasp came from Esperia who tried to shakily climb back onto her feet, a hand wiping away the blood from her mouth as her restorative magic started to stir into healing her injuries.

"Do you see now how pointless this is? You have no chance of winning against me." Ulquior's words only served to infuriate her further, leading Esperia to dash forward as she lunged with a hand toward the demon's throat but before she could even reach him Ulquior stopped her in her tracks, his hand grabbing a hold of her throat as she felt her power being restrained.

"Yet it would be a lie to say your little disturbance didn't entertain me. So I will offer you an opportunity: Serve me."

Esperia went quiet, feeling her anger stirring more strongly than before. She would never serve another. She enjoyed the freedom that came with her new existence and certainly didn't plan to let someone else lord over her like he did.

Seeing the glare in her eyes the man took her defiance as an answer, tightening his squeeze around her neck. Esperia struggled, her hands clawing at the Demon's arm in a bid to be released but to no avail. However, it was in that fleeting moment she felt her other self stir.

"I guess it's about time~" Feeling her consciousness fade away under the pressure being applied to her throat, the moment she was about to fall unconscious a surge of mana erupted from within her. Ulquior saw this as a threat, his other hand moving to impale her chest but before his hand could reach her, a soft feminine voice chimed mischievously. "Got you at last~" Ulquior's eyes narrowed as he watched the demon in front of him change form again. But this transformation seemed different. He could feel his body being paralyzed by the sheer amount of energy being drained merely from his physical touch to her neck.

"So this is your true form..." Ulquior muttered, his sword being raised as he attempted to strike her down before it was too late. However, as the sword came slicing downwards it evaporated, a sign the mana within had been drained dry entirely. Ulquior staggered backwards, a glare on his face but Esperia merely smiled as she continued to drain his essence.

"This is what happens when you keep underestimating me Ulquior~" The demon collapsed backwards onto the ground, his eyes widening in disbelief. "What... are... you doing?" The demon asked worriedly as Esperia continued. "Isn't it obvious? I'm about to devour you~"

The demon tried to stagger back on his feet, but to no avail for Esperia's foot pushed him back on his back. It was a disturbing sight, seeing the demon's essence being drained as his body started to wither away, till at the end only a living husk remained.

"What in the abyss are you?!" Ulquior's question merely earned a soft chuckle from her. "I did introduce myself earlier~ I am 'Lilith~ Demon Queen of Debauchery."

The Lord of Lust could only let out a final desperate cry as his body faded into nothing, not even a skeleton remained as Lilith licked her lips. "Thank you for the meal~"

And with these words she turned toward the entrance of the throne chamber. It seemed that the other demons had sensed Ulquior' demise, for they had surrendered to her thralls and were now standing in the throne room, looking with expectations at her.

"It seems you're no longer a mere demon my dear~ You now officially carry the Title of Lilith: Queen of Debauchery~ So make sure to lead your subordinates properly."

Esperia turned toward the throne, her steps slow and sensual as she took a seat where Ulquior had once made his reign. She had officially usurped his throne.

"What is your command My Queen?" One of the Overseers asked, as the other demons bend the knee alongside him. "Feast~ Feast and celebrate the return of your queen~ The more that join us the better." The Overseer nodded his head deeply. "And these who would oppose your reign?" Esperia became quiet for a moment, after which her lips curved up into a smirk. "Feast upon them~" Excitable cheers and howls escaped from the demons inside the room, a sound that revibrated through the entire castle.

She had become a Demon Queen

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Time passed, while the Demon Queen of Debauchery her forces were eagerly expanding their influence within the abyss, Esperia herself had chosen to remain in the castle. After all, she had something of interest to deal with within the castle. This castle which most presumed to belong to the Demon King she had devoured was in fact a castle with a far greater history. She felt it through Lilith's memories. This place had once been the seat of a Demon Lord's reign during their prime. The time the seven lords of sin reigned over the abyss. Esperia was still seated on her throne, thinking of her next course of action. While it might had been true that she was a demon now, a part of her still longed to return home, to Earthland. It was for that reason a source of mana within the castle's deepest chambers had drawn her interest.

She wanted to discover more about it, but to just recklessly approach it would be dangerous. For all she knew it might as well had been a trap prepared by a clever enemy. Then again, who would place such a thing in the castle of another enemy? Demons weren't exactly known to forge alliances like mortals did. No, the only time they worked together was when they were forced to do so under the iron grip of a stronger demon.

It was for that reason she had decided to put one of her minions to use. One of the things she had noticed after she had taken over was the fact that the succubi in her legion were surprisingly affectionate toward her. According to Lilith it might had to do with her origin, but the succubi were surprisingly loyal for demons. In the sense that they wouldn't backstab her like an overly ambitious imp might try to do.

A sudden shadow shimmered into view beside her throne as a young raven haired succubus appeared, kneeling down in respect as she spoke softly. "Queen Lilith, I bring news about the matter you asked me to investigate."

Esperia turned her gaze toward the succubus and smiled. "Go on, tell me more~" The Succubus nodded her head as she started to explain how she had searched the deepest chambers of the castle and discovered a large room which appeared to contain an inactive portal of sorts. "Hmm a portal..." The Succubus nodded again. "Indeed your highness, it appears it is a inactive gateway." Most likely to Earthland. Perhaps it had once been used by the real owner of this castle. After all that Demon Lord was infamous for her adoration of mortals and her interest in Earthland. With her destination set in mind Esperia rose onto her feet, affectionately patting the succubus' head and started to approach the staircase at the back of the throne chamber which would lead downwards to the deeper chambers of the castle.

She would return home to Earthland... no matter the cost.


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