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Harpa's Files

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Luo "Harpa" Shiqín




Age: 19 | March x775
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Asexual-Aromantic
Ethnicity, Father: Icebergian
Ethnicity, Mother: Sinese

Class: Spellhowler
Race:  Demi-Human (Snake)
Rank: C-rank
Guild: N/A
Tattoo: Left Hip | Lilac
Face: Jacob (Jormungand) - Dislyte


Height: 162cm | 5’ 2”

Weight: 139 lbs | 63 kg

Hair: Lavender

Eyes: Blue

Overall: Harpa is a young male with a lean figure, though he is usually seen wearing his white and lilac pea coat, with large cushioned collar and lapels. He also wears a tailored three piece suit that consists of a white button up, white trousers and a purple waistcoat with a white collar. Harpa does have a white blazer that goes with his suit, but rarely is seen with it as he usually prefers his pea coat. Harpa finds it much more comfortable. He also is seen with light grey loafers and a black crossover tie. Under the pockets of his peacoat, just above the hemline next to the opening of the coat, you can also find a white snake detail, this represents his serpent genes. Harpa also is seen carrying a white eye mask that has two eyes detailed onto it, black seclares with white slit pupils, again mimicking a reptilian creature, specifically his snake-like friends.

Harpa also is never seen without his snakes, though people tend to think that they are some kind of illusion, or just a trick of the eye at times, especially the large snake that is usually seen with him.

Extra: As a demi-human, Harpa has some snake features:
  • Forked Tongue
  • Sensitive Hearing (frequencies around 200 – 300 Hz)


Though being brought up by snakes, and tending to give the cold shoulder to people, Harpa does not mean to do this on purpose. This is just how he grew up, away from people and when he did interact with people he would be poked at and bullied for how he spoke, acted and reacted to the things around him. Over the years, Harpa slowly gained a somewhat ‘telepathic’ link with the two snakes that he grew up with, Bái and Jiādé. Harpa treasures his snakes and becomes overly protective of them, and also cannot function at times if he is away from his snakes as they are his ‘Home’ and his ‘Safespace’ if he is not within his safespace, he starts to panic and gets very anxious.

When it comes to fighting, Harpa tends to try not to get into disputes, but due to his way of talking, he sometimes sounds quite harsh and cruel, and although that maybe because of his cold tendencies from being picked on a lot, and the walls he has thrown up to keep himself and his family safe, it tends to also get him into trouble and fights a lot.

Due to his anxiety and his Agoraphobia, he tends to seem very clumsy and a little bit of an aloof person, but that is not the case, Harpa is actually a very kind and sweet guy who just really wants to make friends and see people happy, but maybe sometimes he will do things that are just not something to do at that specific moment, which leads to bad things, or ends up causing accidents to himself mostly than the people around him which just makes him a hassle to deal with.



  • His Snakes :Bái and Jiādé are Harpa’s best friends. He grew up with the two snakes and sees them as his family. Harpa gets extremely territorial with his snakes and if he sees people poking at them, when they roam whilst he is doing something or preparing for their afternoon naps, he will attack on instinct.

  • Afternoon Naps : Naps. Harpa loves to nap, especially during the afternoon and mornings. He is more of an evening and night person, but if he is tired he will sleep no matter the time of day. Harpa especially loves to take naps curled up against Yoru and with Bai around his neck, as it makes him feel safe and secure, as well as keeping his anxiety at bay of wondering where his snakes are.


  • Being Woken Up : When napping, Harpa hates being woken up, since he finds it very difficult sometimes to actually sleep in general, so if he is woken up you can guarantee that this man will give you the silent treatment for the rest of the day and will make it hard for you to get anything from him. He will be bitter for the rest of the day, and very grouchy until he can get more sleep.

  • Seeing Bái and Jiādé Hurt : Due to his snakes being the place he calls his true home and safe space, Harpa dislikes seeing them hurt or poked at, and will become very protective and territorial around them, even going as far as using his fight or flight instinct to protect or escape with the two snakes.


  • Being Praised :When he has done something good and helpful, Harpa gets very happy although shy and slightly embarrassed, it makes him want to do more. If he gets praised, he tends to be more attentive and helpful towards the actions he has done. The only times he has ever been praised is by his snakes when he was little, and successfully hunted with them, before sitting down and enjoying a nice family meal together. If he can create more moments like that time, then it is all the motivation he needs to get up and do what he needs to do.

  • Seeing People Happy : Though being part snake, and sometimes cold-blooded, Harpa does sometimes get motivated to do more when he sees people happy, though it doesn't happen as much compared to his other motivation, he does feel a boost of energy when this happens.


  • Agoraphobia : An extreme or irrational fear of entering open or crowded places, of leaving one's own home, or of being in places from which escape is difficult.  The severity of agoraphobia can vary significantly between individuals. Someone with severe agoraphobia may be unable to leave the house, whereas someone who has mild agoraphobia may be able to travel short distances without problems. The symptoms of agoraphobia can be broadly classified into 3 types: physical, cognitive and behavioural.
    ○ Ways to notice when symptoms of Harpa’s Agoraphobia is acting up is when he;
    • Feeling sick, dizzy and having trouble breathing and swallowing.
    • Trembling and blushing in front of people as well as stuttering over words.
    • Avoids situations that could lead to panic attacks, such as crowded places, public transport and queues.
    • Being housebound – not being able to leave the place he is staying in for long periods of time. This also links in with avoiding being far away from where he calls home.
    • Needing to be with someone he trusts when going anywhere because he feels he wouldn't be unable to function or survive without the help of others (e.g Bái and Jiādé) and would lose control.


  • Being Alone : Since he has been with his snakes for as long as he can remember, Harpa is afraid of being alone, so when his snakes disappear without him knowing or he gets lost he becomes extremely anxious and self conscious of everything around him. 

Serpentine #9E7D36 ☽•☾ Fiorian #0C803E
Bái #ED2939 ☽•☾ Jiādé #C09FEC
☆ • Harpa's Notebook • ☆ • Harpa's Files • ☆ • Harpa's Quest Logs • ☆

Harpa's Files FVWV4PK

STR : 22 | SPD : 25 | CON : 24 | END : 24 | INT : 23

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