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One of Red and Withered Metal.(Closed)

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#1Regis Karlinius 

One of Red and Withered Metal.(Closed) Empty Fri May 13, 2022 2:04 am

Regis Karlinius
There was no better place to camp by close by the water, Finding a good enough spot out of the way so that no nearly anyone could really find his camp Regis had set up a spot to stay for now. Getting by with food he could hunt in other parts of Orchidia. Regis seemed to have had a decent set up for a guy who just shows up places and camps there. Nothing else but really a tent and some supplies.

To the person to come, Finding this camp with no one around it, with a fire lit and still going, a tent with various small holes in with strains of mud. Various pieces of meat were cooking by this fire, But no one was there. Given it was some where in with a less common area. The only thing you could really note missing was anything to sleep on or in. For the tent was close enough to a tree that some one just put himself against and sleep that way. Not the most comfortable but possible.

But alas it was a entirely empty camp for a moment, with meat of various animals cooking away, An interesting start for a meeting.


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Orchidia was a place that stood out in the North to Jikan. A place that was overgrown and at times destitute, but full of life and resilience. The overpowering presence of nature, gave the enviroment a look of a wild beauty that should be appreciated and respected. However, with living with it. Things had to be controlled, cleaned up, shaped. To allow resources to be used and for travel. For ease. But in the process this beauty should be protected as well.

This river were one of the places that naturally worked with its people. The many branches that came from this river helped with fishing, water, and with some flowing into Orchidia, it make a good way to travel either for merchants or its citizens. But, all of that use had went away when people left and had not changed much when they began to trickle back to Orchidia. Maybe Jikan would talk to Skald about this? The Demi Human wanted to be a merchant after all, this could be a good place for him to use as a foothold to sell and travel resources.

Walking around, Jikan wore a loose spring dress, Mia walking to her side holding her equipment in her dimensional bag. They were out today, taking a small walk. Being out among the people that were under their banner and trying to see if there was anything they could do in this early part of the day.

Soon they would explore and find something. A camp. One that seemed new and fresh, warm and still with the after glow and affects of someone being present. A fire lite and going, a tent up, albit with holes that were layer with mud to cover and act as a cooling most likely. Meat was cooked and cooking by the fire. But no one was there. An odd thing?

This was not a common area to be in, but with all of this going on and no one looking to be in sight, or hearing to make one thing they were near. It was...strange. It was like they suddenly disappeared in the middle of their set up.

Jikan would stay back and pick Mia up, placing the exceed on her shoulder why she continued to monitor for things around her with her eyes. She would not approach the came fire, less someone be lurking to attack or simply become angry seeing a stranger too close to their food.

"Well....this is a random start to our day Mia".

#3Regis Karlinius 

One of Red and Withered Metal.(Closed) Empty Sat May 14, 2022 4:32 am

Regis Karlinius
Oh all things to walk into a camp of a pretty much homeless man in armour just roaming around and his camp. It was a good question to ponder, Where was the person who set up this camp. From Regis' view of it entire being in a sundress a bit off of the beaten path as they call it was a sign to him, Either this woman was lost or she had gone exploring and just happen to be this way. But he would be returning to his camp. picking up he was roaming around back to it was easy.

Since he was trying not to be sneaky. The entire thing of rusty, withered and tarnished armour did make noise, but then again sound of some one stepping on leaves and branches. Unlike the mother of his Jikan had met before and his father. Regis could be considered not as friendly as either of them. When close enough there was no greeting or anything normal to be expected, Regis had just been that way the lonely land roamer."You....look like you have far better places to be...Then some run down tent."Fairly plain to say but most people did not find Regis in a social mood or any good mood for the most part.

With that Regis just walked past Jikan and Mia, He already expected them to leave like most people walked into his camps. Stopping at the fires he then turned the sides of the meat he was keeping. His back completely turned to Jikan and her exceed. If Jikan had wanted to find the person who had this tent set up she found him and even if he did not sound friendly. He was not exact friendly. But maybe this was a different turning point.


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"Well Jikan its just a camp. The person or people that made the camp is probably just getting some small things taken care. ...maybe....probably". Mia said this trying to be some sort of confidence but she held little faith in them. She was the cautious type after all, maybe even paranoid. A fire with food cooking and a camp almost completely set up but with no people around? NOPE! It just set off her danger radar. "So....its not random...not at all. People can live outside or take a trip or something....".

"Riiiiight", Jikan said continuing watching around as Mia...well, was Mia.

"Ah what is that!", Mia yelled hearing the squeaking and creaking of something. Jumping onto Jikan's back in a panic before lifting only her head slightly above Jikan's shoulder before looking around quickly. Sharp turns of her head at any and all things.

Mia in her hazed look failed to notice the person Jikan did, at least as fast. It took Regis to speak for Mia to see Regis. Jikan, would respond to this little panic of Mia's before respond to Regis. "Oh what it is? I think its a person in some armor thats a bit of a noise maker. Up front Mia".

"Ah yes...yes...wait up front!!?", she shifted her head, seeing the scary looking knight armor, she sunk further down Jikan hiding her head more.

Now the person's voice sounded like a man, but, that could not be the case. A voice did not always match its owner after all. Either through natural stuff or magic or some sort of thing. They seemed a person of little words, similar to Jikan most of the time. "Oh yes, like a walk through a river area. But, that's me. Do you have better places to be?", she spoke calm, even. Not showing much on her face if any at all. The man's suit was very wore out, why...in the world was he wearing such equipment in such a bad condition?

As she wondered this Regis just walked up and passed Jikan. A sight that made Mia tense up on Jikan's back at first, but then release greatly when the being seemed to not care about them and return to his camp. Good good, Mia thought, he is not hostile...maybe...

Normally Jikan would be fine and just leave. The man was just a camper after all, them being out and just living had no matter to her. If he was a issue due to him causing trouble or soething she would find out about it and handle it then or if it happened. A person just being out exisiting had no flick on her mind to have to be suspicious. However, for some reason she felt that she should speak to this person, at least for a while. She had no real way to explain why she had this feeling, instinct perhaps?

Jikan would remain at the same distance she was at before along with Mia. "Well, this is a good spot to camp. I think its a wise choice for resting. Are you a wander of some sort or have your home been displaced?", short and straight to the point. There were people in Orchidia who lost things in the last two years and although some had recovered there were many that couldn't. Jikan had no idea if this person was a person in her town. But, as a member of Sleeping Calamity, perhaps it was good to be aware for the people under her banner.

#5Regis Karlinius 

One of Red and Withered Metal.(Closed) Empty Mon May 16, 2022 3:31 am

Regis Karlinius
Something Regis might be annoyed with now days a nosey person, What's next his mother was gonna start showing up and telling Regis everything had not progressed as she hoped for him, But these were just internal thoughts to him. But it would take a bit of time since Regis was not much of a social person now days. Then again he had always other things on his mind. But after taking his sweet time making sure the things he was cooking."Is there a better place to be, When you have no place to be?"It was most likely fairly annoying to answer a general statement posed as a question with another question.

Giving a few things he was cooking a pinch to test how well it was done. it would be time to maybe answer a other questions, started sounding like this woman wanted his life story almost, just with out entirely wanting to stay that up front."I don't have a home, I have not had one years." It had been at least six years since he had a home.

As for if this was a good place to camp."It's close to water, hunting for is a bit of a walk, but you have everything to live here."Starting to sound like a bit of a mountain life person right here."As for sleeping...well you get what you can."That was just it he just left it at that. Since it seemed to be like he just slept because he had to."I had other plans I merely...walked past them. I just have not yet."He most likely was resting a bit before he did anything else anyway. Which was a good call considering the how much walking he did the past while.

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