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Pub Crawl: Karisa's Despair

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The lilac haired beauty walked through town as she went to the rental houses that had a built-in bar. Thankfully, money wasn't an issue for her. In her tucked in black shirt with long sleeves from her semi-short pink skirt, she was dressed up cutely. She didn't feel the need to dress 'sexy' as some would say, but at the same time, some people found this attractive, like her husband maybe. She missed him greatly but knew that he was still busy. Oh, how she craved for his touch and attention. She gave a quiet scoff as she went up to her place and opened the front door. Everyone seemed peaceful in here, unlike the haunted house she went to earlier.

Once she closed and locked the door, she went to the kitchen to turn on the stove. Next, she brought out some meat, vegetables and grains for her recipe that she'd just be eating by herself. She left the kids with Judith as she knew she could trust them with her. Karisa just needed time for herself. When she saw Kuri, Ana and what came of her son, she didn't know how to feel. She had many questions and wondered if that is still her fate, just taking its' time instead. The woman grabbed a chef's knife, a board and grabbed each thing needed to start cutting things up slowly, closing her eyes and thinking.

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#2Kaz the Malevolent 

Pub Crawl: Karisa's Despair Empty Sun Nov 06, 2022 9:06 pm

Kaz the Malevolent
How different had this world become? The dark invader wondered as he stepped away from the world's plight for a moment hung in time. He may have faced defeat, but the mage had more on his mind than mere subjugation of a country. Or helping take over the world. For him, it was all just an act. An illusion for a more grand scheme. He leaned on the window ledge from an upstairs vantage. Thoughts of what was before him and was to unfold raced through his mind. So close.

His eyebrow arched as he saw a familiar and yet foreign woman approach the stairs to the rental homes and enter. "Time for a visit it seems." He stood up and could almost feel her aura through the rooms. His sense of vibrations leaked out until he could feel how she moved through the air. He had planned to speak with her at some time...about what could be perhaps.

Once she entered her room. The malevolent would vanish with the wind and appear inside the room with Kari. She was alone. Chopping vegetables.

"It has been some time since you have been like this. There certainly are some differences," he replied as he ran a gloved hand across the wall of the room. "You're on the right path to becoming as strong as she is." He faced her. He maintained a sturdy composure after the wounds he was dealt in fighting for this land. It had not come without a price.

"Was seeing a different version of yourself so difficult you chose to hide away here? or perhaps you have yet to overcome what ails you." His heavy footstep pressed into the ground with his slight movement. Unlike the Kazimir of this world, his eyes were stained with the countless lives he had taken along his path. A remorseless life for those that had stood in his way.

The clouds darkened outside. Rain pattered on the rooftops and scoured the streets below. The darker his topic became the more he let it bleed into the winds and the air around. The woman before him was important to both Kuri and Himself.



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It troubles her what Kuri told her. The thing about it was Karisa already knew what was bound to happen, but she forbid it. She hummed a beautiful tune as she started to finish up on the cutting, but suddenly a deep dark voice approached. Swiftly she turned around and pointed the knife toward them. Her eyes widened at the sight of him. Her eyes glared while her hands tightly held onto the blade in anguish, "I will never... turn out like her. I rather die," she gritted her teeth. Her eyes looked left and right for some way out, but she felt this Kazimir was more substantial than hers.

Evil always made one stronger for those who are like Gods. There were no restraints for hers nor Kazimir's version. "You see, I know that's how I would've turned out and may turn out, but...," she paused and turned around to put the knife down. She knew this Kazi would not hurt her as Kuri will not either. Kuri told her that she had plans for her and was the only 'family' Kuri saw as light. Even her children were nothing but disposable beings that had pieces of her heart. A weak heart was how she described it.

Karisa was raised by a Kuri long ago before escaping Sin. Her eyes looked up at Kazi, with all her might, to not be bashful like she usually would. She felt the pressure of the illness, making her suddenly lean over and cough hard. Her forearm covered her mouth as she had a coughing fit. After a few seconds, she blinked weakly and chuckled softly, "I am willing to die with this illness if it means I don't have to sacrifice innocent lives," she laughed as her arms dangled, tears rising. Blood was on the side of her lip and the forearm she used as it slowly slid down to her hand, finger tip and then the floor. The thought of killing her children, experimenting on them, and many more innocent people just for her own life, she couldn't do it.

"I thought after getting rid of the Kuri from this world, I'd get rid of the curse and illness, but I suppose it was too good to be true... Not even Kazimir from this world knows... that I'm fated to die soon," she gazed into Kazi's eyes as she could imagine her own within him. She knew with her abilities that this was the darker Kazi. Her heart yearned for him as much as hers for some reason. Was it because they were the same? Even the scent was the same, with a little difference.

"Why... are you here though?", she asked in her soft, breathy tone while looking innocently up at him.

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#4Kaz the Malevolent 

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Kaz the Malevolent
He looked down at the knife and gave a lopsided smile. For all the power Kari could possess, she still chose to swing around such a meager weapon. She was a stunning image, just like the woman he knew. Even down to this phase of her life. "Death is an option. You may be willing but what about..." he stopped himself short, not wanting to ruin the mystery. But he already saw this story play out once. Already knew what he would have done. "She thought she'd protect me from it too." he shook his head thinking back upon his own timeline. He saw her look left and then right. The winds howled outside. They could hear the sounds of others struggling to push open doors.

She turned and put the knife down. So she knew and trusted him well enough to know he would not outright attack her. The same couldn't be said if she ran into the other version of herself. She coughed blood and he stepped forward to put a hand on her shoulder as if to catch her if she fell. He watched the blood trickle down her arm. It smelled the same as the woman he spent his life with. His love.

"You must have a strong connection to so quickly know I am not him," even before he spoke she would have known. If nothing else, his not rushing to her aid when she bleed was the biggest sign. "You haven't told him yet? Fascinating," he said and stepped closer as her arms dangled to her side. He wondered if she'd make the same choices. Just how different were they? How much will she play into Kaz's path this time?

"It is a nearly unavoidable situation. It will take more death than that to be free from it," He said and stood right in front of her now. When she asked why he was there he couldn't help but see the innocent look in her eyes that reminded him so much of the intimate moments they shared together. For how horrible of things they had done, they had always been different around one another.

He took her blood-covered arm by the wrist and lifted it up above her head. His vampiric eyes flashed as he licked the blood from her arm. "No matter how deep our love goes. We always walked separate paths. always with our own agendas. But," he gazed into her eyes as if to pierce her soul. "One thing has been constant. We would do whatever was needed to protect each other. And nothing can remain hidden forever. Many things get whispered through the wind." he pinned her hand firmly against the cabinet above her.

"The protection will feel for one another...does not end with our own version. Even now our lives," He leaned closer to her lips. "can not be untangled."


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She wasn't afraid of him. She trusted Kazi as she would Kazimir. He may be evil, but their hearts and souls were the same. That also means blood and scent. She listened to him while biting her lip, gazing into his beautiful eyes. The mako green with the serpent pupils stared at only her. She then lowered her gaze to look at his lips. As thin as they were, the smirk and, wait, was he about to say something about someone else? Her eyes shot up to his, and she bit her lower lip. "She refrained from telling me what happened as to how she didn't die. 'You'll find out yourself someday; she told me," her eyes searched him as if he probably had answers.

"I disagree, though, as I won't allow myself to do whatever it takes," she softly said and then saw him come closer. Her heart beat quickly, she gulped, and her mouth became dry. As he got closer, her gaze always met his eyes, watching him. Her lips gaped to gasp, and her breathing became heavy and slow. Her eyes closed as she could feel his rough tongue go against her arm, licking the blood. Kari held herself, not making noise, reacting to him doing something intimate. What would Kazimir think if ... She was thinking but then saw it. Kari's eyes gazed away as if she saw a vision. A scene that happened. She saw what happened in the same Haunted House in the basement of how Kuri and her Kazimir did the same thing. Her eyes flicked back up to Kazi, and suddenly, she felt pinned. "Nnn," she muttered and looked back

Her voice became even softer, unintentionally alluring with every word she heard. "I...", her eyes flickered from his eyes to his lips and back to his eyes. She felt so confused, but wanted it, wanted him so much. Their passion for each other will never end—their attraction for one another sexually, emotionally, and all. "I cannot deny that nor... nor would I allow anyone to have you other than me... No matter who I am... I will love all versions of you. Our lives will forever be bound in every life..." she muttered sweetly and gazed away, turning her head shyly. Did she just say that?! What was going on with her? Kari's bosoms were large enough to press against his chest with how close he was, so was the rest of her body. Her heart was getting heavy and beating hard, her body was heating up, and she didn't want him to leave her even when pinned.

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#6Kaz the Malevolent 

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Kaz the Malevolent
"Secretive as always. She's right though. You will find out sooner than later," he replied. It wasn't something that you could easily tell someone about. And he only found out a little through...other means. But it led down a slippery path.

"It will be easier to say that now...not so easy in the days ahead," he answered again as he was now chest to chest with her. Her body felt as pleasing as the Kuri that he knew. The blood that trickled down her arm was just as nourishing, to his vampiric tastes. Even the small moan from being pinned sent a lustful whisper to him. No matter what form she was in. Before the deaths of after, she was the same to him. The same passion and vigor burned through for each version of the woman.

He could feel the thud of her heartbeat. The heavy weight of her breath. His fingers eased up from around her wrist and grazed down her arm. He moved the cutting block from behind her and gripped her thigh. With a firm squeeze, he lifted her up and onto the edge of the counter so her legs would be wrapped around his waist. "You are mine in this life and all others," he replied, knowing that with her magic she could tell that no matter what path they walked it would bring them together. No doubt Kuri was having fun playfully tormenting his other version as well. A brief time to indulge in what they used to be.

Kaz brought her face closer to his for a kiss. His tongue danced around hers. His hand wrapped around to her rear and pulled their hips closer together.


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She could feel the squeeze his large, strong hands gave against her fleshy squishy skin. Even if he was a vampire, supposed to be cold, she felt the heat from him that radiated strongly, making her want to embrace him forever. Was this wrong? They were both the same person, but at the same time, they were not. She loved all versions of him because, to her, they were him. Will Kazimir think the same? This felt right; she emotionally felt attached and wanted his attention and love for eternity. Why did it hurt too much to think of a life without him? To think of him with someone else that wasn't her? Her mind was being clouded but was snapped back into reality when he suddenly picked her up, put her onto the counter, and passionately kissed her.

Her eyes closed, and her arms slowly wrapped around his neck. Her fingers went through his strands of silver hair. Becoming breathless, she departed their lips for a split second before going back in. Their tongues wrestled hotly, and her face blushed as she felt his hands on her assets. During this, her legs wrapped around his waist, using her little strength to pull him in with no space to give between them. She made sure her tongue would not get cut by the sharpness of his vampire's teeth but felt every other along with his tongue. Her body squirmed as she felt a large number of euphoric feelings. Quickly, he made her think and feel venereous things with the words of his possessiveness, being his in this life and all others. Between kissing, she then traveled her hands down onto his shoulders, nails gliding against his skin slowly. Once she got a grip on his attire, she attempted to take it off while his grip was on her.

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#8Kaz the Malevolent 

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Kaz the Malevolent
She gave in to him as he hoped that she would. To embrace the Kari of this world and in this time. Everything about it felt as overwhelming as when he was with Kuri from his world. He grinned as her arms wrapped around his neck and they kissed once more. She pulled inches away for a fleeting moment. The desire linger in the small gap between them, right before she closed back in. He held onto her and pulled her closer still. He sensed the blood that rushed to her cheeks as his hand moved around her body.

He let out a deep moan as her nail drug down his shoulders and wrapped around his garments. She pulled at the robe and he loosed one hand to let it slide free from the sleeve. With his sleeveless arm, he ran his hand up her thigh and to her lower back, beneath her shirt, ready to pull it over her head. All the while he released his other arm so his robe could fully fall off onto the floor, forgotten about. He had almost forgotten the delightful curves that she had. He kissed her with his shirtless body pressed against her. His hands were ready to pull her shirt off and pull her body against his.


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Karisa saw him as him. Other than having darkness inside, taking the wrong path. She felt that this Kazi was no different than her Kazimir. Sure, he was a little bit rougher, but she didn't mind that a bit. Then what happened to Kuri? How did she end up becoming Kuri after all she has done to stay away from that route? Kuri became less caring, she had no love or care for her children. No love for humanity in general. The way Kuri was explaining it to Karisa, she was indeed Callous to all - all besides Kari of course. This heating moment made her confused as to why her body was like this, but the reasoning in her logic made it make sense.

She squirmed at his moan, her weakness among other things. As soon as his attire fell off, she lifted her arm one at a time to let the dress leave her body, now leaving her in her garments of laced purples and black. Her hands snaked down onto his chest as her nails drew on them, sculpturing every line and curve of his body. It made her mouth dry, or at least would have if they weren't already busy with his. His strength undoubtly was more overpowering than her own. Slowly, she leaned her head back and looked at him with a sweet smile as she brought one hand over his cheek. Maybe she wanted to see light in him as she does Kazimir. She knew both were the exact same so what made him go big and bad?

"Kazi... do you trust me?", she asked softly and bit her lower lip as a portal behind her appears to transport them to another location, unless her test be true.

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#10Kaz the Malevolent 

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Kaz the Malevolent
He looked over her body draped in seductive garments. It was a delight to see and enthralled his senses with it. Thinking of all he would do to the lingerie she wore. Despite the distracting passion, it still lingered in his mind. That his Kuri was the same as this one once. They had lived a similar life together until...

A breathy sigh of relief left his mouth as she drew along his chest. Both exposed to one another. She held his face in her hand. Her eyes searched for something that was long lost aside from a few people the wind mage still carried about. He could still remember the moment of his change. It was a subtle one at first but grew over time. A simple flick of his wrist at someone that was in his way of achieving his goals. Other than that...the man had been innocent. His only crime was standing in the way of the wind mage's ambitions. After that...it just became easier and easier. To see the misguided world around them. Those that were a lot and hopeless. His only care became his goal. but perhaps something still lingered in the recesses of who he was.

"Of course," he said looking at the familiar seeming portal behind them. With a gentle nudge of the wind, he eased her into the portal and followed suit.


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She smiled happily as she felt him nudge the both of them back into the portal. There they will now be in the High Gardens under the beautiful night sky. Flowers were surrounding them of all colors, inside the glass house was just them, but the roof had the ability to remove itself with the help of a little magic. Her lilac hair was a mess after the small wind playing with her strands. Her eyes were watching him as she dragged him down with her. It was as if Time already knew her plans as there were things prepared for them right where they landed.

"Mmm, I hope they won't mind that we use their Garden House,~" she purred softly as she has her arms wrapped around his neck now, leaning back so her back lands against the blankets. Of course, she won't do so unless he keeps his hold. Her large bosoms against his chest as they were now fully revealing themselves to each other. Both of them shared each other's weaknesses as truthfully, they were each other's weakness, rather they wish to admit it or not. "Then again...who cares..." she whispered and looked into his beautiful eyes. "Tell me, Kazi... tell me what you want and how badly...~" she teased while her mouth travels to his neck, taking a nibble.

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#12Kaz the Malevolent 

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Kaz the Malevolent
He happily went down with her. His body hovering over her and the messy hair that scattered seductively across the bed. Of course he kept his hold on her and fell with her to a land of delights and satisfaction. The place was already ready, and he couldn't help but remember that she probably had seen this play out in some ways before. He leaned into the pressure of her chest against his body.

No matter the realm, he'd cut his way through for nights like this. With any version of her. "I certainly don't," he joked back about the use of the garden house."
His spine tingled at her words. How he loved to hear her tease him and spurn in him like so. His hand wrapped through her hair as she nibbled his neck. Kaz moved his hips between her thighs. "You already know," he pulled her hair firmly but gently so he could look at her. "I want everything," he said about enjoying all the pleasures that came with being with her. He gazed into her eyes, "Wait for me," he said with a smile as he eased down her body and planted a kiss right above her naval.


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She omph'd as her hair was pulled gently. Her eyes once more met with his as she wanted to swim in them. She felt pure passion by just gazing into his eyes and his lips. He wasn't fully bare, but enough for her to feel flustered and hot with their position. She felt a little aloof, confused even towards his words. Was he talking about her, or did it have a deeper meaning? Being the scientist, she always deep thought about everything. Their actions and what they say. Right above her belly button, he kissed her, blushing and watching his every movement with her own eyes.

"Then I shall give you everything as I would to my own,". She wanted to know how badly he wanted her, maybe out of assurance or to stroke her self esteem? Something within her wanted to give it all up for him, for this, but why? Was it the Kuri inside her that pushed her feelings and body into this? Karisa unsure what to do or say towards the waiting so she simply nodded and bit her lower lip, curious on what he will do now to her. For once, she wanted to enjoy and not take control of her own fate and other things.

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#14Kaz the Malevolent 

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Kaz the Malevolent
She always was one for sweet words, and the way she surrendered herself to him, only pushed him further. Even knowing he had committed dark deeds, she still yearned for him. His kiss was met with a soft moan as he trailed his lips up her body while she waited for him to arrive at her chest and then her neck until he was face to face with her one more. "Not even another realm could keep us apart" He said as with her chest pressed against his. His hand caressed her outer leg until no garments hung between them.

The look in his eye signaled that the wait was over, and he moved in for another passionate kiss. His hand moved around the silly smooth feel of her shoulder and arm. Sheets bundled up and twisted on the bed around them. The garden house rose in temperature as the two would tangle together. Platinum and lilac hair scattered around the pillows. "Does this answer your question," he whispered in her ear about how badly he had wanted her.

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