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A Single Plae Rose [Kon & Elcia]

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#1Shin Sekai 

A Single Plae Rose [Kon & Elcia] Empty Mon Jun 03, 2019 12:20 am

Shin Sekai
As Shin made his way to the pier the couldn't help but think about the possibility of having his own little shop on a pier Maybe the master wanted me to enjoy my day off here, he thought to himself walking along the pier. The nice sea air was a good change from the smell of wet wood back in Magnolia after a rainy day and all that. Before he could enjoy this unplanned visit he had to get try some of the local drinks as any good visitor would.

As he sat down at a table covered by the umbrella sipping his drink like one of those people that is just waiting for something to happen. Maybe he would find someone of interest while he was here or something to past the time "This place has some good date spot but that's about it." he thought aloud pulling a White Rose from his bag and spun it around in his hand watching the petals dance with each turn of the stem. The flower knight questioned just what exactly do the people here do for fun other than relaxing here and walk around through most of the people talked about the number of mages that kept showing, he found himself questioning why so there so many mages here himself it wasn't like there was a major event going on. Shin took another sip of his fruity drink and stared off into the ocean thinking back to the one request he dropped out of way back.


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Light cracks were audible as the intimidating Konstantin Sokolov made his way across the pier with each step pressing immense force onto the wooden planks of the pier. His gaze scanned around him as he past the various tourists, citizens and other individuals that were on the pier. A few individuals took his notice with them possessing great power revealed through his golden eye. Kon held his tongue as he past them choosing not to talk and merely give them a double take looking at their general appearance, attire and equipment. These factors compounded the difference between those who were powerful and the rest of the public with them commonly having unique clothing or weapons. Kon, himself looked out of place from the rest of society being dressed in his typical demon hunting attire and along with his great longbow that rested on the side of his backpack.

His own unique appearance also seemed to be gathering unwelcome glances at the same time. Not a particular fan of attention himself, Kon broke his pace and entered a bar to his right passing an oddly familiar man relaxing underneath an umbrella. Ignoring the man, Kon entered the bar ordering a beer before returning outside to take in the view of the great sea before taking a sip of the local ale.

#3Elcia Veihalis 

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Elcia Veihalis
Elcia had just finished having her anxiety attack for the day, as she had just left behind a tall man with coal-black hair done in a jagged shaggy style. His name was Manzo, and damn did he know how to cause her to freak out. She stood at the pier staring out at the ocean, with a faint smile. It was weird to think that nearly three years ago she suddenly ran away from home, without a word to her parents. Minstrel. Sure Fiore had welcomed her for the most part, but Minstrel was still her home, she learned hundreds of family recipes, and basic recipes alike. The sweet delectable smell of the air- that was irreplaceable you couldn't get such a sweet smell anywhere else. 

She shuffled through her bag which didn't have much, just a few small perfume bottles, some lotion, a book, and a bag of bird feed she had baked this morning. She grabbed the small bag, which probably held about a third of a pound full of her own bird food. She had baked her bread with pumpkin puree, some sugar with cinnamon, and light spreading of small chopped nuts and raisins.

She held out her hand while local birds came and swooped down eating from her hand, and this would repeat for the most of the sea birds, the smaller birds rested upon her wrist or hovered nearby. She smiled at the scene, this was her favorite thing to do, her mother used to do this with her every morning. Now it was rare if Elcia even got to visit the sea, let alone feed the birds in this way.

#4Shin Sekai 

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Shin Sekai
Shin looked around looking for someone to get some type of clue just as to why there are so many of them in one location, It would have had to be an order from the royals all the masters planning something. This would have to be his mission, a mission to find the truth behind all this madness or at least be in the right direction to pursue further but as luck would have it no one seemed to be in the know about much of anything around here. The more he tried to look for an informant the more frustrated he became, back in Mag he never had such a problem before everyone was willing to talk.

The flower knight was about to leave when he heard some people talk about a man dressed for battle though he wasn't someone that he would want to talk to given his all business tone that he was given off. He needed to know why they were here so he waved down the man hopefully he would notice the redhead as he sat at his table "Hey guy in the battle armor I have a question!" he shouted to make sure he got his attention. Shin nearly nocked over his drink as he stood up from the table but he managed to save it just in time before it fully tipped over.


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Sweeping his hand through his black hair as he looked at his surroundings finding himself seemingly content save for the odd bystander who took the odd glance. His hopes to remain undisturbed quickly fell through before he could take another sip of his beer as the man he passed earlier clumsily drew his attention. How he chose to identify Kon was a bit bizarre with him referring Kon as simply “a man in the battle armor…” Shaking his head, he looked at the red-haired man who wasn’t overly strong but was definitely more powerful than the normal citizen. He had opted to open the conversation rather than walk away from the man. “Alright, what’s your question? of course, I might not choose to answer it.”

#6Elcia Veihalis 

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Elcia Veihalis
Elcia continued to let the birds eat out of her hands as she stared blankly out into the ocean, watching blue crash with blue making hues of lighter blues and white, as the waves clapped together causing small droplets to fall ever so slightly down into the ocean again. She had to admit, this Pier had such a beautiful view of the sea, maybe even better than her hometown in Minstrel. She noticed her hand was empty as the birds began to loudly chirp around her, she faintly smiled before reaching into her small bag of bird feed to grab more, before letting them eat again. As she did this she heard a commotion from the men up near a bar that overlooked the pier, lucky for her she could hear them cause it was nearly right on the pier. It seemed one of the men with a slightly higher tone than the other man was curious to ask the other one a question.

#7Shin Sekai 

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Shin Sekai
For some reason, he had the feeling that he and this man had some type of interaction with one another before but that would be impossible as he would never forget such a rough face but he didn't have time to worry about such things he needed information. "So do you know why there are so many mages gathered here? Also wanna go out sometime?" he asked sitting down and taking a sip of his drink while inviting him to sit down with him just so he wasn't standing the whole time, though the man's demeanor was that of someone door and raised in the service of the people. The redhead took up the rose again and spun it in his hand shifting his gaze from the rose to the man while in the back of his mind his brain tried figuring out just how he knew him "Oh my name is Shin I'm a mage from Fairy Tail." introductions are always nice when talking to some you fancy.


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Remaining civil as he listened to the man referring to himself as a Fairy Tail Mage named Shin, He nodded as he heard the red-head who was curious about the sheer number of mages that were present before following up with a rather informal offering. Kon personally knew why some were here but to think that there were this many was odd. “Just how many people supported Nerva?” He thought to himself before replying to Shin. “As for why I’m unsure however there are rumors that a demonic incursion is about to plague the town and mages across the country have come in the hopes to stop anything from passing through.” Honesty was what people truly needed now, not the vicious truth but the blunt truth. Returning with his own follow up to Shin’s second question, he coughed slightly before taking another drink. “But I’ve just met you, I don’t know you, even if you are in Fairy Tail…” Trailing off as he scratched his chin. “Sorry I’m not exactly the most sociable person, but I’m curious as to why you’re here in Astera.”

#9Elcia Veihalis 

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Elcia Veihalis
As she fed the birds the last bit of her crushed up bread with raisins and nuts, she noticed the men talking, the one who was curious had referred to himself as Shin, a wizard from Fairy Tail. She knew Fairy Tail as a guild, just because of the circle of guilds in Fiore. The man who he had been asking these questions, had mentioned some sort of demon incursion and that's why wizards were here to prevent if anything were to happen. At that moment she glanced at him, her hands clenched as they held each other as she stood in shock with them covering her mouth, as she made an audible gasp. Her Lamia Scale mark was visible on her right hand the bright lilac color. 

What was she doing here, how did she blatantly visit a town to see the sea, without knowing it was a current danger zone. To make matters worse, she was a guild wizard so this was expected for her to be here if they were really here to defend the town. What could she do? She knew only minimal light tricks and a few healing spells, she would be of no help if something were to happen. With her sudden movement, the birds began to flock away, some swooping back down to peck off the last bit of food that spilled onto the pier docks.

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#10Shin Sekai 

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Shin Sekai
Shin still couldn't shake the feeling that he knew this man but at the same time he noticed birds flying somewhere and sure enough a girl was feeding them but she seemed spaced out but it's normally the ones that space out that are into the weirder things. "Well, my master asked me to come here and pick something up for her. Though I really don't know why she asked me to do it." It wasn't like he was one of her favorites or anything but there were a lot of people that could have done this. He didn't pay much attention to the man's question but he did hear a bit of it just "Mane who? sorry, don't know that name is it some kind of church? Hey, what's your name by the way?" he asked moving slightly to look at the girl

As she covered her mouth he saw a guild mark on her right hand which would explain why she was here but at the same time, he wanted to know more about her see what type of flowers she likes and see if she has an older sister. The wind blew felt rather nice given the state of everything that is going on "Excuse me Miss Lamia Scale could you come over here for a second?" he asked taking another sip of his drink before putting it down and along with the rose that he holding.


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The reasoning behind the Fairy Tail mages presence was innocent enough. His Guild Master needed something that was in Astera, but she would have know about the threats around the town. “Had she sent him there as a test? For Shin to fight against the upcoming Demonic Incursion to prove to the rest of the guilds that his was just as worthy.” Kon thought to himself as he looked at the red-haired as he continued. Finally pausing he ended with an open ended question, His name. Names were powerful things revealing a person’s past, their experience, affiliation and their reputation, sensing no threat from the casual mage, Kon replied. “I am Konstantin Sokolov, The Celestial Storm, Former knight of the Illumin Order, Defender of the people.” Another person seemed to enter the conversation, an innocent looking woman who appeared to have heard Kon’s explanation, this was at Shin’s request with him asking her to join them. Wanting to ensure that the public weren’t frenzied into a scare, Kon too encouraged the woman to join them. “Yes, please do join us, I’d like to explain what I meant as you might have misheard me.”

#12Elcia Veihalis 

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Elcia Veihalis
The birds around her of various shades ranging from white to grey, black, and shades of blues and greens flew around her, chirping and making a wide variety of noises as they ate from the small bag of food she dropped. Her face became a bright red, almost as bright as the red-head, Shin, calling her over to join the man known as Konstantin Sokolov. She began to nervously pace herself to the outer edge of where they stood near the bar. Once she was in front of them she bowed and spoke nervously to the men.

"I am so sorry, for eavesdropping... I just heard you talking about a demon incursion... I- got distracted from feeding the local birds!" She tried her best to explain why she was even listening to their conversation. "I promise I meant no trouble..." She frowned, as the volume of her voice began to trail off.

Elcia was already a nervous wreck and she hadn't spoken to the men for more than a minute. She was already self-conscious in looking like a fool and being seen as a "rude person," rather than genuine. Hopefully, she would be able to get a hold of herself and act in a more normal and calm manner.

#13Shin Sekai 

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Shin Sekai
Well, this was a new development he didn't really think she would come over to him so fast but meh what can you do "Well it's nice to meet you, Konstantin. Now, what might your name be?" he quickly shifted all his attention to the girl as he was really interested in why she would want to take part in such a made up event. The reports that he had read might have said something about demons but then again if it is foreign and dangerous what else would you call it. Shin picked up the rose that he had placed on the table and gave it to women as a gift from their meeting "Honestly I don't think its real at all I mean come on." he was referring to the Demon Incursions in this part as he didn't want to think that such a thing could even be possible.

Shin hopped that this demon incursion was not the reason for him being here as if it was he would have a really long talk with his master about it. He waited for the girl's reply as he took a sip of his drink.


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Examining the girl, he could sense some trace of magic but it was minimal compared to Shin and barely noticeable in comparison to Kon who resembled a burning sun in mirrors when he spotted himself. She was either an apprentice mage or had inherent magical abilities that she wasn’t using, the former seemed the most likely with her lamia scale tattoo revealing she was affiliated with the guild. Kon only knew a few things about the guild itself, the location, rumors of who the guild master was as a person, not much else. For now however if she were caught up in a Demonic Incursion and presented herself as a lamia scale mage there would be potential for her to be severely injured with civilians throwing her at a rift assuming she could do more than what she was otherwise capable of. Wanting to reassure the girl who appeared to have some sort of social anxiety or lack of confidence, Kon replied to her comment. “Don’t worry about eavesdropping, I just thought that the demonic incursions were knowledge to those associated with guilds, however you two seem otherwise out of the loop for various reasons, for you, I assume that it’s because you are new to lamia scale while shin here I’m not too sure…”

After he replied, Shin followed up by asking her name. Kon too was interested in knowing her name to allow him to learn more about her and how she came to be within the Lamia Scale guild. He would have remained civil had it not been for the off-hand remark that Shin made towards the existence of the demonic incursions, this sent Konstantin into a rage. His blood was boiling as he remembered the blood of the innocent on his hands all to stop the rifts from continuing. “Shin, I’ve lost countless comrades, witnessed the deaths of hundreds of civilians at the hands of demons from the incursions, when I say they exist, they certainly do, questioning whether they are real or not will allow us to be lulled into a false sense of security and lead us to our doom.”

#15Elcia Veihalis 

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Elcia Veihalis
As she approached, of course, she was asked for her name after she rambled on, it seemed to be that Shin didn't quite care for her being anxious to let alone acknowledge it. Meanwhile, Kon went on to explain that he didn't mind and was surprised that they had little to no knowledge about the demon incursions. Konstantin seemed to blame it on her lack of time in the Lamia Scale Guild, which she had been in for less than under a year. Elcia honestly felt it was her ignorance and being out of the loop because of her anxiety, and lack of communication. Shin proceeded to look at her asking if she thought the demon incursions could be true, cause, he felt they were fake.

"I mean... surely they wouldn't have some false claim for them to gather this many wizards... right?" Elcia asked, more so to reassure herself.

It seemed that Shin had upset Konstantin with his comment as Kon went on to explain the truth behind demon incursions, death. It seemed to be that Konstantin didn't want Shin to be ignorant and oblivious to the truth of this world.

"Well... I believe you, Konstantin. - Umm..." She began to twiddle her indexes together, as she tried to control her nerves by taking deep and slower breathes. "I'm - Elcia Lumière Veihalis. I've been in Lamia for about four months." She decided they at least knew why she was at Astera. "I came to visit the Pier, because, I personally wanted to come to feed the birds, as well as earlier I met a strange man known as Manzo- he ate most of my... pastries... umm- yeah...- which were for the locals." 

The thought of Manzo came rushing back to her as her face became red, and she started to get super nervous about even being around such a bold and direct man. He acted like such a wild animal, most like; an ape.

#16Shin Sekai 

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Shin Sekai
Shin hung his head low as Kon told him the truth of the incursion's and even though his words before made have seemed like he didn't take it seriously but he just felt that it would be better if he didn't see it as such a big deal. Even Elica took the knights side on the matter but it just couldn't be helped in this case it was laughable, to say the least, "Our masters could have just wanted us to relax I mean we do work hard year round." it was a true statement but wasn't the point he was trying to make right now.

The redhead didn't want to give in to the truth that he was all too familiar with but it would seem that he would have to for now "I know lives have been lost and if we are being honest! Why didn't anyone find the root of this mess and remove it!" he told the man looking at him through his bangs with anger in his eyes. Shin was never the type to let his emotions get the better of him but this man knew all the buttons to push or was just the type of man that got under your skin.


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The lovely young lady introducing herself as Elcia Lumière Veihalis seemed to agree with Konstantin’s comments revealing at the same time that she was a newly recruited Lamia Scale member of less then 6 months indicating the lack of knowledge regarding the demonic incursions. Her rationale for being there seemed more suited for a tourist rather than a veteran guild member so that too felt earnest. Curious about where she had been before those 4 months, Kon replied. “It’s nice to meet you Elcia, I’ve lived in Orchidia for a while even had a manor there for a time, what brought you to join Lamia Scale.” Having referenced the town itself with their guild building being located within its borders. Shin’s comments however almost caused Kon to let out a cold chuckle primarily towards them getting rest. “I’m sorry, did you just say rest, being ignorant of the demonic incursions themselves is one thing but to become so complacent to need rest, from what?, the Grimoire Heart incident was over 2 and a half years ago.” Following on with his comments of removing cause, Kon let out another blunt laugh towards the man’s ignorance. “I don’t think you really understand the situation here, Shin.” Waving his free hand across the pier. “All this is vulnerable to attack at any point, at any time, we must protect those who can not protect themselves, those we fight to keep out liberties are not people you can barter with, negotiate with, nor stop by “finding the root of the mess” as there is no root, this is a war between Seraphim and Demons with Earthland merely being the battlegrounds.”

#18Elcia Veihalis 

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Elcia Veihalis
Konstantin seemed interested as to what made Elcia join Lamia, of course, she couldn't tell him exactly why. It had to do with her being a depressed mess and needing a purpose in life again, but how does one go about saying she joined a guild because they were rotting away and felt like they had no meaning? That they were using a guild to find a purpose. God damn, she felt so lame.

"I joined... Lamia..." Her voice went from audible to a soft whisper, as she seemed to choke on her emotions, "I joined... Lamia?" She coughed, clearing her throat. Before quickly stating sternly, "I joined Lamia Scale, because, I wanted to find my inner strength!!"

Elcia stared blankly at the man who seemed to refuse to accept the fact that demons could attack the world. She had read up on a few books back when she would visit the local library near her village back at Minstrel, that told about vast stories of adventurers running into demons and angels as they were fighting for peace and land. However, those were folklore- but maybe they held truth? Her mother used to read it to her to scare her into staying home as a child rather than running off to explore the woods like the other children. Little did she know it just pushed Elcia into an intrigued state where she spent more time at the library reading up on the topic.

Konstantin seemed to chuckle at how ignorant the Fairy Tail wizard was being. As he explained that we were nothing but a battlefield for the Demons and Seraphim. It sucked to see it that way, but she knew it was the truth. Ignorance can end a man's life, especially when you refuse to accept the facts. She witnessed that with her dad's training when one young man refused to give up and was beaten to death, as the doctors could do nothing to save him as his body went into shock and he died later that night. Stupid fools. Hopefully, Shin... was smarter than that.

#19Shin Sekai 

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Shin Sekai
Shin didn't know what to say in response to Kon in this situation even though he knew that everything that was said was true he just didn't want to think that his once simple life was merely a daydream "I...I see this was a mistake after all." nothing was going as he wanted and if this kept up he would be putting the guilds name at risk which it didn't need right now. The more he thought about the hard truth the more he didn't want to be there it was like he was still that kid that hides from his adopted parents when he didn't want to do something.  

Elcia seemed to be worried about him as the conversation went on "Call me whatever you want but I put my life before anything so if I see an impossible situation then I'll do what has to be done." He told them not wanting to show them that he was more than afraid of the truth that waits for him. The flower knight wanted to live in his peaceful world just a bit longer but it would seem that he would not get the chance to do so.


A Single Plae Rose [Kon & Elcia] Empty Fri Jun 14, 2019 7:34 am


Elcia’s reasoning for joining lamia scale left much to the imagination, however Kon wasn’t about to pry further for information. The young lady seemed already high strung and he didn’t want to pressure her too much and potential create a scene. He meanwhile had no problems berating the red-haired fairy tail mage who was too care-free for his own good. Even so, Kon replied with a nod and a off-hand remark. “Lamia Scale is an excellent choice as a guild, had events turned out differently I might be a member as well.” Before looking at the sky pondering to himself as he listened to Shin falter back on his beliefs. His final comment however was somewhat alarming with him revealing that he would do whatever it took to ensure his own wellbeing.

Something that was unusual for a Fairy Tail member who he commonly associated with being willing to sacrifice themselves for their family. Scowling to himself at the disconnect, he responded without taking away his gaze from a wispy cloud that was hovering from the ocean ahead. “Anything, Shin?, You put your own life ahead of everything?, As for doing anything to retain it, that’s a tall task even for someone such as myself, and I don’t mean to belittle you but I’m blessed in more ways than one meanwhile…”

#21Elcia Veihalis 

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Elcia Veihalis
She began to frown as she noticed how upset Shin seemed, he really didn't want to accept the fact that demons were coming. He seemed to want to live in this peaceful fantasy world, and when Konstantin brought facts to the table it interrupted that sort of blissful mental world. That explained why Shin was here, his master had him come, and Konstantin was obviously here to fight the demons head-on. Meanwhile, Elcia was simply here to feed the locals and stare out into the blue waters as she daydreamed. In fact, she had hardly interacted with her guild, except for when she had joined the Lamia Scale guild about four nearly five months ago. 

"Shin... you know it's ok to be afraid of something, right?" She felt bad for the man, she had a theory it was probably fear eating at his confidence and making him act so delusional.

She, audibly swallowed as she went out of her way to pat the red-heads back and rub his shoulder. This took a lot of courage for herself, due to her huge levels of social anxiety, as she gave him a warm smile.

"I understand being afraid. Promise."

#22Shin Sekai 

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Shin Sekai
Shin had to regain control of himself if he wanted to retain any type of self-respect but how can one do this if they are on fighting with themselves over reality and fantasy. The truth of the matter was that the master sent him here to fight the demons as when he received the call from her, she asked him to come back alive better than he was now. That fact that he could die was more than frightening for him it madding. Though he would have to admit that if there was one thing he disliked in men it was how they drive points home but now he knew what had to be done. "I-I didn't mean it like that..." he honestly didn't know what he meant by that last comment.

As his mind went into overdrive trying to pick a reality to live with he felt a hand on his shoulder not realizing that Elcia was doing her best to help him see the truth for what it was "Thank you...I knew the truth but denied it just to give myself peace of mind." he looked at Elcia then to Kon with his normal carefree look on his face. This wasn't the first time that he went through something like this and most certainly would not be the last time.


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Polishing off his beer with a final swig, Kon placed down the glass upon the table where Shin was next to. “Alright time to brighten up the mood, drinks?” Directing at both Elcia and shin, noticing that the Fairy Tail mage was also drinking but had also almost finished his drink. And so he’d just get him another one of whatever he had ordered and something nice for Elcia. Nodding to himself rather than acknowledging a response. Kon left the duo alone to allow them some space, he was getting too hot headed, Shin just rubbed him the wrong way. Entering the bar that was now getting busy from the afternoon spike of workers getting off from their jobs at the docks. Pushing through the bulky men, Kon shoved his way through to the bar front and began to order their drinks.

#24Elcia Veihalis 

A Single Plae Rose [Kon & Elcia] Empty Sun Jun 16, 2019 7:02 pm

Elcia Veihalis
She nodded as the two men seemed to further their disagreements. However, it seemed Shin was breaking as he was slowly realizing just how foolish he was being, with living in such a false paradise in his head. She continued to rub his shoulder in a comforting manner, as the more she did it the less nervous she was becoming with the action- but also she didn't know how to stop, especially when she could feel how tense he was. Konstantin had excused himself from the conversation, suggesting they get drinks to brighten the mood. 

Elcia turned her head to quietly mention her choice, "Please... anything but alcohol... and something sweet- please?" 

She hoped he had heard her. When she was going to yell she noticed all the people around them and at the pier that she felt too awkward to yell. She looked at Shin and sighed.

"So what's it like to be a fairy?" She asked.

#25Shin Sekai 

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Shin Sekai
The flower knight couldn't tell if Kon was taking pity on him or just wanted to try and make up for being so harsh with the truth, while Elcia was just doing her best to comfort him even though they had only just encountered each other she gave off a feeling as though they had been friends for some time now.

he quickly took hold of her hand "Oh, Miss Elcia the world doesn't deserve someone like you and most of all Lamia Scale."  with a smile on his face he was back to his old self like the conversation that just happened well never happened. As she asked her question he paused for a moment to think about his answer to which he stood up from his chair and turned it around having the back of it facing her. "Its a very hard thing to do given the amount of work that I get left with." he kept his smile on his face as it was nice to finally change the subject to something a bit more joyful.

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