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A Sun is Born [Khalfani]

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The elder Knight would come to rest on a rocky outcropping some distance away from the party. His demeanor was slightly less tense the further away from the party he walked. He wouldn't say that the fact that there were less people is what made him more relaxed, but rather the people that now surrounded him were the extravagant and rather finicky curs that seemed to populate the Ball itself. It always amazed him how... absurd the upper class of individuals seemed to be. They never took their positions in society seriously except for when they felt slighted in some way, shape or form. It was always their need to feel better than others that demanded the utmost respect, but not their power to make the lives of others better. It's what made his work as a servant of Sol that much better in his opinion. Sure of course, he was no saint. He had burned and massacred and committed atrocities in the name of Sol that no man, woman, nor child on this planet could be cleansed of. But the overall goal, the true ideal was what he strove for, what he yearned for. It was this that made him push past literally all of it to see just what he could become if he stayed true to the path. But sometimes he faltered, sometimes he ventured just a little too far off the path that maybe, maybe he had lost his way. And that was what truly scared Seika the most. What if being in these horrendous lands had not only changed him, but made him the same as those whom he just looked down upon for looking down on others.

It were these thoughts that carried him to the meeting place, the rocky outcropping itself was bathed in the light of the moon. It was funny really. People always seemed to think that believers of Sol hated the moon, but it was rather the opposite. How could they hate the Sun's proxy in the sky, a constant companion providing the light of Sol to those who had yet to feel the Sun's grace themselves. A guiding light in the terror that was the darkness. Luna would never be an enemy in Sol's realm because Luna and Sol were two sides of the same coin. One provides the light, the other reflects it in their own image upon the world.

And so as he sat underneath the pale cascade of moonlight, he would turn to this young man who had followed him here and sighed. He realized that he would have to have an open mind here if he wished to get the answers he sought out. But that meant that he would have to hear some things that wouldn't add up until he received the full picture. Now wasn't the time to be overly stalwart in his beliefs, now was the time to be open minded and silent.

"Speak. And I will listen." It was a simple command. And with that, he fell silent.

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