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Song of Time and Space [Judith]

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The gentle song of the beaches, the gentle song of the people that came through here was an endless smattering of emotions and gentle knowings. It was like there were thousands, millions of people that had come and go. Leaving behind them the essence that they had time and time again.

People had lived out their lives here, people had come here with passion and happiness that spawned a quiet couple of centuries before their eventual passing. There was so much kindness on these islands that it was hard not to notice songs like this. It was harder still not to sing along with them and saturn found himself sitting outside of a bar.

Gently humming along with a song no one else could hear, turning away the requests for him to drink along with others. Water would suffice for now; he wasn’t sure if he should touch stuff like wine or liquor. Uncertain of how he would act under the influence of such things.

He held no fear but there was uncertainty, the loop of unknowing edges that may lay hidden deep within were he to partake. The water here was crisper and cooler than places he had been before anyways and left him refreshed. Easing his worries and woes; were he to have any at all.

His carefree and gentle nature echoed along the beachfront of the bar that he sat outside of. Drawing in customers for the place; though eh’d gently remind people not to stay in place so long; didn’t want a business to get frustrated with him creating a crowd or stopping potential customers.

Though he did have a few people offer to pay for things for him, like a meal or some drinks. He’d turn them down still and smile, waving them along to spend their merriment inside rather than stopping with him. Keeping that song with him and the music played out like an old friend that never stopped chattering.

Deep into the night, dancing into the clouds and casting a light along the stars themselves. All he had was time to himself and he was quietly enjoying his time around the living.

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Judith Karlinius
If Judith knew anything, There was always times and places to learn things. Even if she ended up travelling to other places all over again. It was a nice break from her guild work. But these times in some manner where helpful for Judith in a different manner, If not to reflect upon the many things always in her mind. After all one could only distract the mind so much until you need to ponder your meaning after a while. But Judith was pondering was her recent changes.

The beaches where nice for that. She could ponder the ones who passed on in her life, how many lives shes lived through. What all she could do to fix the things she wants to do. It was a vast thought in her mind

Then the sound of music seemingly hit her mind, things she use to do a lot when she was at home: Sing, Dance so many things long gone form her enjoyment of things because she was busy with other things, Judith even realized she was not making as many jokes as she use too. Maybe time was taking it's wear on her and she did not ever consider it coming so soon.

So curiously about the music Judith would walk over to where the music was, Looking upon who was playing it. It seemed interesting for the moment. The music was relaxing to her, So much so Judith would in some manner do something she had yet to do. Use her magic to rewind time just to hear the song again from the start, She would do this at least a few times. Since it was actually some kind of enjoyment. At this time it seemed no one really picked up on how Judith did these things. But after hearing the song a time over she went to the current time when the current song ended.


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As time passed more people came and went; individuals that he had never noticed before giving small waves. Some trying to give him money that he declined. What sort of use did he have for that? He didn’t. So he’d bid them spend it somewhere else; gingerly pushing it back to them and shaking his head slowly.

There was a sensation that he didn’t understand; time moved backwards for someone else and he’d blink at the knowledge that they had been there for since the start of the song but just earnestly listening. Scratching his head the large demi-god adjusted himself in his seat as the song came to the end.

A strange woman to say the least; but his song was that of the world around him. Not of his own creation but that he was sharing it with those that cared to listen. He hadn’t had someone listen to the whole song of a place before and his grin that was always on his face spread a little bit more. He was a bit excited to see what they thought…

Is tale of this place… what does… Madam think?

He couldn’t tell what sort of species of earthlander they were, he couldn’t really garner their age or their means of life. So he respectfully added onto the knowledge of their femininity in a manner that hopefully didn’t come off as insulting. He struggled with the social cues of the world thus far.

Something felt off about this one too, their magic was strong. So strong but yet they felt more timeless to him than even he felt. It was a strange sensation he couldn’t make of this; his own magic of the galaxy seemed intrinsically tied to them in some fashion. He’d place a hand to his chest, spreading the fingers over it for a moment. It was a simple name, laced with mana, his true and thought out being of his name.


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Judith Karlinius
Asking Judith question like that from Judith, Might not yield a fully logical answer or helpful to Saturn depending on how she answered it."Interesting gathering you have here Saturn."Judith said with a smile on her face she did have to say who she was after all this was a conversation over all she was having and it would be fun in the figurative thought."I am Judith, in my home of Fiore, I am the Guild Leader of Fairy Tail." She was curious that meant anything to him or not but did not make it too complex at this time.

At least they had names to call each other. As for his question."This place is an interesting place for mages gather for various reasons. Between getting way from the cold or the people."She kept it simple to start with answer wise. She hoped it was something easy to understand. "Is it to your liking?"Judith asked in return just to see what they thought. Since they thought it was a fair one to ask. Since she kind of just let him think for a moment, sometimes answers took time to configure mentally for some being who just learned a language new.


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Saturn’s ears flicked a little bit as the other commented on the gathering of people that had come and gone. His head tilted to one side; returning the smile ever lasting. Hearing the introduction of Judith however sprung to mind the soft talks of the guild fairy tail. Nothing but good and kindness from those he had been around. But very little was known past one of the more powerful members.

Judith likely in their own right was powerful; in one way or another. Her words were soft; gentle and certainly felt like someone who cared genuinely. He’d hum a little bit; as though pulling at that song again ever so briefly.

It is… Nice to meet you Judith.

Was he really properly part of any guild yet? It was hard to know really. So much was going on and so much was changing all the time the sensations of gold were primarily difficult to ascertain. Hearing her answer the tall demi-god nodded his head slowly.

The happiness of this place and the people soothes many an aching heart. Mine doesn’t… ache in the same way others do but it tries to treat me all the same.

He’d smile warmly, staring out across the beach. His words came out so haltingly that it was like he had been telling a story using them; he’d lean forward in his seat one of his eyes staring quietly towards the other dragonslayer. He was already familiar with their scent and meeting them painted a distinct ‘dot’ in his head.

I like it here.

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Judith Karlinius
When it came down to it in the end it really did not matter who was a part of what at least to Judith. As long as peace was kept there was little worry she would have with the world around her and what the people did as long as it was not meant to harm people with malice, The normal peaceful ways a person could live. But it was a simple way to think of her life even if it's been long and in stabled in it's own way."Most like it here." Speaking in return.

"For it leaves people feeling if anything at peace. Warm and means to think about their lives different than for what they are dealing with at their home."It was a plain and figurative statement but it was one she felt maybe made sense and was easy to understand. Or she was just talking for the sake of.


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I can see why. Do you?

Cracking his eyes slightly to look at his ‘guest’ of sorts; he wasn’t sure what to make of them still. Their song was different; like forward and back and somewhere in the middle. It would have been headache inducing if he understood it more but he simply didn’t.

People used this place to escape from their woes, they used the warmth and the love of this place to try to forget. It was saddening that people couldn’t keep this warmth close and he felt his features soften a little bit. He liked it here because he could tell that the love and the sensations here were more genuine than anywhere else. Breathing out slowly the demi-god shifted in his seat.

Running from your problems doesn’t solve them I wouldn’t think… Perhaps the song that people need to hear is one that hurts too much too huh…

Saturn rubbed at his chin somewhat thoughtfully. He’d eye the other dragonslayer; wondering quietly who exactly his companion was here. There was more than just Judith right? Or was she running from something like everyone else that came here? Or maybe just visiting?

...I came here to listen to the music that this place plays, what did you come here for if I may ask Judith?

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Judith Karlinius
Does she was a good question after all some people just assumed Judith knew already knew the answer, Not that it was a horrible thing it save her at times to think up a long winded way of explaining. But maybe she did need to explain it in a simple way."Well let me explain it this way."Judith said with pretty calm smile."When the time that thoughts linger stretch beyond life, Time away from from it makes the road shorter."Judith manners of speaking where in some manner confusing at times.

But she felt maybe that made sense to him, or that she might have not explained it well enough."Or maybe better to say, time away from home relaxed the mind from the many worries at linger from being at it."Maybe that was better to say it as. But over all it seemed Judith was more leaving things as always left for the person to choose to think of it in their own way it was kind of the fun of it.

But just in case she would just be sure to ask."Do you get what either mean? Or am I speaking in a manner easily lost to time?"Judith could not help but laugh her own jokes after all it was just silly to do.

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I understand what you mean, I think.

Saturn rubbed at his chin, eyeing judith for a few long moments. The way she spoke was strange but there was an understanding to it that sat well with him. The longer you were away from something the more fondly you remembered it. Which… To someone that was barely a few weeks out of being created may find strange.

I don’t have much time of my own to really ‘miss’ anything. I was born very recently.

Saturn gave a small shrug, though his smile remained on his face and his manner was still very positive; curiosity played about his features and mannerisms. He had to wonder how long she was away from what she loved.

Are you finding your time away enjoyable?

He’d cock his head to one side; her song was a bit confusing to him still but he saw no reason for him not to be pleasant or even to ask her questions. In fact he didn’t even really have a problem with anything here or presented. Just immensely curious!

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Judith Karlinius
Simple questions where fun to Judith there was always ways to answer them in an interesting manner. She find time away helpful these days as it cleared her mind, But she was always in other places for other reasons as well."One can view the reasons for time away as a good thing, Just for many reasons."Judith would start with explaining it that way to see if maybe the idea behind it could be picked up in a thoughtful way.

for Judith her times away much like she was reflecting was much more in depth in some manner than what she was letting off since she was always so casual and happy."For myself, My time travelling and going to other places often is to learn something either about myself or an area I have yet to be at before."Which intentionally would most likely leave Saturn with more questions because it was vague answer."Sometimes both can happen even in places I have been before." Which also was a different almost not really an answer but still answering.

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