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First Impressions [Open to all BP members]

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#1Jan Ren 

First Impressions [Open to all BP members] Empty Wed Apr 01, 2020 5:39 pm

Jan Ren
It hasn't really been that long since Jan Ren found himself in the hands of Blue Pegasus. Yet, everything still felt pretty new. He was used to new sights and cultures, and even moreso to not sticking to the same spot all the time. So the shift in mindset from a traveler to a veteran had to be made sooner or later, now that he had a new place to call home.

Because if he never convinced himself that this is his home, he would have never joined. The guild was absolutely stunning aesthetically, sights and structures he was not familiar with but very much appreciated. He had an eye for beauty, if he was to testify, you see. The wide hall was impressive on its own, pointing to the founder's resources. But the flawlessly-put details, from the rug on the floor to the very shape of the lamps chosen to brighten up the room. That's where the true beauty in the structure stood. He would have come off as weird should he had ran his hand over the white pillars at the corners of the hall, though the thought certainly crossed his mind.

"..." There was, however, a glaring weakness with this place. One he absolutely couldn't ignore. Looking left, then right. Head turned to widen his field of scanning. Yes, there was a very clear reason why he had chosen to join this specific guild in the first place, and it wasn't the awesome architecture, no. Girls. Who wouldn't want to join a guild so famous for its hosts? If he could get a fraction of their skill, it would take him leagues above his current self. But today was... A little empty, wouldn't you say?

He sighed. "Maybe it's just an off-day." He excused, yet allowing doubt to creep into his decision anyway. "I'd heard there was a cooking party hosted not too long ago. Noodles in beef-stew, I think." He recalled, by this point to nobody in particular. Pacing through the hall to a spot where he could seat himself. "If it's anywhere close to Ha's cooking... That'd be a real treat." Even moreso if he could share it with a lovely companion.

With much free time on his hands and no specific direction, the Sinese plopped himself down upon a fabulously-designed chair; still looking around to find someone to leech over approach and befriend.


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The news of Blue Pegasus' death had been grossly exaggerated. Now, just as in years past, the guild yet retained an palpable ability to attract new recruits. More than a few had joined in the past few days, keeping a respectable growth rate even with all the new guilds amassing astounding amounts of power at breakneck paces... And Alisa could only smile: Whether their participation in the tournament influenced this in any way was beyond her, but in the end that changed very little. As a guild who strived for self improvement at every turn, change was very much a part of the essence of Blue Pegasus. While some saw it as an aging guild past it's prime, Alisa saw different, and she'd persevere throughout the turbulent times by doing very much the same as she had throughout her life: Get stronger.

"My, it sure seems quiet around these parts...", mused the sculptress, not in any way encouraged by the lack of members compared to years past...

At the same time, she saw no reason to feel disheartened either as she strode back indoors at the end of her workout, with visible sweaty rivulets trickling down her long, silky black hair as they cascaded onto her smooth, faintly flushed skin, glistening ever so softly under the sultry lighting illuminating the classy, elegant lounge bar the Guild members often spent their time in:

"Ah, you must be Mr. Jan Ren, I presume~...?", spoke the sculptress, gazing quizzically into the man's eyes, wondering what sort of person he might be as she cooly walked over to him, tucking a loose wet lock behind her ear, "...A pleasure to finally make your acquaintance~"

After all, one of those very new recruits now stood before her. Mentally chiding herself for not looking presentable for her first meeting with Jan Ren - the Sinese water mage who'd only gotten his stamp a few days ago - Alisa nonetheless took her dishevelled form in stride as she flashed that cool centerfold smile, yet with a warm, welcoming, vibe as she approached him in nothing but her visibly soaked sportswear, a tight set of sports bra and yoga pants highlighting her tall and toned, full figured form, leaving no question as to what she was doing beforehand. As one of the most powerful mages in Fiore, learning that Alisa Vollan spent most of her time immersed in training should come as no surprise, after all:

Strength is also Beauty

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

credit to nat of adoxography.

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"Would you like a glimpse of real beauty, Guest?"

First Impressions [Open to all BP members] CyhFjWA

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#3Jan Ren 

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Jan Ren
Dryer than a summer day in the desert. If he had missed some of it prior, Jan would have fell asleep in his chair there and then. Not a soul piquing his interest, barely anyone even around in the first place to greet. Not a waste of time per se, certainly not. But a definite wait arguably worth his time.

Now, Jan Ren has seen his fair share of beautiful sights in the past year. Having traveled all the way from Sin guaranteed that. Yet, if asked afterwards, the young man would easily testify, that what he was graced with must have been in his personal top five views. The sweaty figure of a tall, toned woman simply summoned itself to his vicinity, and he would be an absolute fool to pass it up. This gorgeous woman, undeniably (he guessed) chased by thousands, was in all her awe, the real deal.

...What is one such as he supposed to feel when confronted like that? Tales of heroes of old tell of their adamant pursuit despite the difference. Yet he was only human, not a child of God. Then again...

"The pleasure's, all mine..."

So was she.

"Master." Trying his absolute fucking best to keep a refined expression, possibly aware of every muscle in his face; the Sinese took to stand, gracing the Goddess (because let's face it, she appeared as nothing short of just that;) with the respect she deserved. The Sinese wasn't exposed to many a tall women in his lifetime, factually. As such, it took him by surprise to realize the height difference, was in her favor, if by barely an inch. Yet what the freshman felt was not intimidation, but undeniable gratitude. He could sing praises over this woman all day if asked for.

He flashed a professional smile, one practiced over years; aware of his posture. Chest only slightly brought forward, left hand at his hip. It was all far from being second nature to him, and yet he'd intently decided to adopt it as such. The Art of Comfort. "No need to be so formal with me, Master." He started, adjusting himself beforehand to match his displayed image. "Erhm. ...I'd rather we feel more loose around each other." He admitted, praising himself mentally for the effort if anything.[/i]

"On that note..." His smile widened some playfully as the Sinese cocked his head so slightly to the side; "Would I get in trouble for asking for first name basis?" Jan took a more jesting approach, making sure his eyes would lock straight with the other's. Eye contact was awfully important. Especially so, as Jan had to hold himself by the short leash, not to gawk and stare at everything she'd presented him with.

And man. Was that a present.

#4Raymus Kouris 

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Raymus Kouris
Today certainly was warm. Or maybe Ray was just a hot from walking all day. The quick errands he had to run in Crocus took no time at all and he found himself back to the guildhall in Hargeon in no time at all. Even if the errands themselves were done in a heartbeat at the very least the werewolf managed to get his walkies in for the day. But now his legs were spent!

Once he did get back to his guild hall, the young man made a direct beeline towards the lounge. "Please let there be someone there." he said to himself knowning how badly understaffed the guild was. There was almost no one working at the bar area anymore which meant that he'd probably need to wait to get served.

Going through the front door, a brief moment of excited relief washed over him seeing that there was in fact two people in view! This quickly subsided seeing that neither were actually staff and instead guild mates.

Giving a disappointed sigh he moved forward with his hands in his pockets short pockets looking at the two. "Hey, either of you see if the bar is-" Ray spoke loudly to the two as he moved closer to the pair, cutting himself off as he came to a certain distance. Twitching his nose slightly he exhaled through his nostrils. "I know you're just after training but you really need a shower Ali." he said now breathing through his mouth and pinchingthe birdge of his nose. Now Ray wasn't trying to be rude, especially not to his master but from his over sensitive sense of smell ot really smeeed like her body odor had gotten palpable to the point where he needed to act like he did. As for the other other guild member, well Ray hadn't been introduced to them yet and he wasn't the most conversational so he probably wouldn't say much to him unless he was told.

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#5Faris Iraious 

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Faris Iraious
It was a fairly normal for Faris, Gone doing his normal things of exploring and seeing if anyone seemed like they needed to just believe in themselves a bit more with just a bit more push forward in whatever they were doing.

Fair was as always in a delighted mood, Just was bright was he tried to make everyone feel. Faris was still kind of new this the ranks of this guild but he seemed to enjoy every moment of it. then again what he learned of this area, It was a lot more safer then where he was from to start with, No life ending krakens anywhere as he could see so he could be himself.

Faris would walk through the doors into the guild hall just pondering to himself normally, It was one thing he knew he had fit pretty good her, A guild about improving yourself, A man like him fit right in. At least so far the guild either had people who were in good spirits or pleasing to the eyes, Not what you could say often about a guild."Ahh home sweet home." Faris said to himself while he walking into the mall hall of the guild.

Faris' life in Seven was still different from this place, Walking into the main hall to two men and one woman. Faris was unsure of he had met any of these three yet but he did not mind. Realizing that he walked into a conversation of other people."Oh...Don't mind me, Just walking through myself."Faris was more interested in other things while they were talking. He wants more interested in getting something to munch on for the moment but since he was around the guild member he did not mind sticking around to talk.

#6Daiko Flayme 

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Daiko Flayme
Man, today had been rough to the Fire Mage. He had started it by going outside in the dawn to search for one of Coda’s favorite dishes for breakfast; as hazardous as it was, bee larvae sure tasted good if you managed to pluck them during metamorphosis where they had hardened their outer layer and were looking like half-bee and half-larvae. However, this required Daiko to go out and search for a beehive, and since the quarters of Blue Pegasus were blessed with no such circumstances, he would have to venture towards the bushes and older buildings around Port Hargeon.

It had been a while since he joined the guild. It had been equally quite a while since he tried to learn the place to know, since Port Hargeon functioned as his hometown now. This helped him today as he could be seen at dawn jumping into the bushy areas between the roads, searching for fresh beehives. It had taken him three hours to actually find one, though…

The hive was round and the size of a dodgeball. The Fire Mage rose an eyebrow, but in the end, he shrugged it off and proceeded according to his plan. Breathing heavier, he collected a small blaze between his hands, dropped a knot of grass and smushed it together to create smoke. The smoke was held under the entrance to the beehive, and his plan was set in motion! This was definitely a big brain move that he was proud of having mastered…

When bees smelled smoke, then they would always assume that a forest fire had been started. To ensure survival of their hive, they would get ready to fill their bellies with all the resources that they had - the walls of the hive as well as the floors, and even all the honey. When a bee is full, then it’s far much calmer and less likely to sting than earlier - we’re talking about a drop in chances of hostility by two-thirds or something.

And as the bees realized that no forest fire was occurring, then they would definitely feel tricked as Daiko gladly stuck his thumb and index finger into the entrance to the hive. The bees were full enough that they couldn’t bother attacking him, those poor creatures. Even if they got aggressive, Daiko was using his gauntlet, so they wouldn’t be able to sting him unless if they went for the joints between the finger joints of his. He was brave enough to risk that for his bird pal.

The larvae in their cocoon states were completely white. Daiko had collected 10 in total and found it sufficient. Today’s breakfast was acquired for Coda!

… Later that day…

“L-Let go, Coda…!” Daiko moaned with irritation painted on his face. From another hallway leading into the lounge, Coda was flapping her wings with ease, each bask pushing her forward with a strong gust. On her talons was one of the larvae during metamorphosis, clearly dead due to the claw dug into it, but pulling along was Daiko Flayme himself, seemingly sliding across the floor as Coda had shockingly become strong enough to pull him around like this. The bird didn’t drop a sweat pulling him all the way to the group of guildmates having been formed around one of the new recruits to the guild.


Daiko finally let go of the larvae and let Coda fly away with it happily. They were supposed to share equally between them both; five and five… but now, it was seven and three. Heck. He was a little snack-hungry himself, which was the catalyst of this scenario as Coda was even more snack-hungry than he was. The bird even dared stealing from her owner! The nerves of hers!

Looking up, he first recognized his Guildmaster and basically best friend now that he thought about it, Alisa Vollan. She looked like she had been out training, for he also recognized the choice of attire that she wore and the theme that it brought along with it; the theme of exercise akin to the wear she had on the day when they met for the first time.

However, he didn’t recognize the long-haired, girly-looking guy and the short-haired man who, for a brief moment given from Daiko’s perspective, looked like he was gasping a little. There came a red-haired, gentle soul walking by as well, but he excused himself as walking though himself or something like that. That was such an alien phrase to the Fire Mage, and it left his mind on standby for a good couple of seconds.

“… So C-Coda’s being mean again…” Daiko quickly tried to explain with a small, comical tear under his right eye, hoping that Alisa would understand why he was on the floor right now. It was, in total, quite embarrassing to enter the scene like that, anyways. Quickly helping himself up, he wiped some dust off of his green, sleeveless jacket and proceeded to apologize:

“S-Sorry about that, but Coda’s getting way too strong for a falcon… at one point, she’ll be able to lift an elephant, but I have no idea where it comes from. Speaking of, I have snacks.” His right fist was clenched under the pocket of his jacket, readying to show the snacks if any of them showed interest.

"And this, too," he finished up with holding a bottle of fresh water towards his hard-working Guildmaster. It might've come off as brown-nosing, but he owed Alisa a lot for all the troubles that the past year had brought to him since the disbanding of Lamia Scale, so this was the least that he could do to show his gratitude. He hoped that she would understand as well...


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"My apologies... Had I expect to find you here, I'd have made myself presentable.", she added, glancing down at her own dishevelled form, adjusting her ponytail ever so slightly, yet more than enough to illustrate her vanity.

In all fairness, it was still quite early... Not many early birds quite measured up to Alisa's own tendencies, and even if they did, the guild didn't have quite as many of them as it once had. No doubt, given a few moments, the rest of her guild would be going about their daily lives, some even in this very:

"And yet I could tell you the same thing~...", teased the sculptress, her smile widening with a teasing hint in her eyes, sinking on one hip as her hand came to rest there, looking into the man's eyes, barely even acknowldeged how he seemed utterly stunned by her appearance. In all fairness, more than enough people reacted to her for the lithomancer to have grown used to it. Raising a hand over her mouth as she giggled gracefully, Alisa winked as she noted, "You needn't worry about that I assure you...", she said, casually resting a hand on his arm as she spoke, "Introductions are one thing... Daily life is another~"

...Or so she'd say, and yet the way she looked hardly seemed anything like what she'd wear when showing new members around. And one of those new members in particular knew this all too well, though granted he had a... Less than elegant way of putting it:

"Oh? That's not a nice thing to say to a lady now, is it~?", chided the artist, folding her arms under her plush, pillowy chest, brow twitching as she eyed yet another of her more recent recruits. Though self aware enough to recognize the man was probably right - especially a man with a nose as keen as him - she wasn't exactly gonna let that slide without an answer.

Unlike Jan, she already had an opportunity to feel aquainted with the man. Like Daiko, Ray had already amassed a sizeable amount of strength before joining the guild, enough to intrigue the sculptress enough to wonder just how strong he could be. Yet judging by that reaction, he might end up struggling when it came to getting sweaty with anybody else:

"Oh, good morning there Faris~... I trust you're finding the Guild alright~?", she asked yet another newcomer, her smile widening by the moment as she looked upon the new generation of Blue Pegasus...

The ones who would join her in bringing the guild to glory in this new day and age, where the guilds themselves now watched over the very towns, cities and villages in Fiore. Faris in particular resembled Alisa herself in more ways than one, and she could only imagine the kinds of conversations they might have with only the two of them... Hell, she almost felt tempted to start one right now until her brow rose when Daiko made his grand entrance:

"Well, that's new... Did you do something to aggravate her, I wonder~?", inquired the sculptress, cupping her chin, looking between the dark skinned male and the fiery falcon in all her vibrant colours... That said, when the man pulled the maggots out of his pocket, Alisa's smile faded ever so slightly as she waved a hand dismissively in front of her, a wary look as her brow furrowed, "Hmm, I'll pass on the snacks, thank you very much. I do appreciate the water, however~"

Indeed, she didn't really mind it one bit that her friend was kind enough to offer a bottle of water, quickly bringing it to her lips and greedily chugging down easily half of it in one go, more than enough for those loose droplets to trickle down the corners of her mouth, dripping down her chin and onto her chest before she finally lowered it and returned it to Daiko:

"Mmmm... I must say, Daiko, you do have impeccable timing~", hummed the sculptress, brushing a loose black lock away from her face...

Strength is also Beauty

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

credit to nat of adoxography.

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"Would you like a glimpse of real beauty, Guest?"

First Impressions [Open to all BP members] CyhFjWA

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#8Jan Ren 

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Jan Ren
Suddenly, the utter lack of members turned out to be a very welcoming environment for the Sinese and his company. He'd pay her the utmost respect and would happily get to know her, perhaps on sexist grounds; though undoubtedly in curiosity as well. This was after all, the leading figure of his current faction. If Jan was to establish himself as a proper worker in this job, he'd have to at least get to know the boss.

Eager to further their time together, but remaining still-faced as to not create any negative First Impressions (roll credits); the water mage had mentally scrapped any and all plans premade for an upcoming interaction, deciding then and there to simply ad-lib through. It'd be the most authentic, and if he were to get to know her, that's easily the way to go. So seeing her sweaty self he'd prepared to lead to the bar at least for a drink--

...Just to be interrupted. While he was having a great time getting chummy with the Guildmaster, or rather when things were getting in proper gear it seemed (whether it was up to the woman's choice or he simply managed to pull a successful charm is better left unstated for him I'm sure), there arrived a disturbance in the force. As soon joined them another man, one that appeared rather wild, giving one statement the Sinese couldn't help but find amusing, yet taboo. Maybe the two traits are related. How does he react to this in the first place? Is he even one to react?

He'd have loved to. Though as he opened his mouth to speak, turning away from the woman (momentarily, he'd hoped), yet another man came in. A redhead he hadn't recognized, which wasn't too keen on joining in it seems. Good, less rivals! And then... That happened.

The foreigner wasn't familiar with the key members in Blue Pegasus, but at the very least held some curiosity in their abilities; and from first glance he assumed the last to appear to be a tamer of sorts, what with a large bird like that leading him by the sleeve. He was nice enough to share his loot with the gang, and even offer the lady a bottle of water.

Now the Master may have reacted in a befittingly aloof way. Probably the rest too.

...Not Jan Ren.

Time slowed down. First, his eyes widened; intensely staring. Then, his face grew pale as blood rushed to his heart. Finally, his whole body shivered. All in a matter of a second. And then,

"WAAAAH!!!" The very moment the last member opened his hand to reveal three unevolved creatures from Hell, simply resting there. One of them, twitching. Disgusting. Disgusting, disgusting!! The Sinese broke out in a scream, freaking out as he literally fell off-balance; scurrying away awkwardly as he lost his posture.

To say he wasn't fond of insects would be an understatement. "W-w-why would you--!! Why bring that thing in!!!" He loudly protested (practically begging for help), fully ignoring the fact the other had intended to feed upon these larvae. If he was in any sound mind, he'd find it all the more repulsing if allowed to comment. But at the moment, what had occupied the poor man was nothing besides the presented bugs. Well, that's about as bad as it can get. In-front of all these guys, being reduced to this is just...

Great. Just, fucking, great.

#9Lee Nakamura 

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Lee Nakamura
A nice clean cut outfit would suit him for the day. The kitsune had been on a trip for the family, as since he was the head of the Nakamura family. His black cat, Salem, rested on his shoulder wrapped around like a scarf. As the only kitsune in probably in all of Fiore, he kept his tails wrapped tightly so they would be out of the way. He walked through the door, trying to not utter a word. Gently and delicately, he walked with grace into a missed of choas. People wanting beer, a member screaming about insects, and just confusion.

"Did we just walk into a show or something?" claimed Salem, just now waking up. The kitsune studied the area around. The girl looked to be a new member set by hiss scent and stature. To his left, he could see Daiko holding what looked like larvae or a early stage of life. Slowly, he walked over to the young woman. "Here, let me help you up. Insects can be disgusting, but necessary for the balance of nature much like beauty and peace. I'm Lee Nakamura, at your serve. If you need anything please, don't hesitate to ask" he smiled with a gentle gaze. Salem yawned and leaped off his shoulder.

"Good to see you, Alisa. I hope life has been treatin you well. As for you Daiko...the reason why she is being mean is probably due to she doesn't really respect you as you do with her or perhaps she's needing a break from you. No to be blunt or anything" he mentioned. The mage only sighed as he didn't know exactly what was going on, but was trying to adapt well enough. "Sir, may I get your name? So I can address you properly" he asked. He really hoped he wasn't being rude or causing more confusion.

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#10Raymus Kouris 

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Raymus Kouris
Where the hell did all these people come out of?! Just five minutes ago the werewolf was walking all on his own into the guild but now apparently 3 other people just landed in as if out of nowhere!

The first was a red headed man that Raymus hadn't met yet but who Alisa greeted as Farris. To Ray the name souned Sevinse but he couldn't be too sure. The man walked away before he could get a good look at him too, leaving his only recognizable feature was his red hair, well that and the faint scent he managed to sniff out through the mist of sweat coming from Alisa.

Although it seemed like everyone stopped what they were doing when the next person just landed into the hall with an almighty crash. If Alisa wasn't there Ray would have been sure to jump 10 foot into the air and latch onto the overhanging chandelier out of fright. Another stranger but supposed guildmate stood up and explained what happened. Or he thought he was explaining himself. It only served to confuse the werewolf even more as he spoke names he hadn't heard of. It probably didn't help that he didn't know this person's know either. He also had a peculiar smell to him, although Ray did get a better look at his features so he wouldn't need to solely rely on smell alone to recognize this pegasus. Another interesting tidbit about this member was that he played favorites, handing ALisa a bottle of water. Ray was just about to remark on the boot licking when he offered the rest of the ground who had gathered in the hall some snacks. Ray literally jumped at the chance, a large blue tail popping out from his lower back and wagging as me moved over to Daiko to stick his face into the stash of snacks that he had. It had been walking all day and hadn't had anything to eat since earlier that morning so they young man's monstrous cravings would hopefully be justified. Well that and he was of course a literal monster. He would take his head out quickly though seeing another challenger approaching.

The last person to enter seemed to be the most interesting of all. Unlike the other 4 that stood around with him in the hall, this person didn't give off any remote scent of being human. From the angle he was looking at the person they seemed fairly normal, but the scent they gave off told him otherwise. They also seemed to catch what the dark skinned mage was explaining and ave a much need response, shedding a bit more light on the subject for Ray who was still pretty bewildered by the amount of people who suddenly joined. And best of all she actually introduced herself! So he wouldn't need to rely on just image or smell alone! She also asked for the others to introduce themselves, without asking anyone in particular. He assumed she just meant everyone she didn't know so Ray went first.

"Dunno if ya meant me, but anyway, I'm Ray Kouris" he greeted casually, with a somewhat cool stare, no semblance of a smile visible on his face. This would be all Ray would say, deciding it best not to answer back Alisa. She did say he was being rude and the last thing the wolf wanted to do was evoke her wrath. For now he just waited for Daiko to hand out the snacks, his tail happily waving from side to side awaiting the food.

First Impressions [Open to all BP members] VKsDy2Z
#11Daiko Flayme 

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Daiko Flayme
Daiko didn’t believe that he angered Coda in any way lately. I mean, really, they spent all time together; if Coda felt bad or upset over something that the Fire Mage had caused to her, then he would have likely noticed immediately! No, no, she was probably just being rebellious right now, wanting all the snacks for herself…

Of course, Alisa would ask that question. She always liked to mess with his psyche in one way or another…

Daiko could quickly see the change in her facial expression when he had brought out the ‘snacks’ that he had brought. He should’ve assumed from the beginning that a lady such as her with more ‘refined’ taste than him would deny his offer, but she still thanked for the water, so Daiko’s heart wasn’t completely broken into a thousand pieces!

He cackled a bit at her next remark, then began offering snacks to everyone else. His generous attitude and expression of peace did turn into a face of confusion and fright when the Alisa-looking Alisa-male - really, he did look like Alisa’s twin brother - replied to Daiko’s offer with a scream from a man who was overwhelmed by fear. Did he… wait… was he afraid of the half-bees?

That, Daiko didn’t understand. Fully-evolved bees were reasonable to be afraid of, since they could be territorial and fend off even ordinary visitors with their painful stings. However, these were half-bees; half-bees were Daiko’s own, little term describing maggots in the middle of metamorphosis. This was the stage when they weaved a capsule around themselves and began transforming into adult bees. This required almost all of their energy, so they could barely move in these states - and these hadn’t even developed stings or anything harmful to Alisa’s male clone.

“… ‘C-Cause I was a little hungry and, uh, wanted to share,” Daiko explained with a drop of sweat falling off his forehead. He massaged the back of his own neck, showing his confusion to Jan Ren with a lifted eyebrow. While Raymus seemed to be hungry enough to stick his face into Daiko’s palm for the maggots - Daiko was a little out of focus from that at the moment thanks to Jan’s reaction - the Fire Mage’s face became flustered and almost angry at Lee’s theory.

“W-Why wouldn’t she respect me anymore?!” he asked with thick drops of tears about to escape his eyelids, “After everything I’ve done for her! Coda, is that true…?!” He quickly turned his head to face Coda who was, well, perching on Alisa’s shoulder and attempting to rub her face and beak on Alisa’s face in deep affection. Even the sweat from Alisa’s workout didn’t phase the keen raptor and her sudden admiration for the Guildmaster.

“C-Coodaaa…” Daiko let out in a voice of defeat, almost feeling like Coda brought all her attention to the Guildmaster instead of, y’know, her owner.

“… Hmpf. Welp, at least one of you has a similar taste to mi-“ Daiko commented to try and recover from his little drama, looking back at Raymus as the Fire Mage had, indeed, opened his palm to reveal the half-bees inside. “A-Actually, save the big one for me. You can have the other two… and Ray Kouris, huh? I'm Daiko Flayme! I guess we'll be guildmates from now on.”

#12Faris Iraious 

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Faris Iraious
It seemed Faris was arriving at an interesting moment, The various people around showed that his choice was not a bad one. Even if Alisa was a shining example beauty, She was also proof of what good guild master could bring people together from so far across the world and how different they where and show one person could get them to manage to be around one another.

Faris would answer Alisa's question."A bit more peaceful then Seven or a sea bound boat."He said with a bit of laughter to it. Which was true he did not face death in a guild of pretty people, Even if he did miss his parents. It would maybe be a goal of his to return one day after maybe having a bit of fun and collecting his life together here.

After Faris seemed to walk back the slowly changing situation of awkwardness and silliness. It was almost inspiring to see so many different personalities interact, Faris did not forget, She was just getting a few apples and bottle of water."I can admit these people are lively Alisa."Faris laughed with good intentions, Life here was still kind of new for him.

He would then smile and say."Hello everyone, I am Faris Iraious, I am bit new here settling in from Seven."Faris laid it out, then would take a bit from his apple and watch what could happen next. Poor Daiko seemed to be the target point of teasing and causing fear for some. Bug were not that horrible."I do not think I would eat bugs however, I prefer things a bit less...crawly."Faris would mention about it, Then again Faris has never eaten a bug before. intending to keep it that way until he might have too.


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Well, she sure knew how some people were averse to eating bugs, well, many people actually, with she herself being no exception. Certainly, some called them the future of the culinary arts, as much as Alisa tried not to judge others for their taste, it really felt like something she'd resort to only if her very survival was at stake. But then, some people clearly felt more strongly about it than others:

"Fufu~... Don't worry, they're more scared of you than you are of them.", spoke the sculptress, giggling gracefully as she spoke with a reassuring tone, flashing Jan a soft smile as she rested her hand on his shoulder, "Oh, just a healthy discussion on whether insects are edible or not, I'd say... Good morning Lee, how are you today~?"

Her smile brightened at the red haired kitsune, by far the only one among each and every one of them to actually have some shred of an understanding on how to, well... Cook. Granted, Alisa had only seen him cook, she hadn't had the pleasure of sampling it herself, though if Salem's words were anything to go by, displeasure would be a far more fitting way of putting it. Ray seemed almost baffled that so many of then had somehow congregated in the lounge this early in the morning. Understandable since the guild's numbers had dwindled so much, and yet, still more than enough for a handful to gether without notice, and certainly enough to give him a light snack here and there:

"Oh, look at that...", noted the sculptress, brow raising as Ray gladly accepted the treat offered. Granted, from a guy so rough around the edges as him, it didn't really surprise her, though she could only watch as her hand came to rest on her hip, "Turns out you and Coda aren't the only ones with a taste for bugs~"

Mind you, Alisa wasn't particularly devoted to messing with people... Daiko was just too easy to mess with to the point it was hard for a whimsical, sometimes young woman to help herself in the face of such temptation:

"Don't worry, she'll come around~", winked the playful sculptress, her voice almost soothing as she waved a hand in front of her, "I've seen you two together for years now, a friendship that old will never break so easily~"

She couldn't help but chuckle at the sight, delighting as she watched how easily her guildmates bonded despite only just having gotten to know one another... That sight alone was beautiful to watch, and more than enough reason to linger around the lounge as such... Though in all fairness, she should have probably went over to shower quite a while ago:

"Indeed~... Not that I've ever been to Seven but i'll certainly take your word for it.", and yet, his particular choice of introduction had her chuckling, "It is fortunately not a common practice in Fiore for anybody except those few with... Wilder spirits~ Though if you would like something to eat, Lee here can make quite the delicious ramen, from what I've heard~"


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Jan Ren
Who the hell was this weirdo and what was he trying to accomplish saying that?? "What I need is for you to GET THAT THING AWAY!!!" He yelled out, frantically slapping the guy's aid away. In distress, fear-struck, getting some prince charming to give a supposedly reassuring sentence... Only made things worse. His reaction was a signal to his intolerance. And despite being greeted with grace from his master barely a moment after... Jan couldn't stand the sight of two other men simply biting at the larvae down for food.

He felt he could hurl any second.

Despite his view blocked by two beings, the Sinese man could still see how the bugs were chowed down as snacks. With his own repulsion from those already high enough, the young man had decided to take a hike. Before things got any worse for him (or for that tanned young man there, for that matter). "M-My apologies...!!" He declared before awkwardly picking himself up and making a dash for it. Leaving the guild hall and not going back, despite having just come in a moment ago.

And once outside, he took a sharp left, making sure he's out of sight... And threw up. There goes breakfast...

To somewhat calm himself down, Jan had decided to take a walk away from the guild. On top of making a joke of himself, possibly giving off the worst first impression possible, he directly rejected the opportunity to base himself in the guild's roster of members, small as it was. These guys seemed to be the residents, if he made a right guess. Despite his fear, he still took to heart some details.

"A sharp-nosed man... A timid hawk... A Sevese...! And, that guy." An odd assortment. But definitely interesting.

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Daiko Flayme
It seemed that not everyone held the same regards for bugs as a delicacy as Daiko and Ray. The red-haired lad going by the name Faris Iraious did state his displeasure rather politely, so Daiko just nodded understandingly. Jan’s reaction still planted itself on him, however… what was so scary about bugs and bees? They were small and stingy, yes, but they weren’t that bad. They even produced honey, and that was a huge plus in the animal kingdom. And as a human being and - according to some - at the top of the food chain, Daiko gave these insects the respect that they deserved by eating their young…

That sounded so wrong.

Hearing Alisa’s reassuring words did calm his nerves. No matter what, Coda would likely still see him as her friend and companion, and she would never abandon him after everything they had been through. “T-That’s right… w-wha, what’s the matter, sir?” he suddenly changed his words to aim at the newcomer who suddenly excused himself out of the guild hall in hot pursuit of fresh air. That was just rude; Daiko hadn’t even gotten his name yet.

“Hey, come back!” Daiko called for him and went out pursuing him himself, “Who are you, even? Are you a new member?!” And with that, Daiko dashed off after him, disappearing in the corners of the guild area…


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Raymus Kouris
"Food is food!" Raymus said defensively after swallowing his meal of insects. Sometimes the werewolf forgot how picky and sensitive most normal human's appetite's were. Since he was more animal than human this kind of food was right up his alley. If anything it was a delicacy for him to have something of this nature. After joining Blue Pegasus Raymus was subjugated to many fancy human foods like steak and veal but it was nice to got back to his roots and have some foraged foods to cleanse his pallet.

His way of eatting and the food he was chowing down on also seemed to turned a few stomachs as everyone who suddenly joined in the main hub of the guild hall were up and leaving. Damn, was it really that repulsive? Oh well, it couldn't be helped. Oh well, Raymus could say the same about how other people ate. Knives and forks? Ugh they were a bother and a half. Still, dwelling on eating habits didn't matter much since the bird and Jan were leaving and by the looks of things everyone else wanted to leave to. So without much of a social cue, Ray just left the hall to his room. That was fun for the brief moment it was.

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Faris Iraious
Faris kind of just watched everything slowly evolve to people leaving and she could not help but start eating his apple in some kind of momentary bliss.

so these were the people of his guild. It was quite interesting."I've never had that before, I am interested in trying it."Faris was also the adventurous type even with food, Or whatever else he could get his hand on, Faris was still new and fairly naive to a lot of things that could happen here. But Faris at least did not seem uncomfortable.

"I think the lands of Seven are wonderful, Maybe one day i will return, But I would like to bring things for my mother and father to enjoy from these lands as a gift."Faris also mentioned, Mostly he felt his heart was in the right place about it."But that said gifts are, I do not know yet."Faris could chuckle about it he might never have the answer for that either and he knew it.

Faris was picky about that would not mention it either."Everything in these lands are interesting so far, I have not explored much yet, I intend to soon."Faris also mentioned in conversation. Even if two people had left already there was still a some people left and they were all socializing, So he would not leave until he needed too. After all it seemed like the right thing, Faris at least understood that."I do wonder if anywhere here has Sevense food here as well."He mentioned being more curious about it."It seems like the people here would learn such styles of food as well."Faris so far was filled with excitement for such an idea to think about and explore, all more of his naive but happy nature.

Eventually Faris would, Dismiss himself to go about and carry on with his day.


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