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You must know [Kazimir]

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It was a day like any other day except for the occasion of Kazimir's first time setting foot inside the guild's area. It wasn't only that, he was meeting her children as well. They were getting ready as she was outside of the gates waiting for the love that was within her heart. Today she wore a pink outfit that wrapped around her body with a v-opening between the chest. Her long leg on her right side was revealed as the slit on that side was beautifully sown with golden silk. The outfit was pretty light, the way she liked it. Her eyes gazed around and waited longer for him as she thought about what exactly she will tell him.

Kurisa wanted to tell him about her magic, about her companion - everything as she finally found a way to live forever alongside him without having to be a vampire or a race that gave such things with sacrifice. The woman hoped that the girls will behave themselves and wondered what they were going to wear in front of him. Like any mother, her children were on her mind a lot as she worried about the impressions they can make. Slowly, her fingers played with her long beautiful hair that flowed against her chest. The wind perfectly made the sakura trees motion like the ocean as the pedals fell one by one peacefully. Reminded her of the boat ride they went on.

Randomly, she coughed and covered her mouth. Her eyes spotted something on her arm but covered it up immediately after. She gave a sweet smile while waiting for the small moments that have passed.

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Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz made his way down the path toward the famous guildhall that he had yet to see. He brushed by some citizens with a little more pep, not wanting to be late. Whatever awaited him was a surprise but he had a feeling today would be the day he'd meet them.

The mage wore his typical uniform, albeit the cleanest one he could find. He stopped and turned. A row of shops dotted the street. 'Should he bring a gift? How could he have forgotten even that small thing?' he thought to himself turning towards the shops. He stopped himself, "No time," he turned to rush toward the guildhall.

The roof gleamed in the distance. A masterpiece of craftsmanship that he'd expect from his beloved. Even more eye-catching was Kurisa standing at the gates of the building waiting for a silly-minded wind mage to arrive on time.

"I hope I didn't keep you," he spoke and moved in for a quick hug and kiss. "You look amazing," he added and pulled away for a moment to admire how much effort went into the image that stood before him. His eyes glanced across the v-shape opening that outlined her bosom and up to her two-toned eyes.

"I'm all yours today. What do you have planned?" He asked and held out his arm for her to take. With his other hand he softly wafted of the sakura pedal about to land on her hair.


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"My love,~" she whispered as she was approached suddenly by the man. She giggled as their lips met and arms snaked around his waist, "You didn't keep me long at all.". She saw his eyes etch her chest and to her eyes as she followed every step. To his question, she swiftly turned away after unwrapping her clunches. "Today I will be introducing you to the guildhall and a few people," she chuckled and pressed her hands against the door made out of bamboo to introduce the beauty the place has.

Once she opened the door, the paths of stone are revealed alongside a large utopia of sparkling water, Joyan trees of all kinds, lily pads, and lands filled with flowers. In the middle was a large floating boathouse that towered three to four stories high. On each cardinal direction were mini palaces that had statues of their respective guardian. Her head turned to gaze at him with sparkling excitement even with her face calm and body that is straight postured. She reached out to him before going on the stone path that went onto the bridge. Together, arm-in-arm she started to walk, but was soon interrupted by some hollers. "Mother! We're ready," anyone within the gates could see two young children dressed well powerwalking towards their mother.

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Nyx/Zri & Theia/Bri

They stood about a meter now from Kazimir and herself, bowing their head politely. The black-haired girl spoke up first, "Greetings, my name is Nyx, but outside these walls, I am called Zri.". Her voice was calm sounding unlike her sister's. "Name's Theia, but outside these walls, I am called Bri," at the end she gave a grin. She was more of a jokester and quite bubbly in comparison to Zri. Kurisa sighed and chuckled while turning to Kazimir with a nervous sigh, "These two are my children I told you about,~ she gave a sweet smile. Soon enough a man behind them came up smoking out of a kiseru. "So this is the man I heard about, heh." he chuckled and smirked. "Right, this is - well I haven't given him a name yet," Kurisa said and giggled.

"So rude, mistress. It hurts so much after all we traveled and fought each other," he dramatically spoke while having his free hand covering his face. He put it down and laughed, "Almost hurts," he lastly said and smiled calmly. "Right, so in short this is my servant after losing in a fight with me." she joked. She smirked teasingly towards the purple-haired man. He kept a calming posture, but his eye was twitching along with him smirking. "Where's Eta?" She questioned him.

Quickly he answered, "They decided to go roam off shopping for new things. They probably got lost," he coldly said for his own amusement. The purple-haired guy scanned Kazimir as if he's studying him to see if he was strong or not. "Is he as strong as you?" he asked curiously. Kurisa was quick to jump up and shake her hands 'no', "We have no time for that. We're here peacefully and I won't have any of that.". He sighed and shrugged, "Perhaps some other day then. Shall we follow?" he asked calmly while smoking once more. Kurisa turned over to Kazimir, "What do you want?~" she asked him. Nyx and Theia gazed at the surroundings like any child who had a small attention span.

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Kazimir Seiryu
He leaned into the gentle and seductive way she wrapped her arms around his waist. "Alright. I'm ready when you are," he replied as she turned to open the bamboo doorway. He prepared himself for what he assumed would be an elegant setting as it seemed was her personality.

The Joyan trees reminded him of home as he stepped onto the stone pathway. It was exactly as extravagant as he expected of the woman he loved. He scanned up the floating bathouse. "That is a sight to see," he spoke faintly, still taking in the image. He was used to simpler things. He narrowed in to see the details of the four guardians, trying to deduce if anywhere a symbol of the guardian he followed given the Joyan appearance of things.

"Fine craftsmanship. I'd expect nothing less," he gave her a playful nudge as they walked arm and arm. He had rarely seen that excited look in her eye, but it was more captivating than the structure she created. A moment of carefree indulgence was exactly what they needed. "It's nice to see that look in your eye," he added when a small voice called out to her, from a distance.

"Oh," he replied and bowed back to the children. Surprised out how well-mannered they were. Even to adopt a part of his culture. The two had dynamically different personalities. "It's nice to meet you both. I'm Kazimir. Just one name for me," he tried to add in a little joke but was curious about their name situation.

"You've raised them really well,he began to say when the next man arrived.
"hm," Kaz responded to the man, that apparently already knew of him. Looking back to Kuri she spoke as if she owned the person...or created them, having not given the man a name.

'A fight between them,' Kaz thought and wondered who exactly this person was and what brought them into such an arrangement. "Interesting. Must be a lot of history behind that situation," Kaz spoke curiously. "But it's nice to meet you," he spoke, disregarding the theatrics of the man, but pleased to see Kurisa having so many companions in her guild home.

"Other guild members?" Kaz asked about the missing people. The wind mage's ears filled with warmth as the topic of strength came out of nowhere, from the mischievous man. Kaz rose his hand to wave away the accusation as well, but his defensive nature swirled, creating the tiniest billow of his scarf. In some ways, it was nice to not be recognized right away. Especially because he was known for being on the more destructive side of magic.

"My magic is more for maneuverability, evasion, and getting people away,"
he tried to downplay himself. "Nothing wrong with a friendly bout. Maybe after the tour. I'm curious about your abilities too," he added, looking the man in the eye with intrigue.

"Well. I'm sure there is much more to your guild. I'll follow you, and welcome the company if they all want to come too," he looked toward the two children.


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Her eyes closed as she grabbed his arm and leaned her head against his shoulder. The two kids stood by the tall man. She nodded, "Alright, let's go forward then." Her eyes gazed towards the large doors that revealed the inside of a boathouse. It was quite large for such a thing. The stairs started on the second floor technically as there was an elevator that ran off on air. There were two more floors upstairs and two floors down. The children already know where to lead as did her companion. She leads Kazimir to the area though as they were by then inside the housing. Decorated finely to every touch as the symbol of lotus's hang high on flags of red and gold. The lotus itself was a lilac-pink with a yin-yang symbol.

She leads them past the elevator and towards the back of the building. Once she opened the door it revealed a large clock with tons of books on the side. "This is my library of course,~" she let go and twirled happily. Her eyes gazed at Kazimir. "You remember the fight with the darkness woman?" she spoke like someone who didn't want to be specific. She remembered what her companion exactly is so she didn't want to perk their interest or trigger him. She gave a light smile and then pointed towards the clock. "So as they spoke and you have seen. I can control time.". Her voice was low as if she was sad, but also understanding of something. "I can control time of my own life and some others as well...".

She turned towards him as the children went to go look at books with 'him'. "Funnily, I feel like every time we meet. I get stronger from something or somewhere," Kuri giggled and gazed at him. "If you have any questions. I will love to answer," the woman lastly said while being at least a meter away.

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