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Pizza Delivery [Mission | Team Wings of Pegasi]

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Ah... She could never get enough of this feeling... Fresh water running down her soapy and smooth, statuesque figure, washing away the dirt, sweat and grime from the morning's workout. That warm flush of exercise gave way under that cool, flowing caress pouring down the showerhead, leaving her long tresses of raven hair clinging to her smooth back. She found herself merely sitting still under the shower, scarcely moving a muscle as she let the tension away from her body down into the drain. The water cascaded down her form, trickling down into small rivulets as the woman turned off the shower and wrapped herself in a white towel, leaving it to her partner while she walked up to her wardrobe, resting one hand on her hip as she went over her options. Alisa normally clad herself in white while on official guild missions, a habit that helped earn her monicker...

Yet every so often, she donned other colors as well, more specifically, the various shades of blue one might inevitably associate with her guild. Upon a nearby hanger laid a short, relatively skimpy blue dress, the kind an idol might wear for a show...

After seeing it on display - marketed as wardrobe for fighting mages like herself - Alisa thus refused to be fooled by neither its hardly comfortable appearance nor unassuming advertisment and actually gave the pleasant looking dress a try. Finding it exquisitely cozy, and especially fresh. Ideal for outdoor missions under a sweltering summer heat.

"Are you ready, Lumen...? Then, let's head out~", looking over to her partner who simply nodded in approval, Alisa held her hair up in a ponytail, and did as instructed. Once outside, she headed straight for the quest board first and foremost, and in a matter of seconds, a single request caught her attention.

Hmm, pizza for lunch... Granted, Alisa typically favored something a bit... Healthier. Comfort food may do wonders for her soul, but the damage to her trim waistline defenitely wasn't. After all, a girl had to have some measure of foresight when picking out what to eat, but in the end, even an intelligent girl like her fell prey to her own whims every so often. Faced with a such a scruptuous reward and a low growling in her stomach, she took the request from the board...

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Beyond The Sun & Stars

It has been long; far too long since she could remember of herself being on a quest that the feeling had almost gone completely unfamiliar to her. Butterflies fluttered in her stomach as the silver haired woman paced down back and forth in her room. For the first time in a while, it was obvious, even to a child’s eye that she was very thrilled about going on a mission, not alone, but with her lover—the famous duo, as usual. The female polished her beloved sword one last time before she slid it back into its sheath. Her muscles were tingling to get back into action, and it was almost impossible for her to remain still.

”I’ll leave first. You know where to find me later.”

The couple had been living together for quite a while now, even during their travels, and it felt natural to them as if they were married. She’d look at her own reflection in the mirror, and then she’d leave the small, rickety inn without so much as a word apart from paying a glance to the old woman who worked at the register, her wrinkles holding untold stories. Orchidia had an uncanny lure to its streets as she ventured out to find herself simply enjoying the familiarity of the town, which used to be bustling with travellers and merchants during the Flower Festival, nonetheless, now that the event was over, the quiet roads indicated that the majority of the people have returned to their hometown.

The female would have her sword edged neatly into its sheath as she shouldered it over her back with a black band, causing the weapon to emit a metallic tang with her every step. Though she considered it more akin to the sound of her regular routine, perhaps even a small foreboding tune to a great encounter up ahead. She’d head towards her destination, only to see a familiar face lingering around the same exact area.

”And yet, we stumble upon each other once again,” spoke the white haired female. ”Looking for a mission?”

The woman folded her arms across her chest, giving a quick peek at the paper request that her friend had selected. ”Delivering pizza. Not too fun, is it?” And here, she thought that she might be able to get some engaging, good quests that involves anything other than delivering food or handing out flyers. A frustrated sigh escaped her lips. ”Mind if we tag along with you?” she turned around, hoping that Chelvaric would show up somewhere nearby. Snowflake had indicated where she was going to head off to before she left and if he had turned up late, she was going to be very mad.  


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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric was cleaning out the little apartment they were renting in the inn as they had been here for a while and the place was getting dustier every day. He knew that snow didn’t like unclean places so he was tiding it up for her and when she said that she was going out he waved at her and nodded to her that he knew what she was talking about and she soon left out to venture in the wide world. This gave him time and space to clean better. He hang out the sheets of the bed and tied a towel over his mouth so that he wouldn’t breath in the dust that he created when he was swabbing the floor. With each stroke of the broom a dust cloud rose up and in a matter of time the room was filled with hanging dust clouds. He started to wave them out through the window. When everything was out he could see the room shine from cleanness. He sighed and thought it was enough for today. It was time to go out and find his partner to see what she was up too. She did say that she wanted to do a job again since it had been ages when they did the last one. He motioned to leafeon to follow him and they started to run to the job board that was located in town.

The town was quite empty since most people were sleeping off the stress they had build up when they were working on the flower festival and as such the demand in jobs was quite high as most people stayed home and only mages would be going around doing small things that weren’t realy suited for a mage to begin with. But alas any job that paid jewels was fine to him since something needed to pay the rent. When he arrived he Saw his partner standing near a familiar face. he walked closer to them and raised his hand in a greeting.

Oh! Alisa its been a while since we saw each other. How have you been?” he asked to her and smiled, while he took his place next to Snow. He saw the paper in her hand and was quite surprised that they took a job like that. “pizza delivery, seems like a quite easy way to earn some money I guess”, he said to no one in particular.


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"Ara...", Alisa's brow raised as she turned to face Snow, a visible tingle of surprise plastered across her face. Casually running into Snow felt rare enough as it were, yet they seldom met when going out on missions. It just never happened. Even though they were part of the same team, any missions cleared together were few and far between, "Indeed I am~", she rested a hand on her hip, smiling almost playfully, "Might this finally be the day we go on a mission together?"

She looked over her guild master, and immediately found her giving off a sort of vibe she scarcely did... Physically, she looked as stunning as ever, and indeed only Alisa's intuition hinted at something else, something she couldn't quite put her finger on until she saw him. The man had changed quite a fair bit since they'd last seen each other, but from his speech pattern and body language - and more importantly, the casual way he approached Snow - she immediately identified Chelvaric, the last member of their small team... Team which had never really gotten together completely, at least, not with Alisa in their midst. She felt almost like the third wheel here, but opted to show none of that and instead beam that radiant smile onto him:

"The three of us, perhaps~?", she'd jest, "Good morning Chel. Quite a radical new look you've chosen hmm? Well, it suits you~", half teasing and half praising, she'd look over to her mostly silent, humming partner who simply waved at the two like they were old friends.

Indeed while Chel and Snow might not recognize her human form, they'd already met Alisa's partner as a Litwick. Her amber eyes and equally radiant, cheerful smile might give away her identity though, if now, soon enough. Regardless, the sculptress visibly welcomed the company:

"Perhaps a bit too dull... So I'd very much welcome the company~", she'd nod, winking knowingly at the pair, and finally nodding towards wherever the client's address might lead them.

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Beyond The Sun & Stars

Despite how the three agreed to be in a team, never once were they seen together to complete a mission as a team. In one of those seldom times, it was either due to the fact that they were in different towns or even if they were, the Pegasi rarely ever met, and the majority of the time, it was only Chelvaric and herself clearing out requests together. Perhaps this was coincidence, for them to accomplish a mission for the first time. ”Seems like we are,” she nodded, almost with a hint of smile playing on her lips. ”This is the day I’ve been looking forward to.” Indeed it was. She couldn’t imagine how fun and wonderful it would be for all of them to be together—finally.

Their previous missions were interesting and adventurous enough with Chelvaric as her partner, and with Alisa in the addition, the experience of going on a request again could only get better. ”And, this is…?” Her eyes shifted towards the unfamiliar young female standing close to Alisa. The way the girl waved towards them, it was almost as if she’d met them before and Snowflake could sense a feeling of nostalgia radiating from her.

Once the team’s reunion was confirmed with joy and pleasure, they would soon begin to head out to their destination to meet the client. Enil; a man whom she has not met for far too long. The pair goes way back when Snowflake was still a newbie to the magic world and during that time, she had completed quests for him a few times. Whenever Snowflake travelled to Orchidia—which wasn’t that often—she’d give his bar a visit. The two didn’t share many words, apart from discussing about the details of the quests and what drinks she enjoyed, nonetheless, she used to be one of the regulars at his place. Albeit, with her appearance completely altered and her new unattended guild master chores, she doubted that he would even remember her face.


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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric nodded as they said they could finally go onto a mission together as a team. It had been a long time since he went to do a mission with anyone else then Snow. He never had seen a reason to team up with anyone else for a mission but Alisa was a team member and he felt guilty that they had never done any kind of job together. It wasn’t a good thing as they should have done more jobs together so that they would grow closer as a team. He hoped that Alisa didn’t think that she was third wheeling the job or anything. “Yeah I am tryin out new stuffs you know just changing up things.” He said jokingly like he only had switched clothes. It seemed their was some other girl behind her that was smiling quite big and he wondered who she was.

Not long after they all had met they started to walk to their job giver. It was a bar that wasn’t super far from their location but he didn’t really know how to get there. Luckily for him, Snow had been there a lot of times and he just had to follow her when she started walking.

The bar seemed quite small but comfy looking. It would be great to come here for drinks he thought and they walked up to the bar tender to hear the job details from him. seemed that he knew snow though as he was already smiling and waving when she came in. the bar was mostly empty except for a few other guys. Leafeon was staying close to him as she didn’t trust the other customers in the bar. She thought that only shady people would come to a bar so early in the day. Well not that it was that early though.


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"Likewise~", replied Alisa, looking between Snow and Chel as her eyes inevitably wandered off to her own partner, Lumen. Her smile widened into a playful smirk echoed by the cheery Lampent, who'd obviously enjoy a round of twenty questions with Snow, to see when the girl might guess her identity without help, "My partner, Lumen. Surely you remember her?", Alisa tilted her head quizzically, but eventually, looked knowingly at Chel, "It appears you're not the only ones who went through a change or two."

They'd have plenty of time to further explore the topic, naturally, both during the comparatively easy mission, and after it as well. Alisa for one had never worked for this employer. The wannabe detective took up most of her time whenever she was out looking for work, he did indeed waste a copious amount of jewels sending freelancers like them on wild goose chases. Alisa didn't really mind of course, since she was paid generously for her time, but things are what they ware. This pizzaiolo, for one, looked almost confused to find not one or two but four people to deliver the pizzas, scratching his head. Surely he needn't this many people at once? Was he really gonna have to pay them all? But in the end, a sudden influx of orders forced his hand and he evenly distributed eight pizza boxes among the four of them.

"Hmm, two pizzas each... And we only have to deliver seven apparently, so I guess the man kept his word about complimentary pizza for lunch~", giggled the sculptress, looking at her first written down address.

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Beyond The Sun & Stars

”Oh, Lumen,” she started, with an obvious a hint of surprise in her tone. ”I didn’t expect to see her with such a lovely transformation.” With idle chatters amongst the team members, time flew past and before they knew they were already at their destination.

Upon her entrance, she would witness a sight of many customers queuing to make orders. The day had not long begun, and the business here was booming as usual. No wonder Enil required assistance. The owner soon noticed the Pegasus members lingering in the store, only to direct them into the kitchen. Enil must have been rather confused seeing four people to complete a simple task, which was no other than making pizzas and delivering them. It would only mean that the mission would be completed faster, much to their preference.

Enil gave her an apron: the same for everyone else and each of them would be assigned to different tasks and hers ended up making oven baked chicken. This shouldn’t be hard, she thought to herself and flicked her hair away from her face in confidence. The chicken was already butchered and prepared for her, all she had to do was to marinate them and toss them into the oven while the owner tended the orders at the counter. Having all of them gathered together in the kitchen, it was almost as if they were having a family gathering, save for Finn whom they have yet to meet for the last couple of months.

Once all the chicken and pizzas were prepped up, Enil took care of the packaging and handed them over for delivery, alongside the specific addresses that were written on a piece of paper. ”Free pizzas it is then.” Although the request was far from intriguing, it was fun at the very least and they certainly did get free pizzas, which was not all that bad for a reward. ”We can split the addresses so the job is done faster,” she suggested. There were four people to deliver the food after all. Chelvaric and herself can deliver the first half whereas Alisa and Lumen could take care of the rest.


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Chelvaric Walderkat

Chelvaric looked at the girl and then let the word lumen run through his head. It sounded familiar he was thinking who she was again and then it hit him like a truck would hit a person. It was the lickytuck! He was quite surprised that she had changed so much. Apearently an animal could become a human. He looked at leafeon and was wondering how she would look if she would change from a small animal into a young female or male. Probably a female since she was a girl leafeon. Still she could look quite different than the changed lickytuck. He should look into it more when he had some time. maybe she would be able to enjoy the world better if she could walk around like a human. He wasn’t sure about that though. But it as something he should take notice off.

When the man named Emil saw them he seemed to be confused as for why there were so many mages coming into his shop so early. He didn’t think they were here for the job and was quite surprised when he found out. Well, works go faster with the more people you are. So he didn’t mind and walked them to the kitchen to point what pizzas they had to make. It seemed that snow took the chicken pizzas for herself while he would do the meat pizza. He took lots of diced meats and spreaded it over the crust. It had deer boar and cow meat in it and he was already water mouthing as that sounded like a perfect combination to make a perfect pizza. He threw some onions and some hot sauce over the pizza and it was all ready to be served. “Alright I guess well see you back here then after you deliver the pizza.”, he said to alisa and he left with snow to their destination to deliver the pizza.


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