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One of Red and Withered Metal.(Closed)

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One of Red and Withered Metal.(Closed) - Page 2 Empty Wed Jun 15, 2022 2:28 am


Jikan raised an eyebrow at Regis chose of words.

I am sure they have enough visitors as it stands... A hint of bitterness and grumpiness came from the man held within rusted knight armor. It was like he was an old man now. His mind and emotions stuck in the pass. A small subtle tick came to Jikan's right eyebrow as it went up then back down. This man was stubborn, being around Judith's offspring will be a somewhat annoying. At least he was not some sort of gatekeeper. Say back in my day and looking down on people. That was a thing Jikan really really hated, and even if he was Judith's kid. If he was like that, Jikan probably would have ended up smacking him at least once on the backside of the head.

"Regardless of how many visitors they have, i would imagine they would care more about WHO visited, not how many or how often. Besides, how can you say they think it is enough? The living cannot speak for the dead or others. Granted, on the other hand I do not know them and cannot say for myself if they would feel they are getting enough visitors".

She waved her hand, getting the feeling that she really should let this topic drop before it became a sore spot for Regis. "either way very well. Let's drop this subject for now and talk about something more pleasant".

"Ah", her voice changed, turning up into a chirp in the best way to explain it. "Good good. A clean buiding with food and water will do you some good. As well as some activities and some limited socialization. I feel you are a loaner mostly, but some person to person interaction is always good, right Mia?".

"RIIIGHT", she said finishing he meat given to her.

"Right. Now", she stood up stretching a little. "Once we finish the food you made here I think we should go to my guild. You, my dear child, need a bath".

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One of Red and Withered Metal.(Closed) - Page 2 Empty Sat Jun 18, 2022 2:47 am

Regis Karlinius
As tempting as he was to make any remarks about visiting the graves of his wife and daughter, he kind of just kept it to himself."No matter, in the end my mother generally choose who visit the ones who have passed on...wither it be my wife and daughter or sister."It was the most emotionally locked dismissal a man could ever speak. It was almost like he was trying to keep people away from it for the value he placed upon it. A man willing to have just slept by them to watch over him. Maybe Regis mentally was truly dead, fighting to come back to life but for each step forward something slowed him down or made him step back.

Guilt must be a heavy weight, But considering his family...Maybe that weight slowed him down the most, Loyalty and Guilty things equal part honest and they were painful. It seemed this event just as much was helping him move on as well as showing he is his own worst enemy."I think...I can manage most of that."He mentioned confused how quickly everything seemed to change with Jikan but it was not like he was use to people being this way.

But he would mention one thing."I would be ill fitting to keep calling me a child...I am 41 year old."Maybe this just made the situation even if they were trying to bury it, Even more depressing with the hint that he was coming out slowly to the other side he needed, As well there was a not a child under that armour about some one much older."My mother might be a elf now...But I am still a human."So he was fairly old.

But maybe this part would show maybe just how little this person took care of himself. That rust helmet was take off for a moment as he walked over to the area he had set up,His face cover in extremely dirty dark blue hair and facial hair that has not bee take care in a while. After all Regis did not own any thing to deal with that, The signs of aging, depression, hopelessness and sadness still on his face, Even then you could still see his blue eyes. Under that armour was not a person they could save and help progress, Even if it was a long road.


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Jikan looked at Regis and simply nodded her head. That made sense to her she supposed. The grave of a dead person was very private, even more when it was a relative. And if they had ownership of the property that the deceased mother and daughter, and whatever family member that was dead were placed in. Well, it made perfect since that the family had a say in who visited, knew about, or saw the location. If Judith was the caretaker of the spot and had ownership personally and not the family as a whole, well that made even more sense. However, Jikan supposed that Judith could also just have the power role in the family and thus, she was the one who made decisions about such a thing.

Jikan had no idea that Regis was speaking emotional about this. He did not raise or waver in his voice and nor was his face visible to her. To her, the man was speaking facts, simply that. It felt like a simple tested hypothesis being shown, any person feeling about it mostly locked away.

"Oh? When I said dear child I consider you in the space of you being the child of Judith. Not A child. There is a clear difference. Regardless of how old one gets or how independent or away from a parent one is. The simple fact is they will always be the child of their parent, that is their relationship after all, their core". She titled her head. "If you prefer a different word I am all ears to hear your request though. And I do get how one can be upset at being called a child even in that way if one is as old as yourself". That was why she called him Judith's child. It wasn't a insult or comment of how he appeared. Although...it was a bit rough. He was not taking care of himself from what she could assume from the signs she saw so far.

Then for some reason Regis decided to take him helmet off. Perhaps from the heat or humidity. She also supposed that fresh air was always good as well. He walked over to hiss set up, his face filled with grim and dirt from her angle. It was a combination of dirty dark blue hair and facial hair, wild and untamed. Blue eyes were dull, filled with the heavy weight of his life that slowed him down even more than his armor ever could.

Such a sad sight.

"So, shall we finish eating??".

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One of Red and Withered Metal.(Closed) - Page 2 Empty Mon Jun 20, 2022 9:02 pm

Regis Karlinius
It seemed he just kind of left that statement kind of as it lied, Maybe it was just him not wanting to feel anymore lesser then what he was now, He did not want to think himself as this weaken, tired and a few other things that might not be really in his mind, but being called a child seemed to make him think even more worst of it. Treating him like it would maybe just make him even more bitter, Not that it was Jikan's fault it was more a internal Regis problem he was trying to not let out. Almost like that internal bitterness was starting to want to come out in anger.

It would be a useful emotion later."Might as well, Get as much in before the travel, Don't know when I will eat again."Welcome travelling man Regis he was still sharing but prepared for long travels with the foods he was sharing as well, He seemed to keep in mind there was better for Regis to come, But as he ate fairly quickly he started packing up all but the food and the fire he was cooking the food under since he would not be needing them.


One of Red and Withered Metal.(Closed) - Page 2 Empty Tue Jun 21, 2022 5:11 am


It was fine for them to leave the topic as is. It was good to have a conversation about a topic where it be important or deep. But one had to know and learn the signs to stop and let it breath. When it came to the conversation between living things, its mind, spirit, and body. The pieces of life had to have a chance to goof off or just relax. It was not quite said, but there was signs, plenty of them in fact from Jikan's perspective and observation. That Regis had been through the ringer, beaten, weakened, demoralized. Why the man got up and how he managed to do so was an unknown thing for Jikan. But, it at least showed he had a will, a strong one. If not a really stubborn one.

...and she respected that.

"Oh I don't know why you said that Regis. You are staying in my guild for a little bit are you now? You'll be having breakfast in the morning". The meal continued. Jikan ate a little with Mia having a tiny bit more. But the duo primarily let most of the food remaining to go Regis. He caught it after all, and was based on what he needed. Them eating took away and would make him more hunger and less filled with nutrition when it was done. They were aware of this and given the sight of him, he needed everything he could get in their minds.

It was quick, the end of the meal. Hopping up, off of their seats. Jikan and Mia aided Regis in cleaning and packing up the site. Aiding in the little things for him to be ready to rest whenever he wished. "You may come tonight or tomorrow. The choice is up to you Regis".

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One of Red and Withered Metal.(Closed) - Page 2 Empty Wed Jun 22, 2022 5:26 pm

Regis Karlinius
He most likely did not know himself but maybe it was just because the idea of staying in a place had been so long gone it was just a rarity in feeling to him."right.."merely just not realizing what he said, after all there was times where he was just use to just being a passer by maybe offering a place to stay for the night, only to change their mind shortly after."I'll get use to it eventually."He mentioned while he was still packing up his things, Almost like it was now a bit more of a side thought to him only because everything else was just plain and straightforward.

But he was still given more choices as he was packing up as he was assuming they where going to this evening."Wait...i am packing up for nothing?"He mentioned that because he started packing up assuming they where going to head out after everyone ate the things he set out here."Or which exactly are you trying to be sure of here?"Regis was trying to figure out which one exactly was rather then just being left with the choice of choosing. He would rather go now then anything else just think about it later.


One of Red and Withered Metal.(Closed) - Page 2 Empty Wed Jun 22, 2022 7:01 pm


"It is no simple 'right' Regis. You already agreed to come and stay have you not? I would want to help you and have your rest in a proper home for a little bit. You've agreed to this have you not? So unless you have changed your mind, I at least do not intend to change what I have said unless you do something drastic".

Jikan looked at the man, a bit of confusion within her but as she looked at Regis it seemed that he too was confused. She had no idea how this happened but it was time to try to clear it up then.

"No no no Regis. You are not packing up for nothing. Sorry. The plan was to go this evening, right after we finished eating and packed up your camp. I am just trying to make sure you want to come and are choosing to. I can be a bit of an arm twister, and you seem saddened so I wanted to make sure you were ready to go today or this moment. If that is the case, then I am ready to bring you to my guild right now".

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One of Red and Withered Metal.(Closed) - Page 2 Empty Fri Jun 24, 2022 11:53 pm

Regis Karlinius
Might be easier to just keep things simple with Regis, It is not because he was too simple minded, It was because he seemed to not want to step over boundaries that might already be in place by other people, It was not set to start with it. Regis seemed to consider it was a boundary with two options being given and he had figured he was not crossing it was more then one option ahead of him. Then again he was also a bit weird over all so maybe it as just a him problem in the end, But he seemed to finish up packing his things. Maybe for now the confusion was gone.

He at least did not seem to mention anything of it beyond this point because it kind of just seemed okay with it.He was done eating he made his points and now the a bit more awkward thing is was happening, the quiet way of Regis existing. Since he was not talking and finishing packing up things, it seemed he as no longer interested eating or was just going to eat later maybe after he cleaned up or whatever else they would do when arriving.


One of Red and Withered Metal.(Closed) - Page 2 Empty Sun Jun 26, 2022 1:43 pm


Jikan wondered about the properties of this unknown mysterious man that was the offspring of Judith and Anders. His mind, emotions, his pure state of being actually, was unknown to her. She had to examine him closely in their interactions and reflect on Regis' responses to try and received a higher understanding of the man under the armor.

She had been straight forward in her interaction with the man, the same as she had done with others in general. Maybe it was some extra work but, each person she interacted with be it with her words, actions, or a combination of both, had a different way they used and responded to the situation. She had no clear knowledge of this right now, but hopefully with time she would gain an understanding of how Regis was when dealing with fearing walking onto others diarees.

Once the packing was done people ate, and it seemed that they got a chance to finish eating it was strange. Regis was quiet now, no talking and nothing to do really as he already finished packing alongside Jikan and Mia. That was fine with her though, for her and Mia had finished eating after a bit. She stood and so did Mia. "Okay Regis, lets head to the building interest now if you are ready to go.

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One of Red and Withered Metal.(Closed) - Page 2 Empty Wed Jun 29, 2022 12:05 am

Regis Karlinius
When it was set up like this it made Regis maybe a bit more bearable. Just slinging this small amount of things on his shoulder, He merely nodded in agreeance with Jikan. Even if for now he was quiet if seemed he was ready to go and face his struggles now, With that bit of help just offered to him. If his mother was here she would most likely mention it was the right step forward even if questionable, After all he was walking away from his dream of attempting to be a rune knight, But this path might still be good for him it was mystery he needed to experience.

But unless he never revealed it, it might have been hard to tell that Regis was the kin of Judith and Anders. Given his mother reputation and view of the world, Maybe with how it was for him now. Regis was a walking stain upon that view if he was ever really left in the spotlight, Not that it would be something his mother would throw him away for, But Judith was not around for these things to be a reality for him to learn. But it was easy to assume. No matter Regis' path his mother and father in some way watched over him either literally or figuratively, To be sure he could continue on from his struggle. But just before they move too much forwards."Yes...I..I am ready to go."Regis seemed to maybe be trying to speak a bit more in a less aggressive manner, He was not speaking shyly either it was almost like he was just about to stutter because of how little he spoke now days.

Maybe it was just still his internal workings, knowing that he was trying now to move forward and do his best, the only thing that at least Judith would ask of him, his father Anders might be entirely a different question over all considering they butt heads before. Maybe Regis' life as a member of Jikan's guild would be good.


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