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Prep for Survival [Quest]

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Kurisa and Jin left the forest after helping out Marigold, finally getting to Hargeon. The event was rather non-pleasant as she knew the woman was tricking them all along. It was like some scooby doo stuff when the perpetrator was really obvious but your friends can't tell the difference between who was good and bad. Her eyes scanned the area as she saw him stand next to her. He spoke about how they needed to find people to give them stuff for the trip; food, drinks, supplies that will help them on the journey. They needed a certain amount of it to the ship once they get one.

She wondered about how they will get the ship, but Jin seemed to already have a plan for it all. It was rather odd that he had a ship of his own, he knew exactly where the Dragon she sought out was located. She insisted that they try to go to the restaurant first as the food orders will take longer than the drinks and supplies. People were known to be picky and the things you could have on a ship were limited to what you could see at a party of any kind.

She opened the doors to see many people sitting at their fancy tables of white clothes draping on each one. It smelled that Montre whore smelling perfume within the room as all the ladies were trying to smell good. It honestly smelled horrible to her. Kuri went towards the bar to look for the owner, but so far as she could see they were nowhere to be found. She went to the keeper of the area as they were on the tracker of all the reservations. She then left the building and went to the more run-down bar.



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Her nimble soft fingers went through each strand of her brown-black hair that was a little like caramel within the sunlight. Her eyes of blue and brown glistened towards the wooden building that seemed to have some broken window. She tilted her head in questioning, but maybe it was just perfect. Those stupid do-gooders were too good for her then perhaps these people will be just right. Slowly, she walked in and looked around. The crowd looked tough, but not tough enough for them to scare her. She went right to the counter and leaned over. Jin stood there next to her like some good NPC man that he maybe was.

She asked for the boss of the establishment and he called out to someone soon after. He cleaned his cup as he gazed at it. It was like he was making sure every speck was gone. Soon enough a woman with an eyepatch arrived. She had long brown hair and wore a red and black dress. She asked Kuri what she wanted and without really wasting time she told her about her trip to another country, Joya to be specific. She laughed as she thought it was a joke at first, but once she knew it was serious she pressed her fingers together to signal the money. Kuri giggled sweetly and nodded, her head turned to Jin who blinked confused. It has seemed that Kuri had to be the one who pays for the food. So be it then as she wrote down all that she needed, including the drinks as she told her that she also carried alcohol of all kinds. It was a good start as she finished off paying. After that, she left to go find some medical building to give her ship some goods now.



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She wondered where the best place was to get some good medical supplies. It was obvious where, but she wanted to perhaps help a smaller business as they probably need the money. She scurried around happily as Jin accompanied her in his cold stance. Kuri did not care much for it as she ignored the coldness. She was sure there was more to it. Humming softly, the woman went to the people that could know where to exactly go. The people started to tell her different things, but then she finally got a few people who agreed on a place that will have the things she wants and needs.

She followed the instructions as jin just followed for the ride. It was a quiet stroll around till they saw the building. He told her that he will wait outside and will let her take care of it all. She shrugged and did not really question it, going inside. Her hand swapped the bead-like door away to enter it slowly. She gazed around to see smoke from somethings and then saw more things bubble up as if this was some typical stereotype witch stuff going on. She called out to anyone, someone if there was anyone here. It took a few seconds till someone answered for it to end up some man in a beanie hat. His clothes were just some baggy pants and a poncho of many colors on it. His hair was braided down in dark brown hair as he smoked on some pipe.

He questioned what she needed. She started to talk to him about how she needed some supplies that he could assist with for an adventure quest to meet with a dragon. At first, like the rest, he was not interested, but then she introduced them to different amounts of money that will be offered. Kuri laid out the list that she needed and the things that were necessities in case he could help. He looked at it for a few moments and then nodded. He finally agreed to help out and Kurisa paid it in full. Thankfully, she had the money to pay all these people to do the work she needed to get all the stuff for the ship. It did not matter the cost as she had to find this guy. She left the building to see Jin waiting for her. Finally almost done.

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