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Into the Blue [PSF - PHASE 2 | Open]

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Into the Blue [PSF - PHASE 2 | Open] Empty on Sat Oct 10, 2020 10:07 am



With most of her guild mates around to help her, Blue Pegasus had achieved much in the past few days. They'd not only refurbished most of the guild hall, but also effectively rebuilt a good part, well most of it, while still keeping the heart of the guild intact. Well, not that it would have mattered much, for the way she saw it, the heart of Blue Pegasus was still it's members rather than what building they chose to make their home. An idealistic view, certainly, but one that in her eyes had always held true, and would still do so for any other guild in the country. But as she calmly strolled around their spacious backyard in that flattering, form fitting one piece swimsuit, casually flaunting her full figured physique in the way she was so known for, she couldn't help but admire their handiwork:

"The water feels lovely too~...", mused the lithomancer, crouching down at the side of her pool, dipping her fingertips into the water, all but cooing at the pleasant cool in this sweltering heat. Even as she stood up to continue her stroll, watching everybody enjoying themselves at the party, she'd often find herself looking back to that same swimming pool.

The perfectly placed plants adorning the backyard, the white, cleanly cut stone of the tiles she walked on, and most of all, the eye catching blue of their new swimming pool, rivalling even what you'd expect to find at a hotel... In her mind, she and all her guildmates deserved the best, so she spared no expenses in guaranteeing their utmost comfort. As much as she'd enjoy merely strolling around as such, the heat was steadily winning out over the pale Northern woman, idly fanning herself more often than not as the odd trickle of sweat dripped down her curvaceous form. In the end, the next time her eyes fell on the pool at her side, she could no longer look away:

"About time I finally tried out this pool for myself...", pulling her long, lustruous dark hair into a high ponytail as she approaching the freshly built swimming pool, admiring how the sun's dazzling rays gleamed off the rippling surface of the pool in a subtle, yet utterly enrapturing light show.

Taking a long, deep breath as she stretched her arms up into the air, Alisa smiled and sighed with a look of utter delight, casually striding over to the edge of the pool and gracefully diving in.



Strength is also Beauty

"Summer dreams~"
- Alisa Vollan

credit to nat of adoxography.

#2Daiko Flayme 

Into the Blue [PSF - PHASE 2 | Open] Empty on Mon Oct 12, 2020 12:49 pm

Daiko Flayme
Coda wasn’t going to enjoy the new pool’s water, sadly. Despite it being a tempting haven for one to dip into, as shown by Alisa giving in and taking a dive herself, the avian plumage wasn’t that compatible with water and could tolerate just a soft shower. She’d much rather perch on a beach chair and chump down the contents of a glass bowl placed on a small table next to her - mixed seeds from north, south, east and west of the known world. How the seeds were gathered here for her delight was a mystery for the bird of prey, but her curiosity was starkly overshadowed by her instinctive urge to satisfy her taste buds.
Coda’s head peeked upwards and eyed the figure floating around the surface of the new pool. It was Daiko, clad in a comfy pair of black-and-white swimming trunks and just letting the soft waves lead him around with the blue, clear sky ahead. His worries were over for now; Coda was healed in time for the event, so his face was filled with bliss. All that stress was gone. Even his stomach had calmed down in perfect time - no more stones grinding on the insides.
Not even Alisa splashing in next to him popped his bubble. He wasn’t about to let anything pull him back from his state of salvation and objectivity.

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Into the Blue [PSF - PHASE 2 | Open] Empty on Tue Oct 13, 2020 12:46 pm



Down here, below the shimmering surface of the water, Alisa felt at peace... Even the chatter of her guildmates above seemingly faded into a mere murmur, replaced by all encompassing silence save for the odd splashing here and there as others like herself made the most of their new swimming pool. A loner at heart, the sculptress couldn't help but marvel at the sensation, slowly paddling underwater, close to the bottle of the pool, her cheeks puffed as a slow stream of bubbles trailed up from her lips. Even underwater, she could easily spot all but her most elusive of guildmates as they entered the pool, and, spotting Daiko idly floating around the pool, she calmly swam over to him, only to emerge only a short distance away from him with a telltale splash:

"Ara, Daiko... How have you been~...?", spoke the sculptress with a soft smile on her face, emerging from beneath the surface with a delighted sigh, taking a deep breath of fresh air, like a freshly surfaced mermaid, her long, silky dark hair clinging to her skin as she slicked it back and away from her eyes, paddling over to one of her oldest friends, "Good to see you enjoying the party~"

This party provided the unique opportunity to finally catch up to the myriad guildmembers she hadn't seen in a far longer time that she'd like. Unavoidable, surely, for their line of work alone often took them far and wide. From what she knew, Daiko had been in Myras still, ever since their mission with Sofia to take down those boisterous barbarians, and would most likely return there once the party drew to a close. The fact that they hadn't seen each other that much since only evidenced how busy each of them had been in the past few months.


Strength is also Beauty

"Summer dreams~"
- Alisa Vollan

credit to nat of adoxography.

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Into the Blue [PSF - PHASE 2 | Open] Empty on Fri Oct 16, 2020 2:21 pm

Daiko Flayme
Coda spotted Alisa approach her falconer. At first, she wanted to greet her, but the surface of the pool worried her and her nicely treated plumage. She couldn’t go through plucking herself back to shape after a dip in such exotic water, so she was stuck in a dilemma. Then again, she could just watch from a distance and, perhaps, toss seeds and peanuts into the pool to catch her attention. However, every time that Coda had one in her beak, she ended up chugging it down her throat in satisfaction before remembering what she needed it for.
Poor girl.
Daiko yet floated peacefully, slowly turning his face to gaze back at Alisa who had joined him. “Oh, ‘sup Ali… sa…” he greeted her vaguely, as if something was bothering him enough to affect his speech. After what he had just gone through back in Myras - uh, not the whole deal with the barbarians, mind you, but what he went through on his own after said event - he couldn’t help but feel… awkward?
Oh well, the notice that she had a new swimwear did tether him back to focus. “… Hey, that’s a new swimsuit. What happened to your previous one…?” He meant the one that she wore on the day when she taught him… correction, retaught him how to swim. He looked a little saddened, factually, while Coda had the genius idea to just perch on his belly and use him as a boat.
The raptor chirped welcomingly. She and Daiko had been going through quite an adventure in Myras, but he would likely feel reluctant to tell the tale… at least with all the details. As a matter of fact, thinking back to it was too much, even, so he quickly spoke in order to redirect his lines of thought:
“I liked your previous swimsuit more.”

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