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A Coin For Your Painter.(Social/Katio.)

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Even with a few other ventures under her belt, Alistair and Miriko were back in Bosco. This time Miriko was with in the city capital having a walk with Alistair most likely as always looking for ideas to paint or draw, But at least so far Miriko had been just delighted to be here since it seemed like it was a fitting area for her to be. Their conversation so far had been about the rather delightful situation they have had here now that they had been with in the city, The idea they have been gathering and what all they have learned.

Almost like the travelling painter had been doing what exactly she had set out too. To learn of cultures and lands, Paint and draw what she saw to show other people what she would yield in the end with all of the things she saw. But Miriko also took talk to attempt to talk to some of the people with in Sachsenstadt that spoke Fiorian, Because it allowed some insight for the things to look out for or try. All pieces of information she adored a fair amount. These slow stops and break where also about her normal that Alistair was able to look around and take in a lot of information.

At least with her stops to talk it allowed some one else who might have needed to find Miriko for a personal matter, it would be easy to have a moment to speak with her. This was Miriko's more preferred element keeping busy and learning. Even if she did still stand out for how she was, But forever known to be the kind lady she is still. So that might help her in the end, After finishing speaking to a person she would continue walking.


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Kaito had been to many places in the world but he had not seemed to find the person he was looking for he had realized after she had left he nor Revy had paid the woman for her painting and Kaito could not leave the woman unpaid for her work and he felt pretty crappy for leaving the woman unpaid. The arrival of the red haired woman had sorta thrown off the task a little and the woman had left pretty quickly after she had finished the painting. So he figured he will have to pay her with interest but he is unsure how much that would be.

Kaito walked the streets of the city he made sure to not bump into people as to not cause a mass panic in the people and he keeps an eye out for anyone, so not to get seen by his father or one of his "servants" that could just report to him and probably have him swarmed by the "servants" he had seen in the house his father's house when he had freed Emil's attendants. He turns a corner and he thinks he sees the woman that he sneaks and not wanting to cause a scene he walks up to her slowly and gently taps her shoulder. "Miss Miriko?" If she turns toward him Revy waves at her with a nervous smile from over the man's shoulder.


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Some one was a bit more polite in mentioning her name in this time, it seemed to make Miriko a bit less jumpy in reaction or less seemingly stressed or worried about being called here. Miriko as use to a lot of most likely out there people. Given maybe their last meeting that example might be still on mind but that was not the fault of Katio, just maybe the slight awkwardness between Jikan looking and Miriko in some kind of day dream."Yes, how can I help you?"If anything could market that off of just a normal typical reaction from her.

But at least in this case it was not as much as a horrible case, Or what she assumed anyway Jikan could be much better eventually even if off to a strange star. Maybe she needed to meet Jikan again and it would not be as strange when she was around the group last time."Oh hello again."Miriko said so generally that she seemed normal and just having a casual walk.

As always Miriko had her typical supplies with Alistair with her. Almost like while Katio was busy Miriko might have continued her adventures here or might have done other things in the mean time."It is wonderful to see you again, Is there something I could help you with?"Miriko asked seemingly forgetting why Katio might have sought her out again. But that might be the a good thing. For it might have just been a continued day of just her doing her normal things. But Miriko still seemed the same person her looks where just the exact same, Taking some what good care of herself side form being some what a bit tired, But that would be typical of her in some way for her.


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He smiles and he rubs the back of his head. He bows his head to her in hopes she will forgive him for his thoughtlessness. "After you had left I realized in the rush I had forgot to compensate you for your work and time." He stands back up and he looks into her purple eyes and he smiles and he hopes that she doesn't see him in a bad light for having taken this long to find her to pat her for what he owed her.

Revy smiles at Miriko she smiles. "We have been looking for you for a bit now to pay you for what you had made for me." She bowed her head as well to her as she felt bad as well for not giving her what she was do for the beautiful work she had done for her. She brings her head back up and smiles nervously again and she hoped they didn't just find her for her to get mad at them in the end. She couldn't blame Miriko if she did in fact feel like she had been done incorrectly and felt some form of anger toward them.

Kaito's face lightens up for a second he had an idea that might help to pay off the interest he might need to owe her. He smiles at her and puts his gloved hand out to her. "How does a day of sight seeing sound?" He hopes that she will take him up on that offer and that he can show her a great day and maybe help her with some inspiration toward a few new paintings or sketches. He is thinking up ideas of where he can take her and it has to be places that she couldn't just easily get to before and places she might of never been before.


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Seems these two did understand how Alistair and Miriko worked, Since they  where focus on other things rather then things brought up she as use to being brought up."Oh...I entirely forgot that."Miriko mentioned right away because she knew that was just a thing that happen sometimes."Not that I would have held it against you in the end if you had just chose to walk off with it. I have been known to give some people free things every once and a while."But it was not that far out of line at least in her mind.

But she seemed happy, An actual smile upon her face was one that she was a bit surprised but happy with this happening. But they have been looking for Miriko for a while."Oh...I suppose being known as a travelling painter, That is a bit of a pain sometimes."She seemed to only just chuckle about it slightly, in reality she did not meant to be that hard to find she was just doing her normal thing."Hopefully it was not that much of a pain to find me."She had a feeling it was a yes to that, But they would move along.

But a day of sight seeing? sounds interesting."Are you a guide of sorts here?"She just assumed Kaito is from fiore no sign had hit her mind that he knew of this area, But Miriko did not know much in which could be her own fault for not asking. She did not mind at all still."But I would not mind that, I have some of idea of things to make, But i always feel there is more to do."With the offer of a hand shake Miriko did exactly that. It seemed so far all was well.

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He looked at her and now he feels a little silly for being so worried about tracking her down as she spoke as if it wasn't that big of a deal and she seemed very nice about it. "You are very kind miss." He laughs softly as he looked to he and he sees her smile. "Anyone ever tell you that you have a very pretty smile?" He covers his own mouth and he looks away. Why did he just blurt that out like that, is there something wrong with him, or was he just being too honest.

He calms his nerves and he looks back to the woman. "To answer your question no I am not a guide of sorts, but I have been to many places and I can show you them from the safety of a safe zone so you wouldn't have to worry about hazards or animals getting in your way. Plus you could sit if you so wished as you paint." He smiles and gives her a thumbs up.

"If you agree just trust me that I am not like kidnapping you or anything." He rubs the back of his head with a nervous smile, he is unsure if what he said had sounded weird in some way or not when he said that he would take her to a safe place that she could paint from. He opens a portal to his personal domain so he can open portals for her to look out of from there to the beautiful sights that he can show her if she wants to trust him and give it a try.


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It seemed there was a bit of bravery going on with Kaito the only problem is Miriko tended to shrug these things off as she normally did casually for these things just kind of already felt a bit normal to hear form others. Alas poor Kaito him doing this would not do much."No, most don't focus upon my expressions all that often."Which well was a given considering that now profession. But Kaito seemed to be more unsure of his own action more then anything else."But I thank you nonetheless."She also did not seem to think much of it.

She would still take him up on the offer but would mention one thing at least."For protection? I guess you forgot what Alistair was for."Then again Alistair did laugh about it, could hear him laughing in the background for a moment, After all she had some protection in the form of Alistair, but still had her tricks she was not entirely powerless, Just generally preferred to never used her powers."But for some one else around is not entirely illogical to have."So it was still pretty much yes in the end. One could learn many things from Miriko after all.

With that Miriko just seemed agreed."Yes that is all fine and dandy."After all what was the worst that could happen in this situation, Since well it was entirely just a normal walk and talk."Just no funny moves of take the painter and run." Alistair not missing a chance to mention something like that it seemed both the cattian and Miriko did have a good chuckle at it. Both seemingly not assuming anything horrible would happen in the end, Kaito himself just seemed to hint that he could show Miriko things she might be looking to draw or paint.


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He guesses she had misunderstood what he was meaning. "I meant hazards like heat or cold. As I believe you told me, you can't do heat or cold very well so it is a safe heaven more or less for you, to paint any place you would like with out the risk of cold or heat." He hears the big cat laugh a little as well and he is happy that what he had said wasn't weighing heavy on them and that they seemed to trust in him.

He looks at the big cat and he smiles. "I promise you I am not gonna steal her and run off, I am sure she is not just a pretty face, I am not aiming to harm her simply repay for her work." He walks into the portal he had opened and Revy walks back out of it. "It is safe trust in use it is safe."

If they come in there is a beach like area and a grassy area there is a small house that is sitting on the middle line between the two zones and their are artist like statues of people he has meet over the years. the sky is spilt down the middle the sun is made of stained glass on the beach side the moon is made of stained glass on the grassy area. In the very middle of the sky their is a stained glass picture of his masked face with two different masks split in half. The place is an even temperature so it isn't hot nor cold but a perfect middle ground.

Kaito sets up a table and a chair.  "Would you like a snack or some food Kaito is a good cook I can promise you. So just let us know." She stands tall with a smile and gives a thumbs up to the woman and the big cat.

Kaito looks at her and he tucks his hair that had come loose behind his ear. "Plus just let me know what kind of place you are looking to draw and I will open one for you to look out, if you have no ideas I will open more then one and let you choose." He slides his cloak off and folds it and places it off to the side, his bandaged arms are on full display leading to his gloved hands. He stands and he waits for her to decide where she would like to look and if she would like him to cook her up something or serve her some tea or anything.


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It seemed what she intended as humour did not connect either, But could move it on into this conversation anyway."You are correct about that still, I was making joke about how people view protection of the more from danger from a person or animal then the weather."She would explain it anyway just to be sure, After all she was trying to make sure she still told him she understood it."But yes, The fact you still remember that will be helpful."But still making sure that she was delighted with Kaito still knew that and took note of it.

Portals? an interesting thing to have and use."Oh? Do not recall ever have seen something like this before."It seemed to make her curious. Alistair on the other hand had to ponder out."Do these portal expand in size? So far seems good for everyone but me."He did not assume anything horrible but had to point out this out since it just seemed to be the case so far. But at least everything showed they trusted them still. Miriko actually seemed to be more extremely interesting just looking at the portal so far. It almost made her paint and draw something off of the portal alone.

But Alistair and Miriko did eventually go through the portal, you could tell when the Cattian nudge the painter."Come on now Mimi, Don't get too distracted."So they did go through. Beaches and such were always nice to see. It was something she would consider typical to look out for. It so far was coming together nicely for so far a eat up, But it would be a good ponder what exactly it would end up being.

As for anything she would need, so far that was might not be required."I might ask you to get Alistair something to drink, But that is it so far."It was a simple request, Then Alistair would lay in waiting and Miriko would lean on Alistair in thought."Most of the time painting or drawing just happen when the moment is right. It is hard to say when that will happen."But with her umbrella covering her in shade as per normal,Miriko was thinking while she was waiting for that idea to hit but seemed to be able to relax where they where now with out any problem currently, Surely the idea would hit eventually.


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Kaito laughed softly as he saw the painter admiring the portals and he bows his head in apologies as he widens the portal so that the big beast can fit easier inside he had though he had made it big enough but he had slightly misjudged the size in which the big furry friend would need to get into the place, once they are in he smiles as they seem at home in here.

Her request for the big cat to have something to drink came to him in an instant and he opens three portal like things in front of Miriko that sort of worked like windows to the outside he headed into the building to get the water as the portal windows started to show what was on the other side. On the first one is a multicolored flower field tucked neatly into a forest at an angle with perfect shade to light ratio, The second is of a snow covered area of a mountain where giant odd looking muscular snow men are walking around and rolling snow and repairing themselves and making smaller versions of themselves in pairs. The last one is of a city scape as the sun is setting behind the buildings perfectly outlining them really making them pop against the rest of the scene in front of her.

Kaito comes out with the water and he slowly kneels down and he puts the water in front of the big cat so it doesn't have to reach far for the water that he had gotten for the great beast. "How are you enjoying the sights so far, and any other requests I may undertake for you?" He hopes that the painter is enjoying the peace and quiet of the place while she has the time to enjoy it.

Revy sits near the Big cat and the woman and she looks through the portals Kaito had opened for the painter and she is happy cause they are great views of things they had seen on their travels over the two years they were exploring the world for a cure and to train to get stronger as well, she thinks that Kaito has started to give up on ever being healed or normal so he is just trying to embrace the strange things he can do now, before he makes a misstep and he ends up dead. She dreads every time he is called on to take on a high ranked mission as she is never sure that he will make it back alive, but she knows that he will keep her alive even if it was the last thing he did while he drew breath on this planet.


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So far some of the things she saw could work, But always there could be more, That was just her internal thoughts as they progress forward into something else down the road."As always each site of world is something I feel as if it delightful."she would mention about it as all things worked in strange ways for her. These yes were always a wonderful relaxing thing for her to do."Not everyone do have these options to view them."She seemed content with such a area.

Even then quietly thinking to herself about a few other things. Side from how long it would take for her to reach such areas, But that was just the internal thought of hers."Such a magic is interesting, I have not seen it before. It is for more interesting then most things I have seen I have late if i am personally honest."It seemed, Miriko did have another interest even if comfortable right now, It might be a bit less interesting to talk about his magic, But these are sometimes the ways things work between people.

With her simple request done, It seemed for now Alistair might not have been wanting to do much right now."But alas, I am also sure there are always other interesting things to talk about." It sounded as if, Miriko was unsure about wanting to talk about magic even if it was interesting to her at this time, A lingering time of self doubt was always something to happen eventually. It seemed for a the moment Miriko was actually pondering what else to talk about, it was actually seemed like she was starting to think about it  a bit more, as it would starting to build up some kind of idea as well. Maybe portals where more interesting at time.

But she would also be sure to actually be looking at the view of the water, since it was something to actually enjoy as well was she too complex of a person this way? she would disagree if some one ever mentioned about it, but she could be at times.


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He walks over and he sat on the ground and he removed his mask and he looked to her as she had spoken about his magic, which he knows seems to be a rare magic to see any where in the world he guessed. "There are a lot of rare things in world, I didn't ask for this magic it was more trust upon me with a mission. If you like I can tell you about it I don't mind. " He hadn't thought about how his life really has changed since that day, where a portal had sucked him up. The view of the nexus of dimensions where he had met the woman that looked like him and he felt like he was looking at himself, who gave him the dimensional dragons powers to use to stop himself of a different dimension.

Revy looked at the painter and she smiles. "Yeah we travel a lot ourselves and we have seen a lot of pretty sights from around the countries." She was proud of Kaito for he feels this is a step forward in him starting to grow as he is sharing a place like this with someone else. This place was based on his personality so it was probably a bit weird but she figures the woman will not mind the duality of the place as it looks kind of arty in a way so she might not realize what this place symbolized.

Kaito lays back and he looks at the sky of the domain and he laughs softly. "At least this place is peaceful it can let you think and just relax like the outside world doesn't exist but outside is more beautiful than in here even in all it's mistakes it is like an artistic work depending on where you stand the angle can change perspective on those bad things and can do the same on the good." He knows he probably sounds like he has lost his mind or was drinking, though he guesses growing up with elves he understands his life is but a drop in an ever growing ocean of time that has yet come into play for those that stand here in this moment of lift as the darkness slowly creeps in to consume those that aren't ready. He swears to himself that he will make sure that he protects those that are weak from what may come even in the end it might cost his life.

The soft sounds of the wind and the soft swish of the waves as they move is calming and may help one think even if all that need be said are simple words they may be the key to just relaxing and letting the stress free from their bodies and their minds. "You can feel free to dip your feet into the water if you like, it shouldn't be cold to you." He thought maybe this is also a good escape for her for a bit even if she doesn't get any painting done maybe in some way this will help the painter find some of her own inner zen without the stresses of people staring and crowding around her or idolizing her.

Revy walks over to where Kaito is laying back looking at the stars in the dark sky and she gets on his chest and lays back on it and looks up at the sky with him with a smile. She knows she has to be careful not to bump his skin but she doesn't often get the chance to lay back and relax with Kaito like this because he has been working hard to get his name and curse out there so that maybe someone will help him and find away that can help him. She was gonna make the most of this moment because she also knows that Kaito was over due for a break himself, even if he feels like he doesn't need them she knows that he has been burning his wick at both ends and sooner or later that is gonna come back and bite him. She looks over to Miriko and Alistair for a second to make sure they are okay as well as this was to be for Miriko to be paid back for her time and her efforts.

Kaito thinks back to his past of his cell when he was younger being tested on and trapped and he wonders where he would be if he had never been freed and gained his wings to soar like he is doing now. Maybe he was more running away from his past more  than soaring in the sky but he is fine with running from it if it kept him going forward till there is no farther he can run and he has to face it and the monster he might have became and the effects it still has on him to this day that he just hides and suppresses so it doesn't show it's face to people or to Revy.


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It seemed much like Miriko and her talents. Kaito worked slightly in the same way with how he expressed his feeling with his magic."Hmm..The ones who seek power do not get it, Yet the ones who do not want it do."Or something like that, she heard some one say a bit of complex phrase before. Miriko enjoyed books and learning things, But she was not the best speaker of phrases at times, she did try every once and a while."In a way I do understand how the mind set does work."After all Miriko had one thing that she never really told many people about, Most of the time it isn't a power she admits to openly using unless it is her trying to paint something, some one has saw in the past, Nonetheless she could for now keeping it to herself for the moment.

It would be easy to ask that in her personal view it seemed more of a benefit but there was always something that was negative about the idea of   a magic too."It is a useful tool, But I feel to me it is something I would find interesting. But I would get easily lost with it."People had a hard time finding Miriko now, They would have a worst time trying to find her with that magic. But still that was just Miriko thinking that internally, if she did maybe she would just hide a lot easier as well.

So with what Kaito would mentioned, It was the kind of reality you could say child Miriko would enough the most for it was so simple, plain and easy to just be alone and do things there."It makes things feel simple sometimes."It was just a way she could picture things,But then again even if she could always hide places it does not take from meeting and painting for people. In the end it was the duality of a person and their own personal struggles."It seems like it would be a interesting internal struggle for me now."She mentioned it casually as she continually thought it more. Almost could talk herself out of wanting that magic since she could ruin her way of working just so she could sleep more.

Even with that offer she did not seem to consider it yet but just kept herself there to just sit and listen."Maybe we will see about it later."She did not rule it out, But just not now. Miriko seemed to start thinking about something she might want to maybe work on."I suppose here, I do not have to worry about many things getting out."What was this leading into? Well"Are there things you ever wanted to know that you felt was best between us alone?"She suggested this because most people never really consider it until a situation happen and the reason for it showed up. To Miriko was that was fairly good situation now.


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He looks to the woman with a small smile and a small laugh. "You are right, but I did seek power. Not to just have power though but to protect those that can't protect themselves. It sounds heroic but my reasons are selfish in a way. I was once totally helpless, I was weak as I was kept in a cell and moved around in a magic bubble type of thing cause they feared to touch me because of my curse, I was also mute I didn't even make sounds didn't understand anything they said to me. I don't want anyone else to end up like that and if I find out they are I want to be able to save them." He looked away from the woman his heart was a bit heavy and he knows that is a lot to just dump on someone but he rather be honest with the woman then to try and hide it. He can feel the scar across his back throb a little bit just thinking about that day, he knows he isn't a pretty person he can be distrusting of people and he sometimes judges people before he really gets to know them, even if he does it to stay safe and to protect himself he knows it isn't right to be like that.

He catches his composure again while he is listening to her speak in her more refined way of speaking and he wonders about things. He gets how she could feel that way about it as it is a bit of a headache to get use too. "Yeah sometimes I wonder if I even come back to the right dimension or if I am lost." He laughs softly again as he really has had those moments of wondering if he is lost or if he is right back where he belongs. "I only really come in here when I really need time away or if I want to sneak a nap between missions."

"I know, I can't hide away forever so I try to keep my eyes on my goal. If I need a break from the world I know I can escape for a bit to get my head on straight." His voice sounded confident yet relaxed as he knows she probably feels the same way but more about her fan club, her needing a place to paint and less about needing to worry about attacks. He feels a slight kinship in a way to this woman. He hears her speak about the dipping of her feet in the water and turning it down for the moment he could understand it was just better to keep your guard up and not just trust everything he said to her. "Understandable they offer will stay open for it."

"Yeah nothing you say here will get out to the people outside of here. So if you want to let anything off of your chest I have an ear to lend to you, along with Revy if you feel more for a female ear to speak to." Revy sits up and gets off of Kaito's chest and gives the painter woman a thumbs up in agreement that she was well wouldn't mind being someone the painter could relay on.

When the woman spoke her question he had no real thoughts of what he would feel unable to ask her even if they were in a populated setting came to his mind but he guessed maybe he should ask some things that way she can be free to let things out or to answer things that may rest heavy on her mind."I can't think of anything like that I would have to ask. I guess I could ask a few other things of you. Why did you agree to come with me to this place? I could have had ill intentions. Also feel free to ask me anything you would like to know as well. " He stays laying on his back and he looks at her and he hopes he isn't coming off as creepy but he guessed his question was a little more he wondered what she thought about him and if she trusted him, or if it was more the adventure of the offer that had hooked her.


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It seemed with what he asked, Miriko when she answered would reveal that she wanted to be sure to ask a few things that made her seem like she was sneaking around."Simply put, I need to see if I can actually trust people."It seemed like such an simple answer. But showed Miriko's own personal problems she might not be expressing as much. She just never seemed to let it on as much as other people openly, Even if she was an easily embarrassed woman at times, it was more from her own conservative nature."After all, I have already a fair amount of problems being comfortable around people."The fact she admitted it now too shows maybe they were going to get in depth to a few things about Miriko she just did not want spread around.

But Katio got his answer. However Miriko had questions."But I was wondering if you knew something about some one."That was it, Miriko wanted to know if Kaito knew something about some one. It would be her recalling information from the last time they met before she departed."How familiar are you with Judith of Fairy Tail?"It seemed like a strange and almost out of place question. But since he mentioned there was a set up to make sure no one else heard them."A strange question to ask, But as you answer I will explain after these series of questions are done."So maybe there was a reason it all for it now in the end and Miriko was just setting it up.

Kaito was going to get questions about Judith."For I would like to know a few things about her. What is she like as a person?"It was a fairly basic questions so far. But these would progress and continue on. A few interesting things for Kaito to know."Do you know anything about her family?"These would be better to ask Judith herself something Miriko entirely knew, But did not mention anything about it quite yet. For there was a few more things to come.

At least Miriko was not nervous to ask these question, Since she was cleared with her intentions to ask these questions and about why could be good. Alistair had a feeling where this could go but seemed to be quiet about it, As it was something bound to happen eventually.


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"You can trust me to keep what you want kept hidden, hidden and not leak it to anyone."When he hears she wants to know about Judith he sits up straight and locks eyes with the woman and he wonders if this will be a hard or easy time that Miriko will be having him have here and how much will she request to know about the Mother of the Fairies. "I know her pretty well as she is the first member of fairy tail I met and she welcomed me. If not for her I would not have probably not have ended up in fairy tail." He is sure that this will but okay as he really senses no malice coming from the painter woman.

He feels that since Judith spoke like she trusted this woman with Alistar he doesn't think that Judith would mind if he spoke of her family a little and he wondered where this line of questioning would lead them to, but he feels they will lead to Judina in the end but he would give her what answers he can. "I will look forward to the explaining."

When she asked of what Judith was like as a person Kaito smiled and laughed softly. "She is first and foremost the nicest person you could probably meet. Though she can be strict she is super caring she is what I expect having a mother would have been like, there to help you if you are in need a shoulder to lean on and the first person to tell you how you messed up but also give advice for how you can make a recovery if you stumble." He smiles and his voice sounds light as he speaks these words as if he is seeing happy memories of the past of the times the woman had been there for him and his appreciation of the mother of the Fairies.

He nods to her question about knowing anything about her family. "I know a bit, her husband is a bit gruff but a heart of gold, she has three sons, one seems to be a bit of a shyer flower but a master of customer service, one has a bit of a rougher past but last I saw him I think me and his mother had spoken some sense into him to try and get his life back on track and the last son I never got to meet and she didn't tell me about him said I would have to find and meet him. Then there is the daughter that lost her life while fighting, I heard for her and others that she was an honorable. I visit her grave when I find time to pay my respects." He rubs his chin, he figures he has covered about what he knows of Judiths family and he wonders what Miriko has up her sleeve to ask of him or to explain to him for the answers that were given to her so readily from Kaito.

He looks to the giant cat as he wonders what Alistair might have to say to the things that Kaito had to say if there was anything that could be added to the things that he had said or that he might want to stay hidden from his partner that he hadn't shared to her. Revy climbs up onto Alistair's back and she wonders how old that the big guy must be and if he is still in his youth or if he is getting closer and closer to time for him to just retire and maybe find another of his kind to start a family with or if he is not gonna give in till his ghost leaves his body.


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With that it seemed Miriko felt most of the information has lined up. But one tiny part of information at least. So far Judith sounded exactly as she remembered in the past being around her at one point in time. Alistair however would just let out a curious mention."Three sons? when did she have a fourth child?"It was a small piece of information that felt a bit different to him, But it did not seem to bother him too much."Unless I am behind on her life."But Alistair seemed to laugh about it like he normally did with these things.

For it did not bother him as much. But even if she was resting on him Miriko was just gently pat him for a moment anyway."So she would be as I remember before coming back to the public."Miriko mentioned so far that comment made no sense at all. Before returning to the public meant a few things."But, then again...I was knee high back when I first actually interacted with her."Yet again a strange hint, but she seemed delighted with his answer."I wonder if his hair is grey now...or still dark blue."

If she was the type you could Miriko rude for teasing some one, But she seemed to be pondering a few things to collect the pieces."Is she still...Small with lavender hair?"It was another question asked because it might be something else of value to her cause. It was like Miriko was trying to connect a few internal pieces and Kaito was helping her finish them all even if she could have asked Alistair. These things might not have crossed her mind because they did not really talk about it, For good reason as Kaito would know.

Then she let out a sigh, she would kept the part she was kind of keeping to her self blunt."I ask these, because according to my mother. Judith is an relative of mine, She is one of my aunts."It seemed a bit casual but she mentioned it, Miriko was a niece of Judith."She might not know right away because when Judith saw me last. I was scared to be around her and hid behind my mother, Then other situations in my life happen."But it seemed like it was a secret for sure, One that might be interesting for Kaito to learn.

Alistair seemed happy to have Revvy where she was, as they listened along."In summary...Judith knows who i am, long before I became what I am now...I just don't know how to talk to her."The more this came out, The more it seemed Miriko's struggles with people where just what she mentioned, a strong conflict with in her life that she was never sure how to over come, Kaito was just seeing the results of it happening. Learning more meant to see that Miriko wanted to progress other things and keep trying.


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"You might be right I have met a few Judith's, I think the one in mine had two sons living and a daughter, good catch Alistair." He laughed softly as he should have remembered that but it had been a bit since he had last seen the mother of the fairies he has to admit he might be feeling a bit home sick for the guild.

He looked to her and he smiles with a nod. "He has gotten his greys alright. He wears them well in fact." He wonders if when he is old enough to go grey if he will look good with them or not, he figures he will probably have died far before he turns grey with how he carries himself.

He shakes his head while he thinks about Judith. "Her hair is more silver now, she also has horns and is probably a bit taller then you would have seen her." He stands and he puts his hand to the height of the woman had come up on him the last time he had seen her before he started on his journey across the countries.

"Thank you for sharing with me, and that is cute that you would hide." He laughs softly, he is not mocking her just thinking about the sight of the smaller version of her hiding behind someone else from the big scary mother of the fairies in all of her motherly glory. "Oh what happened if I may ask that?" He looks at her with a smile and a look of enjoyment because he is learning more about the woman in front of him that had seemed to mostly keep herself held back and subdued.

When the woman says she doesn't know how to talk to Judith he kneels in front of her and he looks into her eyes with his red and purple eyes and he smiles and he places a hand on his own chest where his heart is. "If you want to talk to her do it from your heart, she is a very nice lady and you my friend are a very nice woman yourself. Even if she doesn't realize all at once who you are, don't give up and let her know that you wish to speak or other things, I can promise you she will welcome you with arms wide open." His voice is kind and sincere, he believed every word he had just spoken to her and he hopes that she can find the courage to speak to Judith because he figures that Judith will be glad to see her. He gently pats Miriko on the head hoping that she will be able to handle it and that she won't get mad.

"Anything else that you might need to know that I may help with?" He know realizes he probably could have just opened a portal that would have allowed the painter to see inside the guild and see Judith if she had wanted to see Judith but he has a feeling Judith would have some how look toward the portal and right into Miriko's eyes and probably freaked her out.


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Everything added up and it seemed to continue a normal conversation. It seemed that Miriko did not know of Judith's changes, seemed strange."Is she now a daemon or something?"It seemed to perplex Miriko since she was still picturing a small haired woman with lavender purple hair. Then again it seemed everything did panned out."I do have to ponder if Uncle Anders would like to hair dye personally, But of what I remember of him he seems to take it in stride."At least she thought anyway, Never knew he just be more and more grumpy since she last knew.

What happen was a good question."My twin sister and I were taken into a church to be raise and we were lost to our for a long period time."She left it at that, pretty plain and simple about it. So far it was pretty simple for the most part because details could be made spare at times."But most of these things in the end are a personal downfall more then anything else."She was making sure she would not drag to many things on since there was a few more things to at least mention.

It seemed she did have means to be less worried about would just mentioned. "Given how many years it has been since i really attempted to speak to her, I am unsure if i will managed currently on my own to be brave enough to speak to her on my own, But it all matter when i can actually talk to her again."But this was normal Miriko behaviour she was still for the most part unsure of herself socially, It was an easy thing to keep track of once a person actually knows how it works.

She did have one more curious wonder."Has the graveyard change since your most recent visit? I have a plan for something, I just need to know if it has changed at all since I first recall it."Was there more then just three grave stones and flowers? if there was more what all has been changed since then. An a idea she had in mind would be good if it was the same.


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He laughs softly he sees that he had forgotten the most important detail. "I forgot to say that she is a wood elf now.  I will admit even in my  years of growing up around them I myself have never seen a horned wood elf." He rubs his own chin while thinking and he was sure he had really never seen one like it till seeing Judith. "I wouldn't be sure he seems a little more stand his ground and nature takes the wheel, he might be a bit gruffer than you remember him." He rubs the back of his head as he wasn't sure if it was truth or not as he has no idea how he was when the painter had last seen him.

"Oh you have a twin as well? Mine is a brother named Emil I wonder if I have met your twin. A personal downfall?" He tilts his head he has no idea to why that would a a personal down fall of herself if they were lost, because clearly she had found something. He knows very little about this woman besides her name, he figures that he might have to change that one day because she seemed like a genuine woman that would be nice to meet up with from time to time to catch up even if it meant he may have to end up tracking her down or waiting on her to invite him to catch up and he wonders who her twin could be.

He looked at the woman as she spoke about how she was worried about meeting Judith and talking to her because of the amount of time they had not spoken to each other in. "Well really you are never alone with this big guy here." He pets Alistair with a big smile and a soft laugh. "If you need someone to support and cheer you on, I can come with you as well. Trust me that she will very much welcome you in with open arms." He is confident that the Mother of the Fairies would invite her in and be ready with tea and snacks that taste and give you the feeling of being fully welcome there.

"As far as I know it hasn't changed but I can show you myself." He opens another dimensional window and he shows her the grave yard so she can see if it had changed since the last time she had seen it for what ever she might be planning. "Anything else you might need me to show or answer for you?" He smiles while looking into her eyes with a slight head tilt.


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So it seemed one had changed in a vast way not something she expected to hear about but it worked in the end."Hmm..I wonder if she changed around the time my mother did."It was a general ponder from her but then again Katio was having a change to learn things about Miriko that most won't hear nor would it ever get out."Sounds about how I remember Uncle Andy."Miriko seemed to chuckle a tiny bit, because it might have been a while. But that was not a nickname she use a lot now days.

So she wanted to know her twins name? well he would learn it."Understand my twin sister has her own reputation, With a few other things offered to me in life we are vastly different."She added that in right away just to mention to Katio."My twin sister goes by the name Tempris."She waited to see the reaction of what that would be, After all there was always more to explain it was mentioned from the start to him, But that was her sister's name. It was becoming a quiet expansive family so far.

With that Miriko then seemed some what content."Well the good news is, That will work with my eventual plan."It had been a while since she had seen that grave yard but she would let him know her plan."I am going to learn a new skill from a family member, I intended to use to make a sculpture of Judina there, I just needed to know if the area was the same."It seemed there was a large plan in motion from her the time just needed to be right. There was a few other things needed to be done first, But it was her plan.


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He listens to the woman speak about her mother having changed as well and he wonders if maybe it had been a planned thing between the two since she said that they were related so maybe they had both decided to make the change together. He is glad that her uncle hadn't changed that much in the time she hadn't spoken to him or her aunt.

He hears that her sister is far different from her and she has her own reputation he wonders who that could be, then he hears Tempris' name and he looks at her with a smile. "I see so that must mean you are her age? I know Tempris a little not that she has told me much of anything. So you must be the daughter of the time mage that helped my friend age up her adopted daughter." He had no idea who that woman is but he knows that she must not be all that bad if she has a daughter like Miriko and Tempris and being the sister of Judith."I guess that brings up a question, do you consider yourself Tempris' age or do you consider yourself as the age you currently are?" He figures it is an innocent enough question to ask of the woman cause he sees and is treating her like she is of around the same age as him, but if she considers herself as a younger woman he might need to change how he is treating her.

He smiles while listening to her speak about her plan to make the statue of Judina. "I would like to see that when you are done, and if you need a hand moving it I could also help with that if you would like, can just portal it there for you so it can get there in the blink of an eye plus less back breaking work to move it and get it transported." He nods his head though he knows he might be sounding a little pushy he is just excited to hear about the idea and he wants to help make sure that it can be done and gotten there in one piece. He knows that he can move it safely and he doesn't see why he shouldn't at least offer it to the woman if she takes the offer up it is up to her, but he will keep the offer open to her.


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It was a good question."In the logical order of time if I went back to an unaltered state, I would be Tempris' age and a lot smaller."She would remark because well that would be a very different situation for everyone around Miriko to deal with.That questioned a bit introspective. Miriko would like to say and think she just purely an adult. But she was honest with her answer it seemed she more question which it was."I would like to say, I am as the age I reflect now...But I notice I have a fair of childish behaviours still."

It was her just being honest about it."Mostly, I am still feel in which I am adult."She left it at that, It call in the end could easily see that some of her childish ways seemed to somewhat stem into her interactions with people and her behaviours around them. Then again she did really need to think of it all in depth in the end."As for if that was my mother or not for that, I will not assume right away. Only because their could be other time mages, But it does sound like a thing she would do."Starting to ponder when she should go visit family again since she always just went off to do her own thing.

So he was interested in this project, good to see that interest was already being built up with me."I am sure i can find a way to let you know if that needs to happen."There was still a few things that needed to be done for that project to happen but it seemed like it was would be something with in her timeline."I will have to track down a picture of Judina eventually just to be sure I can all of the features right."She was picky that way, But it was just her being that way.


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Kaito smiles and he stands back up. "Good then I should not have to treat you any different then the adult I have been treating you as." He looks at her and he wonders if people really just judge her on her looks and talent, not really herself and he wonders if she is really ever this open with other people or if maybe this might be a special case and she some what trusts him with this info she has given him. Now he wonders if his brother already knew this was a thing because he use to be in a guild with this woman and Tempris, was the guild master there their mother as well ?

"Oh who is your mother ?" He figured he might as well ask her if she would be willing to answer is up to her but he is happy that she has seen fit to open up to him about more he would welcome it as he thinks this is the second time someone has opened up to him. "I look forward to it Miriko no worries take your time." He smiles at her with a soft smile. He gently pats her shoulder.


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Something at least slightly noticeable she would just mention in terms of treatment between the two and said."I did not notice any difference in behaviour really, unless it is something I have not noticed."But she did not seem annoyed or offended. She just thought it was how Kaito normally treated a person, if it changed different in some manner she would notice but Miriko might also just be blind in that manner, or just always had just been that nice to people it never came up."Then again, I guess I have not seen you around my sister or any children yet."She also said that as a note.

This one she would let out because she had mentioned it a few times to a few other people."If you remember the guild master of guild Tempris was in, As well the one I was in. Named Karisa. That would be my mother."Given how much the name was already known of, Miriko would be shocked if Kaito did not know of that name already. But Miriko assumed most people knew of her mother by name and not just being her mother after all it was two different parts of life.

Before she asked Alistair anything she just asked."Have you seen any pictures of Judina before?"Yes she could ask the resting cattian but she had to know just in case."I might wanna know where one exists so I might be able to ask to borrow it for my future project"If he knew, then it was helpful if not she would have to get it maybe out of Alistair or find Judith eventually. Not like she was asking for anything too hard to find at least she thought, could be very wrong as well it was just the guess of it.

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