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Hosenka - Payback

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Hosenka - Payback Empty on Tue Aug 04, 2020 1:19 am



Quest: Payback

Rank: D

Type: Bad

Requirements: None

Madam Suzumi: Known for her wealth and strict, professional personality, Madam Suzumi is the owner of a brothel in Hosenka City. Regardless of her usually ruthless demeanor in terms of working and earning money in return, she seems to be on a constant move for success and continuously having more people follow her footsteps.

Summary: Weekly records have shown the usage of fake money connected to a certain customer upon using the services of the brothel. Angry at this realization, the client has asked you to trace the customer and give them a beating, just so they learn how to never again try to fool the client's business ever again.

Enemies: None

Objective: Look for the targeted customer and give them a beating.


  • Create a topic in Hosenka City.
  • You will meet with the client in a brothel, then giving you details about the customer including their name and face.
  • Look for the customer written on the information paper then remind them about their bad deeds.
  • The customer will decline to pay back with real money, you may do as you were told and give them a beating.
  • Go back to the brothel and give details to Madam Suzumi.
  • Collect your reward and leave.


Hosenka - Payback Empty on Mon Sep 14, 2020 7:51 am

Sign me up for this quest.


Hosenka - Payback Empty on Tue Sep 15, 2020 4:56 am

Étaoin has started this quest.

Hosenka - Payback Untitl19
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Hosenka - Payback Empty on Fri Sep 18, 2020 4:38 pm

Done~ Boop!

D Rank Rewards.

+1 SP in Constitution
100 Infamy
25,000 Jewels
2500 Experience

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Venus Rosé

Étaoin has completed this quest.

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