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JIKAN C-RANK: BASKA - TOURNAMENT ARC #3 Empty Sat Jun 05, 2021 5:18 pm

It had been a while since Jikan's victory at the tournament event, successfully becoming the champion. The hand to hand combat focused battles were an exciting experience for her, some of the battles were easy and gave her satisfaction in her skill, other battles were more intense and provided a lot of work to arrive at the stages of victory. Those battles felt like instances of lightening within her, filling her with vigor and pride in her skills, confidence. She felt that she could handle herself with her magic, and her martial arts skills.

Right now, she was relaxing herself, up in a nice shop in the City Center looking for something to snack on when a stranger came up to her. The woman had a smell of alcohol under her breath. Another drunken bar hopper? She was used to these types of people, but only in the bar, or at least in the immediate area outside of the bars. It was another, annoying, thing, to have to interact with one of them outside when she was not expecting to, especially when she was just hoping to chill today. But the lady had already begun talking...and Jikan had to wait in line for the cashier anyway...great. Guess she had to just stand
there and ​listened to the woman's words.

The tipsy woman explained that she was a warrior, at least that she used to be once. She told the tale of how she used to be a frequent fighter in the various numerous tournaments located in Baska. She even was the champion for a specific tournament for many years. Then one day, some vile underhanded mage appeared and broke her ankle during the championship match between them.

Jikan looked down and saw how messed up the woman's foot was. It was nasty, it seemed to had happened a while ago, and have some recovery, but very little.

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JIKAN C-RANK: BASKA - TOURNAMENT ARC #3 Empty Sat Jun 05, 2021 6:50 pm

It wasn't pretty how the base of her foot looked inverted, deformed looking even. Jikan thought that the amount of alcohol she consumed was for the pain, the emotional as well as physical. Whatever this woman needed, she needed a lot more than something trivial as getting her title back. No. Jikan could see that she needed revenge. After their story was over, Jikan wanted to get to something more serious and important to here. Why was she coming to Jikan. What did the lady want Jikan to do?? And Jikan made that question known to her fellow former champion. Apparently, the woman had heard of Jikan's performance in the tournament she became Champion for and thought she would be the perfect help her get back at the current champion. After all, Jikan had handled the leading up matches with ease in her eyes, and handled the champion match differently than the average champion. With her mind along with her power. The woman felt that Jikan could adept and interpret any tricks thrown to her by the scum that had become and held onto her title. Jikan laughed at the vigor and sass from the elder lady. She had no problem beating up some cheat, the offered cash prize from the tournament was worth it. And she was always likely to get a favor to call in, the future had plenty of doors that could lead to her needing them.

And so Jikan made her plan and prepared herself. She signed up for the tournament and waited for the fated day. When that day came, Jikan dressed herself in comfortable combat clotheing, a little bit stylish too. Black ambush cargo shorts, with a matching grey army jacket and a white undershirt. In an hour or two, the matches would be starting, and Jikan made sure she was there with plenty of time to spare.

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JIKAN C-RANK: BASKA - TOURNAMENT ARC #3 Empty Sat Jun 05, 2021 8:58 pm

Jikan arrived at the arena, a small number of people there to greet here, fans apparently from her last tournament bout. A small number in comparison to the rest of the crowd, who was here today in support of various other fighters. But no matter, Jikan had a tournament to fight in and a mission to accomplish. In a few minutes, it was time to start, and Jikan's match was the first. Within seconds, fighters were in their waiting areas and the estimated fighters were in the ring.

The bell rang. Jikan stood in the ring with her hands lowered toward the ground, ready to fight but holding her arms in a lowered stance to give her opponent the illusion of an opening. Her opponent was in front of her several feet away. A lady who looked slightly younger than her, the lady's hands gripped the handle of sword as it was lowered to the ground, at ease, a choice to relax and not fight against gravity. Awwwww shiit. ....they are letting weapons in this one? ...I should have read the rules closer... . Jikan had to be more careful now, powerful, quick, effective. Fighting a sword against empty hands was bad, Jikan needed to preserve her energy and health to beat her opponent. The woman charged towards Jikan but readied herself so when the lady swung her sword, she stepped out of the range of the strike before jumping forward. Grabbing the wrist that held the sword while throwing a straight punch to the girl's chest.

TThe woman squirmed and got pushed back, her sword dragging along the way against the solid floor of the ring. Her first blow solid, but Jikan was not done with her pressuring yet, not even close. However, it seemed the girl was not willing to allow a continuation at all.

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JIKAN C-RANK: BASKA - TOURNAMENT ARC #3 Empty Sat Jun 05, 2021 9:02 pm

The girl ran, sword at her side, the blade of the sword dragging along in the air, moving swiftly as if she was cutting the air. The position was kept until she reached Jikan at the middle of the ring. Slashes were thrown out, the first barely being dodged by Jikan, save a piece of her hair at the front. The next three slashes came faster, cutting Jikan's left arm before leaving a grazed slashed on her stomach, causing a slight whole in her front shirt.

oh come on man.....I just bought this!!!!. Jikan was getting mad now. As the lady continued to throw out slashes, Jikan threw out light attacks as she moved. A kick to the shin, a punch to the forearm, a feint jab to create distance. Anything to cause more pressure. In the middle of this, Jikan through out another kick, the attack landing smoothly that hit the girls left leg and continued to successfully knock her off her right leg as well, causing her to fall to the ground. Unfortunally, the girl dropped her sword. Jikan pounced like a cheeta at the opportunity. Grabbing her by both of her legs, pulling her away from her weapon. Tossing her away, Jikan jumped atop of the girl, pinning her arms down by using her powerful thighs. Jikan remembered that the tourney rules allowed killing, but she saw no reason to take it that far. She told the girl to surrender, but the girl just gave her a defiant glare before attempting to get free, grunts of efforts occurred. The girl trying to get free, Jikan, working to keep her pinned. After a few seconds, Jikan decided to end this. A left, a right, then a left again. Hooked punches to the side of the head were thrown, powerful, precise, at least for someone who had some fighting experience from real life battles. It took a few more punches, but thankfully the girl gave up.

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