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Natural Healing That Actually Works (Social|Green|Closed|Kerii)

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#1Jolyne Atreides 

Natural Healing That Actually Works (Social|Green|Closed|Kerii) Empty on Tue Jan 22, 2019 5:43 pm

Jolyne Atreides

There were many people that needed healing and that was not something she would neglect unlike her wounds which unlike she first thought were minor enough to be ignored for now. Jolyne was a bit worried she would run out of magic however after she produced the fifth bean without even making it through the first street.

She was near the Lamia Scale Guild house, Jolyne Atreides hoped that they had made it through the incursion fine and that their home was not damaged. The woman from the desert knew the value of a home, she also knew the value of a family which is why she gave away her sixth and seventh bean without hesitation. Even if they could work on her the child and his mother needed the healing more than her. Jolyne was frankly surprised at the amount of people trying to go about their day with moderate wounds, some bandaged and some not but every last person was trying to rebuild their lives in the aftermath.

The last pair had surprised her at first, however when the mother thanked her for the trip to the hospital it became clear along with the fact that the child's wounds were much fresher. It seemed like the boy had gotten into some construction equipment unlike the mother who was more like the first five, harmed by the touch of a demon or the side effects of their destruction.

Jolyne thought to herself that she should probably find some bandages for herself soon though, the arrow was starting to make her abdominals extremely sore.


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Kerii Virrel
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Death and destruction littered Orchidia. The demons had left, so no more terror would be unleashed upon the citizens, but the damage had already been done. Lives were lost. People were left both physically and mentally scarred... And all for what, sick pleasure? These were demons after all, but something didn't settle right with the elf. She refused to believe that it all laid in the nature of the abyssal entities. And yet, despite her trying to find some sort of method behind the madness, she was sure that most people would think otherwise and come to the very conclusion she wanted to refute.

Kerii walked through the streets of Orchidia deep in thought, one hand trying to stop the blood flow from the gash on her shoulder, and the other nervously twirling a strand of hair. She did so very rhythmically and became numb to the stimuli around her. A few children could be seen running, looking for their families. Others were crouched, praying to Illumin that their loved ones weren't one of the numerous corpses. Normally, she would have tried to help them. She wanted to, but her mind and body would just not comply. She was instinctively making her way towards the guild hall. She had not seen it since the demons had invaded, and was nervous to see how everyone fared. Lamias were strong, but they were far from invincible.

Eventually, the elf came upon a woman with green hair, seemingly healing people. This brought Kerii back to reality. She breathed a sigh of relief knowing that there was a mage helping out, but then let out a small gasp when she saw the woman's abdominal wound. If the woman's magic operated anything like Kerii's own, then she likely could not heal herself. Either that, or she was dangerously selfless. Such an injury could not be ignored though. "Hey!" she called out, jogging up to the green-haired woman. "I can help with that," she said, nodding to the arrow wound. She was prepared to aid in any way possible, but would rather at least have the woman's consent before immediately doing anything.
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#3Jolyne Atreides 

Natural Healing That Actually Works (Social|Green|Closed|Kerii) Empty on Wed Jan 23, 2019 9:56 pm

Jolyne Atreides

To Jolyne it was as in an Angel appeared before her now offering to heal her wounds and ease her burdens. Soon however she noticed the gash on her shoulder and her face twisted into concern, snapping her out of a daydream that was beginning to form. "That's fair but only if you allow me to help you with that" Jolyne gestured at the wound on the shorter woman's shoulder. "Equivalent exchange I believe is the term? I am not from here, my name is Jolyne, may I ask yours?" Jolyne asked this in a soft tone as she approached, her breathing was a bit labored but nothing was too bad.

Producing a bean regardless of the woman's answer she would hand it over to her. While this would deplete all but the last bit of Jolyne's magic this was only a bother due to the fact that she would need to rest again before helping the people before her. Jolyne wondered about the female who approached her, she seemed human enough but had pointed ears so if she was pressed to guess the Geneticist would have to guess she was a wood elf from the ancient tales of her people. Growing up in a desert culture relegated this race to near myth status but Jolyne had seen much weirder stuff in this world by now.

"So what are you doing out here after the attack? That wound is pretty nasty, how did you get it?" Jolyne would ask only after the wood elf accepted the bean, if Kerii tried to avoid accepting it Jolyne would bodily block her and try to shove the bean towards her. If it takes too long Jolyne will try to pry Kerii's mouth open and force the bean down her throat like someone would give a pill to an unruly dog.


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Kerii Virrel
vinya amaurëa
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Thankfully, the green-haired woman allowed Kerii to heal her, but only if she was allowed to heal her shoulder. "Alright," she replied, thankful that she would get help in return. When she first sustained the injury, she did not realize how deep it was. After all, when one was in the heat of battle, the adrenaline often masked the pain. Even after it wore off, she was so shocked by all the events that took place, that her judgement was clouded. Now that her brain had more time to process everything though, she realized that her injury was perhaps more serious than she originally thought. It was deep enough to require stitches, but outside of that seemed to be fine.

The other healer introduced herself as Jolyne, and wanted to know the Wood Elf's. "My name's Kerii," she said, taking the bean Jolyne procured. She popped it in her mouth and swallowed and immediately thereafter felt her wound heal. It was strange finally feeling the effects of a healing magic. Strange, but good. The surprise was evident on the Lamia's face for a brief moment before her expression then changed to concern as she looked at Jolyne's own wound. The arrow didn't seem to be embedded too deep, but it nonetheless looked extremely painful. "Thanks, but now it's your turn. Just hold still." She tried her best to remove the arrow as gently as possible. When she did so, she immediately pointed at the wound. Clove oil would splash against her abdomen, flawlessly healing the injury, not even leaving the hint of a scar.  "How does that feel?" Although the Wood Elf was confident in her enhanced healing abilities, she was still getting used to them, and just wanted to double check everything was fine.

Jolyne proceeded to ask what she was doing out in Orchidia after the attack, and inquired about her shoulder injury. "I could ask the same for you," Kerii said, referring to both questions Jolyne asked. "But I, well... I was originally going to check on Lamia Scale, but it looks as if people out here need a healer probably more than my guild mates." No Lamia went down without a fight. That much she could say. They were tough and their master expected rigorous training out of everyone. If it was just the goblin-like demons that made it to the guild hall, she was sure that they would be fine for the most part. "As for my shoulder though, it was just one of those lesser demons." The tone in her voice signified a mixture of disappointment and embarrassment. She should have been able to beat it, but it caught her off guard. Though all the carnage would have distracted anyone, Kerii still couldn't help but blame herself for it.
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#5Jolyne Atreides 

Natural Healing That Actually Works (Social|Green|Closed|Kerii) Empty on Fri Jan 25, 2019 3:22 pm

Jolyne Atreides

The pleasant expression that Kerii had upon eating the bean was something that brought Jolyne a lot of joy, just like it did for the people she had healed prior. The Rune Knight lived for helping and healing others, bringing them relief from pain was chief among her priorities and it would always warm her heart like a small flame heating the canister of oil that was her soul. Thanks to this Jolyne was relaxed as she nodded to Kerii's instruction of staying still, while most would stiffen up like a board at this point the Desert woman's experience with injuries allowed her to remain still and loose as the arrow was pulled from her.

Jolyne raised her left eyebrow as the arrow left her stomach and Kerii immediately splashed her with olive oil anointing her wound and closing it before her eyes. "That was so cool!" Jolyne chirped impulsively, the words escaped her mouth as though they were some form of burp though unlike that the Atreides did not cover her mouth afterwards. Instead she just stared at Kerii dead in the eyes with wonder for a few moments. Jolyne poked her wound sharply with her index knuckle and then nodded, "Looks like it's all good, thank you."

Jolyne would wait for the Wood Elf to stop speaking before grabbing her by the non-injured shoulder out of some naive assumption the wound would still be tender, if Kerii did not move out of the way of the grab then Jolyne would look her dead in the eyes before speaking in an extremely serious tone;

"There is no shame in being damaged by those fiends, they came in great numbers. I am certain you did even better than I did, do not be down on yourself and if you are the kind of person who cannot do it for yourself then do it for others. I too was injured by a low level demon, my feelings are not hurt but someone softer than me could be hurt unintentionally by your words. I know this is a bit sudden but you are a good person Kerii, now let's go check on your guildmates."

The tone was soft and her eyes were softer but Jolyne's tone was also stern as she delivered the speech, doubt in oneself even the beginning of shame could lead you to doubting yourself in a critical moment. If you did that it could line up with letting your friends down, Jolyne knew that pain and she did not want anyone else to suffer it so she monologued about her feelings to someone she just met.


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Kerii Virrel
vinya amaurëa
- 250 | outfit | @Jolyne -
Though Jolyne's now mended wound looked flawless, Kerii still gave a sigh of relief when the fellow healer said that it felt fine as well. After dishearteningly explaining that one of those pesky minor demons gave her such a bad gash, Jolyne surprisingly took the elf by the shoulder and gave her somewhat of a sentimental pep-talk. The green-haired woman was a bit formal, but Kerii appreciated her words. There truly was no shame in what had happened. Everyone was caught off guard by it, and yet, the Lamia still felt disappointed that she didn't perform better. Perhaps if she didn't take so much time off, she would have been better prepared for this sort of thing.

Despite still not feeling great about the whole ordeal, the Wood Elf smiled at the healer. "Thanks," she replied. Jolyne had also mentioned that they should check on the other Lamias and Kerii had to agree. "Yeah, let's go. I'm sure they handled the situation well, but I have no idea what kind of demons made it to the guild hall." Kerii started walking towards the guild, and as she did so, she had a few questions for Jolyne she wanted to ask. "So, what brought you to Orchidia in the first place?" It seemed that she was meeting quite a few mages in this town, more so than usual. Considering a rift happened to open up letting demons pour into her town though, it was a good thing so many were there.
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#7Jolyne Atreides 

Natural Healing That Actually Works (Social|Green|Closed|Kerii) Empty on Sun Jan 27, 2019 6:53 pm

Jolyne Atreides

Jolyne pondered the Wood Elf's question as they walked back up the avenue that Jolyne had went down, from there they would simply need to reconnect to the street in order for them to walk straight to the Guild Hall of the Lamia Guys. Jolyne was curious about how they had been doing as well and now she would be able to see as well as escort a nice person back to her home, Jolyne wondered how her home was doing.

"Well I am not sure how we knew but" at this Jolyne reached inside her blue overcoat and withdrew her pendent "The Rune Knights heard that there were people in need so I was sent along with many others." It had bothered Jolyne as to how the upper ranks knew about the demons intentions but she just assumed that they had ways of spying on them, this was a wide world of many different types of magics after all.

The Rune Knight turned the corner after answering and began heading up the main street. "I do hope no demons made it to your hall, I wish I had a way of being everywhere at once but even if I did I would run out of Mana fast" at this Jolyne laughed before continuing with a question "How do you like it here in Orchidia? Do you feel accepted here?" While it could be a charged question Jolyne knew how racism was and even the 'good' races could be subject to it. Since the Rune Knight enjoyed Orchidia so much she needed to know how the town was from someone who lived there.

It would be a bit before the guild hall came into sight but Jolyne did not mind walking the distance.


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Kerii Virrel
vinya amaurëa
- 300 | outfit | @Jolyne -
It seemed that Jolyne was in Orchidia because she was a Rune Knight. Somehow, they knew that something was going to happen in that town, though Jolyne did not receive any direct intel herself. "Hmm, interesting. Seems a little odd to keep you out of the loop, don't you think?" Kerii thought back to when she met Ren. He too, was a Rune Knight. She had inquired why he was in Orchidia as well, but he was rather quiet about it. He claimed that it was confidential, which she believed at the time, but now she was thinking that he really had no idea what his true mission was. He was likely just as clueless as Jolyne. Kerii had never been overly fond of the way the Magic Council operated. She didn't really like the hierarchical structure it had, as it obviously created information gaps such as this. Perhaps it was for the better, but Kerii would not like having less information than others within the same faction.

As the two walked down the streets, Jolyne said that she hoped no demons got to the hall. "Yeah... though there were a lot of demons running throughout here." Kerii was trying to look on the bright side of things, believing that the Lamias could hold their own, but she could not neglect being realistic. There would be some degree of carnage at the guild hall. She was sure of it.

The topic shifted from demons to acceptance. Particularly if Kerii liked it in Orchidia and if she felt accepted. "Of course," she said, a slight look of surprise coming across the elf's face. "Not many people have made me feel unwelcome, certainly not anyone in the guild, but what about yourself? As I recall, you said you weren't from here, correct?"
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#9Jolyne Atreides 

Natural Healing That Actually Works (Social|Green|Closed|Kerii) Empty on Sun Jan 27, 2019 8:52 pm

Jolyne Atreides

It was extremely odd that they had not informed her, and Jolyne's doubt resurfaced along with the itching nag that had bothered her from first joining the Rune Knight.

Systemic Racism.

One could only be a Rune Knight as an 'evil' race, if they were one of 'the good ones' also known as if they were popular enough with the people so as kicking them out would be too much fuss.

It truly bothered Jolyne, it really got against her worldview and under her skin so she had to compose herself and stop herself from continuing that line of thinking too far at least while she was in the company of others and not by herself. As such her response to the first question was subdued in a failed attempt to hide her anger "It's disturbing to keep those in higher rank than I am in the dark, next to nobody knew why we knew just that we did and orders were orders. I hate to be negative but even soldiers deserve to know the why."

Snapping back to the next questions Jolyne's expression lightened as she left her anguish behind her, today was not a day for it. The surprise on Kerii's face at the Rune Knight's last question confirmed Jolyne's hopes and the words following repeated that. This was extremely good, Jolyne knew that there were bastions of acceptance in this world and was dreaming Orchidia was one of them.

"Yes, Deserette to be exact. I have found that most are accepting but it seems some of the older people in positions of power and a lot of the church may treat me as such in display only. You see in the sands we are trained to pick up on micro-expressions and I can tell the truth in their eyes. They think me a savage, and thus I have learned their language right quick and try to speak like a know-bell. If I do this, then, then they will have no choice to accept me" Jolyne beamed at this last part actually shifting about as she walked in a tiny dance at her own tiny plotting of the joy to come.


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Kerii Virrel
vinya amaurëa
- 356 | outfit | @Jolyne -
It seemed that Kerii had struck a nerve when she mentioned how it was strange that Jolyne was not as informed as some of the higher-ups. The Rune Knight too, was frustrated about that fact, and she had every right to be. Though Jolyne described herself simply as a soldier, indicating that she was rather low in the ranks, she believed that she should know what was going on. If Kerii was in her position, she would want the same as well. It was unfair from a certain perspective, but alas, what could anyone do about it?

Jolyne was evidently from the country of Desierto. Most people were accepting of the foreigner, just as most people were excepting of Kerii, but the older generation tended to treat her as lesser. Frankly, Kerii could see the same trend with people she came across as well. Most racist comments she received (albeit as times changed, it didn't happen as often now) were from the elderly who had a tendency to stick to their traditional beliefs, no matter how absurd they were. Jolyne said that she was referred to as a 'savage,' but tried to prove them wrong with speaking eloquently in the Fiorian language, which she seemed rather proud of. This garnered a small smirk out of the Wood Elf. "That's one way to tackle the problem." Actually, that was quite witty of the Desierto woman. Most people tended to fight fire with fire, or avoided the situation all together. Instead, Jolyne showed no weakness and stood up to everyone else's level. It was an admirable trait, but not one Kerii would likely see herself reciprocating.

Her smile soon faltered as they grew closer to the guild hall. At this point, it was in sight, but was still quite a bit far away. "We're getting close. It's over there," Kerii said, pointing to the guild hall. From where they were, she could not tell the extent of the damage done to the building, but more importantly, the members within in. If it was anything like the area around them though, it would be a sore sight to behold.
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Kerii Virrel
vinya amaurëa
- 312 | outfit | @Jolyne -
Kerii started walking towards the guild, the only thought in her mind being focused on what kind of damage it and the other Scales endured. She supposed that she was prepared for it... magically speaking. Her nature magic greatly increased in power within the span of a couple weeks, so she was more than capable of healing moderate injuries, and making severe wounds more manageable. If she was being honest, the same could not be said for the elf's frame of mind. Both the demonic incursion and Ëala were taking a rather large toll on her mind and emotions. As level-headed as she was, Kerii was not sure how she would react if the guild was far worse than she had expected. Jolyne seemed to be a very kind and understanding person, but the Lamia didn't want a stranger to potentially see her not acting like herself... however that would present.

Because of this, the healer paused in her tracks and bit her lip. She turned to face Jolyne and explained the situation as best as she could without revealing too many of her inner thoughts. "Thank you for offering to help, but I think I should go to the guild alone. I think me and the other healers of the guild will give plenty of help, and, well... It's kind of a personal matter," Kerii stammered, tones of melancholy lingering in her voice. Coming from a faction herself, Kerii hoped that Jolyne would understand, but even if she did, there was still a feeling of guilt on the Wood Elf's chest that she just couldn't seem to shake off. "At any rate, it was nice meeting you Jolyne. If you ever need help with anything, don't hesitate to ask." With that said, Kerii headed off towards the guild hall, praying to the Linea that things weren't as bad as she thought.
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