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A Coin For Your Painter.(Social/Katio.)

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He laughed softly he guesses he should explain more on what he meant then the rather vague thing he had said. "I mean it more toward the services I may offer. Like you are an adult so you may drink wine where as a younger person I would not offer it to." A bottle of Judith's special wine comes through a portal and a bottle of fruit punch comes through as well. " Do you get what I mean ? You may ask something of me to do or get you that I would do or get that I wouldn't do or get for a younger person." He feels like he might just be, being more confusing with what he is saying and not less confusing. "Would you like a drink poured of either of these?" He figured he should ask in case the woman wanted any of it since he cause pulled them out.

"Yeah I read it in a book once but I am a bit, how do I say this less knowledgeable about things like that. I just know she has a type of time magic from what I had read." It isn't really that he is stupid or anything it is just he has always just kept himself busy rather it was missions, sewing, or other hobby work like whittling wood into creatures he has seen.

He nods his head when he heard her say about the picture of Judina. "I saw them in Judiths house as well as a few here and there." He opens a portal and he sticks his head and an arm through and after a moment he comes back with a picture of Judina and he hands it to Miriko. "No worries I got permission to just give you this no need to return it." He smiles at Miriko then he takes a seat again as he figures the woman has much to think about and he is not sure he should be disturbing her.


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It seemed yes it entirely went over her head, Miriko was a smart person in her own ways, But did mean she understood everything, With that correction it seemed to make Miriko get it."Oh...Yes I do get it."She would try not to be too embarrassed about in the end. But she seemed to be okay after the correction."Well the only thing I might need to drink is some water or orange juice..."it was a good cover now, she would not internally scream to herself because she did not understand something like awkward person be left in the middle of a dance floor.

To just pluck a picture like that she just had to ask."Are you sure? She isn't just going to show up out of nowhere and get made she had something of her taken?"She still took the picture because she could get away with it some how but she still had to be sure, Then again Miriko did not know Judith's ability to just show up out of nowhere after her name was mentioned a few times like a children's fable. But she shouldn't know that for her own safety lust it turns out true again.


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He is happy that he had helped her to understand a bit more about it. He hears her want for water or orange juice and he opens another portal putting the wine away and he pulls out an orange juice and he gets three glasses as well and he pours her, her orange juice and he hands it to her then he pours a glass of fruit punch and hands it to Revy then he gets one for himself and he sits back with a smile. " Anything else I can get you Miriko?" He smiled as it wasn’t often he was to play the host of things for other people he was a bit excited to have it plus his guest seems to be a good person.

"Yes and I didn’t just steal it I asked Judina if I could have a picture she said yes I could. " He knows that probably sounded strange but he guesses he should probably explain to her what and how he would do that. "I am a dimensional dragon slayer, so to get that I went to a different dimension and asked a living Judina. " He hopes that will lighten it up a little bit so the woman isn’t scared of the mother of fairies coming to breath down her neck or appear and be mad at her.

"Do you often open up to people like this or is this a special thing? " He sorta wanted to know cause he guesses this might be a new thing for her to be doing. Had she taken a liking to him? He figures it is to soon to tell, he doubts a talented woman like Miriko could have a thing like him. So he just keeps just being himself and not start acting weird around her and wondering.


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With that mention it seemed to interest Alistair more then Miriko."You can meet other dimensions of people?.."Alistair seemed more interested. But there was most likely something more to Alistair emotionally to it, Something even the people connected to that woman might be connected to. It is just something he would say just say to Kaito."Do other people go for just you?"Alistair was more interested with these questions then Miriko was.

But she had to wonder."So that means in the end you have met her in some way, is she as of what you where told about Judina herself? Or do you not compare for the sake of being unable to meet this dimension's Judina?"It seemed like a simple question, It seemed Miriko was not going to make many demands about it just seeing how he morally went about these things. Since that was more her interest, After all each person had their own way of working with interesting powers.

Then well with that question."Opening up is a bit of a rarity, More out of worry about people going to find Tempris and or my mother, To ask for some kind of free paintings from them." Or a few other things about her. But Miriko was a fair more private of a person then most people."You could consider a bit more of a special event, As I would most likely be avoiding major questions about family and my life in public areas."But so far working towards socializing others with in this regard has worked so far it was nice.


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He nods his head to the big cats question. "Yes I can though i don’t do it much…  cause I don’t want to mess about with other dimensions too much. Like seeing my dead mother I may want to stay in that dimension but that would throw it out of wack and I know better and that mine is dead." He looks away from the painter and the big cat as if he might have been caught up in that moment he knows he isn’t that great of a person and that he wishes he could just do it give up on this dimension and just stay in a different one. He knows he can’t this is his home dimension and he can’t just abandon it and go because it might bring him more happiness to be there then in this one.

" What do you mean “do other people just go for me ?”" the question confused him a little as he turns back toward them just not meeting their eyes, with his eyes. "Yes I have met her and she seems to match up to the stories that this dimensions Judith told me, but I don’t compare the people from other dimensions to the ones in this one. " His voice seems forlorn and he is thinking more about things like he has no idea what his mother was like, his master has been avoiding him since they parted ways nearly three years ago never sending a letter back to him, if she is is grandmother he has many questions but that is probably why she would avoid him cause she knows he will ask them. He figures it is painful for her as well to think about it and Kaito has no idea of the full story behind what had happened.

Did it have something to do with his curse was he really at fault for his mother dying, did his father become as cold and heartless before or after her death is he the crux that caused his own brother and his wife and the other demi-humans to suffer at his fathers hands, he has only himself to blame with no idea if he is really the reason that it all happened. He feels as if he is the cause of the suffering of those around him and he wonders if maybe he also has cursed luck to go with his skin.

"Yeah I am not gonna be hunting down your mother or sister for such things, thank you for trusting me with all of the info you cared to share with me I am grateful that you saw fit to trust me to receive it." His voice was more happy and thankful sounding as he looks to her and he smiles, even though he feels pain inside it is better to just push that down and smile so he doesn’t worry the woman in front of him.


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It made Miriko at least think about it for a moment how that could effect things, one small thing could effect so many things, it was the idea of the butterfly effect could very well be a thing that could happen in an altered reality."It is risky, then."It seemed Alistair had reconsidered what he had wanted to say. Alas he seemed content for now."Well then it is best I never ask it to be safe."There was things Alistair knew and things he might have wished to do just because he did not understand the effect of.

Alistair realized he messed up with a bit then would just go back to being quiet."I think...Alistair might have wanted to go visit another dimension Judina for a means of just seeing her one last time."Miriko noted, Then again it was something maybe the Cattian with in all of his life he never had seen or grasped in his mind before."It is wishful thinking Alistair, But as I tried to speak you about before. To see her return might just be only suffering upon your mind."With that even if she was sitting on Alistair for a moment she just patted him on the head, It seemed almost like a Judith thing to do get on last chance to be around a person.

At least Miriko would not ignore Revvy as well, giving the exceed a pat on the head too, But Alistair's mood seemed like he was slightly depressed about it, But he could deal with it. Sometimes it was not just Miriko who had the problem, Miriko had to see Alistair sometimes get helpful with some things, Then withdraw said emotion into just normal casual jokes and happiness, Equally Miriko knew at times maybe some impossible things were on his mind.


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He feels a well of emotions in himself over flowing and he knew what he must do to help, he looked at the big cat then he walked over and hugged him tightly and strokes his fur knowing this creature must feel a longing to see his old master.  "Trust me I know how you feel, knowing it exists is the toughest thing when you know it can't truly be. But if you want to meet one I can find one that has lost their you and that way it is a meeting of two that lost what they loved and served, for you two to see each other once more. If you feel that you can handle that I would do that for you." He looks at Miriko and he looks serious that he is going to help make this happen if she will allow him to help and have this happen. "I would be willing to help him do that if you would allow it."

Kaito starts looking through dimensions in search of one. Revy smiles at Miriko for petting her then she also starts petting Alistair. "There is no proof that it could cause issues in a dimension, he is just over cautious meeting someone for a bit of time shouldn't hurt anything." She hops down off of Alistair and she hugs the painters leg and then looks back up at the woman with a smile. "So if Alistair chooses to meet her once again will you allow him as long as Kaito keeps him safe and at the first signs of trouble pulls him out?" She has full faith in Kaito that he will keep this woman's partner safe if he is allowed to meet with the other woman so they may speak and see each other one last time.

Kaito keeps at finding ones and putting his head through to ask and to speak to the ones he finds to see if any of them would be willing to meet with Alistair for even a small amount of time and maybe help them both heal a little bit and he thinks he has found one that would be good for the big animal to meet with. He then looks over to the painter and her partner for what there answer is to this if they were going to want to do this or if they were going to take a pass on meeting with Judina.


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It does seem like a fairly good plan right now. Miriko would get up from Alistair, It seemed she did not mind at all. Even kind of leaving herself out of it. After all it seemed she did not mind at all. It was the kind of the help he might actually need. For it was maybe for the benefit of him more then anything else that seemed to be important for Miriko."I have no doubts you will return him."If was just how she felt to be able to trust him, Then again there was that one things everyone was well was more important.

Then she would just wait quietly as they prepare to set off to where they would travel too. To think about and reflection one's desire to see some one long gone normally would be an idea to paint for, But Miriko could use this time to complete something else she had in mind from this, It would be what she would while they were gone. Just before Alistair left, Miriko would walk over to the saddle bags, Take out one of drawing books she had in there and a pencil."Do behave, Alistair even if it hard to do at this time."She did not sound serious about it.

But Alistair seemed to stand up, He was ready for the emotional trip ahead of him."Are you both going to sit on me while we go through?"Alistair offered for Kaito and Revvy to just sit on him while they travelled through whatever portal Kaito would make up for them to go through. To Miriko waiting for them to go through their plan with a drawing book in her hand, knowing that this would be a good thing for everyone in the group right now, She would quietly draw a picture for later.


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He looks at the painter woman. "You are staying back here?" He figured she would want to be close by or to paint something she might see there in a different dimension, but he knows he has to go with them and make sure that nothing happens to them and to keep them safe in the dimension they will be in. He wonders why he feels a slight bit of worry in his chest about leaving her behind, maybe he had grown attached to her in some way.

He opens the portal for the big cat along with Revy to go through into the other side making sure it is the right size this time for the big cat to get through comfortably without having to fight there way through the portal. He looks to the painter and he points to the house with a finger. "If you need anything like more drink or food it is in there, make yourself at home it is open to you as you wish to do." He follows the big cat through and he looks around the place the portal remained open if she had wanted to join them at any point and he sees pictures of the woman with her family and he wonders why the man in them looks similar to himself and Revy sees them as well and she blinks then they face the woman that that had come to meet and Kaito and Revy bow their heads to her in respect.


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It seemed she mad her point with mentioning that, As she started drawing already. Good thing she could manage the too."I already have an idea I wish to record, I do not wish for it to fade away."Was it the truth? maybe or it was a cover to just allow Alistair to have a moment where he might not need to focus on so many things. Then well she smiled and simply said"I am sure all three of you will be okay." It would most likely be a harmless thing for her not to be around for it.

It was interesting and inspiring but already with things she had, she was working one something."I will keep that in mind as I might need them."With that it seemed Miriko had a smile on her face, Like she viewed this entirely as a good moment.

Before Alistair went through he looked by at Miriko for a moment and went through the portal. He was expecting the landscape to be different for some reason. even if it seemed some what the same."Where do we go from here?"It was a good question for Alistair to ask. But in this situation one thing left to ponder, with saying good bye one last time. Did Kaito set up and explain the situation to this Dimensions Judith?


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Kaito had explained to this dimensions Judina what the request was and she had vaguely said it was fine but she had looked at him weird when he had said his name to her, he wondered why that was and to be honest he figured maybe Miriko might be a bit mad at him for pushing this a little bit, he was sure he was gonna have to make it up to her and he hoped that she could forgive him for doing this kind of thing and he feels like she might be what he feels like he is missing. He doesn't know for what he feels is it friendship or is it more. He really wasn't use to feeling things for people usually keeping people more distant, he had felt like this before for one other but she hasn't contacted him since the event at her guild, so he had figured she hadn't wished to see him.

Revy looks at Kaito who leads them to where the woman had asked him to lead the big cat if they were to pick to come to see her. He shakes his head to get the thoughts out of his head, he figures the painter probably has enough suitors and he is only a famous mage but beyond that he has nothing besides survival skills and his training. But he is horrible with people and he always hides his face away from them. He has no real merit to his name besides that he is stronger then most others. If he didn't have the dimensional dragon slayer magic would he even be this famous? How many people just see him as that but not who he is beyond that and what he can do for them? He lets the other two in then he slides down the wall outside of the room holding his head slightly having what he could best call a panic attack.

He was thinking far to much, his master always told him if you are thinking it is good but over thinking leads to waste and panic, you are to keep your mind thin and sharp like a blade so it won't hit blunted or dull and just bounce off or break to an enemy using a sharper blade. He had grown too fast and he had never stopped to think about it, he didn't like being famous, he wasn't sure what made him famous, was it his own skill or just the magic carrying him, was Miriko only interested in him because of his magic, or did she see something in him that sparked an interest.

Revy had went into the den like area of the home with Alistair and she looked around the room, she could swear that the man pictured with her was a different dimension Kaito but she couldn't prove it, but if it was, had they also been cursed? how did they break free of it? All questions she wouldn't ask as they were here to speak to Judina with Alistair and who knew how long they could have.


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Miriko could quietly finish her drawing. While Kaito even if he could do this normally would now be faced a new situation in the end, As confusing as it was to her. She was not facing a different dimension who even if she agreed to go along with it, Had questions herself but they were harmless. This dimension Judina invited Kaito, Alistair and Revvy into the back yard of where she was living.

It was a fairly small backyard, but it had something akin to a reflection of Judith and the graves she kept here. Three tome stones, here in her backyard, Much like the way kept in the same way of his dimension's Judith kept things. However the graves where different it was Anders, Regis and Alistair. But they found Judith standing in place and Mediating for a bit while she thought.

Alistair in return, Sat and waited almost like it was natural to him.Then Judina would stopped now walk over to Alistair stare at him with in the cattian eyes. Resting her head upon the bridge of the nose area, Where at the same time, they both seemed to close their eyes."I could take hours of your time here....But I will keep it short."Judina being far more, Blunt, brash and too the point when Judith ever was. The knight was more use to being on duty and it reflected in with situation. Judina was far more stern and orderly, Compared to Judith's soft spoken and motherly nature. But could see a moment, a few tears upon Judina's face as she."It is okay Alistair, Be at peace now...Look after who you have left...Let go of your guilt."It was something you could hear Judith say, just in a tall knightly woman with dark blue longer hair and armour.

If anything it seemed Judina here understood, This was more for this Alistair and equally as the guilt she felt about the one here being gone."Let go as much as I had to learn too...For your path will be far less lonely."Alistair was far less emotional then Judina, Like sitting here and allowing himself to be here was just being a final form of release that one might never knew he needed. Then she would let go of Alistair and come over to talk to Kaito."Thank you for this, However I have one request of you."It might not be one to be expected but something it seemed that would be important to Judina."Never tell of your Dimension's Judith of this...Never allow her to cross over to these places."It sounded cruel from a stern knightly woman there there was a reason for it."It is for the better of my mother...I mean your Judith herself."With that she pat Revvy on the head.

With that she at least was grateful for what has happen here at least."Thank you for bringing him here, However it might be best if you depart now."The politeness of Judith with the to the point nature of her father Anders. Judina seemed to make sure that not too much happen aside from their meeting here. Most likely however any question you ask Judina here would be answered, Even if quick.

When Alistair, Kaito and Revvy returned, Miriko just seemed to be delighted and happy with herself as she seemed to have just finished her drawing and she was happy with the results that had come forth.



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Kaito realizes there is something wrong with him on the inside, he figures after he has finished with this and finished with repaying Miriko maybe he should take sometime away from people and drop Revy off somewhere safe. His head is aching and his thoughts are starting to appear in shades of black and red, he doesn't feel fine even if he could act like it. Maybe his curse was finally taking control of his mind and was going to start turning him darker.

Revy listened to the woman speak and she wondered if Kaito is okay as he was starting to act strange compared to his usually joyful bouncing self, she wondered if he is starting to be what she calls consumed again, where he doubts everything and he hears the voice in his head telling him to do evil things and hurt people again. She wondered some times if it was the the dimensional powers that are effecting his mind further. She knows she needs to keep him out of trouble and hopefully not get him killed. "Thank you for your time. I will make sure to never bring her into it."

She looked up to the woman with a smile after being petted by her then she watches the big cat and she walks away toward Kaito who hasn't looked up once since they got here. Kaito leads them back through the portal his powers seem to be the only thing about him that matters he as a person is empty his words different flavors of hollow. as they go through he follows then he flops onto the ground and Revy looks at him worried and she gently pats his head.


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Returning back Miriko would looking upon them in ponder, Alistair might feel better but he did not seem happy, Almost like that even if that situation was at it's end there was still sadness left in him. But that might happen if entirely. It seemed to make Miriko's delight smiled turn to a normal casual and calm expression. She did not ask any question either about how it went even if it might be a good idea, Maybe she wanted to be sure herself and Alistair where some were else before hand. Then again it seemed it was pretty quiet.

But Miriko would then point to Kaito on the ground."pick him up Alistair."Miriko would mention in general since well he did just show up on the ground. Miriko then would walk over to Alistair as the cattian came to pick up Katio. Out of the saddle bag Miriko simple collected a vial of black ink/paint. While Alistair was sure to make sure his jaw was string to enough to not tear his clothing Miriko would walk behind Kaito. Open up that vial and start painting a chair.

As the shape of the chair was being made. The lines being connected it was almost like it was a dry enough to sit on, While being a basic wooden chair, with no legs but a seat, back rest and arm rests. Being quietly placed there by Alistair. Miriko would only wait to see what would happen here.

What Revyy and when he came back to Reality came to see, was what flowing images as a magic could do when Miriko had  some kind of casting medium like a paint brush or an ink brush, Often never letting people to wonder what happens when she pulls out that staff and uses it against others.


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Revy looked at the woman as she painted and she wonders what is on her mind. Thank you for having him picked up, I think he is having an odd moment. She tries to sound unworried by the things going on but now she is starting to feel a bit of pressure about the declining mental state of her partner. You even draw items in a very pretty way. She is trying her hardest to not linger on Kaito being like that.

Kaito looks at Miriko and he blinks, his mind is fogged and he feels very weird in his head and his heart. He figures he might as well ask her how she was feeling and not looming on his own mental breakdown he was having. " How are you doing Miriko?" He wonders if she has any tips on how to handle and take care of things like telling who is real and who is wake what might be right to feel and what might be wrong. " If you were to like someone do you do it for their power or their personality." He looked into her eyes his eyes look a bit clouded as if he was looking at her but not really seeing her.

Revy seems worried by her partner asking such a thing and sitting like that looking up at her. She wondered if maybe Kaito might be going mad or he is just questioning everything so he can stay sane. If he is taking a dive off the deep end she hopes she can save him before he drowns.


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She seemed to be waiting quietly as the time passed for Kaito in some way recover enough to be some what normal. But she seemed to for the most part remain quiet just more because she did not have much to say at this time.Up until now anyway."I have a time for a bit of flare, other times it might not really be the case."She would mention casually about it as for the situation maybe just needed to have time pass."Even then, At times I had to learn how to make the accents of the lines work."She then mentioned some what in delight about the details mentioned about it,But most people might not be interested about it at the time."Then again, I can admit this is a skill i barely use personally."Most people might not remember Miriko was a mage, But intentional in that manner since she never really still showed it off.

It was pretty smart to ask such a question."One's power can fade away, You are far better to go for how they are as a person."It was basic but it seemed Miriko was just making sure Kaito was going to be some what normal it seemed to be happening.


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Kaito blinked, what was he doing why did he start panicking out of nowhere, what was wrong with him? He had lost his head and the whispering voice in his head had started to win his mind there he had started to fail but they had brought him back to his senses. He moved without thinking and he hugged her as a form of thanking her making sure his exposed face didn’t bump into her, he then he backed up and he wore his normal slightly goofy smile while looking into her eyes with his red and purple eyes. " Thank you I am not sure what had gotten into me."

He wondered if it had been the stress or his growing powers or the fact nearly every where he went people knew him, so his privacy and piece of mind had been either invaded or people completely fleeing from him when he neared. He figured that it might have just started to boil over and it caused him to shut down as he hadn’t stopped to deal with those emotions. He wondered if she would be disgusted that he did that to her without thinking. He knew from the rumors she disliked that kind of thing so he can’t blame here if she did want to keep her distance after that.

Revy looked at Alistair wondering what just happened cause she hadn’t seen Kaito act like that before, then he just hugged her like that which as well was well out of character and a rare sight to see from Kaito. Think they could be friends? She wondered if they could become friends. She didn’t doubt it but she doubts that she is gonna react well to being randomly hugged by the strange man.


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It did seem whatever had truly transpired seemed to have a different kind of effect then she once thought of. Maybe dimension hopping was just that dangerous now in theory it was no long worth ever considering such a things."I am not the type to dig into too deep with these things, Maybe it is a side effect of dimension travel, It just does not come up as often."Which could be far from the actual thing as there was many pieces to in which Miriko might not know how to explain at all, But maybe just needed to leave it be.

So far the question of if they could be friends a bit more absent minded about it since she started to tune out slightly because well, maybe it was just her not thinking about it."I am sure they can be."She thought not much of it currently. Just being happy and more settled with Kaito seemingly being safe even if not exactly the norm and expected of him.


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He sighed a little guessing she must have been fine with the quick hug and wasn't holding it against him, he guessed or maybe she didn’t want to say anything she may regret. He smiles slightly, he knows it isn’t his power that caused it, it was the fissure that is in mind from the trauma of his past but there was nothing to be freaking out here about he needed to calm down. He had been over doing cause he could feel the memories seeping back up in himself. He didn’t want to let into himself and that trauma he needs to wake up and focus on what is in front of himself.

" Sorry I probably worried you a bit, but thank you for the help." He smiles big even if he is faking it, he doesn’t want to worry this painter with his fears and his trauma. He wonders what she may have draw. While he was away from them in the other dimension then he decides he should ask her. " Draw something grand while we were away ?" He hoped she would answer it or maybe show him about it in some way, if not for more then a single moment.


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Since it was all back to normal and in place before saying anything else."If you feel normal then that is my main worry gone."No she did not seem to mind the hug most likely because of how the situation seemed to be to start with, She did not attempt to hug back because well her normal reaction was to freeze up slightly and she had been fighting it pretty good for the most part."I would not to be left that way myself, It is why I have Alistair."She mentioned with a bit of a smile about it.

But as the drawing was brought up, Miriko did not showing him it. She would just simply paint an addition to the already painted chair. A middle section for Revvy if she wanted to sit on her own, A section for her to sit on. Then she would place the brush aside she would show the pencil drawing. It was not much special in the end drawing in pencil but it was after all the thing she reflected in her mind.

The picture was Miriko drawing the portal like a mirror. The image of a small Miriko with in the portal to the current Miriko on the other side, behind the current Miriko was Alistair walking in. behind the smaller younger Miriko was parts of the armour Judina was wearing like she was watching over the more child Miriko, But she did not draw Judina's face or anything it was just the top of her head."An envisionment of differentiating realities." Miriko had made the idea of what a different dimension her could be like, Almost like it was a starting panel to a story. Just Judina's face was left entirely blank most likely intentional for the moment.


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He nods his head and smiles but he knows inside he can feel something isn't right and that he is gonna need to settle it probably some time soon. He knows he is okay enough as well for now to faction but he will need to get the shadows out of his head, he knows this woman doesn't need to see him out out of control and tear holes in an already torn up reality.

Kaito looked at the drawing and how it looked he wondered if this is how she had seen herself really, if maybe she is the scared little girl with a true calling behind her or if she had wanted to be like Judina at some point then the woman spoke and said what she was calling it or of what the idea was to be of and he smiles. "I like your art a lot actually. You seem to truly capture the depth of a moment and it looks so real even if it is just a simple hand drawn picture." He was unsure if that was the right way to say it but it was truly the only way he could figure his words out to say what he felt like saying.

Revy took the seat that had been drawn for her and she is unsure if Kaito was really fine but she did know that he had a lot of tricks up his own sleeves if it wasn't okay he would truly find out of there was a way to find the best way to deal with as much of it as he can but she knows he wouldn't be doing it alone because she would be by his side and she would help the best that she could to get him to were he was aiming to make it too.


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Even if the compliments where to be expected.But she did humour herself slightly."I mean if you are interested in this one, I could offer it to you as well."It was hard to figure out if she was joking or not but there was an actual intention with in the words she did speak."However you might needed to even out the cost of the other one first."She then actually laughed slightly about it. But at least it seemed in the end would offer Kaito to look through more of it if need be."But this book has a lot of pencil drawing more people have not seen yet, Since it is a new book."So if anything Kaito was seeing new pieces of art, while being reminded he owed for a painting just being causal about it.

But even Alistair seemed to quietly and settled in, He had left himself kind of unseen for the most part. But he seemed at least content and able to relax now."But I enjoy sometimes the most simple of work, Depending on mood, I do have to off set the ones that eat time for the most part."After all she was known for paintings and drawings but Miriko did do a fair amount more.

She just knew people rarely asked for such things form her. But Miriko went back to waiting quietly to see what would happen from here mostly because she did not know what else to talk about at this point. But it seemed all of them here were kind of happy and relaxed now, At least in Miriko's mind. Maybe it was just how she tended to be able to relax in most people easily.


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He laughs softly and he looks up from it to her with a smile. "I think you carry a beautiful as well Miriko." The words flowed from his mouth with a happy tone like he had meant every word of the thing he had just said, this time he didn't cover his mouth. He was happy to hear her offer it  but as she said right after he said that he already owed her for the piece he had already gotten. Revy throws him a pouch of Jewels and he hands it to Miriko gently placing it into her palm with a smile still on his face. He then he ever so carefully starts looking through the book of drawings making sure not to harm them in any way as he knows she has put her heart and soul into these and he was not gonna mess them up.

Revy looks at the woman and she wondered if she was okay or if she needed anything that she can get her or if Kaito can get her anything to make her more comfortable. "Is there anything that we can get you now that some time has passed Miriko or Alistair?" She smiled and she looked at the big cat as well, even if he was trying to blend in she was not going to forget about him she was gonna be the best hostess she can be.

"I can tell in your work in here some look simple but they still catch the eye, others you can tell more detail and thought was put into them and the angle and shading changes ever so slightly to add more depth to the things that are in these pictures." He smiles and he keeps taking his time flipping through her drawings, ready at any moment if she were to ask him to return them to her and make sure that he keeps the book safe and that her drawings are safe from marring.


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It seemed to be simple what really all Miriko might need form here. Even then she felt like she might just want to go back and maybe settle into a place for the rest of the day and consider a few other things. Then again it already left like it had been a long day." Not entirely, I am thinking more to return to where was I staying since, Nothing against either of you. I might wish to be alone for a bit."Miriko was drawing this to a close and making sure it was not something. At least making sure Kaito knew it was just a Miriko thing more than him.

It was the minor thing of the painting bill, but side from that she seemed like she was okay and content with out needing anything else. Miriko was a normal person who might need a bit of time alone for the most part.


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He smiles and he guesses it really has be one hell of a day and she is ready to go and return to where she was staying for some alone time and he can't blame her for that because he has been being weird but he has found he likes being around her so he will give her what she wants and let her know that he did in fact enjoy his time around her and maybe sometime she would be willing to meet back up again with him and maybe share some laughs or go to an actual place that wasn't the inner workings of his mind that might be kind of creepy to a woman of her standing.

"As you wish ma'am making a return portal for us now." He moves his hand a little and he opens a portal that will lead them all back out into the city, that is of course big enough for them to both fit out of as he learned from his mistake from earlier. "I enjoyed my time with you maybe we can do it again sometime and actually go somewhere instead of being stuck in my domain the whole time. Just give me a call or a message if you ever would like that." He made sure that she understood that he enjoyed and would like to meet back up with her again and that if she would like that, that she can send him a message for where she would like him to meet her and he will appear there to meet with her to enjoy some more time with her.

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