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Steal the Artifact [Quest: Vyra]

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Steal the Artifact [Quest: Vyra] Empty Mon Sep 26, 2022 9:20 am

She had begun to properly get her feet wet on the island. Having been on Luluhawa for a few days now, Vyra had a sense of things, albeit a slightly loose one. She knew of where she could go, who to engage with, things that would be among some of the first things that would be handled as a new person who were trying to establish themselves or otherwise get their bearings. Much still could have been said of Vyra admittedly, who was hardly anyone who knew her sense around here. Even within Hargeon, a place that she had lived for the past several years, it still had taken her quite a while before she had strong enough of a sense of where everything was as to enable her to be able to operate and function like a person, as someone that could easily pass off as a local, who knew the lingo, the terminology, everything that would be required for her to be able to pass herself off appropriately in such a capacity.

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Steal the Artifact [Quest: Vyra] Empty Mon Sep 26, 2022 9:20 am

Report was crucial. That was something that she had learned early on, her time at the Hargeon Docks having proven to be beyond worthwhile for her ventures, and now having been left to her own devices, unable to enjoy the benefits that came with being in Blue Pegasus, she had little choice. She had little ability to see the world for her own, to venture out and see what was going on with herself, but rather instead forced to endure, to figure out things on her own. With that freedom also came the reality that she had to invest her trust in others, even those who were of the less trustworthy sort. Fine for Vyra, whom had found herself resorting to whatever sort of means and interest that she could to further along her own survival, whether it were in Hargeon or otherwise. And the Island were no exception. If anything, it demanded even more trust in whom she worked with, regardless of affiliation.

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Steal the Artifact [Quest: Vyra] Empty Mon Sep 26, 2022 9:20 am

Such, that trust at times had to be properly earned through other means. Sometimes nefarious, whether or not it affected her seldom being the case, but still something in the back of her mind she were all too mindful towards. It simply demanded greater pause, her being more attentive herself, but seldom did she allow herself the chance to be caught off guard. Even in this job, one that involved her going about and stealing something that was seemingly precious to one of the locals, it didn’t bother her. She may have felt guilt if it were Hargeon, there being people whom she knew, cared about even, but not here. Regardless of whether or not Alisa had found this island, there was no connection to her, especially now no longer in Blue Pegasus. Thus, when she threatened the man, demanding the statue that was so highly demanded, there were not a sense at all of fear upon her face, worry about her actions taken, instead almost taking delight with them. Delight in knowing that she were on the right side of this, in her mind.

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