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Support: Brunhild The Divine [Brunhild]

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The sun shined upon the grove of trees that Ariael sat under. Rays of light made there way through the many leaves and branches causing him to raise his hand over his forehead. Blocking the sun, Ariael would scan the forest as he rested his back against the tree. He had only been in Bosco for a couple of days, but it felt like months. The various quests he took in the land were far more tiring than those of Fiore. He didn't know if it was because he actually had to lift a finger, or if it was due to the fact that Bosco was a very rowdy place.

People from far and wide were entering its borders everyday. The royal he had been helping during his visit was having some trouble because of that. Ariael helped by destroying villages here and there, but even that didn't help much. Today he had been asked to meet the royal and come to her aid once again.

A sigh would escape from his lips. "Stupid Bosco. That lady needs to pay me more if she plans to work me like a slave." said Ariael with a pout. His smooth voice would seem to echo around the area. The birds around him chirped in response.

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#2Brunhild Sachsenwald 

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Brunhild Sachsenwald
The sky was shining as if the Illumin Lord was telling her today was going to be a good day for her. Her eyes glistened and her lips smiled in glee due to this phenomenon. It was good news, very good news as she was going to go out of her way to help out a supporter. She gently walked towards the location they were going to meet. If she were to describe herself as an animal according to her colors of wear and hair, it'd be a bluejay. Her blue hair shined greatly as her curvy body was fitted into a dress of black and blue.

So far she was winning this race and she will make sure she continues to succeed. Crushing Hildegard was her top goal as her other siblings will follow afterward shall they not want to ally with her. The supporter she has met so far was only Tempris. The child has seen Illumin's fire and has their trust in it. Will this supporter be any different? Soon enough, Brunhild approached the young man in question as the details of him were given to her beforehand. As she was close she listened to him speak about how he should be paid more.

"I see I have attracted Mercenaries of some kind as well then,~ Heheh.", she giggled with a sly smile. Her golden hues looked at the ashy brown-haired young man as if to wonder why made him interested in helping her. "How adorable,", she lastly spoke in her smokey tone.


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Ariael's resting would come to a halt upon hearing the voice of a woman. Lifting his head up towards his right, he would see a woman with hair as blue as the sky. The clothing she was dressed in appeared to be regal and from her words alone Ariael could tell that she was the royal he had been helping. Rising from his seated position, Ariael would simply lock eyes with the woman and observe her for a few moments. Brunhild was not as menacing as he thought she was, but even he knew looks could be deceiving.

Squinting his eyes slightly while smiling, a look that made most feel uneasy would appear on Ariael's face. "No mercenary this way... Simply a man looking to make a living. I assume you're Brunhild?" said the silver haired man. You see, Ariael could care less whether one was of royalty or even a peasant. His mind didn't operate the same as others. Of course he knew of formalities and how to use them, but at the moment he just didn't see the need too. After giving the woman a little time to reply Ariael would continue speaking. "In this country there are nearly as many followers of Illumin as my own. Which way will the light guide us today." said Ariael in a almost sarcastic tone.

He had cut ties with Illumin long ago, but even he needed the light to guide him every now and then.

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#4Brunhild Sachsenwald 

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Brunhild Sachsenwald
She scoffed at this person's sarcasm while her golden eyes rolled around. This child needed some Jesus, well Illumin to be precise. "A living. Yes, everyone could say that is what they're doing,"  she joked and then looked across the street to see some suspicious people in cloaks. She felt suspicion on them as she wondered if maybe she could have her supporter come with her to find some rats.

"How do you feel about... extermination?", she asked smoothly and chuckled as her mind was on burning these traitors that dared to worship demons. Brunhild took a deep breath before walking quietly and calmly towards where the cloak people walked. "I hope you know I don't expect you to kiss the feet of Illumin. I just want respect for the Religion and burn those who disrespect him, hehe.", Brunhild was like a strict mother who will make sure they are behaving as well as destroy those who hurt her children and God. Rather or not they believe in him was questionable for sure, but she will not smite those who just stay away from Religion as a whole.

These 'creatures' that wish to summon demons and those alike deserve torture and death to the fullest though.


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Ariael listened as the woman spoke. It wouldn't be long before she turned her head and catch sight of some more individuals. Following her eyes, Ariael would come to stare at the newcomers. They were dressed in cloaks and he already felt that they were about to be up to no good. A menacing smile slowly appeared on his face. Rising from his spot in response to her question, Ariael began to dust off the back of his pants and shirt. It seemed that while he was in Bosco he would be killing people non stop. It was something that he loved, even almost feeling pleasure with it.

"Well I guess I'll have to respect him then." replied Ariael with a laughing tone. Grabbing his shield and placing it over his left hand, he would begin walking towards the group of cloaked individuals. The wind flowing from the shield stirred the dirt as he walked. In total he counted seven, but who knew if there were more hiding somewhere. It angered him that he hadn't come across any magic during his time in Fiore and Bosco. He would just have to continue searching. For now he would have resort to using his shield and fist.

Coming to the edge of the trail, Ariael would wait for Brunhild to make a move before he acted.

#6Brunhild Sachsenwald 

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Brunhild Sachsenwald
She chuckled quietly at his remark before going into the alley. She collapsed her hands together, rested them in front of her pelvis as she walked forward silently. She was not sure where this was going to lead as she did not bother with wandering within allies. It was strange in a way as it was where most criminals did their dirty work. The stench was filled with dirty water and booze that was leftover from any homeless person as alleyways were their home as well. She tried her hardest to give them a piece of Illumin, a home, but they sometimes like to reject it.

Soon enough it was lead to a single house that was hidden by the other tall businesses and houses. The people did not bother looking behind them as they proceeded inside. "Hmph, looks like they won't care being followed,", she sighed and went forward towards the door. She gazed at the supporter and then back at the door before opening it slowly. She did not care if they were there waiting for her. Her facial expression stayed calm and cold as she was introduced by stairs in front of her and on the left and right, openings to other halls. The house was picked up and clean. It seemed like it was decorated by an old lady who loved antiques. "Perhaps they are stereotypical and in the basement," she jestered coldly while walking forward to find the basement door.

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