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Tempris D-Rank: Hosenka - Payback

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Tempris D-Rank: Hosenka - Payback Empty Sun Jul 18, 2021 10:32 pm


Tempris was drained after shopping at a mysterious merchant. She was told won some fancy smancy cape and a really cool key but it would take time for her purchase to arrive at the guild building. That was at least what she was told anyway. She did not believe it though. She figured the merchant was being lazy or something. So that meant she had to prepare her clothes the old fashion. This meant she had to manually put on her black veil which had a gold cloth covering her forehead. She had a black dress with the symbol of her lord on her back and a hook for her sword. She had on a white shirt under her black dress and brown boots. She was feeling simple today. The loss of her hero still sapped her happiness but talks with her guild master managed to calm the small tot down enough to go back to her more usual self.

With this not down in the dump attitude. Tempris made her way to the client. It was in a weird part of town were people did not dress properly... at least in her opinion. They reminded her of that one lady in the beauty pageant. She thought about the woman's name for a bit before coming to it. The people here reminded her of Alisa from Blue Pegasus. She could not imagine herself wearing such little clothing outside. Wearing what she did at the pageant was already too much.

With a sigh she walked up to the building and spoke to the client. They were inside of this place called a brothel. Tempris never heard of the term but when she entered the building, she was immediately pushed out. Irritated, she drew her sword demanding that she be let in so she could do her job.


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It did not take long for the client to actually step out apologizing. The flaming sword and attitude was more than enough hint for the woman to reveal herself and apologize. Tempris only forgave them because she needed the work and her guildmaster would get the angry if she attacked this "innocent" person. Tempris knew they were a sinner but the collar was on for now. Soon though, she would be waiting for them to screw up and then she would take action and save them from their suffering. The woman's name was Madam Suzumi. Tempris almost confused her first name to actually be Madam given how many times she corrected her when the girl said Ms instead of madam. It was annoying but it was not worth getting in trouble over. With formalities out of the way, Tempris was given the target, name, and face. Apparently this person was using fake money and get the real money that he owed the woman. Tempris sighed realizing that she signed up for another mob like job.

So she tracked down the client and then she asked him for the money. The man said no so tempris beat him up and set his clothes on fire. Then she returned to the client, gave her report, and went home before another person pissed her off and made her burn down the building.

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