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Baska - Medicare [Good-D rank]

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Baska - Medicare [Good-D rank] Empty Mon Mar 14, 2022 5:31 pm

Lucretia was more or less just hanging around in baska; taking her time to munch on a well deserved lunch when a doctor approached her. Asking her if he could give her an examination. Lucretia blinked a bit and shrugged her shoulders; allowing the man to do so. He explained that there was an incredible amount of patients at the local hospital and that he was very busy in trying to keep them healthy. So he would invite her back into his office before explaining further what he needed.

He had deliveries he needed to be made but everyone was tied up in treating various civilians. She’d accept the two prescriptions with addresses on them; names too so she could know who she was to give them to. She’d look them over; finding that they were what he said they were ontop of Gerard seeming very honest. Lucretia nodded her head and stashed the bags in her pack.

I’ll get them where they need to go don’t worry.

She’d firmly shake his hand before heading out; no time to waste and no way that she wouldn’t make it there. Most of the city knew of her patrols and the like so they’d get out of her way if she was in a bit of a hustle.

The first location was easy to find, practically in the front of the city on the main street. An elderly man answered the door after lucretia knocked; his surprise evident by the warrior wearing some heavy armor being the one to deliver his medication to him. He wanted to ask about Gerard and how things were going there but noting that Lucretia was in a bit of a rush he’d instead just give her a wave before the wolfen warrior headed out to the next location.

Which was in the back streets of baska; probably one of the more dangerous locations. But that too wasn’t much of a problem for lucretia. Given that most people here were aware of just how strong she was in comparison to her. When she asked for directions from one of the locals; rather than be a problem they’d be quite courteous by pointing her in the direction that she needed to go. All the while sweating nervously while the spellblade looked over the ‘shop’ they had briefly before heading out.

It was something she’d have to keep an eye out for later; but for now? That second bag needed to be delivered to it’s patient. Knocking on the door firmly she’d get a grunt from the otherside before a small window opened up on the door.

Whatcha want?

Wordlessly the wolfen warrior would hold up the bag of medication; the man behind the door’s eyes widened a bit and the hatch would quickly close before the door was unlocked on the other side. Opening up she was greeted with the site of a man with one arm. The bandage of which over where the arm had used to be looking fairly fresh.

Sorry bout that. Tempers been short ever since losin the arm. Thanks.

He’d set the bag to the side and give Lucretia a firm handshake before locking back up. She’d turn on her heel and head back to Gerard; knowing full well that she would likely need to do more deliveries or work for the man in the future. Once back at the office Gerard was surprised with such speed that lucretia had delivered both. He looked relieved as she explained that both were workable individuals that he’d likely see again.

He’d thank her again and hand her a small sum of jewels; of which lucretia accepted with a nod before heading out. She wasn’t the sort that would keep him from his patients. She’d have to remember to check back here later if they needed assistance even off the record….

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