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A Coin For Your Painter.(Social/Katio.)

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A Coin For Your Painter.(Social/Katio.) - Page 3 Empty Sat May 28, 2022 5:35 pm

These kind of ending moment seemed to make Miriko a bit more at ease, to understand the value of time alone seemed to show that there was still the idea of learning and adjusting to people at her own pace."We will have to talk again eventually."She mentioned just to be sure, but would just simply say."Unless your skipping out on the bill for Revvy's painting?"Alistair could not help but chuckle a tiny bit, because well it was not gonna get dropped entirely for the moment just finally having one final mention of it since it was a forgotten bill.

But still to be promised at least that."But I will joke enough about that."It would be the last time she mentioned it because as long as he knew that bill was owed it all that mattered.But she was packing up her things, for the moment the painted chair was left there to exist as long as she was here, But while packing it up she was waiting for the portal to exist and she would take her time just to be sure and give Kaito a bit of a chance to see if he actually would pay up.

Then again something else would perplex her."How...does one call another?"Message was one she knew but call might be a new thing for her, So she had to ask.But maybe it was something she already knew but never realized what the word was.


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He tilts his head at her, looking at the pouch of jewels he had just handed her a moment ago. "Wait if I wasn't paying for Revy's picture with the jewels I just handed you. What did i just pay for?" He was a tad bit confused by her saying he had still owed her after he had just paid her, had she wanted more and hadn't stated that to him and instead is saying it is not a paid bill or was it just her picking fun at him.

He looked out the portal to make sure it was safe for the woman and her companion to go out of then pulls his head back in. "Calling to me as in if you see me you can call out to me by name? Like say you see me walking through a crowd or around and you wanted my time or attention I would offer it to you if you were to call me over." He smiled and he thought about it for a second and he guessed he should add a note to that as a joke or to slightly tease her and gage her reaction. "But if you want me to take you on a date you will need to give me a heads up so I can mentally prepare myself." He laughed softly at himself saying such a thing, he knows this woman wouldn't seek such a thing from him.


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Alistair then kind of started laughing, Miriko forgot again that had happen."Oh....wait...my bad then."Miriko stammered because of it, Yet again she focused on some things so much and other times did not notice."Right then...sorry."Indeed Miriko was embarrassed enough that it was viable on her face. Alistair then just mentioned something that might be another reason why Miriko might be interested in leaving."Maybe you should have got to sleep and not stay up for most of the evening after travelling."So Miriko was just getting the effect of being sleepy and she was not admitting it.

Then well Alistair just waited for Miriko to settle on."Let's go you are starting to loose track of things."With that Miriko seemed to realize there might be a good point, Go sleep for she kind of just forced herself to keep going for no explained reason at all. Even mentioning the date part too seemed to continue in the efforts. It all made sense now Miriko was getting super tired at this point.Then she just kind of got on Alistair embarrassed, so Alistair would take over the conversation for now.

Then Alistair and Miriko went into the portal and for now departed to go sleep for the evening. Miriko seemed to have been okay over all with the situation even if she was really sleepy over all with the trip was wonderful in the end for Miriko in her mind.



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He laughed softly as well he found it kind of cute that it had happened, maybe he didn't make enough of a show about giving her the payment, he hopes she will do okay after she has gotten to rest some more, he figures it was probably better for her image if she ignored what he had said about the date. He waves with Revy good by as they leave and he wonders if this will be the last he sees of the artist woman or if she will cross paths with him again or seek him out for something later. He doubted she would really seek him out as he is probably not really worth her time and talent.

He slaps himself snapping himself out of the thought. He smirks they will meet again and maybe next time she will be in the right mindset and not be a bit flighty, he figured she did in some way like him or she wouldn't have trusted him to tell the things she had told him. He wondered if Tempris would freak out if he said it to her but he doesn't want to lose Miriko's trust so he will say nothing and he needs to hide that he saw a Judina from Judith as well so he figures he will need to watch his step going forward.


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