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[Quest Rank A [SL]] The Pistol

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[Quest Rank A [SL]] The Pistol Empty Sat Feb 11, 2023 2:41 pm


After removing the limbs and head from the Golem, the crowd went dead silent. The only noise was the bits of metal still being chewed up and spit out by the chainaxe, and once was done the chainaxe slowed down as the fight was over and the chainaxe seemed to know it. After another moment the crowd began to roar even louder, so loud that Ragnar flinched at the noise. He was very lucky that the helmet he was wearing had helped silence some of the noise, otherwise he could only imagine that his ears would be bleeding at this point. Eventually the man who called the match stepped forward, and with the same motion silenced the entire crowd.

" Congratulation Ragnar Asegir! You have defeated one of our Champions, and in spectacular fashion at that! It appears that you are gifted by the Lord of Blood himself! Please come forward through the hold and our Artisans will meet with you! " At which point the man turned and vanished into the room he had come out of. Ragnar looked and saw the gate that enemy had walked out was now open, and he assumed that is what the Dwarf meant by coming forward.


[Quest Rank A [SL]] The Pistol Empty Sat Feb 11, 2023 2:41 pm


Ragnar walked into the room where the Golem had come out of, which appeared to be some kind of bay to repair the monster with various tools and small forges around. He assumed this was where the Golem was assembled and then repaired after the fight. Ragnar was sure that his golem could be repaired, it wasn't like he removed that much of it's internal parts. At the back of the room was a doorway, and after going through it he found that he was in a well lit and well made hallway. The hallway was wide enough that even he could walk two abreast without any issues, and he could tell that it was needed as dwarves walked in this hallway. None of them seemed to even notice that Ragnar was there, simply moving around him and continuing on their way. On his left and right, he saw many more doors that he could assume lead to similar bays for the arena.


[Quest Rank A [SL]] The Pistol Empty Sat Feb 11, 2023 2:41 pm


After looking around, Ragnar noticed that a dwarf had stopped infront of him and said " Please follow me sir. The Artisans look forward to meeting you. " and then began to walk down the hallway toward the right. Ragnar placing his chainaxe on his back, followed without any resistance. This should be interesting at the very least. As Ragnar walked, he started to notice some things on the wall. In small engravings he noticed symbols of the Lord of Blood, Zalambur. Apparently these guys were worshipers of the same god as him.

Eventually he was lead into a room where five dwarves sat around a big onyx table. The walls were plain and bare with blue torches on the wall that gave the place more then enough light to see. The next thing that stood out to him was a rack of what looked to be scrolls and books on the back wall away from him. The Dwarves stopped talking at this point and the one at the front of the table waved him forward, speaking in Dwarvish. Ragnar had no idea what was being said as he walked forward, and behind him the man that escorted him followed him in.


[Quest Rank A [SL]] The Pistol Empty Sat Feb 11, 2023 2:41 pm


The Artisans pointed at him and then at the table and said something that Ragnar didn't understand, and the dwarf that had escorted him said " They request to look at your weapon? They wish to see if they can upgrade it or modify it in anyway?" Ragnar didn't like the idea of someone touching his chainaxe, but there wasn't too much he could do about it at this point, as he took it off his back and placed it infront of him on the table. One of the dwarves attempted to pick up the axe with one hand, and was appeared to be shocked when he couldn't and had to pick it up with two hands.

Ragnar stood there for what felt like hours, and possibly could have been, as the dwarves talked to each other and pointed and prodded the chainaxe, one of them even cutting their finger on the double sided chainaxe teeth. This was to help remove some blockages by revving the chainaxe the opposite way for a moment.


[Quest Rank A [SL]] The Pistol Empty Sat Feb 11, 2023 2:42 pm


Eventually they put the weapon down, with the lead one sighing before turning around and looking around on the bookshelf behind him. As the other argued to themselves about something, the lead dwarf went through a handful of books and looked at various scrolls before pulling out a scroll, looking at it and then looking at Ragnar and then nodded before turning and spreading it out over the table.

What was on the table was a drawing of a very large pistol. It appeared to be too big for your average human to hold in one hand, and it appeared to be built around of the jaw and skull of a beast, a strange coil of something and a strange looking front. Ragnar wasn't even sure what they were looking at, but the other dwarves at the table stopped their argument and then looked at the lead one. They looked back to the drawing, to the lead dwarf, to Ragnar and then back to the drawing. Eventually they all nodded to a silent question.

The lead dwarf then started to write something down on a paper before walking over to the translator and handing him the paper and saying some thing to him before turning and going back to talking to the other dwarves around the table. They now appeared that Ragnar wasn't even in the room. The translator dwarf said " They will make you this weapon. You will simply need to gather these resources and they will create it for you. "

Ragnar was handed the list of things he needed to go get, and looking at it nodded before being escorted out of the dwarven fortress to complete this task.

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