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A Single Plae Rose [Kon & Elcia]

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A Single Plae Rose [Kon & Elcia] - Page 2 Empty Fri Jun 21, 2019 12:18 pm


As Kon left Elcia practically plead to him for something both sweet and non-alcoholic so being the gentlemen that he was, Kon once he reached the bar front and got the beefy woman behind the counters attention he ordered her a lemonade alongside Shin’s mystery drink and Kon’s second beer. While he typically wasn’t that heavy of a drinker, the quality of the brew was magnificent and he rarely allowed himself such luxuries. And so after collecting their drinks Kon began to push his way back out of the bar where he saw Elcia rubbing the shoulders of Shin. He was conflicted with the gesture, admittedly he knew neither of them and similarly they didn’t know each-other. Perhaps Elcia was merely the type of person to be hands on but timid towards social interactions. Rather then standing back and remaining awkward Kon thrust himself into the conversation once more by slapping down their drinks onto the table causing them to froth and spill somewhat. Handing out the drinks he commented. “For you a nice lemonade, Shin I asked what you ordered from the bar front if that’s not what you ordered then you can get what you got, hahaha, meanwhile this is mine.” Drinking a portion of his beer as he finished leaving a foam mustache wiping it away faster than it appeared on his face.

#27Elcia Veihalis 

A Single Plae Rose [Kon & Elcia] - Page 2 Empty Mon Jun 24, 2019 9:47 am

Elcia Veihalis
Elcia chuckled as Kon had walked off, giving her a thumbs up as he had heard her request. She stared at Shin as he had turned and grasped her hand in between his own hands. She began to blush as her face became a bright red, it was easily noticeable on her fair pristine skin. He began to compliment her character, saying that she was too sweet for Lamia Scale and this world. She was surprised he would say such a thing about her guild, surely... he knew better to try and insult her choice of a guild. He then went on to address her question of what was it like to be a Fairy, he mentioned that the work was hard. As he finished his statement Kon had shown up with the drinks, she still was frozen with her hand in the position of being held even if Shin wasn't still grasping her right hand. Her left hand was clenched on her chest, as she was blushing still. Almost as if she was in shock.

She weakly stared at Kon, seeing he had brought drinks, and she smiled, using her left hand to yank her other hand to her side. 

"Thank... you. Konstantin." 

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A Single Plae Rose [Kon & Elcia] - Page 2 Empty Tue Jul 09, 2019 9:38 pm

Shin Sekai
Shin was still sure what Kon was playing act with this whole nice guy act when he was just breaking down someones harmless reality though it would have happened at some point he didn't think it would have been today of all days. The red-haired mage had started to fill his mind with flora arrangements that he could put in his room and around the guild.

Once Kon had returned to with the drinks he felt as if he had forgotten something but it must not have been that important if he had forgotten it so easy. He was happy that he was able to meet Elcia in such a place even though they shared the space with a person like this guy. So far this day had been so so but with the flora arrangements still going on in his head, it is best to get the thoughts out and see how they would hold actually hold up. "Elcia you should stop by the guild sometimes and hang." he offered chugging down his drink. He gave Kon as many dirty looks as he could before leaving to find a flower shop.



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It appeared in spite of Kon’s attempts to settle the mood and ease off on Shin had been for naught with Elcia being the only one to give thanks while he was merely ignored before thrown a nasty gaze as the red-haired faiy left. “What an odd fellow.” Kon muttered under his breath loud enough that both Shin and Elcia would have been able to hear. Unfazed by the rude behaviour of the mage, Kon looked out into the sea, ignoring the awkward behaviour of Elcia merely choosing to offer a clear bit of insight to the young woman. “Elcia, I sense something within you, potential, deep inside you, there’s something, if you can put in the effort I’m sure you will be a powerful and well renowned mage, it’s clear you lack experience and are likely unfamiliar with your abilities, however I can help you.” Lowering his glass to the table, Kon drew up his free hand onto his forehead before tapping it gently instantly moving shortly behind the young lady. “I can teach you powerful magic that few can master, alternatively should that not be possible, I can guide you through other methods of magic that I’m equally well informed about.”

Spells used: Short Teleportation

#30Elcia Veihalis 

A Single Plae Rose [Kon & Elcia] - Page 2 Empty Sat Jul 20, 2019 3:36 pm

Elcia Veihalis
It seemed Shin was not having any of it, as he smiled at Elcia and left, she couldn't help but notice all the dirty glances he gave Konstantin. She sighed, why was this man so cold-hearted towards Kon? Could it be that he spoke the truth and Shin couldn't bear it? As she sipped on her drink Konstantin told her how he could sense magic/potential deep inside of her and that he could help her unlock these abilities.

"R-really?" Her pupils expanded as she stared up at Konstantin with awe, this was the first time a man took interest in helping her unlock power. "Th... That would be-... GREAT! Thank you!" 

She smiled, and her voice for once wasn't as quiet and soft as it usually was, for once she raised her voice almost yelling with glee.


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Appreciation was the first word that came to mind as Kon felt a wave of excitement from Elcia. It seemed that behind the timid exterior there was something else. What it was he didn’t rightly know, but in time he hoped that he would be able to learn more about her and even break down those emotional walls with her. A smile mixed with a slight bit of sadness hidden within his eye from forgotten memories etched on his face as he looked at the surprised expression of Elcia. It was interesting in some ways he had already met two others previously not too long ago back when he was in the Holy Knights already on their way to fully becoming a full members within the holy knights, this individual was unlike those two however as he would be doing this not for the embetterment of the group by having members that would follow them blindly, but to teach someone so they would not make the same mistakes as he had done ever since having developed the ability to learn magic.

For how long she had her magic would be an important piece of knowledge for him to learn as it would influence just how much he would either have to teach or in some cases unteach her. Knowing that someone with an attitude such as the one demonstrated had its risks,  he would begin slowly. “Alright so before I even take you on I have a copy things I need to ask you howe long have you been able to use magic?, from birth, as part of an incident?, did you have a teacher prior to meeting me or were you learning as needed?”

Quickly it became apparent that the young girl had become overwhelmed with his gesture and show of good will that she had frozen in place. Kon not wanting to cause her discomfort, backed away and excused himself before a final comment. "When you want to talk more about this I'll be in Orchidia Town."


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