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City Watch [SL]

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The city was inviting them in, The city of Sins. She heard that the city was not forgiving and was in the most corrupt ways. The trail on the way there was lit up by candles within the water Hidden by orbs. As she was steering the wheel. Her eyes looked left and right. Everybody was moving around to get a good look. She was wondering why she has never heard this place before. Was it because nobody was allowed back out if they got in Or was it because there was hidden so well that they only invited certain specific beings. As the ship got closer and inside the mountain, she looked back and saw that it was just stone. Did the mountain close itself as if it had a door? Everybody was confused and was asking each other questions. Nobody knew the answers to those questions, but all she knew is she had to get to the docks and land this boat.



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There were now closed into the city within the mountains of Joya. Once they got to the docks everyone started to get off and look around as they have never been here before. People that were within this city gave them simple glances and finally went back to their own jobs. She wasn't sure where she should start, so she started to go toward the restaurants that were close by. Before she went off, she told everybody else to start searching through the city and come back close to here after a couple of hours. She was sure if she had several people looking through the city, they will have an easier time finding what she needs to find. Highest corner as she started to walk away, seeing that her advisers were watching her. Without her knowing, the two were actually fighting for her as they then looked at each other.



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They gave each other a deal to see who could actually find the information, and whoever found the information first, they would probably get the favor of their captain. Once that deal was off, they decided to go on their separate ways. Meanwhile, Quilla decided to open the doors of the restaurant and look around. It was more of a pub than anything, as everybody were in their little Batty outfits that were torn and roughed up. She had her weapon back at the ship. She needed to fight anyone. She will have to rely on her fists than anything. People shared a glance at her and then looked away as if they didn't know her. She felt really annoyed, so she just went to each table and showed them the paper. She had asked everybody, one by one if they knew the woman with a picture of her. So far, some ignored her And others decided not to say anything.



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She got really irritated and looked around to see if they had any stages or anything to get on top of. Seeing that there were no stages, she got on top of a table and whistled real loudly. If no one paid attention to her by then, she was going to use a spell to destroy everything without care finally. Some people looked at her And started to yell at her to get down and to let everyone do what they feel like. She rolled her eyes and thought that was the stupidest thing she has ever heard, because shouldn't she be allowed to do what she wanted, which was what she was doing currently? She lifted up the piece of paper with the face of the woman and described her details. As she was, some people motioned out of their seat uncomfortably. She was wondering what that was about and got off the table, pointing her finger to the people who were getting out of their seat.



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Quilla went to them and sighed softly. She lifted up her fingers and before she could snap, she saw them not moving. What was going on? She saw a shadow of all their shadows being mixed that lead to someone else. Before she could see the details, she saw the person leave the building. Maybe it was a sign that they wanted to be found by her. "I guess I will just follow," she coldly spoke and kicked a chair at the people who didn't want to talk. It was their fault. She didn't care about these people anyways. She walked towards the door. Instantly she felt a chill as she then cracked the door open to look outside and saw there was no one there. She decided to leave the building and move on to what she was doing. She had first found clues of where the person went to, so she looked around to see if any scratch marks were recent.



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She didn't see any marks, so she decided to look at some other place where she could possibly be. Her eyes looked around as she tried to find her crewmates and wanted to know where they were. She couldn't find any one of them. Even the ones who are always constantly trying to look out for her. She sighed softly and decided to sit down on a barrel with her hands gripping on each side. Her pink hair swayed left and right as the wind was blowing her hair to the side. She has had her hair painted for a really long while and forgot what her natural hair color was besides black. Was the hair color just black? Was it even black or was it brown? Her memory was confused. She took a deep breath and decided to get up and walk around more through the city. She looked at everyone around her.



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She already left the restaurant and now she was on her way to the shop that was a few blocks away. She was sure she would at least find one of the people from her crew at the shop. Businesses was one of the top places to check when you're trying to find people, because people love stopping by at shops and restaurants. She spotted one other crewmate, but not the two that she was specifically looking for. She went close by to them and asked them if they knew where the others were. The only response she got was that she didn't see any of them yet, and that she didn't find anything out about the woman that Quilla was talking about. She nodded and told them that they can go ahead and go back to the boat as she was going to look for the others. Next stop was the fish market.



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She looked around to see if she could find the two people she was mainly looking for, but she hasn't found any other crewmates since the first one. The candles that were hanging from the light post were dimming out as it was getting too dark. She blamed for one second and realized that all the lights were going off and nobody was around. It was very quiet and oddly enough, she couldn't see anybody. Where did all the people go? Their walking became more fast-paced as she then turned to see someone. Mirror behind her and they were wearing a cloak. Unlike the woman, it was someone without the fog underneath them, and the only light that was glowing was a red butterfly near them. Instantly the woman or man was in front of them. They whispered some words in a language that she did not understand. She then blacked out.




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