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Kenzo Valens

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#1Kenzo Valens 

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Kenzo Valens


Name: Kenzo Valens

Age: 22 years - February 8th, X766.

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Ethnicity, Father: Bellan

Ethnicity, Mother: Fioran

Class: Warrior

Profession: Mercenary (Constitution)

Race: Human

Rank: C-rank

Guild: Guildless

Tattoo: Silver - Placed in the Center-Back, just below the nape.

Face: Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez – Bleach


Height: 1.88 m.

Weight: 84 kg.

Hair: Light blue

Eyes: Light blue

Kenzo tall, muscular guy. He normally wears an open white coat with a black shirt underneath, white pants with a black Joyan sash and black boots to match. Even if most of the times he buttons his black shirt as to not raise any unnecessary stares from strangers, he just doesn’t like doing it while he fights, wearing it open and exposing his torso. The reason for that, comes from the large hole in the center of his stomach. With 10 centimeters in diameter, the hole goes all the way through his body. Instead of reveling his inner organs though, the only visible thing is a pitch-black wall.

Kenzo sports light blue spiky hair that matches with his light blue eyes. He has a sharp chin and nose, complimenting a sharp triangle pair of light blue colored eyebrows. Furthermore, Kenzo has cyan colored lines below his eyes that are reminiscent of those of a panther. Overall, his outward appearance gives off the impression of a mean, mischievous personality.

Kenzo’s most notable physical trait though, is the sinister half jawbone embedded to his right cheek, complete with a set of sharp bone teeth.


Kenzo’s personality is to say the least, complicated. In the surface, he never shows concern for anything or anyone. One could say he’s the kind of person that’s always watching his back. Living part of his childhood as a street orphan, Kenzo believes in the law of the jungle. The strong are those that survive while the ones that are weak get eaten. When faced with a situation where a stranger is in need or in peril, Kenzo’s first reaction will be to decide not to get involved. Unknowingly, he projects a fake persona of a cocky, mischievous person. While being a laid-back, sarcastic joker with those that surround him at first, Kenzo simultaneously denies his true self, yet longs for an identity.

However, this doesn’t mean that Kenzo is actually a heartless and despicable person. He has a soft spot for women above anything else. A scream for help of a defenseless woman simply reminds him of his mother’s last moments. Either way, he would never admit easily that he cares for someone else or is interested in the lives of most strangers while at the same time constantly seeking approval from others.

This dichotomy in his personality stems from his inability to protect those that he held dear in the past. Not shy by any means, most of Kenzo’s interactions remain completely superficial for him. As part of a way to protect himself, he seldom allows for others to get to know him behind his outward persona. In the end, beneath Kenzo’s detached personality lies an easy going, charming guy that cherishes his relationships with others.

  • Starry Nights: The dim hue of the sky in a starry night is something that Kenzo simply enjoys. Be it the fresh breeze of the night or the calm of its silence, something about staring at the sky at night draws Kenzo to an almost inexplicable trance.
  • Training: One of Kenzo’s dreams is to master a large range of close combat styles. As such, he likes training more than many things and will daily get himself time to let off a little steam.
  • Drinking: What better way to end your day than with a cold brew in your hand? Kenzo enjoys drinking in an almost artistic manner. Even if normally a serious person, a pair of beers later will turn him into a devout connoisseur that will unknowingly begin to spill information about booze with any unfortunate stranger next to him.
  • Fighting: Training is great, but fighting is better. Kenzo enjoys the thrill of a fight for an inexplicable reason. The adrenaline of wagering his life against the ability of his opponent is one of the few things that make him feel alive. To most, Kenzo’s sinister smile while he fights make him seem that he enjoys the bloodshed of a battle. Deep down, he is afraid that it is true.

  • Weak people: Being born weak is inevitable. But staying that way is despicable. Kenzo does not appreciate people that are weak and are afraid of facing their fears.
  • Street performers: Living alone in the streets as a child, Kenzo has his history with street performance troupes. He believes they’re a bunch of lying and deceiving lowlifes.
  • Non-Human Races: Kenzo dislikes non-human beings. Perhaps not to the point of open discrimination, but certainly to a point of expressing his disgust over them. His hatred is directed specially to those connected to the occult, demonic and undead. If humans are not to be trusted, why would you trust other races?

  • Becoming a God of War: Kenzo dreams of becoming a renowned master in melee combat throughout the land. He has heard of the legendary God’s of War of Fiore and looks forward to the day when he may challenge one to see who is stronger.
  • Become Rich: Wealth is the root of all evil, and the cure for all ailments. At least that’s how Kenzo sees it. He doesn’t care what other people think, money is something he lacked growing up and he sure as hell isn’t dying before becoming filthy rich.
  • Killing Demons: He hates with ardent passion those of demonic descent. Being the race responsible for branding him as a child, Kenzo is fueled by the motivation of eradicating their kind.
  • Removing the curse in his right arm: Being branded by a demonic being, Kenzo’s magical potential was sealed as a child. He hopes that through his journeys he can find a way to get rid of his brand and the curse that it brings.

  • Losing his humanity: Kenzo is afraid of losing to the power of the brand. He fears the day that his mind is completely consumed by the demonic nature of his curse and foregoes his humanity.
  • Loneliness: Deep down, Kenzo’s biggest fear is dying alone. He fears never being able to recreate the bonds that he has lost.
  • Being betrayed: He’s lost everything twice. But the feeling of being betrayed took out part of the world’s light for Kenzo. Perhaps the reason for his fear of loneliness, he’s afraid of people stabbing him in the back again.


Magic Name: Not Applicable
Magic Element: Not Applicable
Magic Description: Not Applicable


Kenzo’s story begins with his parents. Being born to a sorceress from Fiore and a legion commander from Bellum, Kenzo’s parents met in the field of battle in a border dispute between Bellum and the Peregrande Kingdom. Being an accomplished Fairy Tail sorceress from the magic land of Fiore, Kenzo’s mother traveled to the east while gathering information for a hundred years quest. During an unfortunate encounter, she was forced to join forces with a Bellan legion’s detachment to repel a large host of Peregrande’s knights. Proving herself powerful enough to hold back half of the enemy army during battle, Kenzo’s mother was escorted back to the capital city to be rewarded for her assistance.

Before long, his parents fell in love and decided to form a family. Finishing her reconnaissance mission for the hundred years quest, Kenzo’s mother sent back the information she had gathered to her guild master. As a side note, she notified the guild that she would stay in Bellum for longer than she had first anticipated. As such, the years went by, and before long, the couple gave birth to a young boy. The days were joyful and peaceful. As Kenzo turned 6 years old, he showed promising talent in the use of magic under the tutelage of his mom. He would spend his days learning about spells and magic manipulation, while also following his father to the barracks to see the soldiers train. In his mind, Kenzo dreamed with becoming a soldier like his father and leading the legions against Bellum’s enemies with his magic like his mother.

One day, his mother received a letter from the Fairy Tail guild master asking her to return as quickly as possible to Fiore. Seeing this as an opportunity for Kenzo to know his mother’s home, the Valens family decided to travel together. The contents of the letter would change Kenzo’s life forever.

The night before their departure, an ominous feeling swept through the air. The details of whatever happened are still fuzzy in Kenzo’s mind. The only thing he remembers is the feeling of waking up in a cold sweat after hearing his mother’s plea for help. Trembling, the young boy walked down the stairs into the living room. What came next is still something Kenzo does not remember very well. There are flashbacks of him seeing towering presence, a demonic figure with grotesque wings and horns that held his mother by the neck. A flash of an image of his father charging at the beast and being impaled by the demon’s long claws from its free hand. Time froze, sound left the world. Frozen with fear, Kenzo stood motionless while his mother wrestled with the demon as he opened a portal into a dimensional rift. Before the demon finished, his mother called for his name as she chanted a spell. Kenzo could feel his mother’s magical energy enveloping his body in a blue-ish hue while the whole room was filled with a golden light that emanated from her hands, blurring his vision and rendering him unconscious.

Waking up the next day in a puddle of blood and sweat, Kenzo’s mother and the demon were nowhere to be seen. The only evidence left that what occurred had not been simply a terrible nightmare was his father’s lifeless corpse. As he dragged himself to his body, a searing pain scorched Kenzo’s stomach. Where once before laid his skin and belly button, a pitch-black hole cursed all the way through his torso. Fear immediately took control of his body, as the missing part of his stomach hurt as if he was being stabbed by red hot blades. However, he had no time to waste. Ignoring the pain and the shock, Kenzo quickly ran to the library where his mother kept her magic tomes. Struggling to even move, he used his whole strength to open the chapter on healing magic. Without thinking twice, the young boy attempted a high-grade spell to heal his father. He had never attempted a spell so advanced before, but there was no time to waste. As he focused on making the ethernano flow through his body, the pain on his stomach surged to a peak. As he uncontrollably tried to stop the pain, he felt as if something was coming out of his right cheek. Tearing through his flesh and bone, a sinister half jawbone slowly formed on the right side of his face. The more he channeled his magical power to the healing spell, the faster the jawbone materialized. After it had completely formed, the pain knocked the young boy out. Sadly, Kenzo not only lost both of his parents that day, but also his ability to use magic.

The years passed and Kenzo survived as a street orphan in the capital city of Bellum. His memory of that fateful night growing fuzzier as the time passed. The local authorities determined that the sorceress from Fiore had killed the Bellan commander, leaving behind a child with the brand of the devil. Thrown into the cruel reality that humans don’t care for anything other than their lives, Kenzo was left to fend for himself. Spending weeks on end starving and dreaming of something to eat, the young boy learned that the only way to survive was by constantly stealing and fighting. Only those with power and wealth could afford a lifestyle of peace. Kenzo promised himself that he would become stronger and richer than anyone else, making sure that nothing would be out of his reach again and no one would be able to take away from him the peace and comfort that he would construct for himself.

As he grew up as a thug in the streets, he became acquainted to a group of mercenaries from the west, managing to convince them to let him join their quest for riches and glory. For almost ten years, Kenzo would fight the daimyo’s battles in Joya. Making himself acquainted with the way of the warrior that Joyan samurai were known for, he quickly adopted the use of the katana. Even if his days were full of slaughter and battle, he slowly felt like he had found once again a place to call home. With time, many young orphans like him had joined the mercenary band and with each battle they survived the boys grew to become brothers.

However, misfortune rarely strikes once. For Kenzo, this meant that everything was about to change again. After a particularly successful raid to an enemy camp, the merry band of mercenaries celebrated by drinking themselves to sleep that day. What no one expected, was that an enemy group would ambush and massacre the members in the darkness of night. One of Kenzo’s comrades in arms had decided to betray them in hopes of obtaining a larger portion for himself. The men fought valiantly against the attackers, left and right Kenzo’s friends died. As he saw the corpses of those he called brothers pile up, the young mercenary was consumed by a burning rage. With each strike of his sword he drew the blood of his enemies, and with each life he took an ever more sinister smile grew on his lips. The jawbone on his cheek emitted an ever-darker aura with each life he took, slowly making his light blue eyes shine in the darkness of night. As he fought for his life, Kenzo’s mind slowly fell into the abyss in an all-consuming hatred. He is not even sure if he slashed some of his brethren in his fury, but he fought until he had the head of the one who had betrayed them all. However, the enemies were just too many, and the man was left with no other option but to retreat.

Barely escaping with his life, Kenzo once again mourned the death of his parents as he felt hopeless. There was nothing left in the world for him again, except for that cursed hole in his stomach and jawbone in his cheek. Aimless and desperate, Kenzo tried to remember what had happened the night his parents were killed. Sadly, it was impossible for him to make sense of his memories. The only thing he knew, was that whatever attacked them that day was not of this world. If he wanted to recover his past, he would need to uncover the truth behind his mother’s past. As he arrived to Fiore in search for answers, his peaceful and happy days with his family and later with his brothers in arms seemed like a dream.

For now, Kenzo wanders through Fiore in search for a clue. Taking jobs as a bounty hunter and a mercenary wherever he goes. He doesn’t know where this path will take him. And yet, he feels that deep within his memories lies the answer as to why the hole in his torso hides more than what first meets the eye.

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Kenzo Valens
Completion Bump!

Decided to change the name to Kenzo in the end haha.

I wanna scoop my boy if possible:

  • 103,500 Experience Points
  • 39 Attribute Points

So: 51,750 Exp and 19.5(19/20)? Attribute points for Kenzo.
I think that would bump him up to C Rank and give him another 20 Attribute points due to Untapped Potential perk from Human Race. If so I'd like to allocate 10 points to Strength, Speed, Constitution and Endurance respectively if possible~

Thanks a lot

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Kenzo Valens
Changed faceclaim and modified details accordingly. ~ Bump for final completion

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Venus Rosé

This character application has been approved.

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