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Lovers' Cosplay [Private]

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Eternal Winter

”What is it with people and costumes?”

There was no right reasoning for this, there really wasn’t, but if she had to put one suspect as to why she’d find herself there in the first place was perhaps, by chance, she acted carelessly on a whim one very cold night, having grabbed the job slip and found it later in her pocket, crumpled so sloppily as it was matted with the scent of whiskey. She really should put some sort of leash on her urges whenever she pined for warmth. Now that she’d sobered up, she’d come to realize that she was in dire need for something to replenish her stock for the journey proper before she begins her next travels again.

Hence, the white haired youth was present there, nervously shuffling from foot to foot as she approached the counter with a low, belittling tilt to her head. The drawl of the lady behind the counter punctured her inner thoughts, her attention drawn to her polite smile as she looked her over. ”Hmm, alright darling, though we were expecting young gentlemen for this role, you’re not too shabby on the face area either!” she giggled with a minuscule pink blush that began to dust her cheeks, ”I think I have something for you, it’s out in the back, left coat hanger. I’ll just let you dress yourself~”

She cooed with a grin on her lips, one that portrayed encouragement, a strong, confident smile. ”It’s the one with the navy jacket, you’ll know when you see it!”

Even more flustered, the woman, whom he presumed was the manager, ushered her into the changing rooms with the brightest of smiles, compelling her into a nicely lit room as though she was moving a checker to another square, where hangers lined the walls and small coat hangers off to one side. Approaching the leftmost one as told to do so, she’d finger through the ensemble, fishing out a costume that almost left her wincing at sight.

”A prince? This is stupid,” she mumbled to no one in particular and as she unhooked it from its place, a bobbed wig shifted free of its confines and unto the floor, near his unpolished loafers. She visibly deadpanned. ”Heh, I can do without that.”

Snowflake wasn’t quite exactly sure of who she was cosplaying as, other than the fact that it was supposedly a prince. Aside from that, she figured that she could pull off the personality to go along with it, knowing it wasn’t that different from her own. The frost mage breathed in, unzipping the plastic coating that hugged the outfit together. ”For the money, Snowflake,” she told herself, capturing every ounce of courage that she possibly can.

Cosplay Outfit:

Lovers' Cosplay [Private] SRzuUh8m


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Lovers' Cosplay [Private] HkN4H1a

Amaris found humans and the things that interested them silly – peculiar and sometimes funny, but silly nonetheless.

The autumn months of the year in particular, when the nights got longer and the wind blew colder, were a time in which Amaris was often confused by the countless celebrations that mankind surrounded themselves with, even if they were related to things they would otherwise turn away from.

Halloween was such an occasion and although the werewolf could have sworn that the people of Era (especially those without any magic) were otherwise terrified of vampires, demons and the likes, right now they were willing to go lengths in order to celebrate this specific holiday – they didn’t even mind dressing up as the creatures they were otherwise afraid of!

Amaris didn’t quite understand the idea behind Halloween, nor the duality of the costumes – some being spooky, some sexy and some underwhelming and casual – but she decided not to care. There would be work for her either way and she appreciated the simple job offer she’d been given a few days prior; to help with makeup and costumes for some sort of show or event related to something called ‘cosplay’.

Cosplay – that word had no meaning to her.

She had hunted humans under the full moon of Minstrel, travelled all the way to Iceberg and Savannah, she’d been a slave in Desierto and fled to the homeland of mages, Fiore, but cosplay? That was something she’d never heard of. It had been explained to her as some sort of play, like the ones you’d see at a theatre, and while Amaris was still sceptical, painting the faces of some humans was something she could do easily.

Amaris entered one of the dressing rooms without knocking and walked up to who appeared to be a rather petite female with icy eyes and hair like snow. The woman had familiarized herself with the costumes previously, and seeing the final result now Amaris couldn’t help but cross her arms in front of her chest and chuckle at the sight.

“Didn't think they would cast someone this short to be the prince.”


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Eternal Winter

The young female twirled on her feet, gazing upon her own reflection in the mirror as she scanned every inch of the clothing on her figure. ”Not bad,” she nodded in consent, awed by the detailed work that was done on the fabrics and ornaments. To think that they work this hard for a mere cosplay outfit, it was quite impressive.

As Snowflake readied herself to exit the changing rooms to get the job done quickly, a company of another stranger interrupted her instead – a curvaceous, beautiful woman, in fact. Her hair in the colour of wild berries; she appears graceful, with a very a sensual, yet powerful figure that almost reminded her of a feline animal – a cat, perhaps a werewolf. The room was instantly overwhelmed by her presence and even Snowflake, herself seemed to be in quite a shock to have met a unique woman like her.

That was what she thought, until the purple haired stranger brought a topic into discussion that Snowflake considered rather sensitive, and her face nearly plummeted into the wooden floorboards underneath them. Albeit, she was an expert at not expressing her emotions; her icy hues almost like the eyes of a corpse – lifeless – as if the chasm of life had drained out of her irises. It wasn’t as though she didn’t have feelings, for she was also human, but simply because she could never convey her emotions in the proper way.

Maintaining her posture, she returned a glance at the woman, her sapphire pools crossing over the gaze of amber. ”Well, I cannot argue with that since I was paid to dress so, and aside from my height, I think I make a decent prince,” she spoke, her chin tilted high in confidence as her two shining arrogant eyes established dominance over her face. ”And, what do you have as your cosplay?” Surely, she was here for the job just like her as well otherwise, why else would she be in the dressing room?

Snowflake was curious as to what sort of interesting outfit they had for a stunning female like the stranger standing before her. At her question was a tiny, girly squeal, where the manager raced up to Snowflake’s form with an excited tint to her eyes. She sounded elated at her manner of dress, even more so when she expressed it in words. ”Perfect! It suits you well dear,” she cooed, neatly tidying up the folds in her fabrics, ”Go join the other lady over there once she is done dressing up. I’m sure you two will make a great pair as the prince and princess. Oh, I’m so excited!”

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